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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- Was The Fireball Which Was Seen In The Skies Above The Northeastern Seaboard Of The United States On 3/22/13 The Remains Of A Metorite Or Was It A HAARP Created Plasma Fireball?

Was Comedian Bernie Mac Murdered With The Use Of A Directed Energy Weapon And If So For What Reason?

MASS MIND CONTROL In The United States & The Signals Intelligence Enslavement Of The American Middle Class

Concerns Regarding The Ethics Of Using CGI Video Cloning Technology To Replace The Actors From Whom These CGI Images Were Cloned - What Is To Prevent Hollywood Production Studios From Cloning The Images Of Well Known Hollywood Actors And Then Using Artificial Intelligence Computers To Replace The Actors With Their CGI Cloned Personas? This Has Already Become An Issue With Two Actors Who Were Killed Before They Could Complete Movies Which They Were Contracted To Star In (Phillip Seymour Hoffman And Paul Walker) - If CGI Video Clones Are Allowed To Be Used In The Cases Regarding Hoffman And Walker, It Will Set A Precedent In The Film Making Industry Which Could Eventually Result In Actors Being Completely Replaced By Their Computer Generated Cloned Images, In Order To Produce Movies As Well As TV Series - So What Is To Become Of The Actors? Will They Be Paid A Fee From The Studios For Using Their Images, And Prevented From Actually Acting In Movie And TV Roles In The Future?

DARPA's ATLAS Killer Robot Program Is An Example Of The U.S. Military's Use Of Cybernetics To Create Artificial Intelligence Cyborgs, As A Prelude To The Human Species' Integration Into This Program, Where The Human Is Replaced By A Cybernetic Hybrid Whose Brain Is Controlled By Remote Means - A Global Hive Mind

The Whereabouts Of The 9/11 Passengers Remains As Much Of A Mystery Today As It Did A Decade Ago - This False Flag Operation Has Left Us With More Questions Than That Of Any Such Government Black Operation In Human History

How The Research Regarding Electromagnetism Which Was Conducted By Nikola Tesla A Century Ago, Was Not Only Stolen By The Pentagon, But Is Presently Being Used As Part Of A Signals Intelligence Driven Domestic Spy Program In The United States (Which Also Involves A Second Generation Of The CIA's Original MK-Ultra Mind Control Program That Is Now Conducted Via The EMF Spectrum), That Would Have Tesla Turning Over In His Grave

Who Is Really In Control Of The Monroe Institute? Has The Organization Become Yet Another Front For The CIA's MK-Ultra Mind Control Operations, Since Its Founder (Astral Pioneer Robert Monroe) Died In 1995? And Was Monroe's Daughter, Laurie, Given Cancer Via Directed Energy Weaponry After She Took Control Of The Monroe Institute (Which Resulted In Her Death), In Order To Allow The CIA To Use The Organization As A Front For Its Covert Mind Control Research?

Was The Chronic Fatigue Research Study Conducted By Dr. Elaine Defreitas Of The Wistar Institute, Intentionally Sabotaged By The CDC And NIH, In Order To Prevent Dr. Defreitas From Learning That CFS Was In Fact Created As A Biological Weapon?

The FBI continues to sabotage this Website as part of its COINTELPRO campaign against this author. Given this egregious violation of my 1St Amendment rights to freedom of speech, the readership of this Website - which has become substantial over the past decade (one of the main reasons why the FBI continues to electronically hack into this Website) - may be able to access "The Mother Of All Black Ops" blog through the search engine, and choosing the View by Ixquick Proxy link, since this is supposed to take you off the main Internet grid.

Type "The Mother Of All Black Ops" into the search engine and then choose the "View by Ixquick Proxy" link.

If you find that you are being blocked from accessing this Website or any activist Website that you attempt to access on, you can contact the owners of, or their spokesperson - SPYCHiPS' co-author *Dr. Katherine Albrecht - in order to alert them to this situation, since they would certainly want to know if the FBI or another government organization (including the NSA) is remotely hacking into the search engine.

*Also read about this author's concerns that the breast cancer that **Dr. Katherine Albrecht contracted a few years ago may well have been the result of her being unwittingly targeted by a directed energy weapon, and as punishment for the work she has done in exposing the RFID industry for its Orwellian agenda, and the fact that implanted RFID chips do cause cancer.

