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The Conspiracy To Force WTA Tennis Player Eugenie Bouchard Out Of Women's Professional Tennis - When Sports Rivalries Become Out Of Control And A Furtive Means Of Punishment Is Selected To Oftentimes Not Only Denigrate And Demoralize A Professional Athlete, But To Also Destroy Their Career - And How Psychotronic & Directed Energy Weapons Are Now Being Used As Part Of This Satanic Conspiracy

Editor's Note: NSA/FBI Directed Energy Weapons ELF Attack On This Author's Mother Again, Causing Lightheadedness And Nausea Symptoms

As targets of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, we are remotely and illegally monitored 24 hours a day via the electromagnetic spectrum, by this modern day Third Reich. The EMF fields produced by our bodies are remotely homed in on, giving both the NSA and FBI the ability to instantly target us with directed energy weapons. This means that we are constantly being subjected to these covert forms of torture, and by the type of Satanic reprobates who have come to characterize the hidden evil that lurks behind the cover of the hierarchy of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

I will update the situation in regard to whether this attack continues, or ends, depending on the intensity of this particular directed energy frequency.

These types of furtive attacks only serve to further support this author's allegation, that this technology is also being used on professional athletes, who are unwittingly utilized for such non consensual human experimentation.

And whose athletic performance can often be influenced in order to fix professional sporting events, for the express purpose of making huge profits for those who manipulate and then bet on the outcomes of these events.

This author has cited how directed energy weapons have been used on WTA tennis star Serena Williams over the past few years, and as punishment for Serena's "Crip Walk" celebratory dance on the center court of Wimbledon in 2012.

This dance, which emulated something done by the inner city gang culture, occurred after Serena won the women's finals at Wimbledon - and that it took place on Wimbledon's hallowed "center court." The British media at the time reported that the dance was extremely offensive to the British Monarchy; something that the Monarchy considered to be a desecration of Wimbledon's sacred center court.

Soon afterwards, Serena began to experience bizarre situations like the one which forced her to withdraw from her single's match at the 2015 Australian Hopman Classic, in which Serena stated that she could not get her body to do what she wanted it to (a clear sign that she was being targeted for something called transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain, which interferes with how the brain communicates with the rest of the body.)

"Serena Williams said she had 'no energy' and couldn't 'get my body to move' during a 6-2, 6-1 loss to Eugenie Bouchard at the Hopman Cup."

Who defeated Serena in this match? Young WTA prodigy, Eugenie Bouchard.

Moreover, during a Wimbledon double's tennis match with her sister in 2014, Serena was so completely fatigued and out of it, that spectators at the match looked on in horror as they attempted to determine what was wrong with the WTA star.

Former WTA pro turned WTA commentator, Chris Evert, kept saying: "Serena shouldn't be out there," as Evert herself was attempting to determine what was causing Serena's bizarre behavior.

What was wrong with Serena was a bad case of electromagnetic harassment, which zapped her energy and left her so completely debilitated, that it was all she could do just to get back to her chair and collapse.

A number of other people who are familiar with this classified technology, have since seen the video of Serena at Wimbledon, and agreed that Directed Energy Weaponry was the likely cause of her predicament; and that an ELF wave was probably responsible for causing her tremendous fatigue and disorientation.

The reader should keep in mind that Serena could have recovered very quickly, once the EMF frequency that was being used to target her body was either dialed down, or turned off. And I say this having been targeted by directed energy weapons for more than two decades.

However, Serena could have also been killed in a millisecond if the intensity of this frequency was instantly and significantly increased.

They refer to these classified weapons as pulsed beam weapons, because if the beam from these weapons was not pulsed, the targeted person would be killed instantly by them.

Moreover, what is most important to understand here, is that in order for Serena to have been targeted by this technology, those who targeted her, would have to have had access to the unique EMF signatures being produced by her body. And that means that like the rest of us, Serena Williams has been EMF fingerprinted by the NSA.

And moreover, that as part of this EMF fingerprinting of her person, the NSA can scan the electromagnetic spectrum in order to instantly identify Serena, by way of the unique EMF fields which are produced by her own body.

More specifically, Serena has been enslaved through the invisible electromagnetic wall that can be created around her at any time, through the use of directed energy weapons. Just as the rest of the American people can.

Our concept of freedom is a total illusion. Since all Americans are the unwitting subjects of what this author refers to as signals intelligence induced electromagnetic enslavement.

Scroll down for the article on how psychotronic and directed energy weapons are being used to fix professional sporting events, while using professional athletes for non consensual human experimentation; as well as the conspiracy to destroy the pro tennis career of Canadian, Eugenie Bouchard, who is more than likely also an unwitting target of this classified technology.

Americans Can Count On The FBI To Obstruct Justice & Cover Up The Real Facts Behind Every Major Crime That The FBI Is Involved In Investigating

Zionist Propaganda Machine Strikes Again With A New Book Claiming That A Recently Discovered Gospel Describes How Jesus Christ Was Married To Mary Magdalene, And That They Had Two Children - This Piece Of Fiction Builds On Author Dan Brown's Fictional Work The Da Vinci Code - The Story About The Recently Discovered Gospel Is As Fictional As Its Contents - This Is Just Another Attempt By Rothschild Zionism To Destroy Christianity As Well As The Roman Catholic Church

Why Are New York State Politicians So Corrupt?

Vanity Fair Article Regarding Organized Stalking Targets Actor Randy Quaid And His Wife Evi, Which Describes How The Couple Became Fugitives Who Fled To Canada, After Publicly Exposing A Hollywood Plot To Murder Wealthy Actors Who Fell Out Of Favor With Hollywood Studios, Which Then Found Creative Ways In Which To Collect Their Insurance Policies While Raiding Their Estates

What Really Killed Football Legend Frank Gifford? The Mystery Into His Sudden Death And The Lack Of An Autopsy, Combined With The Bizarre Behavior Of His Wife, Kathie Lee Gifford, Continue To Provoke Questions Regarding The Use Of Psychotronic And Directed Energy Weaponry On High Profile Media Personalities

Russian President Says What All American Politicians Are Afraid To Admit To - That The Terrorist Attacks On 9/11/2001 Were Perpetrated By Conspirators Within The United States Federal Government

How The FBI Can Lock Your Cellphone By Planting A Trojan Virus On It - This Modern Day Nazi Gestapo Is Becoming Worse Than Hitler's Own

What Really Became Of The Passengers On 9/11/2001 And What Actually Crashed Into The Twin Towers & Pentagon? - The Official Explanation For 9/11 Is Pure Fiction, Allowing Bush 43, The Former Project For A New American Century, Israel, Syria, Great Britain And Others Who Are Complicit In This Treasonous Crime Against Humanity, To Commit Mass Murder With Total Impunity From Prosecution - 9/11 Was The Most Elaborate Deception By A Corrupted Government Against Its Own Citizens Since The Earliest Of Formalized Governments Began

The FBI's Demand That Apple & Other Manufacturers Of Cellular Phones Who Have Built Encryption Into Their Latest Models Remove Them, While Simultaneously Describing The Importance Of Encryption In Cellphones For User Safety, Is Just One Example Of The Bundle Of Contradictions That The FBI Is

The Pentagon's Use Of HAARP As A Form Of Weather Warfare Is Causing Global Devastation, Which On The Surface Appear To Be Natural Disasters - HAARP Is Being Used To Perpetrate A Covert Form Of Genocide

Editor's Note: 10/15/15 - WTA Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard Sues The U.S. Tennis Association For Negligence Regarding The Mysterious Fall That She Took After A Doubles' Match She Played On September 4Th 2015 - After A Difficult 2015 Season, Bouchard Was Back On Her Game And Based On The Early Attrition Of Most Of The Top Ten WTA Players, Was Well On Her Way To Reaching The U.S. Open Women's Final - With Her Tennis Career Now In Jeopardy Due To A Serious Concussion She Experienced Which Was Clearly Due To Negligence (Possibly Even Done Intentionally), Bouchard Is Well Within Her Right To Sue The U.S. Tennis Association

*See WTA Star, Genie Bouchard, Sues U.S. Tennis Association After Suffering A Very Serious Concussion That Could End Her Promising Professional Tennis Career

"SportsPro, a UK-based magazine, named Bouchard the world's most marketable athlete -- assessing her "marketing potential over the next three years" -- last May. Second on the list was Barcelona football ace Neymar, while in third place came golfer Jordan Spieth, who has won two majors in 2015." - Source:

For more on this story, scroll down to the article regarding Genie's mysterious accident at the U.S. Open, and the criminal conspiracy to destroy this talented young tennis prodigy's WTA career. In this author's opinion, Genie Bouchard's "slip" at the U.S. Open was no accident. It was part of a malevolent campaign fomented at the end of the 2014 WTA season, in which to use *furtive and plausibly deniable means to remove Bouchard from the WTA tour.

