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Access This Blog Through And Choose The Proxy Feature - Journalist Steve Lendman Still In Hospital Almost Two Months After What Should Have Been A Four Day Stay - Is He Being Targeted For A Directed Energy Murder?

**FBI/NSA Most Recent Directed Energy Weapons' Attack On My Father As Part Of Their Intent To Murder Him As Well As This Author And Other Members Of My Family, With Plausible Deniability - What Is The U.S. Federal Government Covering Up In Its Attempt To Murder Me? What I Have Been Publicly Alleging Since 2005 - That Under The Oversight Of The Pentagon, The NSA Has Secretly Implemented A Signals Intelligence Driven Domestic Spy Program Which Involves The Illegal Decoding Of The Unique EMF Signatures Of Each American Citizen's Body, Which Has In Turn Allowed The NSA To Turn The EMF Spectrum Into An Invisible Prison For The American People

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The Signals Intelligence Driven Murder Of Madison Avenue Executive Suzanne Hart - How Many American Citizens Have Been Covertly Murdered By Way Of This Covert Arcane Technology?

1913 Conversation Between Colonel Edward Mandell House And President Woodrow Wilson In Which House Tells Wilson How The Federal Reserve Act Will Be Used To Enslave The American Middle Class, Without Their Knowledge - House Was Correct In Regard To How The House Of Rothschild Has Used Its Zionist Occupation Of The United States And Its Control Over The U.S. Congress, To Treasonously Pass The Federal Reserve Act & The 16Th Amendment, In Order To Conduct Class Warfare Against The American Middle Class - This Was The Prelude To The Current Signals Intelligence Enslavement Which Is Being Used Against The American People In The 21St Century, By Exploiting The Unique EMF Signatures Of Our Own Bodies, And Turning The Electromagnetic Spectrum Into An Invisible Prison, Which Is Now Being Used To Remotely Track Our EMF Signatures Via Signals Intelligence Satellites And HAARP Over The Horizon Radar, In Order To Electromagnetically Brand Us Like A Giant Herd Of Cattle

How Television Broadcasts Excite The Endorphins In Your Brain Causing An Addiction To TV Programming

Has The Latest Ebola Outbreak In Western Africa Gone Airborne? And If This Is The Case Will It Go Pandemic? If So We Can Probably Conclude That This Is Just Part Of Rothschild Zionism's Genocidal Agenda For The Depopulation Of This Planet - How Long Until The United States Is Forced To Deal With This Plague?

9/11 Whistleblowers Continue To Be Murdered In Efforts To Cover Up This Zionist False Flag Operation

NSA Use Of The EMF Spectrum To Conduct MASS MIND CONTROL On The United States Population

Investigative Journalist Serge Monast's Warning Regarding NASA's Project Blue Beam False Flag Bible Rapture Scenario, Is Unfolding All Around Us Two Decades After He Wrote The Following Monograph - Are We In The Last Days Of The Human Race?

Editor's Note: 8/8/14 I was pleased to find that Stephen Lendman recently posted on his blog that he is home and recovering after two months of hospitalization. I have no idea if his infirmities were the result of a normal condition or directed energy weapons. However, I have personally been attacked with these weapons for many years and know how debilitating they can be, so I would not dismiss the notion that Stephen may have been targeted by these weapons. And will keep this post up in the event that if he is being targeted by directed energy weapons, this post may help to prevent any further attacks on his person.

If you are a targeted individual; specifically, someone who has been unwittingly used for a significant period of time for non consensual human experimentation, and whom since the passage of the Patriot Act has been aggressively subjected to the COINTELPRO psychological warfare operation known as Organized Stalking, you will find that any discussion in regard to your person by the media, politicians, community in which you live, or for that matter even those with whom you are in some way related is heavily coded, as part of the neural linguistic programming that is being used against the aforesaid.

Neural Linguistic Programming is the most common type of psychological warfare being used in Organized Stalking hate crimes in post 9/11 America, because it involves the U.S. federal government's use of mass mind control on the American people, who are then used to carry out this Orwellian attack on their neighbors, while completely disregarding the Constitutional rule of law.

