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NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice Surfaces After Years Of Silence To Describe Crimes He Witnessed The NSA Committing, Including Spying On U.S. Politicians And Judges - Tice Even Stated That The NSA Was Spying On Then Senator Barack Obama - Tice Has Been Under FBI Surveillance For Years In Order To Prevent Him From Testifying Before Congress - Is It Any Wonder Why Edward Snowden Didn't Even Bother To Go To Congress?

"NY FBI: In Bed With Mob & CIA" By Sander Hicks - This article is in contrast to today's NY Times article on a private investigator by the name of Angela Clemente, who was nearly murdered several years ago, after convincing the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office to bring murder charges against an FBI agent named Lynn Devecchio - While Clemente was almost murdered for her attempt to do so, the FBI managed to furtively manipulate the case against Devecchio, out of concern that if he were found guilty, Devecchio would implicate many other FBI agents in crimes that would cause a major scandal for the FBI

A Target Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation Describes The Involvement Of Her Family In The Organized Stalking Campaign Being Conducted Against Her - Family Members Are Intimidated (And Sometimes Outright Blackmailed) Into Taking Part In This Orwellian Crime, Losing Their Own Identities And Free Will In The Process

In 1932, A Congressman by the name of Louis T. Macfadden spoke before the United States Congress in an attempt to warn them about the dangers of the Federal Reserve System - For taking on the Rothschilds, McFadden would be poisoned to death in 1936 - He was one of several Americans of prominence who was murdered for taking on the House of Rothschild, including President John F. Kennedy

NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice Surfaces To Describe Some Of The Crimes He Witnessed While Still At The U.S. National Security Agency

NSA Whistleblower, Russ Tice, Breaks His Long-Term Silence Only To Be Ignored By The Government Controlled U.S. Media

Written By James F. Marino

One must wonder what information Russ Tice may still have in regard to the NSA's use of its Active Denial Weapons System, and this system's use in illegally surveilling and torturing American citizens?

The information that Tice offers in the above interview supports NSA whistleblower *Edward Snowden's allegations in regard to the NSA's illegal domestic spying, as well as the Agency's spying on U.S. politicians and judges.

*Edward Snowden's latest statement from Moscow

Yet, while this information is disturbing, it's not the type of shocking information that one might expect, given Tice's claims in the mid 2000's, that the information he was going to tell the U.S. Congress about in regard to the NSA, would shock the American people. In all likelihood, it's the information which Tice says he can't discuss publicly which would really shock the American people. And one must wonder if this information involves the NSA's signals intelligence EMF scanning network and its EMF fingerprinting of American citizens.

Tice also states that the NSA was spying on Barack Obama while he was still a senator.

Is the NSA still spying on Obama now that he's in the White House? And is Obama being remotely brain tapped via the NSA's EEG heterodyning (computer to brain interface) of the neural pathways within his own brain? If so, who's running the White House? Barack Obama or the NSA?

Up until two decades ago, when John St. Clair Akwei first exposed the NSA's domestic spy operations and the Agency's signals intelligence EMF scanning network through a lawsuit which he filed against the Agency, the NSA was the best kept secret since the Federal Reserve System. That is, until poet Ezra Pound revealed to one of his protégés (Eustace Mullins), the history behind the House of Rothschild and its creation of the Federal Reserve System; which Mullins then began to expose through his book: "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve."

As for its illegal domestic spy operations, one must also question why the NSA would be spying on U.S. politicians and judges? Especially when such spying is in violation of Title 18 of the NSA's legislative charter.

There could be a number of reasons for such spying. However, blackmail would likely be at the very top of the list.

And that is what Tice mentions in the above video, when he describes how the NSA has become a rogue agency with the ability to blackmail any person of authority who resides within the United States, whether it's the President, members of Congress or the U.S. Judiciary.

If the NSA can control U.S. judges and politicians through its use of blackmail, like the CIA and FBI have attempted to do through such covert means as Brownstone operations (prostitution/blackmail sex stings), then the Agency can control the outcome of sensitive cases (or even prevent such cases from ever being tried such as Akwei VS NSA).

The NSA can also manipulate politicians into voting for legislation which protects the Military Intelligence complexes' illegal domestic spying, and use of American citizens for the types of non consensual human experimentation that this author regularly writes about on this blog.

So is it any wonder after he witnessed the terrible way that Russ Tice was treated by the U.S. Federal Government, when attempting to expose crimes to the U.S. Congress which Tice has stated are occurring within the NSA (that Tice has stated will shock the American people), that *Edward Snowden decided to take his information directly to the American people instead?