*Psychotronic & Directed Energy Weapons


Many Of The So Called "Data Dumps" That Are Being Passed Off As Circulating Inside Information On The U.S. Intelligence Community, Are In Fact Being Perpetrated By This Very Community As Part Of A Larger Disinformation Campaign

Caveat Lector
Beware Of What You Read

This author has read through much of the information that has been circulated by many of the CIA propaganda sites on the Internet; information that they claim was obtained through the "Data Dump" method of leaking secret information about crimes being committed by the U.S. Federal Government.

Supposedly, classified information that is in all likelihood little more than disinformation, which rubes like Internet shock jock, Alex Jones, will then attempt to pass off as the genuine article.

Jones has been losing a tremendous amount of credibility over the past few years, as his listeners begin to realize that he is just another member of the CIA's controlled opposition, operating under the Agency's Mockingbird propaganda program.

This use of the media for such disinformation, continues to be the primary means by which the U.S. Intelligence community has been able to control any leaks by legitimate whistleblowers.

As for Edward Snowden, I think that he has always been controlled opposition; specifically, that he was either wittingly or otherwise used for the purpose of NSA propaganda and disinformation, from the moment he went public with his allegations against the Agency several years ago.

The real story in regard to the NSA remains completely ignored by the mainstream media and the body politic in this country. Which only goes to further support this author's claims of the abject importance of this information.

Specifically, the NSA's covert enslavement of the American people, through the Agency's use of a signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting program, in which all American citizens are electromagnetically branded like s heads of cattle, from the time that we are born.

There is no greater scandal than this. And my promulgation of this information over the past decade is the real reason for the U.S. Federal Government's furtive and completely illegal slander campaign against this author.


How Michelle Obama's New Healthier Lunch Guidelines Are Creating A Rebellion In American Schools That Has Become Nearly Impossible To Ignore

There's little doubt that the First Lady's plan to revamp the luncheon program in American schools, and in the interest of serving healthier foods to America's youth - was done with the best of intentions.

However, as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Over the past few years American primary schools have been experiencing what can only be described as a youth oriented rebellion, as children boycott the "healthier" menus at their schools, by instead choosing to "brown bag" it.

Of course, this has resulted in the erosion of profits that most U.S. schools earn from their lunch programs, in the interest of serving up healthier foods.

How did today's youth become so addicted to junk foods?

It all began a few generations ago.

This author can remember the types of energy packed breakfasts and lunches that our generation of youth consumed.

Starting the day with fine quality breakfasts like Kelloggs' Pop Tarts, Sugar Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Coco Puffs, and a host of other highly addictive and sugary treats, we would become a generation of hyperactive kids, who'd find ourselves as reliant on refined sugars (which have now been proven to be more addictive than cocaine and heroin) to get through our day, as a drug addict was on their latest fix.

In other words, that to this day most American adults remain hooked on the junk foods that we were weaned on thirty, forty, and even fifty years ago.

The cafeteria lunches being offered at the time were not much healthier, with greasy hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, and pizza becoming staples in the daily diet of our America youth culture.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

So it's no wonder that why forty years later, American children love their fast food as much as we did at their age, and still cringe at the thought of eating foods that might be healthier for them; which their less than sensitive taste buds have been conditioned to reject.

I say this since these food addictions are generational, and thus, inherited from their parents; who were raised during the rise of the junk food explosion, and on unhealthy staples that were intentionally laced with refined sugars - in order to create an addiction - that would forever support the financial interests of companies - who all too willingly - not only catered to these addictions, but would also become dependent on them for their own financial survival.

Refined sugar is one of the most addictive substances on this planet. It is more addictive than cocaine or heroin, and because of this, should at the very least be regulated by the FDA.

However, it is not, because it would become too costly to the myriad companies that provide refined sugars in the manufacture of junk food products, that American retailers sell to both the American youth market as well as its adult market.

So in spite of the demonization of the First Lady's "healthy food program" - by America's young students - she is headed in the right direction.

However, if Mrs. Obama really wants to improve on the health of not just American children, but also the adults in this country, she should use her influence with the President, to have the FDA create more stringent guidelines regarding the use of refined sugars, in the foods that are manufactured within the United States.

As a population, we'd all be a lot healthier if she did.

Also See:

"School Kids Are Blaming Michelle Obama For Their 'Gross School Lunches'"

America's Lunch Ladies Call For An End To Michelle Obama's School Lunch Tyranny

Editor's Note: 10/13/15 - The First Democratic Debate Was About As Uninteresting As First The Republican Debate (At Least Donald Trump Wasn't There, Which Was A Good Thing)

I don't know why any of the candidates with the exception of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders even bothered to show up, since CNN moderators clearly spent an inordinate amount of time on Clinton and Sanders, while the other candidates received less time.

Jim Webb, in particular, should not have wasted his time showing up at all, since it appeared that the moderators were told to ignore him as much as they could - a point that Webb, himself, made during the evening.

This was clearly a rigged debate from its inception, with Bernie Sanders acting as controlled opposition foil to Hillary Clinton.

In fact, Sanders sounds exactly like actor Larry David. So much so, that I kept thinking that I had accidentally tuned into an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

In brief, if you did not tune into this debate, you didn't miss anything.

Hillary Clinton will probably skate on the Email-Gate debacle, which as this author has stated for months now, was always nothing more than a red herring which the FBI never wanted to get involved in in the first place. Especially given Clinton's connections to the CIA.

Ironically enough, it is Clinton's poor health that will ultimately become her greatest nemesis when attempting to obtain the Presidency.


Are Many Of The Computer Glitches Being Reported At Airports, Being Intentionally Caused By The NSA, Using Signals Intelligence Through The Air Technology? And If So, Why?

*See: Are Computers At American Airports Being Remotely Tampered With Using Signals Intelligence Technology In Order To Cause Them To Crash?

Several years ago, when this author began to realize the significance of the NSA's signals intelligence operations, and the Orwellian ways in which they are being used to furtively interfere in our daily lives, I began to question the value of encryption technology, and its purported use in preventing computers from being remotely hacked into.

The premise behind utilizing encryption software, is that it is based on a probability and statistics model. And that this model is based on the fact that the more random numbers and characters used in a computer password, the less likely it is for that password to be discovered.

However, what happens when the password is stored within the mind of a computer user, whose brain map has been secretly and illegally decoded by the NSA, CIA, or other government agency, which maintains access to such cryptologic technology; who are able to then remotely access the neural pathways of this person's brain and steal the password, without this person ever realizing it?

The password and the encryption technology used to protect it would become useless.

Perhaps this is the real reason why biotelemetry such as retinal and fingerprint scanners are now used by the U.S. Military in regard to its nuclear missile bases, which negates the need for complex passwords which can be memorized by those who oversee such a system, and whose minds can then be remotely hacked into in order to steal these passwords.

"The Armageddon Plan" - How The U.S. Federal Government Would Operate During A Nuclear War & Its Aftermath

And this supports this author's claim that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is well aware that synthetic telepathy can be used against anyone whose own brain map has been decoded, and from a great distance from where the person is located.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has made this possible. And the NSA is not the only organization with access to this Orwellian technology, since it appears that the governments of all NATO countries have access to this mind invasive technology.

A technology which also allows them to manipulate history through their control over, and manipulation of, the electromagnetic spectrum; rather than allowing history to unfold naturally.

And this proves what I have said in the past in regard to how history can now be made to order, by those who maintain access to this technology.

10/12/15 - On 60 Minutes Last Night, Barack Obama Uses Neural Linguistic Programming During An Interview, As A Means Of Double Entendre, In Order To Link The Terms ISIS And ISIL with American Citizens Who Have Become Targeted Individuals - This Is A Complete Deception By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, The Congress, The Executive Branch, And The U.S. Media, Since We Are Not Terrorists And We Have No Connections To Terrorists, Either Domestically Or Internationally!

