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Former Judge Stanley Sporkin Caught In Another Instance Of Aiding And Abetting The CIA Regarding Its Frame Up Of Former CIA Agent Edwin Wilson

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  • Beat The Chip Website Documents The New World Order's Intent To Implant Every Citizen On This Planet With An RFID Tracking Chip - The RFID Use As A Tracking Chip Is Redundant In The United States Since In The Early 1980's The U.S. National Security Agency Was Used To Electronically Brain Fingerprint American Citizens, However There Are Myriad Other Uses For Implantable Chips, Most Of Which Are Criminal

  • Editor's Notation: During the night this author is subjected to voice to skull wireless communication via the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network. The name Killebrew is repeated several times over the course of a few hours. Today this author reads that a baseball player named Harmon Killebrew died today after suffering with a long illness. However, until today, I had never heard of Harmon Killebrew, much less that he was a professional baseball player from several decades ago.

    These voice to skull episodes have been occurring for years as part of the non consensual human experimentation that the NSA subjects my person to. And this is a further illustration of how the NSA utilizes the electromagnetic spectrum in order to electronically gain access to the mind of any person whom the Agency is spying on.

    The U.S. Federal Government's attempts to stonewall the truth about this satellite deployed technology are failing, since every person living within the United States has been electronically brain fingerprinted by the NSA, and thousands of targets of such non consensual human experimentation are at present documenting their own experiences with the NSA's wireless fMRI scanning and manipulation of their own thoughts.

    A decade ago, speaking out in regard to one's experiences as a target of mind control research was considered to be taboo. However, with the thousands of people within the United States alone now making such claims, and with more joining them on a regular basis, what was once considered to be taboo, has now entered into the mainstream of alternative journalism. And given the power of the Blogosphere, as well as its ability to attract those who are open minded in their views of life in general, the U.S. Federal Government is going to have an impossible time in the future keeping this treasonous secret from the American people.

    - James F. Marino

    * As for the rumors regarding the Bible's prophesy that the world will end beginning with a massive earthquake on May 21St, and end with an all consuming fire by October 21St, the fact is that while many people believe that the Bible is based on mythology, the U.S. Federal Government's HAARP antenna array in Alaska is quite real, and has the capability of causing such an earthquake. This system has already been used for everything from mass manipulation of thought to the geophysical manipulation of our weather conditions.

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  • Judge Stanley Sporkin
    Aider & Abettor To U.S. Intelligence Crimes

    He's been used as an asset of the U.S. Intelligence community since first being employed as General Counsel to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in 1981. Since that time former Judge Stanley Sporken has been used to pervert the judiciary system in America in a number of ways, including establishing the CIA's immunity from prosecution with the U.S. Justice Department, in regard to the drug trafficking the CIA was involved in during the Iran Contra affair.

    Moreover, Judge Sporkin was used to block a legitimate lawsuit filed by former NSA employee, John St. Clair Akwei, which exposed the national brain fingerprinting program in the United States, that was implemented by the National Security Agency in 1981. Sporkin is probably best known for his aiding and abetting of the CIA's destruction of former assistant HUD secretary Catherine Austin Fitts' brokerage house, Hamilton Securities Inc., after Fitts blew the whistle on the CIA's money laundering operations.

    Prior to becoming a federal judge, Stanley Sporkin also colluded with the CIA (as well as many other lawyers) to frame a former CIA Agent by the name of Edwin Wilson, who served more than 20 years in prison for crimes that the CIA's attorney's fabricated against him. There is no question that Stanley Sporken has been an asset of the CIA for much of his career.

    Judge Stanley Sporkin
    Aider & Abettor To U.S. Intelligence Crimes

    Sporken Was Also Used To Cover Up The NSA's Covert
    National Brain Fingerprinting Program In America

    "Stanley Sporkin has been retained by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight to assist in its duties overseeing Fannie Mae.

    Sporkin is the former General Counsel of the CIA during the period when the CIA negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Justice that permitted the CIA to avoid reporting significant narcotics trafficking during the Iran Contra period. This narcotics trafficking and related mortgage fraud has played a significant role in harming family well being and homeowners equity in communities throughout America."

