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State Of Texas Constructing Its Own Gold Depository To Hold $1 Billion In Gold Bullion Which State Governor Is Now Demanding Be Repatrioted To His State From The NY Federal Reserve Bank - President John F. Kennedy Was The Last U.S. Politician To Challenge The Federal Reserve System's Autonomy Over The U.S. Monetary System And He Was Murdered For It

Is Texas The New Battle Ground For Civil Revolution?

When Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, decided to follow the wishes of his State's citizens by enacting legislation which demands that the NY Federal Reserve Bank return $1 Billion in gold bullion (that Abbott says is owed to the State of Texas), he did something that has not been done since 1963, when In June of that year, President John F. Kennedy, signed into law an Executive Order which repealed an earlier EO from the 1950s, which prevented the U.S. Treasury from coining and regulating U.S. currency.

Kennedy's Executive Order 11110 so threatened the autonomy of the Federal Reserve System's Board Of Governors, that a plan was devised in which to repeal EO 11110.

However, that could only be accomplished once Kennedy had left office. The Federal Reserve was so concerned of the damage that EO 11110 could do to its control over the U.S. economy while JFK remained in office, that they decided to use their influence over certain government agencies, including the CIA and FBI, to initiate a plan to murder John F. Kennedy.

Moreover, in 1968 a Minnesota judge by the name of Martin Mahoney, found his court the venue for a case filed by a Federal Reserve Bank, which involved the defaulting by a homeowner of mortgage payments to the Bank.

During the trial, Judge Mahoney asked a representative of the Federal Reserve Bank, exactly how its currency was created.

After the representative explained how the currency was printed, without the backing of anything of intrinsic value such as gold, Judge Mahoney ruled that the Federal Reserve Bank was basically just a glorified counterfeiter that laundered its counterfeited currency through the U.S. Treasury, while deceiving the American people into believing that Federal Reserve Notes had some form of intrinsic value.

He ruled in favor of the defendant, while declaring every loan that the Federal Reserve Bank had been involved in up until that time, fraudulent.

That meant that the millions of loans made by the Federal Reserve Bank to businesses and homeowners during a span of fifty four years were instantly made null and void.

Specifically, that they did not have to be paid back.

This ruling would have put the Federal Reserve System out of business.

Mahoney's ruling was as patriotic as it was precedent setting.

It also made him an enemy of the Federal Reserve's Board Of Governors which would guarantee that their revenge would be exacted upon him.

Judge Martin Mahoney would be poisoned to death just six months after making his precedent setting ruling against the Federal Reserve System.

What is today known as the Credit River Decision.

Now in 2015, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, finds himself in the same situation as President John F. Kennedy did in 1963 and Judge Martin V. Mahoney did in 1968, having signed legislation which is clearly a direct threat to the Federal Reserve System's autonomy over the U.S. economy.

The fact that the Jade Helm Military exercise includes the State of Texas, has this author wondering if the idea to initiate Jade Helm 15 was done before or after Governor Abbott signed legislation, which orders the Federal Reserve to repatriate $1 Billion dollars in gold bullion to the State of Texas.

If Jade Helm was fomented after Abbott signed this legislation, then the citizens of Bastrop Texas, as well as those of the rest of this State, have good reason to be concerned that they may find themselves the targets of a military takeover.

I say this since we can be certain that the Federal Reserve is not going to comply with Governor Abbott's demand to return $1 Billion in gold bullion to the State of Texas, because this would establish a precedent that will allow the 49 remaining U.S. States to follow suit, by enacting their own legislation in which to repatriate the billions in gold bullion that they claim they are owed by the Federal Reserve.

This would result in the destruction of the Federal Reserve System, and the end of the House of Rothschilds' control over the United States Federal Government, for it is the Federal Reserve System's control over the monetary system in the United States since 1914, which has allowed the Federal Reserve to furtively control the U.S. Federal Government for the past century.

The American people should keep a watchful eye on what is presently developing in Texas in the event that a state of martial law is declared there, since this could easily be the catalyst for a civil revolt in the United States which quickly sweeps across this nation.


Did the NSA Murder Dr. Rauni Kilde?
"In an Oct. 30, 2014 interview Melanie Vritschan, public relations director of EUCACH, stated, 'We have evidence now that NSA is behind the Transhumanist Agenda to implant and robotize humanity.' Ms. Vritschan was referring to the overall control of the advanced remote directed energy weapons, and remote neural control weapons of the category that apparently may have assassinated Dr. Rauni Kilde."