*NSA Using FMRI Technology To Remotely Interrogate American Citizens Via Artificial Intelligence Computer To Brain Interface And By Way Of The Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - In Complete Violation Of The 4Th, 5Th And 6TH Amendments To The U.S. Bill Of Rights - The NSA Is Part Of A Modern Version Of The Nazi's Third Reich Which Harbors Itself Behind The Cover Of The Hierarchy Within The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex

**Partial List Of Members Of The Former Neo Con Zionist Terrorist Think Tank, Project For A New American Century, Several Of Whose Members Orchestrated 9/11 Under Bush 43's Administration - These Are Some Of The People Who Should Have Stood Trial For The Mass Murders Of Thousands Of Americans On 9/11 & The Subsequent Murders Of Millions Of Iraqi And Afghani Citizens As Part Of This False Flag Operation

***Timeline For The Project For A New American Century, Its Intent To Overthrow The Iraqi Government And The Need For A Catalyzing Event In Which To Do So (Why The 9/11 False Flag Operation Took Place)

For quite sometime, this author has been following the various forms of Neural Linguistic Programming that the *President, Vice President and members of Congress have been using with the American media - as part of a national brainwashing program - which supports both my allegations as well as those being made by thousands of other Targeted Individuals.

*I have also publicly alleged my concerns that the body politic in the United States are all brain mapped by the NSA, and thus, can be subjected to mind control influence via computer to brain interface without their knowledge, while they are in turn being used to carry out mass brainwashing on the American people - via the mainstream controlled media in this country.

*Also See: Is Barack Obama Being Programmed To Use Mind Control On Americans?

More specifically, that under the treasonous Patriot Act, the U.S. Federal Government is using furtive means of not only orchestrating the vigilante hate crime Organized Stalking (through fusion centers and programs like FBI Infragard), against Targeted Individuals, but doing so in a furtive manner that is plausibly deniable, in order to cover up the fact that federal, state and local government in the United States, are criminally discriminating against Targeted Individuals, by secretly abrogating the Constitutional rights of these American citizens.

This is a precedent setting violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights by both the Executive and Legislative branches of government.

Moreover, when Barack Obama was asked last night how long it will take to destroy ISIL and ISIS, he stated that the communities in which these groups reside will have to take part in the destruction of these groups.

This was a furtive way of saying that the communities within the United States must play an active role in destroying Targeted Individuals, by carrying out more aggressive psychological warfare operations against Targeted Individuals; including vigilante stalking crimes.

ISIS and ISIL are also machinations of the CIA, just as the Taliban and Al Qaeda have been. One can only imagine what new "Axis of Evil" they will come up for the controlled media in the United States to then churn out, when the present ISIS and ISIL fervor dies down.

And what deceptive acronym will be used to represent this newest invention of the Pentagon's own collective demented mind?

Secretary Of State, *John Kerry, was making the same comments this past week in regard to how Syrian communities must also go after ISIL and ISIS.

Kerry's use of the double entendre was obvious enough, in that he was also referring to the Organized Stalking which is being secretly carried out by American communities against Targeted Individuals, through the use of DOJ and DHS controlled fusion centers, as well as the FBI's Orwellian Infragard program.

* I have long suspected that Kerry as well as his wife, Heinz heiress, Teresa Heinz Kerry, have been unwitting targets of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network for a number of years, and that several of the seizures that Teresa has suffered over the past few years were not related to earlier breast cancer treatment, but instead to directed energy weapon's attacks. I also think that it is quite possible that the last seizure which she experienced, was done to delay John Kerry's meetings in Washington, pertaining to U.S. China relations.

I also believe that Kerry's recent bicycle accident could have also been caused through the use of a very subtle magnetic field, which could have caused the accident. The stealth nature of directed energy weapons allows them to be used with surgical precision for virtually any application. HAARP can be utilized to create sudden wind gusts (even powerful microbursts), which can be directed at any physical location on this planet.

The Pentagon's HAARP weather warfare program is presently being used to artificially create many different types of - what on the surface - appear to be natural disasters.

This author has often seen HAARP used to knock trees down, after they were hit with a powerful and artificially created microburst.

The earlier *breast cancer treatment, as well as the medical explanation for its possible relation to Teresa Heinz's seizures, could have been used as plausible deniability to cover up the fact that the seizures were artificially caused via directed energy weaponry.

* Theresa Heinz Kerry's cancer could have been the result of a directed energy weapon's attack. What would make John Kerry and his wife possible targets of such attacks? Their substantial wealth, and the fact that many wealthy people are being targeted for covert murders, in order to cash in on their insurance policies, while finding creative ways to invade their estates after they have died. Oftentimes their own families become the targets of the same conspiracy until there is no one left; which make the estate that much easier to gain access to.

*Secretary Of State, John Kerry's Meetings Regarding U.S. China Relations Delayed After Wife Teresa Suffers From A Seizure

**Teresa Heinz Kerry Makes A Miraculous Recovery From Her Most Recent Seizure - Are These Seizures The Result Of Directed Energy Weapon's Attacks?

This use of the double entendre by Obama and Kerry through the mainstream U.S. media, is the closest that the TI community will ever come to having an admission by the U.S. Federal Government, that Organized Stalking does exist, and that it is being used to abrogate the Constitutional right to due process of law for Targeted Individuals; who now number in the millions within the United States alone.

This does not include the millions of Targeted Individuals in other NATO countries, who are also documenting these crimes against humanity, which are being secretly fomented by their own subverted governments.

Of course, the greatest scandal which these NATO governments continue to conceal from their own citizens, is how they have secretly implemented signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting programs, which these governments utilize as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, which allows these governments to instantly identify any citizen - by scanning the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EMF fields which are produced by that person's body.

The greatest scandal in human history, and first alleged by this author in 2005, after learning that I have been a target of this signals intelligence predation for most of my life; and under a second generation of the CIA's original MK-Ultra program, which since the 1970s, has been conducted through the electromagnetic spectrum by both the CIA and NSA.

Moreover, had it not been for NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei's civil action against the NSA, neither this author nor anyone else would have learned of this nefarious plot by the NSA, to use the electromagnetic spectrum as a furtive means of enslaving the American people.

As a citizenry, we owe John St. Clair Akwei a debt of gratitude that we will never be able to repay.

Why Are New York State Politicians So Corrupt?

10/11/15 - Dan Rather And Mary Mapes Again Challenge George W. Bush's Claims That He Was Not AWOL During His Time In The National Guard

First off, as a target of directed energy weaponry for more than two decades, and thus familiar with the myriad ways in which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex secretly uses this technology to experiment upon, torture and murder American citizens, I would keep a watchful eye on the health of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes, as well as the actors who took part in the production of the movie "Truth," since they could be made to pay for creating this movie, and reigniting the controversy over Bush 43's time in the National Guard.

Many of Dan Rather's supporters knew that Rather and his producer, Mary Mapes, were telling the truth in regard to their claims about George W. Bush being AWOL during his time in the National Guard.

A new movie called "Truth" supports the claims made by Rather and Mapes. This has resulted in Bush 43 White House Zionist lackey, Karl Rove, making appearances in the mainstream media, claiming that Rather's story was nothing but a smear piece on Dubya.

However, given the fact that the Bush 43 Administration and their PNAC/Zionist leadership, not only covered up their part in the 9/11 false flag operation, but also sabotaged the 9/11 Commission (allegations supported by both of its co-chairs including former New Jersey Governor, Tom Keane), in order to ensure that they were never held accountable, the fact that Rove can even get air time on a major network, should give the reader an idea of the type of control that Rothschild Zionism has over the mainstream disinformation media in the United States.

Google: Richard W. Behan's book: "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror" to learn about what an insidious scheme 9/11 really was, and how Bush 43 and his Zionist cohorts, were directly complicit in the 9/11 false flag operation; which then enabled them to have a plausible reason to attack Afghanistan and Iraq, claiming to be searching for Osama Bin Ladin, while their real mission was to secure the rights to the oil in Iraq, and the natural gas reserves in the Caspian Basin.


Donald Trump continues his P.T. Barnum like manipulation of the American people, in his quest to control the largest corporation in the world: The United States Federal Government

One must wonder given this façade that "The Donald" continues to carry out, how much longer he will be able to perpetrate this fraud before his campaign implodes.

And Donald Trump's attempt to run for the White House will eventually implode, unless, that is, he is already owned by the same people who control his competition; namely, the CIA.

In that case you don't want him in the White House either, since you will only have more of what we have had since the Legislative Act of 1871 was passed in the years following the U.S. Civil War. A government that is in name only. A giant corporation that under Donald Trump will become even more of an out of control and un-American behemoth than it already is.

Trump understands this, and sees his opportunity at being elected to the Presidency as the chance to control the largest corporation in the world. The United States Federal Government.

