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In Light Of The NSA's Recent Unconstitutional Seizure Of Phone Records From Millions Of Verizon Customers, It Is Time That The American People Began To Understand That The National Security Agency Is Being Used To Systematically Dismantle The United States, Reduce Its Citizenry To Signals Intelligence Branded Heads Of Cattle, And To Incorporate The Land From This Country Into One Region Of The Rothschilds' World Communist Government

Is Barack Obama The Target Of A Treasonous Conspiracy By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Being Fomented In Order Remove Obama From The White House? And Is This Plot Being Carried Out In Order To Rescind A Signing Statement Which Obama Signed Regarding The National Defense Authorization Act, Which Obama Did In Efforts To Exclude Americans From Being Subjected To The NDAA's Enemy Combatant Provisions? - If The Obama NDAA Signing Statement Is All That Stands Between Americans And A U.S. Police State, Then The American People Must Demand That Congress Repeal The NDAA

NSA Obtains FISA Court Order Requesting Millions Of Customer Phone Records From Verizon - Given How The NSA Routinely Spies Illegally On All American Citizens, This Ruse Of Going Through The FISA Court Likely Means That The NSA Has Already Been Illegally Eavesdropping On These Verizon Customers Prior To Obtaining The Court Order, And Is Using The Court Order Because The NSA Intends To Use The FBI To Bring Charges Against Some Of These Verizon Customers - If This Occurs It Will Be Interesting To See How Many Of These Verizon Customers Are Members Of The Tea Party Or Occupy Wall Street Movements - Or Men And Women Who Have Been Blacklisted By The U.S. Federal Government

Certain U.S. Politicians And Their Alliances With The Powerful Nuclear Lobby In America, Are Extremely Dangerous To The Health Of The American People

Did The CIA Orchestrate The 1978 Murder Of Congressman Leo Ryan? And Did The CIA Do So In Order To Repeal Legislation Which Ryan Had Passed In Order To Place More Scrutiny On The U.S. Intelligence Community?

The U.S. National Security Agency

A Domestic Spy From Its Inception

Author - James F. Marino

In light of the NSA/FBI domestic spying scandal using a program known as PRISM, which is now being covered by the mainstream media in the United States (what's the U.S. media doing covering a legitimate story regarding this government's crimes for a change?) the question people are asking is how did the NSA come to acquire all of this information?

The answer is the Agency's ability to remotely hack into any computer (including the massive computer servers overseen by major Internet companies like Google and Facebook) using its Signals Intelligence satellites. For more on this technology read John St. Clair Akwei's 1992 lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency at the following link:

As for the question of who leaked PRISM to the media, one may recall NSA whistleblower Russ Tice's account of how demoralized most NSA agents are. And how those who attempt to challenge the Agency's Orwellian operations are quickly demoted to a section within the NSA, where they not only lose their security clearance, but are also the subjects of ridicule by the NSA's hierarchy.

It is such derision that motivated Russell Tice to attempt to publicly expose something terrible which the NSA is doing in regard to the privacy of American citizens. Is the recent leak in regard to PRISM the work of another NSA agent who understands how dangerous this Orwellian organization has become to the freedom of the American people?

Moreover, after Tice spoke with Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman in 2006, claiming that he had a bombshell to drop in regard to the NSA that was going to shock the American people, Tice found himself the target of FBI surveillance and intimidation tactics, which prevented him from ever testifying before Congress in regard to what he knew.

Furthermore, given how the Congress has covered up for many of the crimes of the U.S. Intelligence community in recent years, had Tice actually been able to testify before Congress, there's no guarantee that the Congress would have done anything to investigate the NSA.

In fact, they were probably relieved that the FBI was hounding Tice in an effort to prevent him from testifying, just as they were relieved when the Intel community managed to set Cynthia McKinney up in the now infamous shoving incident, which the media blew completely out of proportion, to ensure that McKinney would lose her reelection campaign; and that her bill to open a new Church Committee hearing would never be voted on.

This way Congress could sit back on their overpaid derriers and do absolutely nothing.

At the time of this incident, Cynthia McKinney had drafted legislation which, if enacted into law by Congress, would have been used to open a modern day version of the Church Committee Hearings of the 1970's, which would have resulted in an intensive investigation of agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA and DHS.

From the allegations being made by those of us who are targets of Intel sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, as well as the myriad reports of this Intel community's domestic datamining operations, it's never been more apparent that the American people must demand that a formal investigation into the U.S. Intelligence community's domestic spy operations take place as expediently as possible.