* As this author stated in a prior post, there's something that continues to concern me in regard to the Edward Snowden debacle with the NSA. The fact that the NSA claims that they cannot locate his exact whereabouts.

Based on the testimony of whistleblowers like John St. Clair Akwei and former government scientist Dr. Robert Duncan, it is possible to both locate and track a person by way of their body's own unique EMF signatures, once you have decoded these signatures.

The fact that the NSA claims that they don't know Snowden's whereabouts, when they may very well have his body's own sets of EMF signatures catalogued within a signals intelligence computer database, would mean that the NSA is using its signals intelligence satellites to track Snowden; yet does not want the American people to know it.

The question is why? Is the entire situation with Snowden a red herring being used to direct the American people's attention away from something even more nefarious? And is Snowden a willing participant in this hoax, or is he being used as an unwitting accomplice, while Snowden attempts to expose what he believes are legitimate acts of treason being perpetrated by the NSA's leadership?

This author personally witnessed so called "NSA whistleblowers" coming out of the woodwork by the mid 2000's, claiming to be exposing one secret of the NSA's after another.

This was about the same time that this author began to circulate Akwei VS NSA over the Internet, after finding it posted on an Internet conspiracy Website, and determining that the NSA was the likely source of the illegal tracking and satellite predation of my person.

In fact, after reading through the contents of Akwei VS NSA, I had no doubt that I had been the target of this type of satellite surveillance for many years, and attributed it to the NSA.

As previously stated, it was not long after this that NSA whistleblowers began coming out of the woodwork making their claims of exposing some major scandal within the Agency.

Some of them also went to great lengths to state that the NSA does not have the capability of reading people's thoughts from a remote distance via satellite. A direct contradiction to the allegations made by this author and John St. Clair Akwei. Other provocateurs have actually setup Websites offering money to any person who can prove that the technology exists. Of course, the federal agents who create these Websites already know that this technology exists, and are part of the black operation being used to destroy the credibility of any legitimate target of this signals intelligence technology.

Moreover, if you have been an unwitting target of this Orwellian technology for years, and the people using you for such non consensual human experimentation, suddenly go out of their way to make it known to you that you are being subjected to the remote reading of your thoughts - while using psychological warfare in an attempt to drive you insane - you know that these agencies are lying to the public.

And when these so called NSA whistleblowers began to come out after this author (in 2005) publicly accused the NSA of using my person as a target of its signals intelligence EMF scanning network, I knew that they were lying to the American people.

And, moreover, that their attempts to discredit my allegations, as well as the research done by John Akwei and Dr. Robert Duncan, were being used to conceal the fact that the NSA can remotely read the thoughts of any American citizens via signals intelligence satellites, by EEG heterodyning the neural pathways within a person's brain.

Furthermore, this is an Agency whom since 1952, has been able to remain so secretive that insiders have often claimed that the acronym NSA should stand for No Such Agency.

Specifically, why would all of these whistleblowers suddenly come out with their claims unless they were being used to misdirect the American people away from something even far more sinister going on at the NSA.

As a target of MKULTRA and satellite predation for decades, as well as someone who is certain that he is EEG heterodyned, this author understands what the federal government has to lose if it admits that a signals intelligence program which involves the EMF fingerprinting of the American people does in fact exist.

Especially in a country whose citizens, believing that they are free, would certainly react in a collective movement in which to eradicate such an Orwellian system from their own country as quickly as possible.

This is why a crime of this magnitude will never be admitted to by any government, including the U.S. Federal Government. And in this author's opinion, any federal agent who would attempt to expose what can only be described as the holy grail of spying, would be murdered for their attempt to do so.

For this reason, it is this author's opinion that the NSA is attempting to conceal an EMF fingerprinting program which is being combined with a signals intelligence EMF scanning network. And that the two systems are used in conjunction with one another, as part of an Orwellian domestic spy program which has been in existence for at least 30 to 40 years.

As for the situations regarding Edward Snowden and Russ Tice, it is entirely possible that neither of these men knows anything about such a program. And even if they did, I doubt that they would ever admit to its existence.

However, regardless of what they may or may not know about the NSA, both Snowden and Tice should have been able to go to the Congress without fear of reprisals.

Yet, how can they, or for that matter any government whistleblower go to members of Congress, who may be controlled by the Intel community through the use of such blackmail?

Especially in understanding how corrupt the U.S. Federal Government has become, and the blatant conspiracy within the Congress and White House to prevent a new Church Committee hearing from taking place.

Moreover, federal, state and local governments in the United States, as well as the government controlled media in America, refuse to acknowledge that the vigilante hate crime known as organized stalking exists.