There is little doubt that as the American middle class continues to disintegrate as part of Rothschild Zionism's covert implementation of its Satanic world government, that Organized Stalking will cease, and martial law will be implemented by the U.S. federal government, as those Americans who once comprised the American middle class are rounded up and sent off to prison camps, to eventually be exterminated the way that millions of Jews were during the Nazi Holocaust.

All done as part of Rothschild Zionism's hegemonic genocidal policy.

In order to prevent this atrocity from occurring, Americans must become aware of this furtive plan to destroy them, and join ranks in order drive these Zionist interlopers out of the United States, while abolishing their stronghold in this country - The Federal Reserve System. And restoring the Constitutional government that a Zionist controlled Congress abrogated in 1871, after it passed the treasonous Legislative Act of 1871, which was used to create the current corporate constitution that Washington D.C. has been operating under since that time.

Under this corporate constitution, the American people lost their sovereignty, and instead became shares of stock in this corporation, while corporations were given the same rights as people; as part of a future plan to destroy the United States and to use its land mass in order to create a region of the world government that the House of Rothschild in its collusion with the British Monarchy, intended to create.

More than a century later, the Rothschilds have nearly fulfilled their goal, as they are now well within reach of realizing their New World Order global feudal system.

As such, evidence of Rothschild Zionism's "New World Order" 21st century feudal system is now all around us, and furtively promulgated via the global media. Even print media is not immune from this. Today this author notices the following caption in regard to an automobile review in the latest Car & Driver Magazine for the Chrysler 200:


A recent Heinekin contest to choose a new style for the company's bottle also contains an entry with a five pointed star (Rothschild Zionism pentagram) which surrounds the Earth. These types of subtle inferences to the New World Order can be found everywhere we look.

On an aside, in regard to Malaysian Air Flight MH370 never being found, the reader should consider that military satellites operate only 250 miles above the earth, and travel over every point on earth once an hour, while bouncing radar beams off its surface, in order to produce images which are later downloaded by the countries who own these spy satellites.

This enables these countries to record every inch of what is occurring on this planet within an hour of the orbital rotation of these satellites. So there is no way that these satellites did not record Flight MH370 during the time that it was lost on radar.

The disappearance of MH370 was part of another false flag operation, and it is possible that The Carlyle Group may have been involved, given that four of the passengers on this flight were due to receive a patent which was granted to them four days after Flight MH370 "disappeared."

These people worked for a Texas based company called Freescale Semiconductor, which The Carlyle Group is said to have acquired a major stake in recently. It is also reported that should the people who obtained this patent ever die, the patent would revert to The Carlyle Group.

One must wonder how much this patent is worth, to either murder or "disappear" more than 200 people? Then again, those who murdered thousands of Americans on 9/11 as part of this false flag operation decided that it was an acceptable loss of life in order to destroy the U.S. Constitution, and offer a plausible excuse for attacking Iraq and Afghanistan; the real purpose for doing so, was of course, to steal their oil and natural gas reserves.

Scroll down for the article on Steve Lendman, and this author's concern that he is presently being targeted for a covertly implemented directed energy weapons' murder, for his expositions regarding everything from the 9/11 false flag operation to the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of directed energy and mind control weapons on the American citizenry.

The FBI continues to prevent one of this author's Family members from obtaining a job, as part of the Bureau's COINTELPRO against us. Consider that this person has been unemployed for three of the past six years, having been unwittingly subjected to the FBI's furtive role in getting this person fired. When one considers that this person was earning about $300,000 per year before taxes, this means that they have lost roughly $900,000 in pretax income as part of this FBI sabotage during the past six years.

What's worse is that they have been coerced into denying that these crimes have taken place, and out of fear, will never admit that they have. This enables the FBI to continue its rampant criminal activity against this person, and this also serves as a prime example of the types of coercive tactics that the FBI uses to conceal the oftentimes outrageous crimes of its own agents from the American people.

It is precisely these types of strong arm tactics that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using under treasonous legislation like the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, and National Defense Authorization Act, to destroy that institution which we have come to define as the family.

Like the American middle class, the familial institution is being systematically destroyed under the Orwellian 9/11 false flag war on terror.