It would also appear from her blog, that like Russ Tice, Cynthia Mckinney is still being surveilled by the FBI - several years after she drafted a bill which would have resulted in a massive investigation into the U.S. Intelligence community.

One must wonder how many millions of taxpayer dollars the FBI spends spying on McKinney and Tice annually?

As for the NSA's domestic spying, since its inception in 1952, the U.S. National Security Agency has been illegally spying on American citizens. At first this spying was done through a clever circumvention of our Constitutional rule of law, when the NSA reached an agreement with British Intelligence to spy on each other's countries, and to then exchange the information they obtained, thus bypassing the Constitutional rights of Americans and those citizens of Great Britain.

This deception was perpetrated through the UK/USA Treaty, and it would be the catalyst for what would become the most abject disregard by the U.S. Federal Government, for the American people's rights to privacy and due process of law in U.S. History.

According to an NSA whistleblower by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, more than forty years ago the U.S. National Security Agency began developing classified technology which the Agency has since used to remotely read people's thoughts, by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

This "thought reading" technology, also known as synthetic telepathy, was first implemented against the American people on a large scale in 1976, under a government covert operation known as *TAMI.

*Google: Dr. Robert Duncan's book: "The Matrix Deciphered."

By the early 1980's, the *NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network would become an outgrowth of earlier MKULTRA satellite based domestic spy programs which include TAMI, MIND, SATAN and CHRIST.

According to NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, it was during this time that the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network was first implemented to spy on the American people.

It was also during this time that an unconstitutional Executive Order by the Reagan Administration (EO 12333) was signed by then President Ronald Reagan. EO 12333 empowered the U.S. Military to privatize U.S. Military operations which were clearly unconstitutional.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei's civil suit against the U.S. National Security Agency

According to Akwei, it was also during this time that the National Security Agency (which is overseen by the Pentagon) contracted with a private corporation called the Kinnecome Group, in which to implement a domestic spy program that could be used to instantly identify the unique EMF signatures of each American citizen's body.

According to Dr. Robert Duncan, a former government scientist who was involved in developing this technology for the CIA, NSA and Pentagon, the government agencies secretly developed a way of remotely monitoring the biotelemetry of American citizens without having any physical contact whatsoever with us.

Specifically, these organizations were able to find a way in which to catalogue our biological property into a centralized computer database (used for domestic spying) which has since been used to brand each American citizen like a head of cattle.

Citizens whom, without their knowledge or consent, can be instantaneously satellite tracked via their body's own unique sets of EMF signatures - signatures which include but are not limited to a brainwave print and heart beat signature.

According to both John Akwei and Dr. Robert Duncan, this signals intelligence technology (what Akwei refers to as Remote Neural Monitoring and what Duncan refers to as EEG Heterodyning) can be used to remotely enter the neural pathways of the human brain via signals intelligence satellites (and possibly other modalities as well), and to interact with the brain; without the person who is being targeted for such an abject violation of their inherent rights as a citizen of the United States, ever being aware that such an egregious violation of the 4Th Amendment has even taken place.

What is taking place here is known as non consensual human experimentation and it is illegal.

This "mind reading" technology was never publicly discussed or approved of by the American people and is very badly flawed, yet has been deployed by the NSA (and possibly the Pentagon and CIA as well) against myriad American citizens for decades without their knowledge, as part of such non consensual human experimentation. And in complete violation of their 4Th Amendment rights.

Over the past two decades the "trickle down effect" has now enabled far lesser forms of the NSA's mind reading (synthetic telepathy) technology to find their way into many other government agencies, in addition to the private sector.

Thus, a technology which represents a plague on humankind has now had a ripple effect, since the ability to read people's thoughts by way of remote means is being used for both spying domestically as well as internationally.

Moreover, this remote neural monitoring of the brain by way of such wireless functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and EEG brain scanning technology, has destroyed the American citizenry's privacy of thought, since there is no proven way to block this technology.

Furthermore, the U.S. Judiciary had the opportunity to expose this high crime of treason in 1992, when John St. Clair Akwei filed a federal lawsuit against the National Security Agency.

However, a former federal district court judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin (who could have helped to expose this technology and its dangers to the American people, by allowing John St. Clair Akwei to try his lawsuit against the National Security Agency) was appointed to hear Akwei's case against the NSA.

Instead of trying what would certainly have become the most precedent setting domestic spy case in American history, Sporkin was instead used to obscure the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, by dismissing John Akwei's lawsuit.

