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With A New Documentary By Several NTSB Whistle Blowers, Claiming That The FBI's Investigation Into The 1996 Explosion Of TWA Flight 800 Is A Total Fabrication, Will A New Investigation Into Flight 800 Now Take Place?

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The FBI's Official TWA Flight 800 Story
Now Being Debunked By NTSB Whistleblowers

Written By James F. Marino

Since the FBI's final report on the official cause of the destruction of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, and the deaths of its 230 passengers, few if any Americans have actually ever believed the official explanation.

In fact, most Americans believe that the FBI has lied, while whitewashing the real facts behind the downing of Flight 800, even if they are uncertain why the Bureau would deliberately derail a legitimate investigation regarding an act of terrorism, within the borders of the United States.

Given this, it was encouraging to learn that over the past few weeks, some of the NTSB whistleblowers who were involved in the initial investigation regarding TWA Flight 800 (Before the DOJ's Valerie Caproni, James Kalstrom and the FBI illegally usurped the NTSB's authority to investigate this crash), have just released a new documentary which is said to thoroughly discredit the FBI's official and completely fraudulent explanation for the destruction of Flight 800 in 1996.

The documentary is said to focus on explosions which took place just outside of Flight 800's fuselage, which the documentary claims were responsible for the airliner's gas tank exploding - completely invalidating the FBI's claims that the faulty design of the fuel tank in TWA Flight 800, was responsible for the explosion which destroyed the aircraft and killed its 230 occupants.

However, this documentary is careful to stop short of actually hypothesizing in regard to the source of these explosions.

And it does nothing to support allegations regarding the U.S. Navy's presence in the waters off Long Island on the day that Flight 800 was destroyed, or that the Navy was conducting a training exercise during the time which went terribly wrong, when one of its missiles missed its intended target and instead destroyed the doomed airliner; while the Navy ship responsible snuck out to sea, instead of attempting to aid any possible survivors of Flight 800.

As such, one may arrive at the conclusion that this latest documentary in regard to TWA Flight 800, has more to do with the NTSB getting even with the FBI for usurping the Agency's authority to conduct its Flight 800 investigation, than it does with actually solving this mystery.

This makes the documentary created by Jack Cashill and James Sanders even more important, since it's the only one whose creators have attempted to determine what really happened to Flight 800 in July of 1996, without having any ulterior motives.

Moreover, few if any Americans have actually ever believed that the FBI's faulty fuel tank theory was valid.

And to this day most Americans continue to question why the FBI would completely disregard the testimony of more than 700 witnesses, who reported seeing a flare travel from the ground into the air, just before a massive explosion (TWA Flight 800 being hit by the missile) occurred.

Once again, aside from the most recent NTSB documentary, to this day the only other documentary which the FBI has not managed to have influence in creating as part of its Flight 800 propaganda, is the one produced by Cashill and Sanders.

However, their TWA Flight 800 documentary is more difficult to watch on the Internet than one might imagine.

Specifically, while one may locate this documentary, being able to actually watch the entire program may prove to be more of a challenge.

The reason is that this video is regularly tampered with in order to make it difficult for the viewer to watch.

And this author knows this from first hand experience.

For instance, when I wrote an article in regard to TWA Flight 800 a few years ago, I embedded this video on this Website, only to find that a few days later the video had been removed from YouTube.

I then found the video on another Website and also embedded it to this Website, only to have the same thing occur again.

A few days ago I updated this article and found another Website which carried this documentary. I embedded it in the article on TWA Flight 800, only to find that within a few hours I could not access the video from the Website I linked to .

So, today, I have, yet again, found this video on another Website and have embedded it below. Let's see how long it takes for the FBI to remove this one, since over the past several years they have proven to be quite adept at hacking into this Website and tampering with it.

- James F. Marino

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TWA Flight 800 Investigators Break Their Silence In A New Documentary Which Claims That The FBI's Official Explanation For The 1996 Destruction Of TWA Flight 800 Is A Lie - This is a refreshing development for most Americans, who never believed that the FBI's official explanation about Flight 800 was anything but a smokescreen in the first place

Editor's Note: 6/30/13 - In the middle of the night this author hears the voices of young men outside. They sound as though they are coming from the road. This morning I find a walking sprinkler which was left on last night, off its track and headed in the opposite direction.