The following quote from the 1987 movie, "Wall Street" concisely sums up what Donald Trump's quest for the White House is all about, and how he perceives the U.S. Presidency to be the Holy Grail in his desire for ultimate power, while he cons the American middle class into getting their vote:

"Carl Fox: 'There came into Egypt a Pharaoh who did not know.'

Gordon Gekko: 'I beg your pardon, is that a proverb?'

Carl Fox: 'No, a prophecy. The rich have been doing it to the poor since the beginning of time. The only difference between the Pyramids and the Empire State Building is the Egyptians didn't allow unions. I know what this guy is all about, greed. He don't give a damn about Bluestar or the unions. He's in and out for the buck and he don't take prisoners."

The following 1990 Vanity Fair magazine article gives the reader a better understanding of how Trump attempts to run his own family like a business, using his cunning to manipulate even those closest to him; while his ruthlessness is even directed at his own flesh and blood, when he perceives them to be a threat to his authoritarian ideology.

If Donald Trump ever managed to get elected to office, he'd end up as another Hitler.

As one of his subjects, you'd either fear him as his family does, or you'd become the target of his vengeance.

"After The Gold Rush" By Marie Brenner

"This past April, when his empire was in danger of collapse, Trump isolated himself in a small apartment on a lower floor of Trump Tower. He would lie on his bed, staring at the ceiling, talking into the night on the telephone. The Trumps had separated. Ivana remained upstairs in the family triplex with its beige onyx floors and low-ceilinged living room painted with murals in the style of Michelangelo.

"The murals had occasioned one of their frequent fights: Ivana wanted cherubs, Donald preferred warriors. The warriors won. 'If this were on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, it would be very much in place in terms of quality,' Trump once said of the work. That April, Ivana began to tell her friends that she was worried about Donald’s state of mind.

"She had been completely humiliated by Donald through his public association with Marla Maples. 'How can you say you love us? You don’t love us! You don’t even love yourself. You just love your money,' twelve-year-old Donald junior told his father, according to friends of Ivana’s. 'What kind of son have I created?' Trump’s mother, Mary, is said to have asked Ivana."

The full article continues here:

"After The Gold Rush" By Marie Brenner

10/10/15 - It isn't enough that the NSA illegally maintains files on all American citizens. The Agency also uses social media Websites such as Facebook and Twitter to "dig up" additional information on Americans who use these Websites, which is then added to the dossiers that the NSA (the main clearinghouse for the U.S. Intelligence community) compiles on the American people.

"How the U.S. Intelligence community is using social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, to collect your personal information, which is then added to a file that the NSA maintains on each American citizen, which is created at the time that we are born"

10/9/15 - Donald Trump's appearance in the U.S. Presidential race has always had the public scratching their heads, since he simply is not presidential material. So many Americans were surprised when Trump began to show a commanding lead over the past few months in opinion polls (all of which are so skewed based on partisanship that they are basically worthless).

*Is Donald Trump Looking To Bail Out Of His Presidential Run? Is The Pressure From Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Getting To Him? Or Was This Entire Situation A CIA Psyop On The American People, From Its Inception?

However, over the past few weeks he has begun hinting at an exit strategy, which has this author wondering if Trump is being blackmailed into ending his run, and looking for a graceful way to bow out.

Has anyone else noticed how the recent storm which traveled up the eastern coast of the United States was named Joaquin, just like the first name of the Mexican drug lord: Joaquin El Chapo Guzman?

Guzman is alleged to have placed a $100 million bounty on the head of Donald Trump for bringing Trump to him - dead or alive.

Everyday this situation sounds more like another CIA false flag operation, where either Guzman never really escaped at all, or if he did, the escape was engineered by the CIA for the purpose of generating headlines in regard to Donald Trump, who may very well be a CIA asset, used as a spoiler to cause further damage to a crumbling GOP party.

I have said for months now that I expected Trump's campaign to implode sooner or later, and that the likely Republican frontrunner who will end up representing the GOP will be Jeb Bush. And I still believe that.

As another example of my making an observation which then in someway makes the headlines, the other day I said to another Family member that if Donald Trump continues to disrespect Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton the way that he has been, that he could end up having an accident; like falling down an elevator shaft in one of his buildings.

Today the media reports that a 16 year old boy accidentally fell down an elevator shaft in an abandoned building in Staten Island. The number 16 has long been one of myriad psychological triggers used by the FBI and NSA as part of their psychological operation against this author. What was Frank Gifford's number when he played professional football? 16. Gifford did not die by accident and neither did this boy. They were murdered using directed energy weapons.

What I am witnessing and documenting is a phenomenon in which these Agencies are murdering people based on psyops that they are conducting against this author, while they attempt to drive me insane using these vicious psyops, and the fact that they sound so outlandish, that they are difficult to believe. However, they are taking place constantly, and people are being murdered as part of them.

*16 Year Old Boy Falls Down Elevator Shaft And Later Dies

*When Life Becomes Stranger Than Fiction - How EEG Heterodyned Thought Streams That I Am Subjected To As A Target Of MK-Ultra, Are Being Used As The Precursor To Carrying Out Real Life Murders, Through The Use Of Psychotronic And Directed Energy Weapons

I also still believe that it is possible that Hillary Clinton could be the Democratic nominee, if she manages to avoid a DOJ indictment (very likely), however, I think that her health is much worse than she is letting on, and that this will ultimately begin to manifest itself in very serious neurological problems in the future.


Rumor That Hillary Clinton Is Dying Of Brain Cancer And Will Not Live Long Enough To Be The Democratic Representative

The National Enquirer has always had a reputation for being a slanderous rag, however, in spite of its bad rep, more often that not many of the sensationalized stories that they print turn out to have more than a bit of merit to them.

Yesterday, the Enquirer printed an article in regard to Hillary Clinton, which states that her poor health is the result of brain cancer.

Whether or not this is true, the fact that she has suffered recent health issues, and is attempting to win the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Presidency, means that the American people have the right to know what Hillary's true health status is.

If the statement about her having brain cancer is in fact true, then this would explain some of the rumors being floated, in regard to Clinton's not having to worry about being indicted by the DOJ as the result of E-mail Gate, since the claims are that she has less than a year to live.

*See: Hillary Clinton's White House Dream Is Over

Of course if the Enquirer rumor is false, then Hillary will still have to contend with Email Gate. However, this author has a suspicion that this rumor is true. And while I have no love for Hillary Clinton, I wish it wasn't.


Today the U.S. media announces that Congressman *Kevin McCarthy has suddenly decided to remove himself from consideration to become the next Speaker Of The House Of Representatives. Why did John Boehner suddenly decide to step down? Was it blackmail or did he learn of something so horrendous going on within the body politic in Washington, that he wants to escape before it becomes public?

*The media reports that McCarthy had an extramarital affair that he did not want made public, and that once it was made public he decided to remove his name from consideration for Speaker Of The House.

Will John Boehner finish out his time as House Speaker, or will the House have to find a replacement for him? I find it of interest that rumors of at least one extramarital affair for Boehner have persisted for years. And it's not exactly like many members of the body politic in Washington have not had affairs in the past.

So the fact that McCarthy would give up so easily makes me wonder if this entire situation was not staged.

While we are on the subject of false flag situations, this would be a good time to mention that there are an increasing number of American citizens who are starting to voice their concerns that the entire debacle between the U.S. National Security Agency and NSA contractor Edward Snowden, may have been staged by the NSA.

And as a red herring, in order to deflect attention away from the thousands of complaints being made by American citizens, that the Agency is involved in a covert and Orwellian program which involves the use of American citizens for mind control experimentation, which is conducted by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The fact is that the NSA can track your body via the EM spectrum, and by the unique EMF signatures that your body produces. And while the U.S. Federal Government will vehemently deny this, they know that this allegation is true and that by publicly acknowledging it, they would face the wrath of the American people and the abolition of this Rothschild controlled Zionist government.

See: Congressman Kevin McCarthy Suddenly Takes Himself Out Of The Running For Speaker Of The House - Could This Be A Case Of Blackmail? Was Senator John Boehner's Sudden Announcement That He Was Going To Step Down As House Speaker Also The Result Of Blackmail? Is This Another Case Of Blackmail With McCarthy? And If So, What Politician Do The Zionist Powers That Be Want To Be The Next Speaker Of The House? - Or Is This Some False Flag Deception By Congress Itself? If So, What Is It Being Used To Conceal From The American People?