And it's been the American people and their rights to privacy and due process of law who have suffered for this atrocity.

Prior to becoming a federal court judge in the District Court of the District of Columbia, Stanley Sporkin was general counsel to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and remained an asset of the CIA's throughout the time that he was a federal judge in Washington D.C. (1985 - 2000).

This author also knows of at least "three" different cases in which Stanley Sporkin was used to obstruct justice. As a federal judge Sporkin used his position to influence the following cases: *Ervin Inc. VS Hamilton Securities and John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency. Prior to becoming a judge, Sporkin abused his position as an attorney in order to aid and abet the CIA's frame up of a former CIA Agent by the name of Edwin Wilson. And there may be many other cases in which this corrupt judge was used by the U.S. Intelligence community to obstruct justice.

The following has been excerpted from author Uri Dowbenko's "Bushwacked."

"Also according to Persico, Casey further employed Sporkin's specious reasoning by claiming that killing "suspected terrorists" was not murder.

Reagan's infamous *Executive Order 12333 which privatized US National Security State dirty tricks was ostensibly the reason.

'Striking at terrorists planning to strike at you was not assassination,' wrote Persico referring to Sporkin's logic, 'it was 'preemptive self-defense.'

Then Sporkin became the general counsel for the CIA (1981-86) and his mastery of coverup skills increased dramatically. For instance, in keeping the Oliver North Cocaine Trafficking Operation under wraps, it was Sporkin who invented another ingenious method of lying by omission."

- Uri Dowbenko

* Editor's Note: According to John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network was deployed against the American people in the early 1980's. Ronald Reagan's Executive Order #12333 was signed in 1981.

John Akwei has stated in a 1992 civil action against the U.S. National Security Agency, that the NSA outsourced its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to a private company known as the Kinnecome Group, which *Akwei has stated also operated on the grounds of the NSA.

This would be yet another example of Executive Order 12333's use to privatize a treasonous act against the American people so that the federal agency involved could deny that they had committed such an act. In this case, the NSA's illegal spying upon and use of many American citizens for non consensual human experimentation.

* Did John St. Clair Akwei work for the Kinnecome Group?

As such, it's no wonder that when he read the contents of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA and Akwei's allegation that the NSA has been outsourcing its domestic spying through a national EMF brain fingerprinting program, secretly implemented by the Kinnecome Group, that Sporkin's only interest was in dismissing Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency as quickly as possible, before a jury could learn of this scandal.

Excerpt From Uri Dowbenko's "Bushwacked" :

HUD Cost Savings Lead to Hamilton's Demise

In this extremely complex case, newly disclosed evidence indicates that powerful forces conspired to destroy the financial equity of employee-owned Hamilton Securities, as well as the personal life savings of the firm's president, Catherine Austin Fitts.

Why? Because Hamilton Securities had opened up the market for defaulted HUD mortgages. In simple terms, the established network of insiders would be susceptible to -- horrors! -- open competition, not to mention an entire universe of new bidders.

In fact, Hamilton's plan for optimization of sales of defaulted mortgages resulted in a savings of over $2.2 billion for US taxpayers.

The numbers are staggering. Every year HUD issues about $70 billion of mortgage insurance which guarantees the mortgages used to finance homes, apartment buildings, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals. HUD then pays out about $6 billion on claims for defaulted mortgages, which the agency has to then manage at great cost to taxpayers.

Prior to Hamilton's involvement, HUD was recovering about 35 cents on the dollar of mortgage insurance payments made on defaulted mortgages.

When Hamilton instituted their new program, HUD's recovery rate soared to about 70 to 90 cents on the dollar. How? Hamilton introduced a proprietary optimization bidding software and an on-line database of information, accessible to all investors, so that the defaulted portfolio could be bid upon in an open auction.

In October 1997, the Chairman of one Congressional oversight committee referred to the Hamilton-based loan sales at HUD as generating "eye-popping" yields.

In fact from 1994-97, HUD saved about $2.2 billion in HUD's $12 billion mortgage portfolio. These savings then allowed HUD to issue far more new mortgage insurance at a lower cost.

When Hamilton's successful loan sales-auction program was suspended due to the investigation, the old levels of government inefficiency and fraud were resumed. Call it "Business As Usual."

That means HUD is now losing about $4 billion per year on its $6 billion of defaulted mortgages -- instead of just $2 billion. That's the equivalent of 20,000 taxpayers working their whole lives to pay for this boondoggle for just one year.