**Is Dr. Katherine Albrecht Being Targeted For A Directed Energy Induced Murder? And Was The Breast Cancer She Developed The Result Of A Directed Energy Weapon Attack On Her Person?

March 22nd, 2013 "Green Colored Fireball" Sighting Over Manhattan - I Saw This As It Passed Over My Home On The North Shore Of Long Island And It Was Making A Hissing Sound - Was This A "Plasma Fireball" Created Through The Use Of The Pentagon's HAARP Directed Energy Weapons' Technology?

Evidence Of HAARP Weapons Above My Home
Weaponry Which Can Be Used To Level Nations While
Carrying Out Genocidal Policy With Plausible Deniability

Author - James F. Marino

In reference to the Pentagon's use of HAARP technology and this author's experiences with directed energy microwave weapons, as well as HAARP being what is essentially a version of Nikola Tesla's *broadcast power technology of a century ago, this author has oftentimes noticed that the evening sky over my neighborhood is what I would describe as an aquamarine bluish green color at dusk.

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Meteor Seen In The Evening Sky Tonight Or Was It A HAARP Plasma Fireball?

"HAARP The Ultimate Weapon Of The Conspiracy" By Jerry Smith - One Of The More Informative Books Written In Regard To The U.S. Pentagon's HAARP Over The Horizon & Phased Array Radar System & Its Use As A Means Of Both Mass Mind Control Via The EMF Spectrum & Global Weather Manipulation - Interestingly Enough, Jerry Smith Died Of Cancer In 2010 & His Childhood Friend, Conspiracy Writer, Jim Keith Died In 2005, While Undergoing Surgery For A Broken Leg He Sustained After Taking A Fall In His Home; A Fall Which Was Likely Caused By Some Type Of Directed Energy Weapon Which Caused Keith To Temporarily Lose Consciousness - Before This Occurred, Jim Keith Told Friends That He Was On U.S. Government Hit List To Be Murdered For His Writings, And If He Should Be "Injured" And Forced To Undergo Surgery, Not To Give Him Anesthesia Because It Would Be Used As A Furtive Means Of Murdering Him - That Is Exactly How Jim Keith Was Murdered

I have only noticed this over the past decade along with a number of other strange phenomena, including what I would describe as the type of whooshing sound made by a large industrial fan, occasionally coming from the woods behind our home in the middle of the night.

* I have wondered for quite sometime now, given the Pentagon's access to HAARP technology, and its uncanny resemblance to the earlier research conducted by Nikola Tesla, exactly when it was that the U.S. Department Of Defense actually acquired this technology?

The father of the HAARP system in Gakona, Alaska, *Dr. Bernard Eastlund, has never denied that the patents he was granted for this technology, in order to construct the HAARP phased antenna array system in Alaska, are based on Nikola Tesla's earlier research on free energy.

*When Dr. Eastlund began publicly speaking about the "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" capabilities of the Pentagon's HAARP system, in a move to discredit Eastlund, the Pentagon claimed that he had never had anything to do with the creation of HAARP.

In fact, before his mysterious death, Dr. Eastlund had publicly stated that the Pentagon's claim regarding the HAARP system simply being used for scientific research is false, and that HAARP can in fact be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Is The Pentagon Using The Excuse Of Low Flying Asteroids To Perpetrate Acts Of HAARP False Flag Terrorism, Under The Guise That These Fireballs Are Being Caused By A Natural Phenomenon Or Even An Act Of God?

Dr. Eastlund obviously knew that some of the capabilities of the HAARP system involve electromagnetic warfare applications that in extreme situations are capable of destroying this planet, as well as its inhabitants.

As for the U.S. federal government's mass deception of the American people, the NASA space program appears to be part of this fraud, and apparently has been since NASA was created in the 1960s.

In particular, this author is referring to NASA's "Space Shuttle" program, which ran from the midst of the 1980s until just a few years ago. The "program" was sold to the American people as one which would be used to study our galaxy and the further exploration of outer space.

However, the U.S. space shuttles never travelled far enough into space to be able to actually study outer space. Instead, they were used to travel to areas which contain low orbiting U.S. government spy satellites, for the purpose of servicing these satellites.

Something that neither NASA nor the U.S. federal government will ever admit to, given that like HAARP, the space shuttle program was yet another covert operation used to benefit the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, while being represented to the American people as a scientific exploration program that they would be forced to foot the bill for.