    -Where's The Money.org Website

    Former U.S. Federal Judge Stanley Sporken

    Corruption Within Our Judicial Branch Of Government

    Former Judge Stanley Sporkin's

    Crimes Against The American People

    As a long-term target of an FBI-NSA COINTELPRO operation, as well as a target of the NSA's classified Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, this author is intent on promulgating evidence which corroborates what former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei has furnished in his 1992 lawsuit against the NSA.

    A lawsuit which former Federal District Court Judge, Stanley Sporkin, was used to derail, in order to cover up a national brain fingerprinting program which the National Security Agency has been secretly deploying against the American people since 1981. And as the direct result of an Executive Order (12333) passed by the Reagan-Bush Administration in 1981, which gave the U.S. Intelligence community unprecedented and unconstitutional powers to spy domestically.

    Former U.S. Federal Judge Stanley Sporkin, Used By The National Security Agency To Block A Lawsuit Which Proves That The NSA Has Secretly Implemented A National Brain Fingerprinting Program In The United States

    Sporkin, who prior to becoming a Federal Court Judge in the District Court Of The District Of Columbia (Washington D.C.), served as general counsel for the CIA in the 1980's. The former judge was also used by the CIA to improperly seal a case which the Agency had filed against Hamilton Securities Inc., a now defunct brokerage firm once owned by former assistant Housing, Urban & Development Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts.

    However, as it would turn out, Judge Sporkin knew that the CIA did not have a legitimate case against Hamilton Securities and its CEO, which is why the CIA used Judge Sporkin to keep the case sealed, while the CIA initiated a smear campaign which the Agency then used to bankrupt Fitts' company.

    This act by the CIA was strictly punitive, since at the time, the former HUD secretary was attempting to blow the whistle on the CIA's money laundering operations, when her company was eventually destroyed by way of the CIA's propaganda campaign against Hamilton Securities Inc.

    In 2000, after Judge Sporken retired from the bench, his replacement unsealed the CIA's lawsuit against Hamilton Securities Inc. and dismissed the CIA's case, further proving that the CIA never had a legitmate lawsuit against Hamilton Securities, and instead used Judge Sporken in which to obstruct justice, by forcing Hamilton Securities to retain counsel for more than four years, while the CIA used a propagandized smear campaign in which to force Fitts' brokerage firm into bankruptcy.

  • More On The Hamilton Securities Group & The CIA's Covert Destruction Of The Organization

  • Below is yet another instance in which Judge Sporkin has proven himself to be an invaluable asset of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, in his collusion to cover up the CIA's frame up of a former CIA Agent by the name of Edwin Wilson.

    Eventually, an honest U.S. District Court Judge by the name of Lynn Hughes, threw out many of the trumped up charges which Wilson was convicted of. However, the government concocted new charges used to keep Wilson in prison until his release date in 2004.

    In light of its whitewash of the facts, the CIA clearly did not want Edwin Wilson giving his account of what really happened. Wilson, now in his eighties, was finally released from prison in 2004, after serving a sentence of more than 20 years.

    - James F. Marino

    The following article has been sourced from an issue of the Justice:Denied Magazine:

    "While Wilson’s motion names 17 people, Judge Hughes 'has identified about two dozen government lawyers who actively participated in the original non-disclosure to the defense, the false rebuttal testimony, and the refusal to correct it.' 31

    The conspiracy of silence engaged in by every one of those lawyers for over 20 years undercuts the claim of the naïve that the federal government cannot engage in large scale conspiracies.

    Three of the government lawyers who concealed the truth about the affidavit’s falsity while Edwin Wilson was wrongly convicted, sentenced, and imprisoned on the 1983 conviction, later became federal judges: Stephen Trott is a senior judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, D. Lowell Jensen is a senior federal judge of California's Northern District, and Stanley Sporkin is a retired federal judge for the District of Columbia." 32

    - Hans Sherrer, Justice:Denied Magazine

    Federal Judge Tosses Conviction of Ex-CIA Agent Framed by the CIA and Federal Prosecutors
    By Hans Sherrer

    Source: Justice:Denied magazine, Issue 24, page 4

    In 2000, Justice:Denied (Vol. 2, Issue 1) reported on the frame-up of Edwin Wilson by the CIA and federal prosecutors. On October 27, 2003 Edwin Wilson’s 1983 conviction was vacated by a federal judge whose decision stated in part, “In the course of American justice, one would have to work hard to conceive of a more fundamentally unfair process with a consequentially unreliable result than the fabrication of false data by the government, under oath by a government official, presented knowingly by the prosecutor in the courtroom with the express approval of his superiors in Washington.”