Anatomy of a Corporate Murder

Targeted by criminal elements in the Department of Justice (DoJ), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as well as a cartel of private investment companies, Hamilton Securities has undergone an onslaught of unimaginable harassment and intimidation.

There had been a SWAT-like attack on Hamilton's office in Washington, 19 audits, countless subpoenas as well as ongoing litigation against HUD to force them to pay monies owed on their contract. It's been a 4-year long financially and emotionally draining "investigation." To date, there has been no evidence of any wrongdoing -- just rumors, innuendo, and lots of character assassination.

First, in June 1996, a sealed qui tam lawsuit, a phoney whistle-blower suit, as well as a Bivens action was filed by John Ervin of Ervin & Associates, Inc., a HUD subcontractor, notorious for filing nuisance lawsuits and "bid protests" -- 37 of them in the recent past. In the Bivens suit, he sued HUD itself, as well as several former HUD officials personally.

In fact, Ervin's lawsuits have cost a good-sized fortune in legal fees and overhead, estimated -- from 1995 to date -- to be as high as $40 to $50 million. An insider claims that during that time Ervin had up to 17 in-house personnel working full time on mountains of paperwork regarding this and other cases.

So who's bankrolling Ervin? Nobody has offered any explanations, but for a small time HUD sub-contractor like Ervin, this has turned out to be a serious investment.

Under the False Claims Act, a private party like Ervin, who files suit on behalf of the government, can receive 15-30% of any recovery, if the government's claim is successful. That percentage (15-30%) would have covered asset seizures of up to $4.7 billion of loan sales won by Goldman Sachs and its partners.

Is somebody just playing the odds? In this version of government "greenmail", or state-sponsored extortion, any asset seizures could be part of this 15 to 30% bounty.

The Spooky Life of Stanley Sporkin

Then, it just so happened that the judge presiding over the Hamilton case was the former CIA Counsel -- Federal Judge Stanley Sporkin (recently retired).

According to Rodney Stich, author of "Defrauding America," "Sporkin was involved with the 1980 October Surprise scheme and his judicial appointment was probably his reward by the Reagan-Bush administration for helping carry it out, and to block any judicial exposure or prosecution action."

(The October Surprise was the Reagan-Bush black-ops/covert action to delay the release of the hostages in Iran, resulting in the electoral victory of Reagan as US President.)

Sporkin was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan in 1985. His spooky roots, however, go back to the days when he was a director of the SEC's Division of Enforcement, while the infamous Bill Casey was practicing his Wall Street shakedown techniques as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sporkin's other claim to fame was to encourage Casey to go after the infamous scamster Robert Vesco. Was Vesco more competition -- or just another freelancer?

Casey, who like George H. W. Bush, neglected or "forgot" to put his assets in a blind trust later also became director of CIA. His shares -- controlling stock in Capitol Cities Communications -- were eventually used to take over ABC in a $3.5 billion merger deal.

In the words of Joseph Persico, author of "Casey", "the director of the Central Intelligence Agency was soon to be a substantial shareholder in one of the country's major forums of free expression, with wondrous opportunity for managing the news."

Also according to Persico, Casey further employed Sporkin's specious reasoning by claiming that killing "suspected terrorists" was not murder.

Reagan's infamous Executive Order 12333 which privatized US National Security State dirty tricks was ostensibly the reason.

"Striking at terrorists planning to strike at you was not assassination," wrote Persico referring to Sporkin's logic, "it was 'preemptive self-defense.'"

Then Sporkin became the general counsel for the CIA (1981-86) and his mastery of coverup skills increased dramatically. For instance, in keeping the Oliver North Cocaine Trafficking Operation under wraps, it was Sporkin who invented another ingenious method of lying by omission."

* See: More of this excerpt from the book "Bushwacked," which describes the Bush 41 Administration's criminal conspiracy to destroy Hamilton Securities and its owner, Catherine Austin Fitts, and Bush 41's collusion with the CIA and Stanley Sporkin to ensure that Hamilton Securities was forced into bankruptcy

Former Federal District Court Judge Stanley Sporkin - In 1992 Sporkin Was Used By The National Security Agency To Cover Up A National Brain Fingerprinting Program In The United States, When The Former Judge Dismissed A Lawsuit Filed By Former NSA Employee John St. Clair Akwei, Which Exposed The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

As for Stanley Sporkin's derailing of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, what neither Sporkin nor the NSA could have possibly envisioned at the time, was that the rapidly expanding Internet would ultimately serve as the venue for promulgating John Akwei's information against the NSA, while implicating Stanley Sporkin and the Agency in a conspiracy to deny the American people knowledge of the NSA's domestic spying of their persons.