Moreover, as for confiscating Nikola Tesla's electronic warfare research after his death in 1943, the FBI ordered that the remaining trunks containing Tesla's belongings (which had been stored in Tesla's room at the New Yorker Hotel), be seized and held by the Office Of Alien Property.

This request by the FBI seems strange, since Nikola Tesla had become a naturalized citizen of the United States by the late 1800s. Moreover, rumor has it that the FBI had thoroughly riffled through Tesla's belongings before they were alleged to have been stored at the OAP.

In this author's opinion, the FBI took any research that they found in Tesla's trunks, and may have given it to the U.S. Military, while then storing the remaining trunks with Tesla's personal belongings (such as clothing) at the OAP.

This would certainly explain HAARP's similarity to so much of Tesla's broadcast power technology, since the U.S. Military would have for all intents and purposes, stolen Tesla's technology after his death.

Tesla had a lavish lifestyle for most of his adult life, living in posh Manhattan hotels until his money would run out. While he was in the midst of selling the patents to more of his inventions, in order to raise capital for further research and his opulent lifestyle, Tesla would often be forced to sell some of his belongings to pay overdue hotel bills.

In other instances, his personal property would be seized by the these hotels, in lieu of monies Tesla owed them, and the property then auctioned off.

This would oftentimes result in some of the trunks which Tesla kept private items in, including scientific research papers he had been working on, being sold at auction to cover his indebtedness.

And this resulted in a significant amount of his research being scattered in a myriad of different locations. Far too often, those who'd purchased these trunks at auction, found that they had no use for the items they contained.

This leads us to wonder how much of Tesla's research may still be residing in an old trunk of his somewhere, and how much of this research may have simply been completely discarded.

The following book was written by a man named Tim Swartz, in regard to much of the lost research of Nikola Tesla. In this book, Swartz makes reference to a man by the name of Dale Alfrey, whom Swartz claims purchased several trunks of Tesla's at an estate sale, only to eventually be accosted by three menacing looking men in black, who claimed that Alfrey had no right to the Tesla research papers which the trunks contained.

At first the book sounds like a typical sci-fi story of intrigue. However, when one understands the importance of Nikola Tesla to the technical world that we live in today, it makes perfect sense that the U.S. federal government would want to get their hands on any research papers that Tesla had ever written.

According to Swartz, after threating the safety of Alfrey, his wife and children, the men in black left his home.

However, when Alfrey returned to his study, he found that the trunks containing Tesla's papers were missing, and his computer's hard drive had been wiped clean.

This certainly sounds like something the federal government would do in an effort to destroy any remaining links to information that the government would want to keep for themselves.

See:"The Lost Journals Of Nikola Tesla"

We do know that years after they had been confiscated by the FBI, what remained of Tesla's belongings after the government agencies had scavenged through his research papers and inventions, was eventually sent back to his native country, where these items are today housed in a museum bearing his name.

This author also finds it of interest that in 1895, Tesla's Manhattan laboratory was destroyed when the building it was located in caught fire. Could the fire have been deliberately set in order to cover up the theft of much of Tesla's research on free energy at the time, and what Tesla referred to as "broadcast power" technology?

At the time of the fire, the media reported that it was of suspicious origins, even though no one had ever been arrested or charged with setting the fire.

Tesla's broadcast energy technology could be beamed through the air to provide everything from free wireless energy to the American people, to an electromagnetic defense system used to shield the United States from a foreign attack.

Is the Tesla based HAARP system in Alaska part of the Reagan Administration's Strategic Defense Initiative? What the media has since dubbed as "Star Wars" technology? And is HAARP the realization of Tesla's wireless broadcast energy paradigm, however, used with the intent of harming humanity; instead of promoting Tesla's dream of using this technology to protect and nurture the human race?

Over the years Nikola Tesla's genius has been the subject of many science fiction TV episodes, feature films, and even books. Even if Tesla, himself, was not mentioned by name.

For instance, Ayn Rand's 1957 novel, "Atlas Shrugged," is said to have been inspired by the research of Nikola Tesla, with her main character, John Galt, being based directly on the man himself.

As for Tesla's research into broadcast power (the predecessor to today's HAARP technology and directed energy weapons), this author embedded an episode of the 1960's British TV series "The Avengers" on this blog a few years back, which focused on "broadcast power" being used as a weapon in which to murder people with complete anonymity.

Sounds a lot like the directed energy microwave weapons that this author and myriad other targets of non consensual human experimentation document on our blogs does it not?

