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Political Historian Eustace Mullins Exposes The Crime Syndicate Behind The American Medical Association

Dr. Ananda Zaren - A Casualty Of The American Medical Association's War On Homeopaths?

The American Cancer Society's Demonization Of Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) Because Of Its Effectiveness In Preventing Cancer

The American Medical Association - Another Zionist Controlled Criminal Syndicate Used To Monopolize The American Medical System

Editor's Note: There has never been a political historian in the United States, with the exception of his mentor, Ezra Pound, more shockingly honest, than Eustace Mullins. In the following quotations, taken from Mullins' scathing book about the crime syndicate in America known as the American Medical Association, Eustace Mullins illustrates for his readers the horrifying crimes that the AMA has been involved in since its inception, and its complicity in what must be regarded as a furtive form of genocide.

If you think that the Federal Reserve System/IRS treasonous hoodwinking of the American people through its Communist system of a graduated income tax is the only scam pulled off by the House Of Rothschild in the United States, wait until you read Eustace Mullins' scathing book on the American Medical Association entitled "Murder By Injection."

In this book, Mullins describes this Rockefeller created criminal oligarchy which since the early part of the 20TH Century has been responsible for the deaths of millions of Americans.

Mullins describes the American Medical Association's doctrine as part PT Barnum and part Joseph Mengele.

An extremely appropriate comparison as the readers will soon see.

The Medical Monopoly

AMA/ACS Collusion
Derailing Cancer Research For Reasons Of Profit

*ACS (American Cancer Society)
*AMA (American Medical Association)

Furthermore, when you consider that the AMA is still operating within the United States in the modern day, and remains the overseer of the American Medical Community, what you will learn about AMA in Mullins' book will scare the living hell out of you! And make you think twice before seeing an allopathic health care practitioner the next time that you are ill.

- James F. Marino

The Following Excerpts Are From "Murder By Injection"

"Not only do the boards of Memorial Sloan Kettering have direct ties to the Rockefellers; they are closely linked with defense industries, the CIA, and chemical and drug firms. It is no accident that they serve on the board of an institution whose recommendations on cancer treatment mean literally billions in profits to those who are in the right position to take advantage of them. And you thought this was a charitable organization! The fact is the Memorial Sloan Kettering and the American Cancer Society are the principal organizational functionaries, with the American Medical Association, of the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly. In 1944, the American Society for the Control of Cancer changed its name to American Cancer Society; it was then placed in the hands of two of the most notorious patent medicine hucksters in the United States, Albert Lasker and Elmer Bobst."

"An interesting footnote to history is the revelation of the cozy relationships which developed between top Nazi officials and the Zionist terrorist network, Haganah and the Irgun Svai Leumi, in the closing days of the Second World War. The Zionists were working to drive the British out of Palestine; the Nazis were also at war with England, which gave birth to the most curious political alliance of the twentieth century. One of the leading advocates of working with the Abwehr, German Intelligence, was one Yitzhak Shamir, now Premier of Israel. After the war, the Zionists employed many former Nazis to help set up their military opposition to the British. The leader in this alliance was the veteran of the old Stern Gang of terrorists, which was now the Irgun Svai Leumi, none other than Menachem Begin. One of Begin's proteges was a young woman named Mathilde J., as she was know in terrorist circles. She was born in Switzerland after her father left Italy because o f 'poor economic conditions," -- no political ideology there. The present Mrs. Krim is described by Current Biography as 'geneticist' and a 'philanthropist.' She has been the resident biologist at the American Cancer Society for many years. In her younger days, she joined the Irgun Svai Leumi, marrying a fellow terrorist in a show of solidarity. She soon became a favorite of Begin, and divorced her husband. It was Begin who was asked by a grinning Mike Wallace on the program 'Sixty Minutes,' 'Did you really introduce terrorism into the politics of the Middle East?' Begin answered emphatically, ' Not just the Middle East -- the whole world.' He was referring to the worldwide terrorist operations of Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence group which is entirely financed by the CIA with American taxpayers' funds."

"Mathilde then went to work at the Weizmann Institution in Israel. One day, she was introduced to one of its wealthiest American directors, the movie mogul Arthur Krim. They were married , making her an American citizen. Krim has been the chief lobbyist in Washington for the major film companies for many years; he is also a principal fund raiser for the Zionist agitprop network. As a fund raiser, he was also a close friend of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Krim and his wife were house guests of Johnson's at the White House when the Israelis attacked the U.S. ship of the line, U.S.S. Liberty, killing many of her crew.

"When other American ships sent planes to aid the Liberty, immediate orders were sent from the White House for the planes to turn back. The Israelis were free to continue their attack for several more hours in a desperate attempt to sink the Liberty, to destroy the radio evidence it had gathered that the Israelis had started the Six-Day war. Although it is generally believed that Krim issued the orders for the U.S. planes to turn back, no investigation was ever made. Johnson is now dead, and they are the only living witnesses in this horrendous example of high treason from the White House.