The sprinkler may have gone off the track on its own, however, it is also entirely possible that the voices this author heard were of people who trespassed on our property in order to move the sprinkler, as a part a criminal psychological operation that FBI/NSA psychopaths continue to subject us to.

Those who take part in organized stalking run the risk of being injured or killed when they act so brazenly as to break the law by trespassing onto the property of a targeted individual.

If The FBI's Truly Interested In Rooting Out Evil In America It Should Start By Rooting Out The Evil Within Its Own Organization

And in fact, there have already been cases where people taking part in this vigilante hate crime have been murdered by those whom they were being used by the DOJ and DHS fusion centers, to terrorize.

As is typical of its Gestapo roots, the FBI could not care less who gets murdered in their covert and completely illegal attacks on a targeted individual. We've seen this in a number of instances, where the TI snapped under this enormous pressure, and murdered people who were taking part in the particular organized stalking hate crime that they were being subjected to.

As an example of this, a woman by the name of Yvonne Hiller, a confirmed target of organized stalking, murdered two of her co-workers, after being organized stalked by them for years.

One day, Hiller decided that she'd had enough of the abuse and went home during her lunch hour. She returned with a 357 Magnum handgun, which she then used to shoot two of her co-workers to death, while seriously wounding a third person who'd also taken part in the illegal psyop attacks against Hiller.

The media was quick to portray Hiller as a murderous psychopath, while conveniently leaving out the vicious hate crimes which Hiller was subjected to, before she finally unraveled under the enormity of the psychological pressure she was forced to endure.

The FBI was satisfied because their objective was to find a way in which to remove Hiller from society in a plausibly deniable way, since the Bureau had nothing which they could prosecute her for, or they would have.

And the FBI considered the murders of two of Hiller's co-workers acceptable losses in order for them to get Hiller off the street. So the FBI succeeded in turning a law abiding citizen into a *cold blooded murderer in order to do so.

* One must wonder how many times the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has succeeded in creating Manchurian candidates through their use of psychological warfare brainwashing, and the EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways within the Targeted Individual's own brain?

Moreover, while the Bureau may be able to officially shirk their responsibility for the murders of these two women, the fact is that the blood of these women will always be on the hands of the male and female agents who orchestrated these hideous crimes - the U.S. Department Of Justice and the Department Of Homeland Security.

It's also become quite clear that both the DOJ and DHS see the people within our communities (whom they use to take part in these acts of state sponsored terrorism), as expendable pawns who can be replaced by a new group of organized stalkers, should they be murdered; the use of our communities to perpetrate such criminal acts (many of which constitute serious felonies), are done so that the federal agents who actually orchestrate these crimes, can deny having done so through their use of plausible deniability.

In this respect, the people who are being used to take part in these Orwellian hate crimes, are in fact, also victims of this criminal conspiracy, which is being covertly perpetrated by the Departments Of Justice and Homeland Security, under the auspices of the U.S. Congress and White House; each of whom is using Orwellian types of legislation such as the Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act, to covertly foster state sponsored terrorism in America - while completely abrogating the Constitutional rule of law.

In short, the FBI could not care less if these people are murdered while carrying out the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, as long as they serve the Bureau's purpose.

It is also entirely possible that each of these people is EEG heterodyned, to ensure that they do as they are told. Anyone who dissents either verbally, or who thinks about dissenting, can be controlled via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the remote neural monitoring of their thoughts, via the EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways within their own brains.

The result is that the U.S. Federal government is criminalizing American communities, while turning them into a snitch culture of mind controlled robots, who operate in total violation of the U.S. Constitution.

From its corporate government on down, The United States has become a nation of mind controlled slaves who are being used to carry out the agenda of Rothschild Zionism, in order to create a global dictatorship. This is taking place while destroying the very foundations on which Constitutional Republics like America were built.

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