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FBI Attack On Another Member Of This Author's Family Results In Tampering With This Person's Medical Treatment

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  • FBI Interfering With Another Family Member's

    Medical Treatment

    This author regularly describes the FBI's attacks on my person, as well as the Bureau's attacks on other members of this author's Family.

    It is this author's opinion that the FBI's recent covert attack on another Family member involves the *use of the FDA, in order to remove an alternative medication that has been very helpful in rebuilding this person's immune system.

    *If this sounds outlandish, consider that the U.S. Intelligence community has a history of perpetrating terrorist attacks which are deliberately carried out to give U.S. Intel a way of plausibly denying its involvement in these crimes.

    For instance, the CIA has been known to have blown up entire aircraft killing all passengers aboard, in order to murder the person whom they were targeting for extermination. Moreover, the Intel community is regularly utilized in the orchestration of terrorist attacks both domestically and internationally, which in some way benefit the House of Rothschilds' Zionist bankers, since the Rothschilds made their fortune as war profiteers, and continue to do so in the modern day; using the military-intelligence complexes in the countries whose governments they subvert, to carry out these crimes under the cover of national security.

    Also consider that the FBI has historically been used to maintain the criminal status quo within the United States. In regard to the medical community, this means that the FBI has been used to protect the American Medical Association's perverse doctrine, while spying on alternative practitioners in efforts to use adverse information which can then be used to have their medical licenses revoked.

    The FBI did something similar to this with a Long Island physician whose expertise was in treating the biological weapon, Lyme Disease.

    This physician's detractors used several means in which to force him to close his medical practice, however each failed. It was not until the FBI used its stock in trade - blackmail - which resulted in this physician's sudden and unexpected retirement and the closing of his lucrative medical practice. Keep in mind here that he was never forced to surrender his license, which means that he had done nothing which the FBI could have used in order to force the revocation of his medical license.

    Whatever the FBI used as blackmail is what remains responsible for this physician's expedient closure of his medical practice. To this day, many of his patients suspect that there was foul play in regard to this doctor's early retirement, even if they don't know who was responsible for it.

    Moreover, what enables the FBI to get away with such crimes is that it spies illegally, violating the inherent rights to privacy that American citizens have under the 4Th Amendment, and then utilizes whatever adverse information it obtains in order to blackmail these people into remaining silent.

    As such, it is not uncommon to see dozens of people who are in some way involved with the target of an FBI entrapment scheme, lying in order to protect the FBI's criminality, based on whatever the FBI has threatened to use against them in its illegal spying of their persons.

    The result is that these people become enablers of the FBI's crimes, instead of blowing the whistle on what the FBI has done, in efforts to abolish this treasonous crime syndicate.

    As for this Family member - a long term target of the FBI's despicable tactics - only two weeks after being forced to stop taking this medication, this person is experiencing many of the symptoms that they had prior to taking the medication.

    Prior to this the Family member was feeling much better.

    Moreover, this Family member was also subjected to the FBI's orchestrated firing from a job a few years ago, in efforts to force this person to use up much of their savings.

    Over the past two years, this person has gotten another job and worked very hard to be successful at it, which the person has achieved. So it is now time for the FBI to move in and cause further destruction in this person's life, by damaging their health, and making it more difficult for this person to remain at this job.

    The only thing the FBI likes better than torturing a COINTELPRO target by preventing them from earning a living, is allowing them to achieve some success, which can then be taken away from them.

    Many COINTELPRO targets, including some former members of the FBI can attest to this from their first hand experiences as targets of COINTELPRO.

    Consequently, the alternative medication that has been so helpful to this Family member is suddenly removed from the market. Is the FBI responsible for it? There's no way of knowing for certain, but given the FBI's unwelcome and criminal intrusion into our lives, it would not surprise this author at all.

    Moreover, the alternative physician who prescribed this remedy has stated that there is a rumour that the FDA will return this substance to the market soon, but at a higher price.

    However this makes no sense at all, unless the medication is going to be altered in someway. Otherwise, there would have been no reason to remove the medication in the first place.

    The FDA's relisting of the medication would mean that it has in someway been altered so that it is no longer the same homeopathic remedy.

    And with a price increase, it would appear that those who choose to purchase it, in place of an inferior allopathic medication, are going to be penalized by a type of sin tax, in the way that smokers are financially penalized for purchasing tobacco.

    Except, unlike tobacco, these medications are being used to improve one's health.

