Sunday, May 22, 2011

Former FBI Agent Lin DeVecchio Comes Out With New Book Attempting To Defend Himself - DeVecchio Should Have Been Found Guilty Of Murder

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  • Lin DeVecchio On 60 Minutes

    This evening on "60 Minutes," former FBI agent Lin DeVecchio was briefly interviewed in regard to a new book he is promoting. However, the questioning centered around his knowing that even though his informants were murdering people, DeVecchio did not arrest them.

    The program clearly avoided many of the criticisms that both the FBI and DeVecchio's detractors have leveled against them, including the suspicious tape (likely fabricated) which miraculousy surfaced just in time to stop this trial dead in its tracks.

    It's amazing how this tape just happened to surface so conveniently when the FBI remains hell bent on making certain that the eighty some odd tapes which it seized from the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 never reach the public domain.

    "60 Minutes" also avoided many of the allegations made by five of DeVecchio's subordinates, including those of Richard Taus, who found himself being setup by the FBI based on trumped up charges, after Taus refused to sign off on an annual report which required him to state whether or not he had witnessed other agents in the commission of crimes.

    Taus is now serving a 50 year prison sentence based on yet another FBI cover up, in this instance regarding the crimes being committed under the color of law, by his then FBI superior, Lin DeVecchio.

    DeVecchio's book has clearly been published due to all of the negative publicity he's been receiving on the Internet, based on the excellent investigative research done by alternative journalists Rodney Stich and Jack Cashill.

    Moreover, nowhere in this brief interview was the woman who brought enough information to the Brooklyn District Attorney to prosecute DeVecchio, mentioned, even though Angela Clemente was nearly strangled to death as punishment for investigating the former agent and gathering proof that DeVecchio had aided and abetted the murders of at least five people, including the beautiful girlfriend of mobster Nicodemo Scarfo.

    This interview was completely lacking in substance; done with the express intent of promoting DeVecchio's book of disinformation, and on a program with a substantial number of viewers on a Sunday evening.

    Given that the 60 Minutes' interview with DeVecchio was very brief, and simply glossed over only one of the myriad allegations against him, this interview should be seen for what it really is - free publicity for DeVecchio's book; the type of advertising that most people seeking to sell their products can only dream about.

    As usual, the FBI is still pulling the strings on this guy, and protecting him and the rest of this crime syndicate from prosecution, while using the media to promote the FBI's disinformation. And his book was no doubt written in an attempt to vindicate the FBI and its many criminals, as much as it is to exonerate DeVecchio himself from complicity in the murders of five people whom the Bureau is well aware that DeVecchio aided and abetted.

    If this author sounds cynical, it's because I have witnessed the FBI's manipulations first hand, as the target of an FBI psychopath and his cronies, whose myriad crimes committed against my person and other members of my Family under the color of law, continue to establish new precedents in the Bureau's violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    The FBI's crimes against us are absolutely outrageous, and involve everything from decades of illegal spying, non consensual human experimentation and fabrication of evidence, to computer hacking, remote manipulation of, as well as damage to electronic components, electronic sabotage of our television programming, causing automobile accidents, interfering with medical treatment and using physicians for the express purpose of entrapment. This in addition to tampering with medications, the use of blackmail to prevent people who could testify to the FBI's crimes against this author in a court of law, and quite possibly both perjury as well as suborning of witness perjury.

    All done by FBI and NSA agents who should be in prison for these crimes.

    Moreover, in their delusional state, these agents truly believe that if they subject someone to a psychological warfare operation long enough, while demonizing that person with the public, in complete and utter violation of that person's inherent rights, that if the person manages to avoid committing suicide, that they are actually going to forget about all of the crimes that the Bureau has perpetrated against them.

    The FBI couldn't be more mistaken about this, for with each passing day that these crimes continue, they are further etched into our memories, as is the FBI's vicious abuse of those around us, and its pathological deception of the American people.

    Moreover, the FBI's intricate pattern of deception, regarding whatever crimes the Bureau commits - including torture and murder - it accomplishes through the use of plausible deniability; a situation in which the FBI's use of blackmail and other forms of intimidation against those who remain controlled by these criminals, as well as its destruction of physical evidence which can implicate the FBI in these crimes, allows the Bureau to continue its pattern of criminality without the fear of being held accountable for such crimes.

    Thus it's no wonder why these agents are as arrogant as they are since the Congress and Judiciary are scared to death of them.

    And they should be, given the testimony of people like former Texas madam, Robin Head, who has implicated both the FBI and CIA in using Brownstone operations (sex blackmail stings) in a conspiratorial effort to entrap U.S. Politicians in sex stings; not to arrest them mind you, but to blackmail these politicians who are then forced to sell out the American people, by aiding and abetting the Intel community's crimes.

    One may also conclude that since not all politicians are soliciting prostitutes, the Intelligence community in all likelhood, has many different entrapment schemes in operation simultaneously, in order to snare as many politicians as possible, so that when it comes time to vote on matters which this Intel community has a vested interest in, these politicians can be blackmailed into doing so.

    This is why the U.S. Congress and Judiciary also continue to aid and abet the FBI's crimes out of fear that the Bureau will target anyone who attempts to hold it accountable for the crimes that this rogue perversion of law enforcement commits, which only serves to perpetuate the belief that these agents are above the rule of law, and can thus destroy anyone who attempts to expose them.

    Moreover, it also illustrates the Intelligence community's total obsession with obtaining as much power as it can, and at any cost.

    - James F. Marino

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