These organizations also refuse to acknowledge the federal government's role in organized stalking, as well as the electronic harassment campaigns being perpetrated against millions of American citizens, which include the use of satellite deployed microwave weapons, that are used to torture and murder the targets of such MKULTRA non consensual human experimentation.

Since Edward Snowden leaked his NSA information, Russ Tice has taken the opportunity to end his silence by offering to speak with the mainstream media. However, after he had confirmed interviews with at least two media organizations, they cancelled at the last minute. One of these organizations was *MSNBC.

*See: “We Don’t Want a Word on Your Allegations Pertaining to NSA Wiretapping of Obama, Judges & Activists” - MSNBC

This is why people like Tice, Snowden and former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, as well as former Representative Cynthia McKinney (who attempted to pass legislation to open a new Church Committee hearing into the U.S. Intelligence community in 2007), have been marginalized and their information as whistleblowers intentionally disregarded by the government controlled media; while being demonized by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

Snowden is on the run - a man for all intents and purposes without a country, while Edmonds, McKinney and Tice remain under FBI surveillance. Each of whom may also be EEG heterodyned by their former employers, whether they realize it or not.

As an illustration of the dangers that a U.S. politician faces when they attempt to hold the U.S. Military Intelligence complex accountable for its crimes or incompetence, when former N.J. Senator, Bob Torricelli, called for an investigation into the U.S. Intelligence community's failure to prevent the attacks on 9-11-2001, he suddenly found himself being investigated by the FBI during his reelection campaign.

The FBI's conveniently timed investigation resulted in Torricelli's not being reelected. Yet, the former N.J. senator was never prosecuted.

There is a consistent pattern which has emerged in regard to any U.S. Military Intelligence whistleblower, politician, judge or journalist in this country who promulgates the opinion that there should be a formal investigation into the U.S. Military Intelligence community's domestic operations.

Their careers are systematically destroyed, and they are demonized by the mainstream media.

Moreover, in their reporting of criminal activities which are occurring within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, these people *haven't even approached some of the more nefarious crimes taking place within this community of megalomaniacal Nazi idealized misanthropes.

* See the allegations made by NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, in regard to his knowledge of the NSA's infrastructure and its signals intelligence domestic spy operations, listed at the end of this post. Akwei is being marginalized because he has uncovered the greatest scandal and act of treason in American history.

Crimes which this author and myriad other targets of such non consensual human experimentation document on our own Websites, based on our experiences as targets of a modern day version of MKULTRA, which is carried out via signals intelligence satellite spy networks like the one John Akwei describes in his *1992 civil action against the NSA.

*Google: Akwei VS NSA

Especially when it comes to the high-tech signals intelligence mind control experimentation that the NSA and CIA have been subjecting myriad American citizens to for decades.

One of the more disturbing books ever written about the NSA makes NSA propagandist, **James Bamford's expositions of the Agency, truly pale by comparison.

** If Bamford was a legitimate whistleblower in regard to the NSA, do you truly believe that he would have been able to have a successful career writing books about the NSA's secretive operations?

He would have been neutralized with extreme prejudice.

Instead, Bamford, a darling of the controlled media in the United States (which should tell the reader something about the veracity of Bamford's books) has his many fans believing that he is giving them the inside scoop on the NSA, when in reality, much of his information serves as a smokescreen for what is really going on behind the walls of this Orwellian juggernaut.

The book this author is referring to was written by a man named Steve Smith, who describes his experiences from childhood with the NSA, while he was being trained as a PSI warrior for the Intel agency.

According to Smith, who was likely murdered in a directed energy attack a year after writing the following book, the NSA's crimes parallel those of the CIA's MKULTRA program, and also deal with Satanism and the occult.

As a target of the NSA satellite predation and a modern day version of MKULTRA for the past three decades, this author highly recommends Smith's book entitled: NSA - Citadel Of Evil.

Moreover, if the American people ever discover what is really going on behind the walls of the NSA, they will demand that this Orwellian organization be abolished.

- James F. Marino

Smith's book can be read here:

Former NSA PSI Warrior Steve Smith Exposes The NSA's Torture Of Children Who Are Used As Psychic Warriors For The Agency, And Is Then Murdered For It

Also see the full interview with Russ Tice below:

Russ Tice Interviewed Regarding His Knowledge Of NSA Domestic Spying

Can Russ Tice Confirm The Following Allegations Made By John St. Clair Akwei? If So, It's Doubtful That Tice Would Ever Do So Publicly

* "For electronic surveillance purposes, electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject's verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex, thus allowing audio communications direct to the brain (bypassing the ears).

