Saturday, May 21, 2011

Former FBI Agent Wes Swearingen Blows The Whistle On The FBI's Inherent Corruption & Use As An Upper Level Crime Syndicate

  • Just A Few Of The FBI Agents Who Have Been Involved In Organized Crime - Based On The Testimony Of Many Former FBI Agents, The Entire Hierarchy Of The FBI Is Involved In Organized Crime, Making It All But Impossible For An Honest Man Or Woman To Remain Employed By The Bureau - The FBI's Collusion With The NSA In Utilizing Signals Intelligence Spy Satellites To Brainscan American Citizens Is The Worst Crime Against The U.S. Bill Of Rights Ever Documented - And Those Of Us Who've Been Targeted For Such Collusion Continue To Be Subjected To Slander Campaigns, Psychological Warfare Operations, And The U.S. Intelligence Community's Covert Murder Attempts On Our Lives

  • "FBI Secrets - An Agent's Expose"

    "In his latest book, 'FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose', Former FBI Agent Wes Swearingen provides an insider's view of the COINTELPRO program of suppression of political dissidents, but also tells us that the program continues to this day under another name, apparently without a paper trail. He paints a picture of an agency riddled with corruption, incompetence, and inefficiency, composed of men who may have once been patriots, but who have been reduced to common criminals, whose crime fighting activities are limited at best and largely for show, with political repression being the primary mission. The activities of FBI agents and their [informers] include warrantless break-ins, theft, fraud, kidnapping, perjury, fabrication of evidence, suborning of witness perjury, and murder. The targets were political dissidents:anyone FBI agents didn't like.'"

    "An agent from 1951 to 1977, Swearingen collaborated on two previous books the bureau no doubt hates: Agents of Repression and The COINTELPRO Papers. His new book is autobiographical, tracing his involvement with the FBI from the time he signed on after World War II to his retirement and beyond, as Swearingen began to testify to 'FBI chicanery' on behalf of bureau victims. Swearingen began his career doing 'black bag jobs' on Communists in Chicago.

    In Kentucky and New York City, he spent years doing serious criminal investigations, which had been his goal in joining the FBI. But Hoover fixated on the threat posed by such groups as the Black Panthers and the Weathermen, Swearingen explains, and the Constitution once more went out the window. Some of his stories (e.g., the bureau's harassment of Jean Seberg) are familiar, but Swearingen is more explicit than most on the FBI's role in the police raid that killed Chicago Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark and in the framing of Los Angeles Panther Geronimo Pratt for a crime he didn't commit. FBI Secrets won't win awards for graceful prose, but it does shed new light on an important pattern of corruption and repression."

    -- Mary Carroll


  • "FBI Secrets - An Agent's Expose" By Wes Swearingen

  • FBI & DOJ THUGS Attack Online Poker Sites

    "The FBI and DOJ have devoted countless hours and millions of U.S tax payer dollars (sure to spend much more soon) to destroy online poker. By doing so they have de facto seized the funds of millions of Americans who are guilty of sitting in their homes playing poker on their computers. Congratulations.

    The FBI and DOJ decided that it was in the best interest of the U.S. to destroy online poker instead of using agency resources investigating mortgage fraud related crimes, capturing osama bin laden or ayman al zwahiri, preventing future terrorist attacks, or prosecuting white collar fraud charges which have recently destroyed the U.S. and global economy.

    The investigation was spearheaded by the United States Attorney Southern District of New York. A notorious media whore rogue government agency responsible for such high profile prosecutions as Elliot Spitzer who was wire tapped, followed and eventually found to have had sex with a stripper while married. Good job....

    In honor of these bureaucratic parasitic heroes who took this action in the name of the "people of the United States of America" lets give them their due. They will become familiar names soon enough as this was the "big case" they hope will launch their political careers so they can continue to "protect us". Here is their PRESS RELEASE. Disgusting."

  • DOJ & FBI Have Nothing Better To Do Then Attack Online Poker Sites - The FBI's Excuse Is That Poker Can Be Addicting So The Bureau Must Crack Down On Illegal Gambling Sites - However, The Major Casinos Offer The Same Gambling - What The FBI Is Doing Here Is Aiding And Abetting Organized Crime Since It Wipes Out The Independent Sites Which Offer Gambling, In Order To Protect The Casinos Who Then Kickback Their Criminal Proceeds To Federal, State and Local Government - It's Like The FBI's Use In Taking Down The Gambino Crime Family In Order To Strengthen Other Organized Crimes Families, Or The CIA's Creation Of The Drug Enforcement Administration In The 1970's To Put Drug Dealers Whom The CIA Saw As Competition Out Of Business - Some Racket!
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