The Conspiracy To Remove Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard
From The WTA Tour Continues

When Real Life Becomes Stranger Than Fiction
Directed Energy & Psychotronic Weapons
Their Influence On The Professional Athlete

Over the course of the past few years, this MK-Ultra target has been spending quite a bit of time documenting how sporting events in the United States (and other countries), are being manipulated through the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of psychotronic and directed energy weaponry.

For more than a decade, this author has been writing about this Orwellian technology as well as my experiences being tortured by the FBI and NSA, through their furtive use of this technology on my person. And there are thousands of other Americans who are documenting similar situations over the Internet in regard to their use for such non consensual human experimentation, and a part of the House of Rothschild's intent to secretly implement a global *Communist government during this century.

*1913 Conversation Between Rothschild New World Order Conspirator, Edward Mandel House And Then President Woodrow Wilson, In Which House Describes How The Rothschilds' Federal Reserve Bank (Created From The Treasonous Passage Of The Federal Reserve Act) Will Be Used To Enslave The American People, In The Interest Of Serving A World Government Zionist/Communist Political Ideology

**Why Orthodox Jews Are Opposed To A Zionist State Like Israel, And Its Zionist Leadership's Allegiance To Satan

This classified technology (whose origins are secreted within the NSA under a program known as "Radiation Intelligence") was developed in complete secrecy in the aftermath of World War II.

The program was created as part of a future plan of enslaving the American middle class, through the implementation of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, that is now used by the NSA and CIA, to remotely scan the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EMF signatures produced by our own bodies.

In other words, a nefarious and cleverly hidden program of enslavement which is carried out through the air, and thus used to turn the electromagnetic spectrum and our own environment into an invisible prison.

This technology is the brain child of the House of Rothschild, and was secretly implemented in all NATO countries after World War II ended, in the interest of creating a program which could later be used as a furtive means of enslaving the global middle class; thus allowing Rothschild Zionism and its Satanic elite class, to reduce each of us to the modern day equivalent of an indentured serf (slave).

The psychotronic and directed energy weapons which are being used by the global military intelligence complex to experiment upon, torture, and all too frequently murder our citizenry, operate by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and are deployed by way of the types of Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Networks that NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, first described in his *1992 civil lawsuit against the NSA.

* This was the most important lawsuit ever brought against the U.S. Federal Government, and it was intentionally directed to a federal circuit court judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin, who dismissed the case as being frivolous on the same day that it was filed in his courtroom! One must wonder if Sporkin even bothered to look at the case, or was instead told by the NSA to dismiss it on the grounds that Akwei's information threatened U.S. National Security interests - even though the NSA was using the cover of National Security to conceal a scandal involving its use of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven surveillance system that continues to be used as a furtive means of enslaving the American people.

Sporkin, also had long term criminal ties to the Iran Contra scandal, and a history of influencing the outcome of court cases which involved the U.S. **Intelligence community - including the CIA. Before being appointed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, by then President Ronald Reagan, and as a reward for his help in covering up the Reagan Administration's and CIA's role in Iran Contra (through what Sporkin's critics have termed "lying by omission"), Stanley Sporkin had been serving as the general counsel for the CIA.

**Google: Judge Stanley Sporkin, The CIA And The Destruction Of Hamilton Securities; Stanley Sporkin, John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency

As for the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' attempt to conceal this Orwellian program, or the fact that classified technologies which involve psychotronic and directed energy weapons are now being deployed via the electromagnetic spectrum, they now appear to have given up their attempt to deny the existence of these weapons, since there are millions of men and women being targeted by these weapons, thousands of whom are now documenting their experiences throughout the blogosphere.

Instead, in understanding that they can no longer conceal the existence of these weapons from the American people or the rest of the world, the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is now attempting to use their control over the mainstream media, in order to promote these weapons as a positive alternative to nuclear warfare.

However, this is yet another of their evil deceptions, since these weapons are equally as dangerous for the stealth ways in which they can be used on any American citizen; the result of a signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting program which was created in the United States during the Baby Boom, X Generation, which has since resulted in the U.S. population's being reduced to the state of a giant herd of electromagnetically branded heads of cattle.

*U.S. Military Now Admits To The Existence Of And Their Use Of Directed Energy Weapons, In An Attempt To Portray These Weapons In A Positive Light

The following are just some examples of how these weapons are being secretly used on the general population in the United States, under the cover of national security, and the "Inventions Secrecy Act Of 1951."

The 2013 America's Cup series (an example of HAARP weather warfare used to affect wind conditions on the race course), the 2014 Super Bowl (Deflate Gate was a cover for the real story here - Psychotronic weaponry being used to remotely influence the minds of professional athletes without their knowledge), and the 2015 Triple Crown, which was won by American Pharoah after he clinched a race in which a normal field of 12 - 14 horses was replaced with a field of eight. Why the abbreviated field, and in the race that would enable this horse to win the Triple Crown? - This race was fixed.

If the public had any idea how often these classified weapons are used by the Pentagon and the alphabet community within the U.S. Intelligence complex, for the purpose of everything from mind control experimentation and the torture and *murder of American citizens, to weather warfare and the rigging of sporting events for considerable profit, there would be no Intelligence community in the future, and the Military would be completely restructured in the interest of much greater transparency and accountability.

*See What Really Killed Football Legend Frank Gifford? The Mystery Into His Sudden Death And The Lack Of An Autopsy, Combined With The Bizarre Behavior Of His Wife, Kathie Lee Gifford, Continue To Provoke Questions Regarding The Use Of Psychotronic And Directed Energy Weaponry On High Profile Media Personalities

Editor's Note: There are so many people being murdered through the use of directed energy weapons, that it is impossible to keep track of them all. However, when a healthy person suddenly drops dead unexpectedly, that person's death should be scrutinized by the public, in the event of foul play.

I have often wondered if the sudden death of actress Jamie Lynn Sigler's brother, Adam, of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 41, could have been the result of a directed energy weapon's attack. Adam Sigler was in excellent apparent health and planning to marry his girlfriend when he died suddenly. Were there people who did not want this wedding to take place, who also had the ability to prevent it, by using furtive means in which to kill Adam Sigler with plausible deniability?

Specifically access to directed energy weaponry?

The problem with these weapons is that because of their stealth nature, they can be used to murder anyone with total anonymity. And because they can target any part of the human body, they can cause instant death, by artificially creating a heart attack, stroke, or aneurism. It is not the technology itself that is evil, since the same technology can be used to perform miraculous types of healing. Instead, it is the people within our own governments who are using this technology who are evil.

In 2014, this author began to document how Serena Williams has been routinely targeted by these weapons, and cited a 2014 Wimbledon double's match with her sister Venus, in which Serena was being targeted so aggressively by an ELF wave (Extremely Low Frequency), that she did not even have enough energy to hit the ball over the net during her service.

Serena Williams Being Targeted By A Directed Energy Weapon During Wimbledon Double's Match In 2014 - If The Intensity Of The ELF Wave That She Was Being Targeted With Was Reduced Serena Would Have Experienced Instant Relief From This Artificially Induced Fatigue

Her coordination was non existent, which caused spectators to wonder if Serena was either inebriated, on drugs, or pregnant - rumors which turned out to be false.

Anyone who has ever been targeted by an ELF wave knows exactly what this author is referring to here, since it has been characterized by many targets of this form of non consensual human experimentation as "a drop in your tracks" type of fatigue.

The NSA's Covert Enslavement Of The American People & Use Of Psychotronic And Directed Energy Weapons To Experiment Upon, Torture And Even Murder Americans, With Plausible Deniability

Serena was in fact so exhausted, that it was all she could do to hold herself up during this match, which she quickly retired from.

In this author's opinion, directed energy weaponry was the culprit here.

Serena Williams Talks About Having Multiple Personalities - Was She Joking Or Is There More To This? Is Serena A Target Of MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Programming?

As for why Serena was and continues to be targeted, it would seem that this is being done as a furtive form of plausibly deniable punishment for Serena's doing a celebratory "crip walk" dance at the U.S. Olympics, after winning a gold medal.

The "crip walk" is done by inner city gangs as part of their own initiations, which is why is was not considered to be appropriate at the Olympics.

Moreover, when Serena did the same "crip walk" dance after winning her 2012 Wimbledon Grand Slam, the media was very critical of her, stating that the British Monarchy considered Serena's act be very disrespectful to them, as well as the sport of professional tennis.

After this Serena became more aggressively attacked with these weapons, and her tennis has at times since suffered for it, through no fault of her own.