    From 1955 to 1971 Edwin Wilson was employed by the CIA, mostly as an undercover agent. 1 After he left the agency he became a free-lance dealer in information and arms. The CIA was among his clients. From 1972 to 1978 Wilson provided services to the agency almost 40 times, and through 1982 he had over 100 formal and social contacts with CIA personnel. 2 During those years Wilson provided top-secret information to the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies about the activities of Iran, Russia, Taiwan and Libya. 3 He also provided information about international assassination teams, including an alert about a plot to assassinate President Reagan. 4

    Wilson was on such intimate terms with top level CIA personnel that he invited them to his 2,500 acre Virginia farm for “annual picnics, hunting and horseback riding.” 5 Wilson even stabled a registered quarterhorse at his farm that he had sold to a high-ranking CIA official. 6

    In April 1977 the Washington Post blew Wilson’s cover with a story that alleged he smuggled 500,000 explosive timers to Libya. 7 It is now known that story was not true. 8 A number of other speculative news stories about Wilson’s alleged activities followed, and the CIA publicly denied involvement with Wilson at the same time it continued to rely on his services, and top officials continued to socialize with him. 9 Furthermore, it was known internally within the CIA that Wilson was not providing support to terrorist groups. 10

    In spite of continuing to provide information to the CIA, Wilson was indicted on April 23, 1980 for allegedly shipping explosives to Libya. 11 After his acquittal by a Washington D.C. jury he left the United States. He was captured in the Dominican Republic in June 1982, and transported to the U.S. 12 A month later he was again indicted on charges related to allegedly transporting explosives to Libya. 13

    Tried in federal court in Houston, Wilson didn’t directly defend against the charges: his defense was that he was a de facto federal agent whose actions were “under the direction and authority of the CIA.” 14 Therefore even if he had done what he was accused of, which he denied, he couldn’t have had the requisite criminal intent necessary to be guilty of the alleged crimes. Three witnesses corroborated his close association with the CIA. 15

    To rebut Wilson’s defense, federal prosecutors introduced into evidence an affidavit from the CIA’s third ranking official – Executive Director Charles A. Briggs. Among other things Briggs declared under penalties of perjury:

    “The search [of CIA records] revealed that Mr. Edwin P. Wilson terminated his employment with the CIA on 28 February 1971, and was not re-employed thereafter in any capacity.

    According to Central Intelligence Agency Records, with one exception while he was employed by Naval Intelligence in 1972, Mr. Edwin P. Wilson was not asked or requested, directly or indirectly, to perform or provide any service, directly or indirectly, for [the] CIA.” 16

    After deliberating for a day the jury asked that the Briggs affidavit be reread to them. An hour later they returned a guilty verdict, and Wilson was subsequently sentenced to 17 years in prison. 17

    After years in prison, Wilson obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) proving his prosecutors knew the Briggs affidavit was false prior to introducing it into evidence. 18 In 1997 Wilson sent U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Hughes a Department of Justice ‘Duty to Disclose’ memorandum he had obtained through the FOIA that said in part, “the affidavit is inaccurate.” 19 Judge Hughes subsequently appointed Houston lawyer David Adler to represent Wilson. 20 Adler diligently aided Wilson in the search for additional documents concealed by Wilson’s prosecutors. In some cases Adler had to travel to Washington D.C. and examine classified documents inside of a vault. 21 Wilson and Adler’s investigation resulted in the identification of at least 17 current and former federal officials who concealed their knowledge of the affidavit’s falseness. 22

    “The truth comes hard to the government ...”