I embedded the episode on this Website as an illustration of how the global military/intelligence complex uses the media to portray much of its classified technology as fiction, through sci-fi TV shows and feature films, in an effort to gauge the public's opinion to such technology, without this complex ever being forced to actually admit that the technology is real.

* This particular Avengers' episode was removed from YouTube (as was *another that I had embedded on this Website which had to do with mind control) almost immediately after it was embedded on this Blog. So are virtually all of the videos that this author embeds on this Blog in regard to government mind control technology (anything to do with Rothschild-Zionist Expositor, Eustace Mullins' superb writings), as well as TV programs and movies which I reference because of their use to display real government classified technologies in a fictional venue.

* I also embedded an episode of The Avengers which dealt with using group telepathy in order to access a person's mind for the purpose of either covert assassination of the person, or brainwashing them.

The John Steed character is at one point heard to say: "it's not nice having someone probing around in your mind and getting at your innermost thoughts."

This Avengers' episode was removed from YouTube on the day after I embedded it on this Website. As a target of such synthetic telepathy, myself, since childhood, there's little doubt why the FBI would have removed this Avengers' episode from YouTube, since they continue to illegally probe my mind (as well as the minds of myriad other American citizens) with this remote neural monitoring technology, and don't want Americans asking further questions about the federal government's use of such mind invasive technology.

Especially given the technology's use in completely abrogating the American people's Constitutional protections under the 4Th Amendment, and with blogs such as my own, which extensively documents these outrageous government crimes, becoming more and more common on the Internet.

A few years ago I decided to do some research in regard to many of the science-fiction genre TV programs which I grew up with in the 1960s and '70s, and was surprised to find just how many of them actually focused on classified government technologies, which were presented in a fictional setting at the time that these programs were produced.

In this author's opinion, what this means is that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has a secret agreement to share its information regarding some of this technology with Hollywood's motion picture industry, as long as it is presented within a fictional setting. This should come as no surprise given the CIA's infiltration of Hollywood beginning in the 1940s and '50s, under Operation Mockingbird.

Nor should it come as a surprise that much of the CIA's infrastructure is based on the British Intelligence community's, which is said to have been the real catalysts behind the creation of the CIA and the rest of the U.S. Intelligentsia.

Rather than continue to have to remove these programs from YouTube every time I decided to embed them on this Website, the FBI instead chose to narrow the bandwidth on my Website so that videos embedded on this blog can no longer be viewed here.

It is interesting to note that while the FBI would do this on occasion in the past, once this Website surpassed a 500,000 ranking on (out of more than 600 million Websites), the FBI then narrowed the bandwidth of this blog so that the millions of readers which it has attracted since this Website was created in 2006, would have difficulty in accessing this Website.

Moreover, even though I have attempted to document FBI/NSA electronic tamperings with this blog since I started it in 2006, their daily sabotage of this Website is so extensive, that it has become impossible to document every one of these crimes.

This is both an infraction of my right to use this Website for my own personal use, as well as a furtive violation of my 1St Amendment rights. But then again, we are talking about the Nazi indoctrinated FBI here, which has a very long and disturbing history of completely disregarding the U.S. Bill of Rights, not to mention finding furtive ways in which to torture and murder American citizens who have been targeted for the FBI's COINTELPRO operations over the past century.

Perhaps that is why the FBI remains so popular with the American public? Sarcasm should be duly noted here. Especially for an organization that to this very day, is still absent the legislative charter which the FBI by law must have in order to legally operate in this country.

Moreover, given how unconstitutionally the FBI operates in the first place, this author can understand why the Bureau was created without a legislative charter, since a charter would have at least set certain guidelines for what the FBI can and cannot legally do.

At least theoretically, this would have prevented the FBI from being used as a secret police force by the Executive Branch of the U.S. federal government, which is essentially the FBI's primary function in the United States.

Moreover, regardless of how often the FBI has been publicly chastised by the Congress and media in the past for its Gestapo-style operations, the Bureau continues to do whatever they want, making up their own convenient rules as they go, while destroying the lives of those whose civil rights this organization attempts to completely abrogate.

The FBI's collusion in concealing the fact that the American people have been brain mapped is just a further example of this.