She has also stopped doing the "crip walk" dance since these attacks starting taking place.

We have seen how brilliant Serena's tennis play is when she is left alone. However, when she is targeted by these weapons, her performance on the tennis court suffers, and she oftentimes loses to players who in ordinary circumstances, would find it difficult to win a few games against the world's greatest female tennis player of all time.

These weapons are deployed via the electromagnetic spectrum, using signals intelligence satellites and over the horizon radar systems (HAARP can be configured as an over the horizon radar system for the use of through the air mind control experimentation).

More recently, I noticed that WTA tennis player, Canadian, *Eugenie Bouchard, appears to be suffering a similar type of punitive experience via psychotronic and directed energy weaponry.

*See: Is Rising Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard's Recent Bad Luck On And Off The Tennis Court Just A Coincidence, Or Is There More To It? How Psychotronic & Directed Energy Weapons Are Being Used To Manipulate Professional Sporting Events For Profit, While Professional Athletes Are Used As Unwitting Targets Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation - If You Are A Professional Athlete You Certainly Want To Familiarize Yourself With The Pentagon's Classified Weapons And Its HAARP Phased Array Weather Warfare Machine (How The 2013 America's Cup Sailboat Series Was Rigged)

I was unfamiliar with Bouchard until the 2015 U.S. Open, when I saw her defeat Dominika Cibulkova. in three sets on September 4Th, 2015.

At the time I remarked about how talented Bouchard was, only to learn that later that day, Genie'd suffered from a freak accident that resulted in her falling and hitting the back of her head in the women's locker room at the U.S. Open.

I had no idea at the time that she'd been the target of a smear campaign for the better part of a year, or that there was in fact a conspiracy to force her to quit the WTA tour.

Those who have followed this blog for the past several years are familiar with the extremely *bizarre experiences that I have had in regard to how as a target of MK-Ultra, situations that I have seen in a movie can then be carried out in real life, by the NSA cryptologists who subject me to these Orwellian and oftentimes sadistic crimes.

*When Life Becomes Stranger Than Fiction - How EEG Heterodyned Thought Streams That I Am Subjected To As A Target Of MK-Ultra, Are Being Used As The Precursor To Carrying Out Real Life Murders, Through The Use Of Psychotronic And Directed Energy Weapons

And how a myriad of different psychological triggers are used within the mainstream media, as a furtive means of informing me that something that I saw was then duplicated for real, by those within the NSA who've subjected my person to this mind control experimentation for the past forty years.

This bizarre phenomenon also applies to far more than just watching movies. I oftentimes have computer generated thoughts remotely implanted into my mind via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, through the use of computer to brain interface.

And in many of these instances, a thought that is remotely implanted into my mind is then carried out in real life, and later covered by the mainstream media. It can be anything from a murder to an accident. Basically any situation which would cause me to notice it, so that I would *document it.

I often make reference to the 1971 movie Paperman, since what occurred after I watched this movie was so ghoulish, that it still haunts me to this day.

After having seen this movie, in which during one scene a woman is crushed to death in an elevator that is tampered with for the express purpose of killing her, the following day, a Madison Avenue advertising executive by the name of Suzanne Hart is crushed to death by an elevator, when the elevator abruptly moves to the next floor as Hart attempts to enter it.

This elevator was tampered with using signals intelligence technology, and as part of the vicious psychological warfare operation that the FBI and NSA have been conducting against this author for many years.

During the same morning that Suzanne Hart was murdered, a van with the name Hart painted on its side was parked in the road in front of my home, as part of the vehicular street theater that I have been targeted by for more than a decade; done as part of the FBI's Organized Stalking campaign fomented against my person in 2003.

Moreover, after having watched a 2005 movie called "Dark Water" in which the body of a girl is found in a water cistern atop a building, a few days later the body of a young woman by the name of Elisa Lam is found in a water cistern on the roof of a hotel.

This would be some coincidence in any normal situation, except that these types of incidents have been occurring with me for years as part of this non consensual human experimentation.

For those within the U.S. Federal Government who claim that MK-Ultra ended in 1973, after the Church Committee's findings resulted in Congresses' forcing the CIA to shutter this Orwellian program, these are the same people who will tell you that John F. Kennedy was murdered by lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and that 9/11 was perpetrated by a group of foreign nationals who managed to takeover the planes they were on, by using box cutters.

MK-Ultra did not end in 1973 as the Congress and media have told us.

Instead, the CIA went underground with this program.

Moreover, without a paper trail or physical evidence to prove that this program has been continued, the CIA began using the electromagnetic spectrum in which to conduct its non consensual human experimentation of American citizens, which is how the NSA also became involved in mind control experimentation; given the NSA's expertise in signals intelligence research.

What's the real difference between MK-Ultra I and MK-Ultra II? The fact that by utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum to conduct their furtive forms of mind control research, that with MK-Ultra II, any American citizen can now be targeted for such non consensual human experimentation, without ever realizing it.

This program is insidious. And as evil as anything that Adolf Hitler, himself, could have dreamed up, in his Satanic attack on the Jews.

The fact that it is being secretly carried out by the NSA and CIA is even more disturbing.

This entire scenario may sound as outlandish as what one might watch in a bad sci-fi movie, however, it is the absolute truth.

The CIA and NSA are involved in conducting mind control research through the air, as part of a treasonous signals intelligence driven domestic surveillance system in the United States, that makes use of an EMF brain mapping program, which when used in conjunction with a *Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, furnishes the NSA with the ability to instantly locate and track the unique EMF fields produced by any American citizen's body.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency

As American citizens, we have all been reduced to the status of signals intelligence slaves.

As for the official 9/11 Commission Report, most Americans long ago figured out that the Report was as much a piece of fiction as the Warren Commission Report into the murder of President John F. Kennedy was.

Which is why most Americans don't believe the official 9/11 lie and never will.

Nor should they.

Especially since the co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission have both publicly stated that the Commission did not accomplish its job of determining who was really responsible for this false flag operation, and that from their inception, they were prevented from doing their job by the Bush 43 Administration - which did everything possible to prevent the investigation from taking place.

The fact that Bush 43's Administration was quickly taken over by more than two dozen former members of the Zionist terrorist group - Project For A New American Century (who had been trying to get the United States to attack Iraq for over a decade before Bush 43 took office), or that there have been so many fabrications in regard to the 9/11 false flag in efforts to cover up the fact that Bush 43 and PNAC were complicit in this false flag operation - only serves as further proof that our own corrupted government was largely complicit in the murders of thousands of our own citizens.

As for the mind control experimentation that this MK-Ultra target is routinely subjected to, at times people are actually murdered as part of these Satanic psychological operations, while at others the media reports on situations that are identical to something that I have seen, or a thought that I have had which was implanted into my subconscious using computer to brain interface.

Based on what I have experienced first hand, this technology is absolutely extraordinary.

However, with the criminal ways in which it is being applied by the NSA, it's as horrifying as it is extraordinary.

Moreover, the computers which I refer to here, are hardly like those that we use at home. These computers incorporate the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology, and are far more advanced than the U.S. Military Intelligence complex would ever admit to.

Based on what I have experienced as a subject of this non consensual human experimentation for the past several decades, these computers have the ability to draw on information from their experiences, just as we do.

And they are actually capable of reasoning, as well as learning from their experiences. The only problem is that they are being programmed with a Military mindset, and this mindset has historically always been based on evil.

An Artificial Intelligence computer is only as good or bad as the people who are programming it.

All these computers require is to be programmed for a specific task, and then monitored by an NSA cryptologist, while those of us who are subjected to this abomination, are remotely experimented upon, tortured, and in some instances even murdered by these Satanic reprobates.

All while being demonized by the incarnated evil who perpetrate these atrocities against us.

Moreover, once your *EMF brain map has been decoded by the NSA, the Agency's cryptologists can instantly identify the unique EMF signatures produced by your own brain, while subjecting you to this Orwellian mind control experimentation.

*Google Akwei VS NSA and the NSA's ability to instantly identify any American citizen, by scanning the electromagnetic spectrum for their own unique EMF brainwave print.

The body politic in the United States continues to pathologically lie by denying that these crimes against humanity are taking place, while calling the victims of these modern day atrocities paranoid, crazy, schizophrenic, and any other fabrication that they can conjure up out of their own warped and thoroughly brainwashed minds.

As for another illustration of computer to brain interface (otherwise known as EEG Heterodyning, Remote Neural Monitoring or Synthetic Telepathy), after I watch a movie in which a zeppelin explodes, the following day a hot air balloon explodes when traveling over Luxor Egypt, killing 19 of its 21 occupants.