As such, Americans no longer thrive as individuals who think for themselves and fearlessly challenge any part of the U.S. status quo that they disagree with. Instead, they fear expressing themselves, avoid any contentious issues which they believe might attract government attention to their persons, and instead adapt to the herd mentality which has become prevalent in post 9/11 America.

Given this, to a significant extent, most Americans have already become prisoners of their own fears, while also being unwittingly subjugated to the signals intelligence imprisonment which the unique EMF signatures of their very own bodies has ultimately sentenced them to.

With this in mind, exactly how can a citizen whose government has already been so badly subverted, plan on regaining their sovereignty, when they fear saying anything that they believe might get them blacklisted in their own country?

As an example of the Orwellian rule of law which now exists in America, in what has become a chronic case of people whom either this author, Family members, or others with whom we are in some way acquainted - being either attacked with a directed energy weapon, or some other form of furtive attack - a yacht broker whom we contracted with to sell a boat we have recently put on the market, takes a fall in his home just a week after we sign this contract. We learn that as the result of this fall, this man *broke his leg.

His comment was, "I can't believe this happened. As a yacht broker I am constantly climbing ladders to access boats, and in all the years I have done so, I have never fallen. Now I fall at home and in the process break my leg!" Once again, we here have another "coincidence" that is nothing less than an anomaly. Was the fall caused by some type of directed energy weapons' attack? More than likely.

*Given the gaslighting and the pathological deceptions that we are subjected to as Targeted Individuals, this person may have fabricated the story about breaking their leg, or, their statement may very well be true.

In acts of both chicanery and absolute cowardice, the FBI also continues to run their psyop programming through our cable TV line 24 hours a day. This has been occurring for more than 11 years now, in what has become nothing more than a precedent setting attempt at brainwashing us; while these criminals continue to cover up a scandalous national EMF fingerprinting program that the corporate government in Washington D.C., can never survive, should they admit to this high crime of treason.

The Suicide Of Lyme Disease Physician Dr. John Bleiwess - Dr. Bleiweiss Was A Casualty Of The Rockefeller/AMA Orchestrated Witch Hunt On Lyme Literate Medical Doctors - A Conspiracy That Is As Prevalent Today As It Was When It Began In The 1990s, When Health Insurance Companies Decided That They Could No Longer Afford To Pay For The Expensive IV Antibiotic Protocols That Millions Of Chronically Ill Lyme Disease Patients Need As Part Of Their Treatment - Had The U.S. Military Not Created Lyme Disease As A Bioweapon (Google: LAB 257 by Michael Christopher Carrol) And Then Turned It Loose On The American People As They Did With The Bioweapon AIDS (Google: The Strecker Memorandum), Both As Part Of Orwellian Non Consensual Human Experimentation Programs, The Health Insurance Industry And Its Refusal To Pay For These Expensive Treatments Would Never Have Become An Issue

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Perhaps One Of The Best Documented Cases Of The FBI Derailing A Legitimate Trial Against One Of Its Own Criminal Agents, While Attempting To Destroy The Person Who Built The Case Against The FBI Agent - This Case Is One Of The Best Examples Of How Both The FBI As An Organization, As Well As Its Agents, Consider Themselves To Be Above The Constitutional Rule Of Law In America

* "The Runaway General" by Michael Hastings - Did This Article Get Investigative Journalist Michael Hastings Killed?

Unintended Acceleration Issues In Automobiles Manufactured By Hyundai, Toyota And Audi - Coincidence Or A Case Of Signals Intelligence Induced Industrial Espionage?

The Mystery Behind The Disappearance Of United Airlines Flight 93 - Wherever This Plane Ended Up, It Was Not In A Field In Shanksville PA

Attorney Jesse Trentadue Goes Back To Court 19 Years After His Brother Was Beaten To Death Under FBI Orders, In A Case Of Mistaken Identity Regarding The Oklahoma City Bombing - The FBI Claims That It Can't Find The Tapes Which Were Taken Of Kenneth Trentadue's Holding Cell At The Time The FBI Stated That Trentadue Hanged Himself - Trentadue Was Murdered, And His Death Was Made To Appear As A Suicide So That Those Who Murdered Him Could Avoid Prosecution - The "Missing" Tapes Would Have Proven This, Which Is Why The FBI Claims That It Can't Locate Them

Attorney Jesse Trentadue Exposes An FBI Conspiracy To Conceal The Fact That His Brother, Kenneth, Was Beaten To Death In A Case Of Mistaken Identity, And That The FBI Has Either Destroyed Video Footage Of His Brother's Murder, Or Hidden It So That It Can't Be Used Against The FBI Agents Involved

Can Privacy Search Engines Like Really Protect Your Privacy From The Spying Eyes Of Your Own Orwellian Government?