NSA operatives can use this covertly to debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia. Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing.

Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this surreptitiously to put images into a surveillance subject's brain while they are in REM sleep for brain-programming purposes. With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs).

These can be decoded into a person's brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then perfectly monitored from a distance. NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours a day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the US."

- John St. Clair Akwei

Also See:

"New NSA spying allegations rile European allies WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration faced a breakdown in confidence Sunday from key foreign allies who threatened investigations and sanctions against the U.S. over secret surveillance programs that reportedly installed covert listening devices in European Union offices." - Regarding The Conspiracy To Oust Barack Obama From The White House In Order To Rescind His NDAA Signing Statement, Which Prevents Americans From Being Included As Enemy Combatants Under The NDAA - Americans Had Better Make Certain That Congress Repeals The National Defense Authorization Act Before Barack Obama Is Forced To Leave The White House

The History Of The Ashkenazi People, Their Zionist Doctrine, & Their False Claims To Judaism

A Courageous Ashkenazi Named Jacob Bernstein (Not All Ashkenazis Are Zionists) Writes A Book Exposing The House Of Rothschild Zionist State Of Israel And Is Murdered For It

The readers will also note the quite "sudden" taking ill of the wife of Secretary of State, John Kerry. Yesterday afternoon, Heinz ketchup heiress, Teresa Heinz Kerry, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. She remains so today. One must wonder what the cause of Heinz's illness is? And if it may have been brought on through the use a directed energy weapon.

*Heinz is reported to have an estimated worth of upwards of one billion dollars, so the use of this clandestine technology in which to murder Heinz in a furtive manner (in order to raid her estate), cannot be ruled out. Heinz obtained her wealth by marrying the late Senator, John Heinz (the real heir to the Heinz fortune), who was killed in a mysterious plane crash the same week that former Senator, John Tower was killed in a plane crash. In fact, Tower died just a day after Heinz.

A year later, Senator Paul Wellstone would die in a helicopter crash. Were all of these men murdered as part of a government black operation?

John Heinz date of death 4/4/91

John Tower date of death 4/5/91

Paul Wellstone date of death 10/25/02

*See:Was Senator John Heinz Murdered?

A billion dollars is a lot of money which can be siphoned off to a number of other people involved in such a criminal conspiracy.

For those who claim that an attorney would prevent this from occurring, they should first consider the allegations being made by a number of Hollywood actors whose estates were raided by the corrupt attorneys whom they paid to represent their financial interests, after they fell out of favor with Hollywood's CIA/Zionist controlled studios.

This is especially important when taking into consideration the allegations made by a number of Hollywood actors, who have accused the powerful Zionist controlled studios in Hollywood, of using furtive means in which to also murder certain actors through the use of directed energy microwave weapons.

These covert attacks are also used in conjunction with a psychological warfare campaign known as organized stalking; both of which are used to destroy the life of the targeted individual.

Once the individual has been thoroughly discredited through the use of such propaganda campaigns, their estates are then raided with the help of the attorneys who were paid to represent the interests of the targets of these crimes.

And the media is used to portray these people as being both criminals and mentally unstable.

In fact, over the past few years, actors Randy Quaid and Steven Shellen have corroborated this statement, and described the conspiracy in Hollywood to destroy the careers of certain actors, while raiding their lucrative estates.

If the targets of these crimes cannot be completely discredited, then they are targeted for murder; a murder which is usually carried out through the use of a directed energy microwave weapon. And once this occurs, their multi-million dollar estates are then raided.

Directed energy microwave weapons are the holy grail for perpetrating the crime of murder with plausible deniability, just as signals intelligence satellites and EEG heterodyning (remote neural monitoring of the brain) have become the ultimate methods of domestic surveillance.

This is why when the allegations are made, the agents involved in these crimes can openly challenge those who make the allegations, to prove them.

However, this is the equivalent of playing poker with a stacked deck, since the Military Intelligence complex in the United States (like all other of such complexes), plan these covert black operations with plausible deniability in mind, so that they can never be proven - even though this complex does utilize such operations to perpetrate crimes against American citizens.

This is why the federal government in America still attempts to deny the existence of this technology, or its criminal application against the American people, in spite of the fact that thousands of Americans are using the Internet to document their own experiences as targets of these Orwellian crimes.

In the government's collective and demented mind - as long as the public can't prove that these crimes are taking place, or that the classified technology used to perpetrate them does exist - then the crimes and the victims of these crimes, do not officially exist.

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