Furthermore, and in spite of the FBI's outrageous violations of this author's 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendment rights, I can say with absolutely certainty, based on decades of being used as a target of a second generation of the CIA's original MK-Ultra (which now takes place via the electromagnetic spectrum), that the U.S. federal government does have access to technologies which can be used to remotely enter the neural pathways of any American citizen's brain, without that person's knowledge or consent!

I just hope that at some point in the very near future the American people wise up to this and take the appropriate actions in which to take back their Constitutional rights.

Or they will soon find themselves the slaves of a fully implemented technocratic police state.

As for some of the other strange anomalies which this author continues to experience since I became the target of DOJ/DHS fusion-center-orchestrated, organized stalking campaign in 2003, we live in a residential area without any factories or other large commercial buildings which would have such industrial fans, so the aforementioned "whooshing sound" I mentioned above, which occasionally occurs during the night, remains a complete mystery.

It should be noted here that HAARP technology can be used to create many different types of sounds, which might explain they myriad allegations by people from around the world who have claimed that they have heard very strange (and oftentimes loud) sounds which they could never identify the source of.

Over the past decade I have also noticed a strange siren-like sound which occurs from time to time. However, not the typical sound that one would hear being made by a fire department alarm, or coming from an emergency vehicle or police car.

If you've ever seen the 1975 movie * "The Stepford Wives," this siren sounds similar to the one used in the movie.

And while this siren sound does not occur on a daily basis, it does occur fairly frequently. Moreover, its odd sounding pitch immediately attracts one's attention.

* Sounds like the type of mind control that has become prevalent across the United States in post 9/11 America. Perhaps now that I have written about this siren here, I will hear it more frequently?

As for the aquamarine colored sky which this author has noticed at dusk on many occasions over the past decade, this is very different from the normal blue color of the sky. And I have often wondered if this distortion of the color of the sky in the area above my neighborhood is the result of HAARP technology being broadcast through the air.

I also noticed this phenomenon on the night of March 22, 2013, just before seeing what I initially thought was a meteor fireball cross the sky directly over my home. The sky was definitely an aquamarine bluish-green color at the time that this fireball passed overhead.

And I have seen something very similar preceding lightning storms that we have had in our area over the past decade. As such, this author believes that it's quite possible that what I saw (and what many other people living on the East coast of the United States saw) that evening, was some form of plasma fireball created by the Pentagon through its use of HAARP technology. I also noticed that the fireball made what I would describe as an electronic hissing sound as it passed overhead.

If this fireball was in fact made of plasma and created through the use of HAARP, then it proves what the father of the HAARP project (Bernard Eastlund) stated about HAARP before his mysterious death - That HAARP can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Keeping this in mind, this would mean that the Pentagon now has the ability to create plasma fireballs using HAARP directed energy weapon's technology, which can be directed anywhere on the face of this planet, including major U.S. cities like Manhattan, Chicago and San Francisco.

This would mean that the Pentagon now has the ability to commit plausibly deniable, genocidal mass murder, under the guise that their false flag terrorism was an act of God!

As such the Pentagon could have easily directed this plasma fireball to strike the island of Manhattan, while murdering millions of its inhabitants, and this mass murder would have been perpetrated with plausible deniability, under the guise that the destruction was caused by an act of God.

This is just how powerful these new breeds of satellite and HAARP over the horizon based weapons really are, since they are used to harness the tremendous energy contained within the EMF spectrum, and to then utilize it as a weapon that can be steered anywhere on the face of this planet, in order to cause mass destruction with plausible deniability.

Nikola Tesla proved this a century ago when while using a particle beam weapon, broadcast from his Wardenclyff Tower (in what is now Shoreham, Long Island), to send a message to Commodore Perry during his journey to the North Pole, Tesla's weapon accidentally destroyed more than 500,000 acres of woodlands which sat adjacent to the Tunguska river in Russia's Siberian wilderness.

This demonstration of Tesla's "broadcast power technology" was quickly covered up by the U.S. federal government, which claimed that a comet had exploded over Siberia causing the devastation.

The readers will also note that the damage occurred on the same day that Tesla said he was going to send his "secret message" to Perry - a message that Tesla said Perry would have no trouble recognizing when it arrived.

Fortunately for Perry, Tesla's calculations were off, and he completely overshot the area that Perry was traveling in, or Perry himself would have ended up as petrified as the Siberian forest which Tesla's particle beam weapon barbecued.

Ironically enough, at first Tesla did not even think that his weapon was working, until an owl flew directly in front of its particle beam and disintegrated.