Conducting MASS MIND Control Of The U.S. Population By Way Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum - In The United States The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complex Has Created A Number Of Different Modalities Which Have Been Used To Turn The EMF Spectrum Into An Invisible Prison, Which Each American Citizen Is Unwittingly Subjected To, Through The Exploitation Of The Unique Electromagnetic Signatures Which Emanate From Their Own Bodies

MASS MIND CONTROL In The United States & The Signals Intelligence Enslavement Of The American Middle Class, As The Pentagon Uses The Electromagnetic Spectrum To Create An Invisible Means Of Imprisoning The American People - This Is An Orwellian Horror That Goes Well Beyond What George Orwell Himself Envisioned, When He Wrote 1984 - And It Has Been Taking Place Since The 1970s

The FBI continues to sabotage this Website as part of its COINTELPRO campaign against this author. Given this egregious violation of my 1St Amendment rights to freedom of speech, the readership of this Website - which has become substantial over the past decade (one of the main reasons why the FBI continues to electronically hack into this Website) - may be able to access "The Mother Of All Black Ops" blog through the search engine, and choosing the View by Ixquick Proxy link, since this is supposed to take you off the main Internet grid.

*Also read about this author's concerns that the breast cancer that **Dr. Katherine Albrecht contracted a few years ago may well have been the result of her being unwittingly targeted by a directed energy weapon, and as punishment for the work she has done in exposing the RFID industry for its Orwellian agenda, and the fact that implanted RFID chips do cause cancer.

I also think that it is quite possible that EarthFirst! activist Judi Bari, Dr. Karla Turner, Mae Brussell, and Aaron Russo were all irradiated to cause the cancers which they died from, via some form of directed energy weapon, because they were targeted for some type of furtive government extermination program.

I don't want to see Katherine Albrecht being murdered the same way.

American citizens are being regularly tortured and murdered by the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex through its Orwellian use of these classified weapons, as Rothschild Zionism's covert overthrow of the U.S. federal government, continues in the interest of incorporating the North American landmass into one region of the Rothschilds' Satanic 21St century feudal system; while destroying the sovereignty of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

**Is Dr. Katherine Albrecht Being Targeted For A Directed Energy Induced Murder? And Was The Breast Cancer She Developed The Result Of A Directed Energy Weapon Attack On Her Person?

Is Investigative Journalist Steve Lendman
The Target Of A Directed Energy Murder Plot?

Author- James F. Marino

Stephen Lendman, has been one of the few real investigative journalists that we have left in the American media system, and I am concerned that there is a plot to murder him through the covert use of directed energy weaponry against his person, because he never bought into the official 9/11 Commission's propaganda, or myriad other aspects of this false flag operation.

He has also spoken out against the Federal Reserve System and its Wall Street organized crime appendage, which has only served to make him some very power enemies within the U.S. corporation in Washington D.C.

Over the past several years, Steve has actually also written about the government **taboo subjects of mind control and directed energy weapons (something the mainstream media in the United States has been told to avoid at all costs), and the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of these weapons on the American civilian population; which would have certainly made him the target of a plot by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to either neutralize or murder him.

**"Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons" by Stephen Lendman

I have been concerned for sometime now that because of his journalistic integrity, and the fact that he has been writing about many topics which are considered to be strictly prohibited by the Rothschild/Zionist controlled corporate government in America, that Steve would eventually become the target of a directed energy weapons' attack, and possibly even an electronic warfare assassination.

And I am writing on this Website today to state that I fear that this is exactly what is being done to him at the present time.

These electronic warfare weapons can be used to completely disable a person through an infinite permutation of covert attacks on both the body and mind, using the EMF spectrum.

They can be used to murder someone instantly by causing the person to have a stroke, aneurism or heart attack, or instead by what many targets of this Orwellian nightmare have become subjugated to - a slow-kill torture methodology that gradually breaks both the body and mind down over a period of years, while slowly torturing the person to death.