Given the exposition of such treasonous crimes against the American people, is it any wonder why the U.S. Military-Intelligence Complex is now intent on destroying the Internet as the last venue for freedom of expression, through their attempt to pass such treasonous legislation as The Internet Kill Switch Bill?

Internet Kill Switch Bill Controversy Rages On

Moreover, as the majority of Americans learn of the U.S. Federal Government's illegal use of this mind reading technology, in which to destroy the Constitutional rights to privacy and due process of law that the American people are by law entitled to, their confusion is going to turn to anger on the scale of a raging inferno.

The following text has been excerpted from the Judiciary Report Website. The report cites the Department Of Justice & FBI's use of (fMRI) brain scanning technology on music star Aisha Goodison, as well as Goodison's lawsuit against the FBI, for using this technology on her person, as part of a COINTELPRO operation waged against the singer.

However, the report neglects to mention that there are far more sophisticated ways of scanning a targeted subject's brain than to conceal fMRI technology in a person's home in order to remotely scan their minds.

This technology makes sense where the subject is being electronically scanned with their knowledge, for example at airports. For those persons who are being remotely brain scanned (Remote Neural Monitored) without their knowledge a more sophisticated form of the technology is required.

For example, the technology which the NSA has been using on this author and myriad other subjects of such illegal surveillance and non consensual human experimentation, involves the use of through the air satellite deployed computer to brain interface (EEG Heterodyning), in which a remote form of (fMRI) functional magnetic resonance imaging technology or EEG technology is deployed via the electromagnetic spectrum, in order to target a person's brain for the express purpose of such unconstitutional domestic spying.

This is undoubtedly the type of signals intelligence technology that the FBI and DOJ have been utilizing against Aisha Goodison.

*See: Aisha Goodison's Lawsuit Against The FBI's Gestapo

*Ms. Goodison's lawsuit against the FBI was dismissed in yet another miscarriage of justice, however, not before her case received quite a bit of attention.

Yet, thousands of lesser known people have been complaining about being subjected to such remote forms of thought reading for more than a decade, however, received virtually no attention from the media or the legal system, because of this technology's classified nature.

At least the public is gradually becoming aware that the U.S. Federal Government not only maintains access to, but has also deployed such mind reading technology against Americans for decades; technology which can be used to both read as well as interact with their own minds.

Signals Intelligence technology that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex can arbitrarily deploy against any American citizen, as the direct result of a covert national EMF fingerprinting program.

Consequently, is it any wonder why the U.S. Constitution has been indefinitely suspended (covertly abolished) under the Bush 43 Administration's bogus war on terror, since this false flag operation has now allowed for the type of brain-scanning technology that is being used at airports around the United States, under the pretense of protecting travelers from terrorists.

However, the only thing that this EEG Heterodyning brain-scanning technology is really being used for, is to destroy your inherent rights to privacy and due process of law, while the Obama Administration finishes the job that the Bush 43 Administration started with their 9-11 false flag operation, by flushing our U.S. Constitution down the proverbial toilet, and with it any rights that we once had as citizens of the United States.

Based on the Orwellian way in which the federal government in this country has been operating since 9-11-2001, only a complete fool would believe anything else. That, or a nation of citizens who've been completely and unwittingly brainwashed.

-- James F. Marino

The FBI & DOJ Use Thought Reading Technology

On An Unwitting American Public

*Excerpted from the Judiciary Report Website:

"To add to the invasive madness going on at the F.B.I. and D.O.J., these U.S. government agencies have crazily embraced Mind Reading Technology, in attempts at reading the public's mind. If you don't believe me, read the credible article citations below, which come from various outlets, such as Harvard University and Raw Story, among others. The FBI/DOJ are also publicly listed as clients of companies that produce Mind Reading Technology software.

The Judiciary Report has written about Mind Reading Technology before and it is mentioned in the lawsuit Aisha v. The FBI. It was originally designed to help autistic children, who cannot express themselves well verbally and thus, the machine scans the mind to tell doctors and therapists, what the patient is thinking and feeling.

The technology is comprised of software loaded onto a computer, that is fed video footage of a subject whose mind one wishes to read. The video footage fed into the computer, which scans its database for thought matches, can be obtained voluntarily from the subject, as in a lab or hospital setting.