See: Report Of U.S. Government Cover Up Regarding Nikola Tesla's Use Of A Particle Beam Weapon (Tesla's Death Ray) In 1908, Which Destroyed 500,000 Acres Of The Tunguska Region Of Russia's Siberian Wilderness

The reader will find shocking similarities to what took place in Tunguska in 1908, occurring in the modern day, such as the situation which recently took place in Russia a few months ago, in which an asteroid was blamed for injuring at least 1500 people.

See: Russian Media Reports That An Asteroid Injured At Least 1500 People When It Crashed Into The Earth

"You start ionizing the air, you can change the weather flow patterns (jet streams, etc.) -- you can change all of that - if you dump it gradually, real gradually - you influence the heck out of the weather. It's a great weather machine.

"If you dump it sharply, you don't get little ionization like that. You will get flashes and fireballs (plasma) that will come down on surfaces of the earth... you can cause enormous weather changes over entire regions by playing that thing back and forth."

- Lt. Colonel Tom Bearden (retired)

Regarding The Pentagon's Use Of HAARP
As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

As Dr. Bearden states, when HAARP is used to ionize the air more gradually, it becomes the ideal weather machine!

However, when HAARP is used at a more intense frequency in order to ionize the air, the result can be (aquamarine colored) flashes of light in the sky, bolts of lightning, or even a HAARP created plasma fireball "which will come down on surfaces of the earth."

Just like the *"aquamarine bluish green" plasma fireball which this author saw traveling directly over my home on March 22nd, 2013, and like the one which injured more than 1500 people in Russia a few months ago.

Moreover, over the course of the past decade this author has seen these types of aquamarine flashes of light in the sky above my home on numerous occasions, which most people would just attribute to lightning. However, they are not lightning. They are beams of light which are created through the use of HAARP technology, and often precede what appears to be lightning, but what may in fact actually be artificially created bolts of lightning through the use of HAARP.

If the reader Googles Tesla's Wardenclyff lab, you may be able to find photos of Nikola Tesla working in his laboratory, as artificially created electronic sparks shoot across the lab, emanating from some of the coils which he had constructed at the time.

In the past I have always noticed that these bands of light have an aquamarine bluish-green color to them - very similar to what the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) look like over the Alaskan evening sky.

They are just as *Tom Bearden describes in the above statement. And likely, quite similar to the directed energy weapon that Tesla used a century earlier to level a half million acres of the Tunguska forest.

* It is also interesting to note that not long after writing some books in regard to HAARP, Bearden suffered a serious heart attack, which was in all probability caused by a HAARP directed energy weapon, and as punishment for writing these books.

Dr. Bearden's Wikipedia page has also been deleted (the same thing happened to Dr. Nick Begich after he co-authored the book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" and wrote the book "Controlling The Human Mind"); a sure sign that the U.S Military which he served, doesn't appreciate Bearden's telling the truth about the Pentagon's use of HAARP technology as a weapon of mass destruction, when for many years the U.S. Department Of Defense had managed to deceive the American people into believing that HAARP was nothing more than a research project, being used to study our galaxy and other areas of outer space.

The fact that HAARP can also be used as a means of mass mind control using the EMF spectrum in which to interface the Pentagon's artificial intelligence super computers with the minds of the global populous - in order to create a hive mentality - is yet another horrifying aspect of the real capabilities of this Orwellian technology.

Google: EEG Heterodyning; Mind Control And Remote Neural Monitoring Via The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER" by Dr. Robert Duncan; John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency; "HAARP The Ultimate Weapon Of The Conspiracy" by Jerry A. Smith; "Cross Currents" by Dr. Robert Becker

What have we wrought as Americans when the federal government can perpetrate such atrocities against our persons under the cover of National Security, and get away with using such classified weapons to perpetrate covert acts of false flag terrorism like 9/11, while murdering thousands of our own people?

And then fomenting vicious and oftentimes slanderous defamation campaigns against those of us who are exposing these treasonous crimes.

HAARP can also be used as an over the horizon radar system, which should concern the American people, since the HAARP project has been presented by the Pentagon as a benign program for researching the ionosphere. When in fact, HAARP may very well be the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction ever created; having capabilities which include remotely mind controlling entire populations of citizens via the EMF spectrum, to artificially creating weather which can be used as a weapon of mass destruction when such weather involves the destructive forces of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes (caused by HAARP scalar waves), floods, mudslides etc.