Steve's statement of being run down sounds as if he is suffering from the type of extreme fatigue, that could certainly be caused through the use of an ELF frequency that is targeted at his body, via signals intelligence satellite or HAARP over the horizon radar.

Some of his readers have stated their concerns that the timing regarding his sudden hospitalization occurred after he had recently co-authored a book regarding the problems between Russia and the Ukraine, and that the U.S. federal government's hegemonic doctrine was provoking a conflict between the United States and Russia that could lead to World War III.

One must agree that the timing of his book being published when it did, and Steve's recent hospitalization is at the very least a strange coincidence, and at most an attempt to silence him for his provocative writings.

And it would not surprise this author in the least, if Steve's condition is being caused as the direct result of an electronic warfare attack on his person.

Specifically, a directed energy weapons' attack that is using ELF waves to cause him tremendous fatigue and perhaps other physical (and perhaps even psychological) conditions.

As a target of MK-Ultra for many years now, this author has personally experienced this frequency (as well as many others) at different extremes, depending on how the ELF is modulated, and it can keep you bedridden if it is used at more severe levels for any length of time; as many targets of this technology are also aware of from their own personal experiences in being treated as human guinea pigs within their own homes, regarding this high tech electromagnetic predation of their persons.

Moreover, as I have *stated in the past, the current threat to the human race is that the electromagnetic spectrum has been weaponized by our own subverted governments, and through the use of a number of different modalities, used for the purpose of signals intelligence tracking of the unique electromagnetic signatures of our own bodies, which has in the process created an invisible prison that is all around us.

It was in 2005, that I first alleged that by the 1970s or '80s the U.S. Military had weaponized the EMF spectrum and has since been using it as an invisible prison against the American people, whom in my opinion, have all been subjugated to the electromagnetic fingerprinting of their bodies' own unique EMF signatures.

Google: The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

My public allegations regarding the U.S. government's use of the electromagnetic spectrum as an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, are not only precedent setting, but now also have this author targeted by the federal government for a covert murder done under the cover of plausible deniability.

Their current and completely illegal propagandized smear/slander campaign against my person serves as further evidence of this, as well as the fact that for nearly forty years I have been the target of non consensual human experimentation.

Specifically, a second generation of the CIA's MK-Ultra program, which operates by way of the EMF spectrum, and which is conducted by a number of different government organizations - including the NSA - and deployed via signals intelligence satellites, HAARP over the horizon radar, cellphone towers, GWEN towers, and possibly other mediums which operate by way of the EMF spectrum.

Given this, ultimately, no one is immune from this Orwellian technocracy or their high-tech methods of remote predation via the EMF spectrum.

And while many people have argued in regard to whether or not we need to be implanted with brain chips (we do not) for this type of signals intelligence predation of our persons to actually take place, or which specific technologies are being used to perpetrate these Orwellian crimes against us, the fact is that the EMF spectrum and its myriad different frequencies are the means by which the electronic enslavement of the human race is presently, and furtively taking place.

It is also this author's opinion that since the post WWII baby boom era, all Americans have been electronically EMF fingerprinted from birth as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in the United States that began in the 1940s; as previously stated, an allegation that I made nearly a decade ago, and which represents the type of dystopian horror that George Orwell wrote about in 1984.

And from the insidious ways in which I have been both attacked and demonized by agents from within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, after promulgating my concerns in regard to the American people's being imprisoned via the EMF spectrum, as well as my citing the use of former circuit court Judge, Stanley Sporkin, to prevent John St. Clair Akwei from exposing this atrocity in his 1992 civil lawsuit against the NSA, I am certain that my concerns are not only valid, but that as a nation the American people are on the verge of a devastating series of events that they are both completely unprepared for or even able to comprehend.

The fact is that we are being gradually reduced to the status of a slave race, whose horrifying future includes our own mass genocide, and the subversion of humanity into the darkest recesses of existence imaginable.

A cybernetic race of hybridized slaves who once represented the human species, yet who will now serve as little more that the drones of a fully automated police state.

