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How The NSA Uses Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network To Implant Thoughts Into Both The Perpetrators Of Organized Stalking & Their Victims

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The National Security Agency - Its SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network
And A Brain Tapped American People

When Life Really Is Stranger Than Fiction

Author - James F. Marino

NSA Remote Neural Monitoring (computer to brain interface) is regularly used to cause conflicts between the members of families who are illegally brain tapped by the NSA. As a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the FBI regularly uses information gained via NSA wireless computer to brain interface, to cause conflicts between this author and those around my person.

Since the NSA illegally spies on its targets 24 hours a day, the Agency's operatives can choose from any brain scanning footage they record into their computer databases, since every second of our thoughts is illegally recorded during a 24 hour period via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

The FBI also has access to audio visual spy satellites with three dimensional infrared imaging capabilities, which are used to spy into the home of the targeted person, and in complete violation of the targeted person's 4Th Amendment rights.

However, we are talking about the U.S. Intelligence community and its Nazi ideology here, not Americanism.

This information can then be used as part of this psychological warfare attack. This author documents this because the American people have no concept of the U.S. Intelligence community's Nazi roots under the CIA's Project Paperclip.

If they did, you can be certain that Americans would no longer allow the Congress to appropriate the absurd amounts of capital that they do, for an Intel community which has absolutely no legitimate oversight, and a history of committing the most heinous crimes imaginable against American citizens, as well as those of many other countries, under the color of law and cover of the National Security Act.

Based on what this author has personally witnessed as a target of these electronic warfare attacks for the past few decades, as well as the testimony of myriad others who are subjected to such non consensual human experimentation, the NSA can utilize its signals intelligence technology to perpetrate any crime imaginable against any American citizen, without fear of being prosecuted for it.

Many of these crimes include the NSA's perpetrating of electronic trespass against these citizens. However, because of the stealth nature of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, most of the NSA's victims are completely unaware that a crime has ever been perpetrated against them.

The NSA's victims also include the American population, since according to John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is used to spy on millions of American citizens at one time, without their knowledge or consent.

The reader can imagine what the American people's response would be to learning about such an egregious violation of their 4Th Amendment rights.

Moreover, many TI's, including NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, have reported that the people around the target of such non consensual human experimentation are also remotely "brain tapped" by NSA operatives, so that these people can also be remotely monitored, as well as being subjected to the NSA's brain wave entrainment protocols - which includes implanting the NSA's own information into the minds of those who are brain tapped, via through the air computer to brain interface.

This information can include virtually anything that the mind of an NSA sociopath can dream up in their attempt to cause a violent situation. The local police are informed of this, in the event that one of the persons may become psychotic as the result of such an artificial manipulation of their environment, and act out violently.

However, there is nothing to say that the police will arrive in time.

Especially since many TI's have been subjected to such daily psychological warfare attacks for thousands of consecutive days - a situation in which your average person would have either committed suicide, or a violent act against another one of the perpetrators of these crimes, long ago.

The fact that most TI's have not done either is a testament to their character, and how mentally strong they remain, in the face of the most abject adversity imaginable.

Given this criminal manipulation of the thoughts of targeted individuals, the legitimate members of the TI community (there are many federal agents acting as provocateurs here, which is why I refer to the legitimate members only) must be made aware that the people around them are also brain tapped by the NSA, in order to ensure that they maintain the psychological harassment of the subject of these electronic warfare attacks, in order to break them down psychologically.

The NSA must ensure that the people being used to conduct these covert attacks can be controlled, and by remote neural monitoring the brain states of these people, the NSA can determine if a person who is being used as part of such a psychological warfare campaign against the target of the campaign, can be trusted to continue the harassment. If not, the person will also become a target of the psychological warfare operation, instead of a participant in it.

The NSA can use a directed energy weapon to stop a TI or an organized stalker from perpetrating a violent act against one another, however, this would defeat the purpose, since the NSA's intent here, like the FBI's, is to force the TI into the commission of an act for which they can be incarcerated. These federal agents could not care less if a person whom they using as a pawn in such entrapment is killed in the process as we have seen several times.