    Furthermore, given the FDA's history of aiding and abetting the crime syndicate which does business in the United States as the *American Medical Association (AMA), by allowing dangerous allopathic medications manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) to be prescribed by the American medical community, while being used to attack the alternative practitioner and the homeopathic community whenever possible, it is quite probable that the FBI is responsible for orchestrating the removal of this particular medication from the market.

    *For more on this read Eustace Mullins' "Murder By Injection" and G. Edward Griffin's "World Without Cancer."

    This is typical of the furtive ways in which the FBI manipulates the lives of its victims.

    Several years ago, the FBI had ordered a local pharmacy to replace prescribed medication that this author was taking, with a placebo. The FBI regularly murders its targets by poisoning their foods and medications.

    However, in a situation where the target is well known, the FBI may commit murder, not by poisoning the target of such COINTELPRO operations (which would show up in an autopsy), but instead, by seeing to it that the person receives a placebo instead of real medication prescribed for an ailment. This can be deadly in a situation where the person is placed on a drug which is required to keep a condition from becoming worse - for instance a person who is taking blood pressure medication, or an antibiotic to fight off a serious bacterial infection.

    Moreover, given the recent criminal passage of the "Food Modernization Act" which also applies to the alternative medical profession, a law which is furtively being used to destroy the alternative medical practitioner, Americans can now expect to see the homeopathic community being gradually eradicated from the United States, as part of a genocidal plot of depopulation, in which to commit mass murder using a myriad of plausibly deniable methods.

    Genocide remains part of the House of Rothschilds' agenda for a Zionist based world government, while reducing the global population by at least 4 billion people.

    The reason for this ethnic cleansing?

    The Rothschilds are concerned that the rest of us our using up the natural resources on this planet much too rapidly.

    As such, the Rothschilds and their minions believe that by drastically reducing the world's population through such plausibly deniable covert forms of genocide, as destroying the alternative medical community (which is far superior to the Big Pharma controlled allopathic community), and by destroying the quality of our foods by radiating all foods for sale in the United States), as well as the military-intelligence complexes' use of electronic, chemical, biological and geophysical warfare against our persons, that much of the human race can be murdered without the Rothschilds ever receiving the blame for committing such an atrocity.

    All the more reason for the House of Rothschild and its accomplices to be destroyed as expediently as possible, beginning with their Communist central banks, and their bag men.

    For example, in the United States the Federal Reserve System imposes a covert form of class warfare on the American middle class through the creation and lending to the U.S. Treasury at usury interest rates, Federal Reserve Notes.

    This *artificial debt is then paid back to the Federal Reserve System by the American middle class, through the imposition of the federal income tax, which the Internal Revenue Service then collects, under the pretense that this tax is being used to pay for the daily operations of the U.S. Federal Government - when in fact, the federal income tax goes directly to the Federal Reserve System as payment on the interest which the Federal Reserve charges the U.S. Treasury for printing bogus currency, when the Treasury could be printing its own currency interest free, and thereby removing the Federal Reserve System from the United States.

    In other words, the Federal Reserve and the IRS have lied to us, while those Americans who refuse to pay the federal income tax are wrongfully arrested and usually found guilty of tax evasion.

    *How could this debt be anything but fraudlent since the Federal Reserve's funny money is based on nothing of intrinsic value, and is thus worthless. This phony debt is used to prevent the American middle class from establishing any wealth of their own. Another trick of the rich and their Rothschild controlled money trust.

    However, precedent has now been established in that at least 25 Americans have beaten the IRS in court, when they were found not guilty of filing a 1040 income tax return, because the IRS could produce no law which authorizes it impose the federal income tax.

    Something that the Rothschild controlled media in the United States has deliberately failed to tell you about.

    Moreover, as for the IRS' claims that the 16Th Amendment gives it the authority to impose the federal income tax, this too is an outright lie, since former IRS investigator Bill Benson has unearthed more than 17,000 pages of documentation which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the 16Th Amendment was never legally ratified and is thus being applied by the IRS criminally.

    And it is for this precise reason, that the IRS used one of its many corrupt judges to serve Benson with an injunction to refrain from circulating his evidence, which Benson has compiled into a book appropriately entitled: "The Law That Never Was."

    The Federal Reserve System and the IRS are understandably concerned that if Benson's information is quickly circulated throughout the United States (as it would be via the Internet), the result would be an instant tax revolt by the American middle class, and the Congress would be forced to immediately repeal the 16Th Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act - something that should have been done from the moment that they were illegally ratified in 1913.

    However, within the next few years, the Federal Reserve System and the IRS will be removed by the American people, who will be doing the job that our elected Representatives in Congress should have done a century ago.

    - James F. Marino

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