As for brain-chips, they can be implanted into one's brain for recording one's thoughts. However, this can all be done wirelessly in the modern day through the illegal *brain mapping of a country's citizenry, which has made the implanted chip all but obsolete. And the general population of this planet left completely vulnerable to such remote high-tech predation of their own minds.

- James F. Marino

Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency & The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, to learn more about how the NSA decodes the individual brain maps of American citizens for the purpose of interfacing artificial intelligence computers with the neural pathways of our own brains, by way of the electromagnetic spectrum

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Meteor Seen In The Evening Sky Tonight Or Was It A HAARP Plasma Fireball?

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Recent Concerns Over The Ethics Of Using CGI Video Morphing Technology In Order To Digitally Clone & Animate The Images Of Dead Actors (Philip Seymour Hoffman & Paul Walker) Who Had Contracted To Perform In Movies Before They Died So These Movies Can Still Be Made With Them -- Creating Computer Generated Actors, Newscasters And Politicians, By Using CGI Technology To Digitally Clone And Animate The Image Of Any American Citizen Has Become A Reality - Does The Pentagon Have A CGI Cloned Image Of You? After Decades Of Illegally Spying On My Person I Am Sure They Do Of Me - After I Posted This Article Yesterday, My Father Is Hit In The Head With A Directed Energy Weapon Today - Is The FBI Illegally Posting A Phony BOLO (Be On The Lookout For) In Regard To This Author Based On CGI Digital Video Fakery And Other Forms Of Slanderous Information As Part Of The FBI's COINTELPRO Smear Campaign Against My Person? Yet Another In The FBI's Attempts To Completely Circumvent The Constitutional Rule Of Law

Crystal Meth & The Devastation That It Continues To Cause To America's Youth - Is The CIA Behind The Crystal Meth Plague On America's Kids? And Is This Part Of Rothschild Zionism's New World Order Genocidal Policy For The "Depopulation" Of The Underclasses Of This Planet, By Murdering Billions Of Children As Well As Adults?

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The U.S. Justice Department's Theft Of Inslaw's Promise Software & Its Frame Up Of A Brilliant Software Designer By The Name Of Michael Riconosciuto

In His Book "Dr. Mary's Monkey" Author Edward T. Haslam Describes How The Salk Polio Vaccines That Millions Of American Children Received During The 1950s and '60s, Were Contaminated With Cancer Viruses Which Are Now Showing Up In A Cancer Epidemic In The United States More Than Fifty Years Later - Haslam's Research Is Excellent, And Is Corroborated By Judyth Vary Baker, Who Was Involved In Working On The Development Of A Fast Acting Cancer Which Was Supposed To Be Used To Murder Cuban President, Fidel Castro In 1963 - Vary's Book: "Me & Lee - How I Came To Know, Love And Lose Lee Harvey Oswald" Supports Much Of What Edward Haslam Has Stated In Regard To The Salk Vaccine's Being Used To Deliberately Infect Millions Of American Children With Cancer

Last Week This Author Watches A 1990 TV Movie With Actress Ruby Dee Called "Decoration Day" - Today I Read That Dee Has Died At The Age Of 91 - For A Target Of MK-Ultra, These "Coincidences" Occur Constantly In Our Lives As Those Within The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Who Subject Us To Such Non Consensual Human Experimentation & Covert Torture By Directed Energy Weaponry, Show Us Just How Easy It Is For Them To Murder Anyone With These Weapons, Using Plausible Deniability - An Older Person Makes For The Easiest Of Prey Because Their Advanced Years Offer The Opportunity For This Orwellian And Evil Complex To Murder Them With Plausible Deniability - According To The Media, Ruby Dee Died Of Natural Causes Within In Her Home - However, How Would Anyone Know For Certain If Her Death Was Caused Naturally Or By A Directed Energy Weapon, Since This Technology Can Be Used To Kill Someone Within Seconds, Yet To The Untrained Eye Leave No Forensic Evidence That A Crime Has Been Committed

"Billion To One Odds Power Surge May Have Killed Advertising Executive Suzanne Hart" - How About The Truth For A Change? That This "Billion To One Odds Power Surge" Was Caused By A Signals Intelligence Satellite & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon, Which Were Used To Remotely Tamper With The Electrical System In The Elevator That Crushed Suzanne Hart To Death

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