    Federal Judge Lynn Hughes

    Relying on the new evidence, Wilson filed two motions in the fall of 1999. The first motion was to vacate his conviction. One of that motion’s grounds was that the government deliberately used fake evidence: Namely the perjured Briggs affidavit that the jury relied on to convict him. 23 Another ground for vacating his conviction was the government committed a Brady violation by failing to disclose exculpatory documents listing Wilson’s 100 plus contacts with government intelligence agencies after he retired from the CIA in 1971. 24 The second motion was to hold the 17 officials who concealed their knowledge of the affidavit’s falsity “in contempt for interfering in the administration of justice.” 25

    On October 27, 2003, after spending four years sifting through the evidence in Wilson’s case, U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Hughes’ declared, “Because the government knowingly used false evidence against him and suppressed favorable evidence, his conviction will be vacated.” 26 Judge Hughes didn’t mince words in a 24 page opinion that outlined the prosecution’s failure to turn over the exculpatory documentation of Wilson’s many post-retirement CIA contacts that would have proven Briggs’ affidavit was perjured, “It alone lied. It alone possessed - and withheld - the information that documented the falsehoods. The government alone insisted on the affidavit rather than production of the underlying records. It alone had the underlying documents.” 27 Judge Hughes also recognized the deliberateness of the decision by federal prosecutors to use the false affidavit, “The government discussed among dozens of its officials and lawyers whether to correct the testimony. No correction was made - not after trial, not before sentencing, not on appeal, and not in this review.” 28

    Judge Hughes made the astute observation that “The truth comes hard to the government.” 29 It is so hard that although Wilson had documentary proof in 1997 that CIA officials and federal prosecutors had fabricated Briggs’ affidavit to be as favorable as possible to the government, they continued denying -- even after Judge Hughes’ ruling -- that they knew of Wilson’s close association with the U.S. intelligence community that literally continued up to the time of his 1982 arrest and indictment. 30

    Judge Hughes has not yet made a decision about Wilson’s motion to hold the federal officials who concealed their knowledge that Briggs’ affidavit was false. However Wilson underestimated the number of people involved in the prosecution’s scheme to present manufactured evidence against him. While Wilson’s motion names 17 people, Judge Hughes “has identified about two dozen government lawyers who actively participated in the original non-disclosure to the defense, the false rebuttal testimony, and the refusal to correct it.” 31 The conspiracy of silence engaged in by every one of those lawyers for over 20 years undercuts the claim of the naïve that the federal government cannot engage in large scale conspiracies. Three of the government lawyers who concealed the truth about the affidavit’s falsity while Edwin Wilson was wrongly convicted, sentenced, and imprisoned on the 1983 conviction, later became federal judges: Stephen Trott is a senior judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, D. Lowell Jensen is a senior federal judge of California's Northern District, and Stanley Sporkin is a retired federal judge for the District of Columbia. 32

    Wilson remains imprisoned on several other convictions that occurred after the ones vacated by Judge Hughes. They were also related to his alleged activities in Libya, 33 as well as an alleged attempt to solicit the murder of a federal prosecutor that was based on the testimony of three jailhouse snitches. 34 In a November 7, 2003 interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Wilson asserted he was not involved in the sale of explosives to Libya, “I'm denying that I sold it, that I profit by it or shipped it.” 35 Furthermore he denied that he solicited or attempted to have anyone killed. 36 Wilson maintains that those convictions, for which he was sentenced to over 50 years in prison, are as much a fabrication by federal prosecutors as were the convictions vacated by Judge Hughes. Considerable weight must be given to Mr. Wilson’s claim considering the extraordinary lengths federal prosecutors went to engage in the deceitful tactics they used to secure his 1983 conviction, and the vigor with which they continue to defend their untoward conduct more than twenty years after the fact.

