Thursday, May 05, 2011

UFO Sightings Have Become So Common That Humans Have Become Desensitized To Them As They Have To Violence - This Is By Intent

  • The U.S. National Security Agency's Use In The Implementation Of A Shadow Government In The United States, Which Involves The Electronic Brain Fingerprinting Of American Citizens

  • UFO Seen By Millions
    In China In July 2010

  • Optical Physicist Bruce Maccabee Reveals That The FBI, CIA And U.S. Air Force Knew That UFO's Were Real As Early As The 1940's, Yet Deliberately Concealed This Information From The American People, And To Our Detriment

  • David Icke's "Tales From The Time Loop" - Some Interesting Insights Into The Matrix That The Human Race Has Been Indoctrinated In - Whether You Agree With David Or Not, His Belief System Is Indeed A {Provocative And Fascinating} One

  • How The CIA Tricked A Womanizing, Alcoholic Texas Congressman Into Doing Its Dirty Work For It In The 1979 Soviet-Afghan War, In Order To Gain Access To Afghanistan's Opium Trade, By Using Women And Children To Fight The Russians - The Afghani Children Didn't Even Get A U.S. Financed Education For Their Acts Of Courage, But Many Likely Ended Up Hooked On Opium!
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