*Editor's Note: This is a further indication of the Zionist control over the White House.

"The CIA had known for twenty-four hours that an attack was planned against the Liberty, in the hopes of bringing the U.S. into the war on the side of Israel; faked evidence had already been planted that the attack would come from the 'Egyptians.' Mathilde Krim is now a director of the Rockefeller Foundation."

*Editor's Note: Mathilde Krim, once a Zionist terrorist was now in a key position within the Rockefeller Foundation, as well as once having served as resident biologist at the American Cancer Society earlier in her career.

"What has the Flexner Report cost the average American citizen? Some recent statistics throw light on the situation. The New York Times reported that in 1985, the cost of health care per person in the United States was $1800 per year; in England, $800 per year; in Japan, $600 per year. Yet both England and Japan rank higher on the scale of quality of medical care than the United States. Compared to Japan, for instance, which has a higher living standard than the United States, but which furnished its citizens with quality medical care for $600 per person each year, comparative medical care in the United States cannot be valued higher than $500 per year per person. What is the $1300 per person difference? It is the $300 billion per year looting of the American public by the Medical Monopoly, in overcharges, criminal syndicalist activities, and the operations of the Drug Trust."

"The AMA has openly threatened firms that advertise in the media other than their own journals with withdrawal of 'acceptance' of their products."

"While steadfastly opposing any government supervision of the Medical Monopoly (The American Medical Association), the monopolists frequently forced various government agencies to act against anyone who posed a threat to their monopoly, having them arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison."

"Doc Simmons' (head of the AMA) lucrative dominance of the American Medical Association led him into numerous sidelines. In 1921, he established the Institute of Medicine in Chicago. This apparently was nothing more than a holding company for his bribes."

"Under Fishbein's editorship, the AMA health magazine, Hygiea, carried the banner headline, ' PURE FOODS, HONESTLY ADVERTISED.' The seal of Acceptance of the Committee on Foods of the AMA is your best guarantee that the claims of quality for any product are correct and that the advertising for it is truthful. Look for the Seal on every food that you buy. White Star Tuna and Chicken of the Sea brand Tuna have this acceptance. At the very time that Fishbein was running these advertisements, the Food and Drug Administration was repeatedly seizing shipments of these very brands of tuna, condemning them because 'they consisted in whole or in part of decomposed animal substance.' So much for the Seal of Acceptance."

"Dr. Josephson also observed that 'The history of the AMA's Seal of Acceptance is replete with betrayals of professionalism and public trust. Drug products of the highest value have been rejected or their acceptance unwarrantedly delayed. Worthless, dangerous or deadly food and drugs have been hastily accepted."

In his book "Why the AMA is Going Backward," Dr. Frank Lydston states: " The achievement of what the oligarchy of the AMA has boasted most vociferously has been its belated war on proprietaries, quack medical manufacturers and unproved products. When I recall the nauseous array of proprietary fakes on the advertisements on which the oligarchy built its financial prosperity, its 'holier than thou' pose is sickening. It was fitting to its psychic constitution that after the AMA has for years done its level best to promulgate their interests, and to fatten upon, face manufacturers and professional poisoners of the innocent, it should bite the hand that fed it. Despotic powers such as the oligarchy wields over the food and drug manufacturers is dangerous, and human nature being what it is, that power might be expected to sooner or later be abused."

"One of the more reprehensible decisions made by Dr. Fishbein during his long reign at the AMA was his move to hush up a dangerous outbreak of amoebic dysentery in Chicago at the height of the World's Fair observance in 1933. Although the cause of the outbreak was traced to faulty plumbing at the Congress Hotel, Fishbein met with a group of Chicago business leaders and pledged his cooperation of the AMA in holding back any warnings until the Fair had ended its season. Hundreds of unsuspecting tourists who visited the World's Fair returned to their home towns infected with the terrible illness, which often lingers for years, and is very difficult to treat or cure."

"The list of drugs approved by Fishbein during his tenure as public spokesman for the AMA is lengthy and terrifying. "

"Another drug. tryparsamide, manufactured by Merck under license from the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, was a dangerous arsenical drug. Used to counter the effects of syphilis, it was abandoned by its discoverer, Paul Ehrlich, when he found that it caused blindness by atrophying the optic nerve. Ehrlich's warnings did not prevent the AMA, Merck or the Rockefeller Institute from continuing to distribute this drug."

Read the entire story behind the American Medical Association's corruption, as well as the monster (Dr. Sims) who with funds from the robber barons, founded what is today known as Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital:

The following link to "Murder By Injection" now takes you to the Website where this excellent book used to be posted. However, because "Murder By Injection" exposed the American Medical Association for the outright fraud it is, as well as its role in genocide, Murder By Injection has been removed with plausible deniability - undoubtedly done by the FBI in efforts to obscure the truth about the AMA. The excuse Scrib'd uses here is plagiarism. However, Mullins' work was not plagiarized. It was just devastating the criminals who control the America Medical Association.

"Murder By Injection" by Eustace Mullins

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