Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Fitts Was Subjected To Organized Stalking By The Bush 41 Administration For Exposing CIA Money Laundering

Catherine Austin Fitts
Targeted For The Vigilante Hate Crime

"Organized Stalking"

"One day I was a wealthy entrepreneur with a beautiful home, a successful business and money in the bank.... The next day I was hunted, living through 18 audits and investigations and a smear campaign directed not just at me but also members of my family, colleagues and friends who helped me."

- Catherine Austin Fitts

Target Of Organized Stalking & Directed Energy Warfare

The Bush 41 Administration's Attack On Catherine Fitts

"In 1990, Fitts left HUD to found Hamilton months later, several years afterward winning a competitive bid to serve as the Federal Housing Insurance Administration's financial advisor, executing, from 1994 - 1997, $10 billion in mortgage loan sales as well as strategic services for the agency's $500 billion mortgage and mortgage insurance portfolio, using revolutionary techniques greatly benefiting HUD and millions of taxpayers. On, she then explained what happened, saying:

'One day I was a wealthy entrepreneur with a beautiful home, a successful business and money in the bank....The next day I was hunted, living through 18 audits and investigations and a smear campaign directed not just at me but also members of my family, colleagues and friends who helped me.'

She believes it 'originated at the highest levels,' putting her through more than two years of 'serious physical harassment, and surveillance, (including) burglary, stalking, having house guests followed, and (finding) dead animals left on (her) doormat.'

What most people think can't happen in America, in fact, does, to anyone challenging corporate or government power - trashing the rule of law for their own interests, cleverly manipulating the public not catch on, or when it does, it's too late.

In Fitts' case, Hamilton's business and future opportunities were systematically wiped out, what led her to found, focused on ethical investment, to help individuals and families protect their assets by understanding how dark Wall Street/Washington forces collaboratively drain investors and communities."

- Steve Lendman Blog

Catherine Austin Fitts' Company Destroyed
For Exposing CIA Money Laundering Through HUD

"According to court transcripts, the initial judge had indicated in 1996 that it would be inappropriate to extend the seal [on the qui tam] without evidence and that unless evidence was produced he would not extend the seal again.

The case was then transferred to Judge Stanley Sporkin of the District of Columbia’s District Court. According to Uri Dowbenky, Sporkin “managed to illegally keep a qui tam lawsuit sealed for almost 4 years. That could be a ‘judicial’ record.” [45]

Sporkin had given multiple 60-day extensions to further investigate the allegations that he claimed were not limited to the False Claims Act limit of 60 days that applied to Department of Justice investigations, since the HUD Inspector General had independent subpoena power and chose to continue the investigation. [46]

Extending the qui tam in this highly dubious manner meant that it was kept sealed thus preventing Hamilton from responding to the allegations, and thus prolonged an elaborate ‘fishing expedition’ that would financially exhaust Hamilton Securities.

A significant background fact about Judge Sporkin was that he was the General Counsel for the CIA (1981-86) before being appointed as a federal judge to the District of Columbia District Court by Ronald Reagan in 1985. [47] Sporkin’s CIA background and the continued extensions of the qui tam case that had questionable legal standing and which was finally unsealed and dropped by a new Federal judge appointed to the case after Sporkin’s retirement in 2000 point to a CIA covert program to destroy Hamilton Securities.

One conclusion that emerges is that Fitts company was targeted since it threatened to undermine and even expose the way the CIA secretly extracted congressional appropriations from or laundered funds through HUD and other government agencies. [48] The CIA was using its unique legal status of being able to lawfully transfer Congressional appropriations or ‘laundered money’ through other federal government agencies, to fund projects administered by the intelligence community, and to destroy any individual or company that threatened to reveal such a process."

See the full story regarding what the Bush 41 Administration subjected former assistant HUD secretary Catherine Austin Fitts to here:

  • Former Assistant HUD Secretary Targeted For Organized Stalking By the Bush 41 Administration, Which Used A Corrupt Federal Judge By The Name Of Stanley Sporkin, To Pervert The Criminal Justice System In Order To Aid Abet The Destruction Of Fitts' Brokerage Company, Hamilton Securities Inc., As Punishment For Fitts' Attempts To Decentralize The Mortgage Industry & Blow The Whistle On The CIA's Use Of HUD To Launder Money

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