The official cause of this accident holds the captain of the hot air balloon responsible for a gas leak, however, the electromagnetic fields which the NSA can create at any coordinates on the face of this planet, allow for the remote tampering of objects through the use of this technology from a great distance.

I know that I saw a movie in which a Zeppelin exploded killing all but one of its passengers. Then the following day, this hot air balloon exploded killing all but one of its passengers and the captain of the balloon.

This author has also seen microbursts used to strategically knock down trees which have taken out the power to our home on three separate occasions over the past five years. And directed energy weaponry can be used to create a powerful magnetic field which can knock down a building as easily as it can a tree.

As for the bizarreness of such non consensual human experimentation, as it applies to having my thoughts remotely scanned, after I asked a Family member if anyone had ever won the million dollar prize on the TV show Wheel Of Fortune, a day later someone wins the million dollar prize (which also goes to show that the Spinning Wheel on this popular TV series can be remotely tampered with).

What are the odds of my asking them this question, and then for the second time in Jeopardy's history, a contestant wins the million dollar prize? The odds would have to be astronomical.

Moreover, for those who believe that Jeopardy's all time winning champion, Ken Jennings, actually won all of those games legitimately, the truth is that he did not. Jennings was the unwitting target of the very type of computer to brain interface that this author experiences everyday, in which thoughts can be remotely implanted into my mind (just like they were with Ken Jennings) or extracted using computer to brain interface.

Genie Bouchard Is Being Driven Out Of The WTA

As for the conspiracy against Genie Bouchard, this situation was made even more bizarre, since the women's locker room that she had entered was dark, the floor wet from having recently been washed, and that there was no one on the premises to help her after she had taken her fall.

It sounds as if the entire incident was staged in an effort to harm her in a plausibly deniable way.

Especially since her fall resulted in a serious concussion, that not only forced Genie to retire from the U.S. Open while she was playing excellent tennis - and for the first time in months (so much so that she could have reached the finals) - but that has since kept her out of the Toray Pan Pacific Open in Japan and the WTA Wuhan China Tournament.

Ms. Bouchard was also forced to retire during the second set of her tennis match in the latest Asian tennis tournament - The China Open. This was the first match that she has played in since being forced to retire from the U.S. Open, due to a concussion suffered by what can only be described as a freak accident (if it was an accident at all) - caused by a bizarre set of circumstances.

If you are lucky enough to have a well paying job, and you are out for a few months because of an illness, it may cost you tens of thousands of dollars. However, in Ms. Bouchard's case it can cost her millions.

Not being able to reach the semi finals at the U.S. Open has cost her hundreds of thousands in prize money, and if she had made the finals at the U.S. Open (which she was well on her way to doing) Genie would have been guaranteed about $1.4 million as U.S. Open runner up, and about $3.3 million if she'd actually won the U.S. Open.

So this concussion that she suffered on the evening of September 4Th has not only been costly to her health, but also very costly to her bank account.

Which just further supports this author's opinion that Genie Bouchard is being targeted for punishment in a plausibly deniable way, through the use of psychotronic and directed energy weapons.

These furtive attacks on millions of people around the world (some of whom are high profile media personalities), through the use of psychotronic and directed energy weaponry, also has this author wondering if there is in fact a branch of our own governments which supports part their own black budgets, through both torture and murder for hire schemes.

An allegation that I first made several years ago.

I also believe that a directed energy weapon is being used to aggravate the neurological symptoms that Genie suffered during her fall at the U.S. Open in September, and that this is being used as a furtive form of punishment, for what the media has over the past year described as her unsportsmanlike behavior in professional tennis.

The media was quick to attack Ms. Bouchard after her falling out with long time friend, and fellow pro tennis player, Laura Robson, claiming that Genie's snobbish attitude towards Robson only occurred after Bouchard surpassed her in the WTA tennis rankings.

However, Genie was quick to counter this rumor by stating that Robson knew exactly why they'd had a falling out, and that it had nothing to do with her stratospheric rise to fame in the world of professional tennis, but instead, the fact that Laura was the one who had become difficult to deal with, as the result of her jealousy over Genie's new found success and fame.

Even her twin sister, Beatrice Bouchard, responded by describing how hard Genie had worked to get where she was in women's professional tennis, and that she deserved all of the accolades that she had received.

Conspiracy Against Genie Bouchard Escalates
After A Sport's Reporter Asks Her To "Twirl"
So He Can See The Back Of Her Tennis Outfit

I also believe that since January of 2015 there has been a very real conspiracy to force Genie Bouchard to retire from professional tennis, after she reluctantly agreed to do a "twirl" for a reporter during the Australian Open, who was interviewing her after a tennis match that she had played.

After this incident, Bouchard suddenly found herself coming under attack by fellow pro tennis players as well as the sport's media, who found the reporter's request to be both sexist, as well as typical of the misogynistic attitude shown to professional female athletes, by the largely male dominated contingent within the sport's media.

Genie also suddenly found herself being held accountable for acquiescing to the reporter's request, instead of berating him for his sexist attitude towards professional female tennis players.

However, in this author's opinion, the conspiracy - to at the very least - attempt to deflect attention away from Genie Bouchard, began during the 2014 WTA season, once she began to experience a tremendous winning streak which included reaching the semi-finals in three grand slam events.

With her momentous achievement, Ms. Bouchard had not only stunned both her opponents and newly acquired fans, but also a number of retired tennis pro's, who now took up residence in the announcer's booth.

Genie had suddenly become an overnight sensation in the world of professional women's tennis.

A situation which took her from relative obscurity in the world of professional women's tennis, to a top 10 WTA ranking, and a newly acquired popularity and marketability (including beginning a career in fashion modeling), that at the time was being compared to that of Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

In fact, during this time, much of Genie Bouchard's merchandise was actually selling for considerably more than that of Serena Williams', which should give the reader an idea of just how popular Genie had become with tennis enthusiasts, and how important her personal moniker had become to the executives of many major companies, like Coca Cola.

Those who were looking to cash in on her popularity, while using it to market their own products.

Genie was well on her well to becoming the type of marketing powerhouse in professional tennis that has long characterized the pro careers of legends like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

However, there was a flip side to this sudden fame and the tremendous business opportunities which accompanied it.

It would appear that it was about this time that Ms. Bouchard also began to attract the ire of many of her fellow female tennis competitors; those who believed that between her excellent tennis play, fashion model looks, and effervescent personality, this 21 year old tennis phenomenon was beginning to take spectator attention away from themselves.

So all they needed after this, was more ammunition in which to drive one the most talented and beautiful female tennis players to come along in decades, out of the sport for good.

And they have been relentless ever since.

Moreover, if the straw that broke the camel's back didn't occur after the "Twirl" situation in January of 2015 - during the Australian Open - then it sure has heck did in April of 2015 during the Federation Cup, which has since been dubbed: Handshake-Gate.

It was here that Genie refused to shake the hand of Romanian player, Alexandra Dulgheru, later explaining that it was nothing personal, and that she would have gladly shaken Dulgheru's hand after the match was over - regardless of who won.

However, that at the time, she did not want to shake her competitor's hand before their match had been played, since she considered this to be tantamount to wishing her opponent good luck.

And of course, the logic here must have been something along the lines of "why should I wish my opponent good luck, when I need that luck to win my match against her?"

Well, the media jumped on this, claiming that it was poor sportsmanship on the part of Bouchard. And her situation did follow a similar one in professional football, regarding player Jim Harbargh, which was also dubbed "Handshake-Gate."

However, could Genie's action have had more to do with her own superstition than actually snubbing her opponent?

Especially since many professional athletes are known to be very superstitious when it involves their own performances.

*Genie Bouchard's Refusal To Shake Hands With Her Opponent At The Fed Cup Prompts Critics To Coin The Phrase "Handshake-Gate"

*The following has been excerpted from

"It wasn't a first, but it's proving to be a worst: Eugenie Bouchard forsook another opportunity to simply shake the hand of her opening-match foe at a Fed Cup tie. It happened in the draw ceremony for Canada versus Romania in Montreal, Bouchard's city of residence, and Alexandra Dulgheru was the recipient of, well, nothing. Here's what happened: precedent for this, of course. Bouchard pulled the same stunt a year ago at the Fed Cup tie between Canada and Slovakia, with Kristina Kucova suffering the slight."

All of this negative buzz has since created a type of "Catch 22" environment for Genie, since it seems that no matter what she does, short of winning, does not seem to be enough to overcome this adversity.