For instance, in the case of an organized stalking victim by the name of Yvonne Hiller, after years of being harassed by some of the employees at a store that Hiller worked at, she suddenly became psychotic as the result of this psychological warfare, and shot three of the people being used to take part in the organized stalking of her person; two of whom died. What is amazing is that Hiller lasted as long as she did, before taking revenge on a group of people whose intent was to drive her to the commission of suicide, and caused her tremendous misery before she finally snapped and attacked them.

One may also conclude given their attempts to drive Hiller to such a psychotic episode, that the Intel community was only too pleased to push Yvonne Hiller over the edge, so that she would commit murder.

Once Hiller committed this terrible crime, the Intel community succeeded in their goal of driving her to the point where she would do something that she could be incarcerated for (the ultimate goal of organized stalking), without these agents giving any thought to the lives of the people whom she murdered; those who were used as nothing but pawns in the Intel community's psychological-Nazi-indoctrinated-mind-fu*k, that has been dubbed organized stalking, and then sacrificed.

It is this induced fear through the use of brainwashing that the U.S. Intel community has instilled in those who take part in the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, which prevents them from refraining in taking part in this hate crime.

In other words, they either take part in the organized stalking of someone else, or, they get organized stalked. America has become divided as a result of this into those Americans who are organized stalked, and those Americans who take part in organized stalking. A Nazi idealized crime carried at the direction of the Nazi indoctrinated Department Of (In)Justice and Department Of Homeland Security. The first of which was created as a pawn of the White House and the second organization which was created as the direct result of the 9-11 false flag operation.

Hostility Induced Through Computer To Brain Interface

The NSA's brain tapping of the people around the targeted individual being subjected to such non consensual human experimentation, often results in hostile situations between the TI and those around them, because the NSA is implanting such hostile thoughts within the minds of both those who are being used as part of the psychological warfare operation against the TI, as well as the TI themselves, with the intent of creating a potentially deadly situation; as we saw in the case of Yvonne Hiller.

Moreover, the NSA's use in manipulating the thoughts of a particular person targeted for such non consensual human experimentation is done in an effort to support the profiles created by the FBI in regard to said target.

In other words, the FBI will attempt to use those around the target of this COINTELPRO operation in order to manipulate a situation that the targets of these attacks are involved in, so that they conform to whatever psychological profile the FBI has created for them.

Of course, if these people then become psychotic as a result of this, and commit a violent crime that they can be charged with, neither the FBI, NSA nor the rest of the people whom they have used as part of these criminal conspiracies, will ever admit to the roles that they have played in committing such crimes.

This author has also witnessed other members of my Family being subjected to directed energy weapons' attacks in order to keep them under control, and which have on more than one occasion resulted in their hospitalization.

The Intel community is able to get away with these crimes because the Family members of targeted individuals are both coerced into denying that these attacks are taking place, as well as subjected to years of brainwashing by their Intel handlers.

As such, they deny that the FBI has perpetrated crimes against them, or the subject of these COINTELPRO operations. I use the term COINTELPRO, because that is exactly what these operations are, since they are plausibly deniable, and used to circumvent the Constitutional rights of the persons being used for such non consensual human experimentation.

As such, the profiles are completely false, since they are created based not on fact, but instead, the FBI's use of such psychological warfare in which to manipulate situations which often result in such hostility, while the FBI's sadistic reprobates enjoy the misery they subject their victims to.

This, is a fact.

Moreover, the FBI will use audio-visual three dimensional infrared satellites to illegally enter the target's home, in order to record the targeted person displaying their rage at being subjected to such vicious psychological warfare, while the FBI denies that these psyops are taking place.

This is a further example of the deception which the FBI's agents are capable of as they attempt to portray the target as being psychotic, while these agents manufacture the very situations which are responsible for the targeted subject's enragement.

Any person who has been illegally spied upon within their own home for years by a federal government agency in the United States is a target of some form of non consensual human experimentation. And if the American people ever begin to investigate the U.S. Intelligence community's crimes against them, and the classified technologies used to perpetrate these crimes, their outrage will be beyond anything that they have ever imagined.

Moreover, the FBI's agents perpetrate these crimes, while fomenting calumnious and slanderous attacks against the targets of them, in order to demonize the targets within their own communities, while these agents should instead be indicted for perpetrating these furtive acts of terrorism, and their outright rape of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

The FBI and NSA should both be abolished for their complicity in whitewashing the 9-11 false flag operation, and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network should be exposed to the American people for its use in covertly brain fingerprinting them.

- James F. Marino
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