9/5/15 - Dr. Rauni Kilde Is Yet Another Targeted Individual Who Was Murdered From Long Term Radiation Exposure To Directed Energy Weaponry - The Last Attack On Dr. Kilde Was Very Aggressive And Lasted Several Days, Resulting In Her Being Hospitalized And Given Large Doses Of Morphine, Which She Had Stated She Was Allergic To - Dr. Kilde Died A Few Days Later In What Was Likely Either A Deliberate Morphine Overdose Or A Directed Energy Induced Murder

Dr. Kilde was at one time Finland's chief medical officer, when she refused to remain silent in regard to the reports being made by citizens in her country, relating to the Finnish government's targeting of their persons for non consensual human experimentation.

In many instances, mind control technology and directed energy weaponry were involved.

Dr. Kilde also stated that the U.S. National Security Agency is responsible for most of the non consensual human experimentation that involves remote forms of mind control experimentation by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as secretly carried out assassinations involving the use of directed energy weapons.

She has also been a vocal opponent of the Transhumanist agenda secretly being carried out by the U.S. National Security Agency, as part of a plan to turn the human race into a species of hybridized beings that are part machine, part computer and part human.

All being done under Rothschild Zionism's Satanic world government agenda.

As punishment for her public criticism of the Intelligence community's use of these classified weapons on the general population of her country, Dr. Kilde was subjected to an aggressive neutralization campaign and no longer allowed to practice medicine.

For many years she led a courageous fight to expose these weapons and the governments around the world (including the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, and in particular the NSA), who are using these weapons to experiment upon, torture, and murder many of this planet's citizens.

She was also one the early opponents of the Pentagon's use of HAARP weaponry for the purpose of mass mind control of the human race, as well as geophysical manipulation of the weather, in order to artificially create what on the surface appear to be natural disasters, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts etc. (what the Pentagon secretly refers to as weather warfare).

Dr. Kilde was also one of the first people to describe how her brain was being remotely interfaced with Artificial Intelligence computers via the electromagnetic spectrum, which allowed those who operate this technology to actually see what she was seeing through her own eyes, by remotely accessing the visual cortex region of her brain.

Dr. Kilde also described how those who used this technology against her could remotely read her thoughts (synthetic telepathy) as well as implant computer generated thoughts into her mind.

Something first documented by John St. Clair Akwei in his civil lawsuit against the NSA in the 1990s, and later by this author in 2005, after I had learned that I have been a target of this modern day version of MK-Ultra since the time that I was in my teens.

Dr. Kilde was also a well respected author who wrote about the paranormal, and her concerns that the people of this planet are under a very negative influence in regard to the types of electromagnetic radiation frequencies which are being broadcast by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, in order to adversely influence their brain states.

She recently completed a book in regard to the NSA's Transhumanist program, and died under mysterious conditions not long afterwards.

She avoided the complexity of the technology in the interest of alerting the world to what was occurring here, by referring to this phenomenon as the deliberate and artificial creation of negative energy which is being remotely broadcast into the minds of this planet's human inhabitants.

She stated that this phenomenon has been taking place for many decades, and is part of Rothschild Zionism's intent to create a world government based on the Rothschild dynasty's worship of Satan.

Persons close to Dr. Kilde said that for days before she died, her body was aggressively irradiated with directed weapons which resulted in the terminal cancer which was used to murder her.

Dr. Kilde was taken to a hospital (not the hospital she requested) and given heavy doses of the pain killer morphine (which she was allergic to). She may well have died of morphine toxicity which caused her respiratory system to fail.

Or a combination of morphine toxicity and directed energy weapon attacks.

The fact that she was in as much physical pain as she was indicates that she was being aggressively targeted with directed energy weapons which were causing the extreme pain.

Anyone who has been targeted with directed energy weapons understands how powerful they are, and how easily they can be used to kill someone instantly. However, most Targeted Individuals are slowly murdered over years as we are experimented upon and tortured, before we are actually murdered.

Thankfully, *Dr. Kilde's no longer being tortured with these classified weapons, and has moved on to a higher plane.

*Dr. Rauni Kilde Dies Of Terminal Cancer In February 2015 - The Likely Cause Of The Cancer Was Years Of Exposure To Directed Energy Weapon's Radiation

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