A police state whose inhabitants operate on a collective consciousness; a consciousness which is derived from an artificial intelligence neural network of computers which will police us from within the confines of our own minds.

As such, my concern for all whistleblowers, whether they are former employees of the government in their country or targets of non consensual human experimentation, is that we are being systematically tortured and killed off, because we refuse to accept the aforementioned plan in which to robotize the human race through the menticide of our own minds.

And we are attempting to expose this atrocity before it is too late to stop it from destroying humanity.

As such, I am presently concerned that Steve Lendman is going to be murdered for his role in attempting to expose this atrocity, as well as Steve's attempts to promulgate the U.S. federal government's calculated risk of provoking World War III with Russia, in regard to the Zionist control over this corporate government, and their intent at global domination through their own hegemonic doctrine.

Not long before Steve was taken ill, he co-authored "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive For Hegemony Risks World War III" - which would certainly have gotten him blacklisted by the Obama Administration - had he in all probability not already been blacklisted long before that, for his very public opposition to the hegemonic/imperialist stance which the U.S. federal government has been propagating since the early post World War II era.

The fact is that the House of Rothschild is responsible for the current debacle between Russia and the Ukraine, which involves Rothschild Zionism's intent to force Russia into joining the European Union, as part of the Rothschilds' agenda to create a 21St century feudal system.

Those disinformation artists who earn their livings on the Rothschilds' payroll would have us think that this financial monarchy faded into oblivion long ago, instead of the truth: that they intermarried into some of the worlds' most powerful bloodlines, spreading their cancerous world Zionist ideology around the globe, while using their vast financial resources to foment wars against any nations who refused to become subservient to their master/slave ideology.

And Russia is no exception, since post World War II Russia and the United States have been the world's only two real superpowers for the past 70 years, and the Rothschilds have attempted to use us as pawns in their own global expansion, with their fomentation of a cold war hoax between these two countries which has been ongoing since the end of World War II, courtesy of Zionist shill Winston Churchill.

Google: Eustace Mullins' "The $5 Trillion Dollar Cold War Hoax" for more information on what may well be the longest false flag operation in history

As for Russia, if Vladimir Putin would acquiesce to this covert overthrow of his own government, by allowing Russia to become part of the European Union region of Rothschild Zionism's world government, Russia, would like the United States, be systematically dismantled, while its land mass was taken over by this Satanically driven oligarchy, and Russia's citizenry reduced to the same enslaved status as the American middle class is presently being subjugated to under the 9/11 false flag war on terror.

Vladimir Putin is well aware of this, which is why he wants to reestablish the Soviet Union in an effort to remain independent from the Rothschilds and their demonic world government.

In this author's opinion, the recent destruction of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was part of a black operation used to demonize Russia with the rest of the world, in order to force this country to join the European Union.

The reader will also note how quickly the global media has been to claim that a Russian missile had destroyed MH17, even though there has thus far been no physical evidence that Flight MH17 was hit by a missile. In this author's opinion, Flight MH17 may have been blown up by a bomb or even by the explosion of its fuel tank, after the tank was targeted by some form of directed energy weapon, delivered via signals intelligence satellite or HAARP over the horizon radar.

* Over the past few days, the United States has now exploited the destruction of Flight MH17, and used it to place economic sanctions on Russia that are sure to provoke the next World War if this insanity continues for any length of time.

*See: Was Malaysian Air Flight MH17 Destroyed As Part Of A Covert Operation To Turn The World Against Russia, In Order To Force The Russian People Into Becoming Part Of The European Union?

Moreover, these types of false flag terrorist attacks are precisely why the American people must use their rights as citizens of this country, to remove the Rothschilds from power through the abolition of the Federal Reserve System, and by replacing the Zionist corporation in Washington D.C. with the Constitutional Republic which a corrupted Congress stole from us in 1871; with its treasonous passage of the Legislative Act of 1871, and its creation of the corporate constitution which has since given corporations the same rights as people, and reduced American citizens to the status of shares of stock in the Anglo/Zionist controlled U.S. corporation.

As for the situation regarding the health of Steve Lendman, the reader will consider that on June 4Th, 2014, Steve was supposed to enter the hospital for just a few days in which to recover from what may have been exhaustion brought on by a covert directed energy weapon's attack.

