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Baseball Great Gary Carter Diagnosed With Brain Tumors - Will He Become Another Victim Of The Rockfeller Drug Trust's Slash, Poison & Burn Protocol?

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World Without Cancer Supports The Now Proven Theory That Cancer Is A Vitamin B17 Deficiency

Editor's Note: This author published the following post after learning of Gary Carter's being diagnosed with brain cancer, and hoping that given the significant readership that this blog has attained over the past decade, a member of his family would see this post and suggest that Gary try alternative treatments to cure his cancer - specifically, laetrile therapy.

Unfortunately, it appears that he decided to take the standard and extremely dangerous chemotherapy-radiation protocol, which undoubtedly exacerbated his condition and expedited his untimely passing.

The war on cancer fraud is nothing but a cleverly perpetrated form of genocide for the purpose of earning a profit, where physicians are forced to adhere to the junk science of using chemotherapy and radiation to murder most of those persons who contract cancer, while the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry profit obscenely from the torture and murder of these cancer patients.

Will Gary Carter Be The Latest Victim

Of The Rockefellers' Drug Trust?

Millions of people die each year from cancers which could be completely eradicated if the people around this planet were able to consume diets rich in Vitamin B17.

However, in the United States, the American Medical Association, the National Cancer Institute, the Federal Food & Drug Administration and hospitals such as Sloan Kettering, which represent themselves as cancer specialists, have colluded to deny the American people a healthy eating regimen which should include daily doses of Vitamin B17.

In fact, they have gone so far as to ban Vitamin B17 supplements from the United States, in the interest of propagating cancer so that the lucrative cancer industry may continue to profit at the expense of these patients; most of whom will die from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments which this drug trust uses to destroy their immune systems.

Having seen three people over the past decade die from the cancer treatments which they were subjected to (instead of the cancers themselves), when in this author's opinion, they would have experienced a remission from their cancer had they taken Laetrile therapy (a refined form of Vitamin B17), if the brain tumors that Gary Carter has been diagnosed with turn out to be malignant, Carter should give serious consideration to obtaining his cancer treatments in Mexico or Germany, where he can legally take treatment for his cancer with Laetrile.

Of course, this will not make Carter popular with the medical profession in the United States. However, it may cure him, when their cancer treatments will most likely be used to kill him.

Those who know of the cover up perpetrated by Memorial Sloan Kettering's board of directors in the early 1970's regarding the research done by Dr. Kanematsu Sugiara, are well aware that there were three members of the Rockefeller Family on this board, whose interests in Laetrile quickly ended, after they learned that they could not patent a natural substance, and thus monopolize it in the way that they have with harmful and deadly chemotherapy medications.

From that moment on, Memorial Sloan Kettering's board of directors conspired with the FDA to have Vitamin B17 banned from the United States.

In fact, the Rockefellers were so concerned about the threat that Vitamin B17 represents to their criminal drug trust empire, that they even had foods which contained B17 banned from the United States, because these foods could have been used to prevent cancer in the first place.

Ironically enough, in a way the Rockfellers have managed to monopolize Vitamin B17, by making certain that no medical practitioner in the United States can use the substance in the treatment of their cancer patients, without risking being arrested for doing so. Thus ensuring that millions of people who would have likely been cured from cancer, instead died.

In other words, a covert form of acceptable genocide.

Mr. Carter, I hope that you will take this advice in the spirit in which it has been given, because it would be a damn shame to see another person who could be cured by Laetrile, die from the cut, poison and burn protocols of the Rockefeller controlled drug trust in the United States.

How many more cancer patients must die, so that these cancer profiteers can continue to enrich themselves at the cost of such misery?

- James F. Marino

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