    An excerpt from the Justice:Denied article published almost four years ago about Mr. Wilson’s case is still relevant as a summary of why Mr. Wilson was “double-crossed” by the federal government that succeeded in decimating his life by his wrongful convictions:

    “In retrospect, it appears that Edwin Wilson was a political pawn sacrificed by high CIA officials in an effort to try to maintain the public illusion that the Reagan administration wasn't complicit in covertly providing arms to nations such as Libya, publicly branded as unfriendly to the United States. The Department of Justice is not pursuing justice in Edwin Wilson's case, but it appears to be trying to avoid the public and legal embarrassment that would result from Wilson's exoneration and the financial compensation he might be awarded for his years of being wrongly imprisoned. One's personal opinion about the nature of Wilson's conviction doesn't change the wrong perpetrated on him by the very people with whom he was, in effect, working -- the CIA and the United States government.” 37

    To date not a single federal employee has been disciplined in any way for their conduct in the investigation and prosecution of Edwin Wilson. That blindseye that constitutes a tacit condoning of the illicit conduct by the dozens of government lawyers involved in the case stands in sharp contrast with Judge Hughes summation of what the conduct of those lawyers should have been:

    “The government’s preparation, presentation, and preservation of false evidence are not the process that is due from the government. As Justice Sutherland observed, while a prosecutor “may strike hard blows, he is not at liberty to strike foul ones. It is as much his duty to refrain from improper methods calculated to produce a wrongful conviction as it is to use every legitimate means to bring about a just one.” Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 78, 88 (1935) (George Sutherland). The government has no legitimate interest in buying or presenting false evidence from outsiders - it has less than none in lying to the court itself.” 38

    Edwin Wilson, who is 75 years old, is currently imprisoned at USP Allenwood in White Deer, PA. His projected parole release date is September 14, 2004, after serving more than 22 years in prison.


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  • The CIA's Frame Up Of Former CIA Agent Edwin Wilson

  • Editor's Note: For more than three decades the FBI and NSA have used this author for various forms of non consensual human experimentation, as the result of a COINTELPRO operation fomented against my person by the FBI in the late 1970's.

    Moreover, in *1981, this author was subjected to the electronic brain fingerprinting of my person via the National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and since that time I've been illegally tracked by way of NSA INTELSAT 24 hours a day.

    * In his 1992 lawsuit against the National Security Agency, former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei, has documented the early 1980's as the time in which the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting of American citizens resulted in the deployment of what Akwei has referred to as the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; an electronic surveillance system which the NSA can use to remotely catalogue and track the unique brain fingerprint of every American citizen.

    This attack represents the U.S. Federal Government's most egregious violation of the American people's right to privacy and due process of law under the 4Th and 6Th Amendments.

    It also illustrates the abject act of treason that former Judge Stanley Sporken perpetrated against the American people in 1992, when Sporken would be used as a pawn of the National Security Agency's, in order to obstruct justice by dismissing John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA; something which would have eventually resulted in the largest investigation into the U.S. Intelligence community in this country's history.

    Moreover, the NSA's satellite predation continues to take many forms and is manifest in a myriad of different symptoms, many of which are induced by way of the NSA's use of directed energy weaponry against this author, my Family, and others who continue to be electronically and unwittingly brain-tapped by the NSA.

    Recently, this author is subjected to the NSA's deployment of ELF waves targeted at my person, which causes fatigue and dizziness. These types of pulse beam weapon attacks are being reported by thousands of other American citizens as well as those from many other countries, who are describing the destruction of their constitutional governments, and the degradation of their societies, which have become nothing but cesspools used in which to conduct the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking; societies which have been contaminated by the global military-intelligence community and its nefarious use of psychological warfare operations.

    The agenda here has become clear enough: The House of Rothschilds' implementation of a global Zionist dictatorship overseen by this counterfeiter and money launderer, and covertly enforced through its financed and controlled military-intelligence complex.

    Those of us who operate within the field of alternative journalism document these crimes in the interest of humanity, and in the hope that the global middle class will awaken in time to rise up against the House of Rothschild, and destroy their central banks as well as their agenda for a central government and religion based on the Satanic dogma of Zionism.

    The Zionists who've exploited the suffering of the Jewish people during the Nazi Holocaust have now seized on our promulgation of their crimes in order to portray us as anti-Semites. However, our sentiments involve anti-Zionism, which has absolutely nothing to do with anti-Semitism. And there are millions of Jews who openly decry Zionism for the cancer that it represents on the human race.

    As such, it will in large part be the Jews' exposition of the evil of Zionism which will lead to the destruction of this radical and deadly ideology and all of its facets, before the Rothschilds can impose their world government on the rest of this planet.

    - James F. Marino

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