However, it appears that he is still in the hospital almost two months later, which in this author's opinion is cause for great concern, given that he may now find himself being held hostage, under the cover that he requires further medical treatment. And moreover, that Steve may ultimately be murdered in a covert assassination.

As such, I post this information here in the event that if Steve is being attacked with directed energy weapons, it is made publicly known that he may be the target of a covert government attempt to murder his person through the use of these weapons, using plausible denial.

- James F. Marino

The following is the last post that Steve made on his blog:

Stephen Lendman wrote:

"I'm dealing with some health issues. They caught up to me. I'll be hospitalized perhaps through the weekend.

Beginning Wednesday, June 4. Hopefully will restore me to full health and vigor.

I know supportive readers follow my daily articles. I'm very grateful. You're the tonic that keeps me going. I hate being away for even a short time.

Sometimes there's no choice. This is one of those times. I'll dread hospital boredom; being unable to do what I love best. You'll know when I'm back. You'll see new articles posted. I can't wait to write them.

I hope soon as possible. Your support keeps me going. I value it so much. You're all cherished friends and allies. You're the best."


"Stephen Lendman has been hospitalized since June 4th and hence is unable to continue updating his blog on his own -- up until this date (July 16th, 2014).

His work is widely distributed online, with his articles carried on numerous listeners and websites such as Information Clearing House, Countercurrents, Rense, AltNews, Uruknet, Global Research, Counterpunch, and more. In early 2007, he began regular radio hosting, now The Progressive Radio News Hour on The Progressive Radio Network.

He is co author with J.J. Asongu of The Iraq Quagmire: The Price of Imperial Arrogance. He recently also collaborated and edited the book "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive For Hegemony Risks World War III."


Stephen Lendman BlogSpot

Also See:

From a Facebook page regarding the possibility that Steve is deliberately being held up in the hospital to prevent him from writing about what is presently occurring in the Ukraine.

This author believes that Steve is the target of a criminal conspiracy here to silence him for the excellent research he has done in regard to myriad different issues, the latest of which is the debacle between Ukraine and Russia.

I am also convinced that the United State Military Industrial Intelligence complex knows far more in regard to the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370 and the destruction of Flight MH17 than they are telling the American people, and that this reticence may also indicate their own complicity in these acts of terrorism.

I have done everything possible on my Website to alert the world to the fact that Steve may have become a political prisoner while in the hospital, and that as such, his life may be in jeopardy.

"As the #Stephen Lendman social-network support team, we have no information regarding Steve's health. He does not have a cellphone and we are not in Chicago or anywhere near. We have decided to update his pages's profile pic with his most recent images from a Skype conversation online as a display of solidarity with Steven. Steve is an incredibly lucid man and his bodily health was strong, as we were able to attest until December 2013, when an undisclosed term affected his health in ways that deteriorated his condition through June 4th, 2014. We have no information to assume that we should expect him to be hospitalized for this long. he wrote himself that he would return after the following weekend. It has either become really cumbersome for him to recover, or he has been given a non-dischargeable status to prevent him from writing on the most important issues relating the power relationships behind how the World/Planet Earth is being managed at this time by the most horrid, psychiatric minds living in order to plan further wars since weapon manufacture, development, design, sales, etc. are scheduled to run continuously until the entire globe burns or floods. These people are very well capable of many mean deeds. We, hereby, denounce them before the online community as a destructive force, about which it must be talked; since taking physical or armed action against them means getting targeted in more than one subtle and apparent ways. Or are we, those who write and read about these things already being targeted?"

Dr. Nick Begich Talks About The FBI's Involvement In The 1972 Disappearance Of His Father, Congressman Nick Begich, And Congressman Hale Boggs - Based On The Atrocities That The FBI Has Perpetrated Against This Author And Other Members Of My Family (Including Non Consensual Human Experimentation And Torture), I Have No Doubt That The FBI Was Involved In Collusion With The CIA And Nixon White House To Murder Congressman Hale Boggs, For His Intent To Expose The Warren Commission As A Fraud, And To Implicate The FBI And CIA In Complicity Regarding The Murder Of President John F. Kennedy - Hale Boggs Also Wanted Congress To Abolish The FBI And Boggs Paid For This With His Life

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