However, the technology has its flaws. It can guess basic things, but often confuses words and images. For example, the subject is thinking of "apples" and the Mind Reading Technology renders the false positive "apricots." The words have similar letters, but as you can see, are not the same.

The technology is now being abused by the U.S. government agencies the F.B.I. and D.O.J. and certain other entities such as Kabbalah, who are unscrupulously and unlawfully obtaining footage of subjects they target, via videotaping said subjects without their consent, via hidden cameras in homes and offices.

The thought behind it is, they can catch people unaware, in unguarded moments, when they are at home relaxing, thinking their deepest thoughts or at work thinking their most productive, useful thoughts.

The U.S. government now seeks to use this faulty technology at airports to gauge intent and read thoughts, in seeking to weed out terrorists before they go through security, but a lot of innocent people will be pulled aside, miss their flights and in some cases, may be shot and killed, because the Mind Reading Technology assumed out of context, they were thinking something they were not.

For example, say you have a young man in line waiting to go through security and board a plane, who is thinking about playing his portable video game during the flight, that involves shooting and bombs, as some video games do. Guess what, he's going to get pulled aside, missed his flight and be interrogated in vain.

Say a man is going through security, thinking about a story he saw on the news, about terrorists blowing up a plane somewhere and is fearful about boarding his plane remembering the terrible story on the broadcast. Guess what, he's going to get pulled aside, missed his flight and be interrogated in vain.

fMRI Mind Reading Technology scan of the brain

Furthermore, there is a very dangerous problem that could erupt if they use the industrial version of the Mind Reading Software, which includes a scanner that acts as a MRI scan of the brain - cancer rates will go up among people who travel often.

It is positively sick that using invasive Mind Reading Technology has become an option in society. It is a vile violation of privacy that infringes the Constitution.

U.S. President Barack Obama and FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Robert S. Mueller at the FBI, has quietly been using this technology on innocent people outside airport settings, who have committed no crime and were not informed of what he has been doing, via agents he commanded to carry out these invasive acts.

He has been doing so to gain an upper hand and so-called advantage in court cases and for political purposes, in complete violation of national privacy rights.

Imagine the government decides to employ this technology on you to explore your inner most thoughts, without your knowledge or consent? You'd be upset and offended. Well, the F.B.I. and D.O.J. have been doing so, without publicly disclosing it. Much like they were and still are, wiretapping people without telling them.

You are not God. People's private thoughts are none of your business. It is down right perverted. The government is becoming a bastion of paranoia and perversion, in spying on the masses, under the auspices of national security.

I wish I could say it is effective and the ends justify the means, but it does not, because as you can see, via acts of terrorism, Nidal Malik Hasan killed innocent people at Fort Hood and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab wickedly set an aircraft ablaze, when thankfully his ineptitude caused a bomb to misfire, rather than detonate, before he was tackled to the ground and immobilized by a brave civilian.

I ask, what happens when Robert S. Mueller and others at the F.B.I. and D.O.J. decide to abuse this technology even further, by using it on politicians without their knowledge or consent, then sending the information over to their rivals in Congress...

What happens when Robert S. Mueller and others at the F.B.I. and D.O.J. start using it on foreign politicians visiting America...

What happens when Robert S. Mueller and others at the F.B.I. and D.O.J. start using it on judges, in trying to guess the way a ruling in court will lean...

What happens when Robert S. Mueller and others at the F.B.I. and D.O.J. start using it on local police that sometimes work with them...

What happens when Robert S. Mueller and others at the F.B.I. and D.O.J. start secretly using it on their spouses to find out what they truly think of them and whether they are cheating on them.

Guess what, they've already started. The Federal government has opened a sick door to trouble with this invasive madness and something horrible is going to spring from it. "

See the rest of this article here:

"The FBI Continues To Break The Law Now Using Brain Scanning (Mind Reading Technology) On The American Public" -- The Judiciary Report Website

The Federal Reserve System's Bag Man, The IRS, Shows Its Desperation As More Americans Realize That The 16Th Amendment Was Never Legally Ratified And That The IRS Is Enforcing The Federal Income Tax Illegally, By Awarding A $104 Million Dollar Reward To A Bogus Whistle Blower - The Following Associated Press Article Is Biased On The Side Of The IRS, Because The House Of Rothschild Owns The Federal Reserve System & the Associated Press, And Controls The IRS - This Is Another Example Of How The Rothschild Controlled Media Supports This Global Counterfeiter & Launderer Of Counterfeited Currency

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