And what happens when Genie Bouchard starts to win again like she did at the U.S. Open and begins to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel?

She becomes the subject of a bizarre situation that has never been properly explained, which could have easily gotten her killed, and that has since left her unable (at least temporarily) to play a sport which she not only relishes, but has now also given her both fame as well as notoriety.

One must wonder if former WTA player, Anna Kournikova suffered a similar fate, which then went on to destroy her once promising tennis career?

And if so, can Genie Bouchard overcome the same fate?

Jealousy is a nasty gremlin and so are the haters.

So if this author is correct in regard to my allegation, that Genie Bouchard is being targeted with a directed energy weapon - as part of this conspiracy to remove her from professional tennis - then her neurological symptoms can be remotely brought on at anytime; even if she feels fine when she is not playing tennis.

I say this since I know from first hand experience how the intensity of a directed energy weapon can be increased or decreased in a subtle or very intense way; what I liken to using a rheostat to control the intensity of a light bulb.

It would also mean that she is being tracked via the electromagnetic spectrum and by the unique EMF signatures that are produced by her own body; making her an unwitting target of signals intelligence predation.

While this is speculation, what this author does know for certain is that Genie Bouchard was being criticized by the media as well as a number of her female tennis peers before this incident at the U.S. Open occurred; being referred to as a badly behaved rich tennis brat who needed to be taken down a few pegs.

It would now appear that they got their wish.

Many other posts on the Internet in regard to Bouchard were far nastier than that, further supporting the rumors that she is the target of a conspiracy to remove her from the world of professional tennis.

And it just seems a little too coincidental that a young woman who was ranked as high by the WTA as number 5 in 2014, while simultaneously being portrayed by the sport's media as tennis's newest darling, is now suddenly ranked 36th, and facing the possibility that she may never be able to play professional tennis again.

Genie's latest post on Twitter sounds a bit demoralized, and has one wondering if she herself doubts if she will be playing in next year's Asian tennis tournaments.

Her most recent Twitter post:

"I will get to you one day @HKTennisOpen, I promise! #HongKong"

Moreover, there appear to be quite a few people within this sport, who seem to be enjoying every minute of this woman's misery, in the hope that she will leave the WTA tour for good.

If this is not a conspiracy, then I don't what is.

Especially since Bouchard is one of the most talented players on the WTA tour, in spite of the recent misfortunes (much of which have likely been artificially manufactured) that she has experienced over the past year.

Moreover, in retrospect to this young prodigy's professional career, Genie Bouchard's meteoric rise in women's tennis was not a fluke, and she is not a flash in the pan. In spite of what several of her mean spirited critics are saying about her.

Bouchard is a first rate athlete who is genuinely gifted. And this author hopes that Ms. Bouchard will use the same tenacity with which she quickly rose to such lofty heights in the tennis world, to fight her way back to the top of this sport.

Because she is certainly capable of competing against and beating the top players in professional women's tennis, as she has already proven.

Moreover, at the age of 21, Genie should have most of her professional tennis career in front of her, with the opportunity to win many major events in the future.

However, if as this author suspects, she is the target of a conspiracy to force her out of professional women's tennis (which involves the furtive use of electronic warfare technology), and still mentally tough enough to fight her way back to the top against the wishes of those who want to see her banished from this sport, then Ms. Bouchard will likely find herself the target of further directed energy weapon's attacks in the future.

I hope this is not the case.

However, I have a very strong and uncomfortable suspicion that it is. And that Genie Bouchard is the target of a very real and nasty conspiracy to destroy her professional tennis career, and regardless of what it takes to accomplish this.

- James F. Marino

Editor's Note: The following is a partial list of some of the symptoms that one can experience when being targeted by directed energy weapons. I know that this blog has an enormous amount of traffic, in spite of its being remotely tampered with by the U.S. Intelligence community, simply because of its bizarre yet truthful content.

So share this information with those whom you know.

Moreover, if you are a professional athlete, use this list to document any symptoms which may indicate that you are being targeted by directed energy weapons, and research this topic over the Internet.

I would not promulgate this information unless you want to be portrayed as being mentally unstable, because that is the methodology that the U.S. Intelligence community is using to discredit those Americans who are exposing these horrible crimes.

However, this list should help you in determining if you are experiencing directed energy weapon's attacks (even very subtle ones), which will also further support this author's allegation, that professional athletes in the United States (as well as other countries) are being unwittingly used for non consensual human experimentation, which is perpetrated via the electromagnetic spectrum; and in order to remotely target the unique EMF signatures that are produced by your own bodies.

This technology is being used to fix many of the sporting events that you are participating in, in order to profit those within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex with access to this technology. As an example of this, the 300-1 odds U.S. Open tennis match between Serena Williams and Roberta Vinci, which Vinci won, was a setup used to create these enormous odds, for the purpose of profit.

Consider the tremendous odds here for those who orchestrated this situation. A $100 bet would have been worth $30,000. If a group of these people got together and placed a collective bet for $10,000 on Vinci, they would have made $3 million dollars!

Imagine a situation in which directed energy weapons can be used as a furtive means in which to ensure that most of the top ranked professional tennis players can be eliminated from a Grand Slam event early on (either by causing physical injuries to the player or by using ELF waves to adversely affect their performance), so that an unranked or poorly ranked player will be allowed to face a much higher ranked player (where the odds against the poorly ranked player beating the higher ranked player are substantial), and the profits can be enormous.

This is exactly what occurred at the U.S. Open when Serena Williams lost to Roberta Vinci. And if you don't think that this technology is being used to adversely affect the performance of your fellow tennis players, take a look at the following video of Serena during the 2014 Wimbledon double's match which she was forced to withdraw from.

Serena Williams Being Targeted By A Directed Energy Weapon During A Wimbledon Double's Match In 2014 - If The Intensity Of The ELF Wave That She Was Being Targeted With Was Reduced Serena Would Have Experienced Instant Relief From This Artificially Induced Fatigue

Her coordination was non existent and she was completely disoriented, which caused spectators to wonder if Serena was either inebriated, on drugs, or pregnant - rumors which turned out to be false.

Anyone who has ever been targeted by an ELF wave knows exactly what I am referring to here, since it has been characterized by many targets of this form of non consensual human experimentation as "a drop in your tracks" type of fatigue.

I also believe that at present, Genie Bouchard is the target of directed energy weaponry, and as a conspiracy to remove her from professional tennis. And, moreover, that her life may in fact be in danger as a result of this. I hope that by alerting the public to my concerns, this will prevent any harm from coming to her in the future. Especially since the fall that she took at the U.S. Open may have been intentionally staged, and could have resulted in a head injury which either permanently disabled or even killed her.

The following are some symptoms of directed energy weapon's attacks:

•Tingling sensation running through your body when you first awaken in the morning, like the feeling you get when you bang your elbow, except that this runs throughout your body - What you are experiencing is directed energy current running through your body

•Microwave hearing

•Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious

•Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations

•Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves

•Manipulation of emotions

•Reading thoughts remotely

•Causing pain to any nerve of the body

•Remote manipulation of human behavior from space

•Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead

•Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly

•Control of sleep patterns

•Computer-brain interface, control and communication

•Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

More complete list of Directed Energy Weapon's Symptoms below:

•Chilling of Skin/ Instant Coldness - Generalized or Localized

•Thermal heating, nighttime, severe night sweats

•Thermal heating, daytime, discernible "microwave hot spots" on skull

•Intense Itching

•Benign or Malignant Tumors

•Ringing in Ears

•Body Manipulation

•Induced Imagery/Thoughts

•Induced Sleep


•Sensation of Blunt Trauma to Head

•Induced Smells

•Coughing up Blood

•Sensation of Electric Current Running through the Body


•Sudden onset asthma

•Irregular Heartbeat

•Hyperactive bladder, sudden incontinence

•Sensation of Objects being Forced into various areas of the Body

•Deterioration of Cognitive Abilities

•Jaw or Tooth Pain


•Severe facial and glandular swelling

•Sleep Deprivation

•Dizziness or Loss of Balance

•Blackouts or loss of consciousness

•Severe disorientation while driving

•Lesions on Internal Organs

•Sudden Rashes

•Sudden appearance of large burn marks

•Dream Manipulation

•Memory Loss

•Thought Monitoring/Manipulation

•Electronic Rape

•Metallic Taste in Mouth

•Thyroid Problems




•Extreme Fatigue


•Topical & Internal Burning

•Genital Manipulation


•Vision Loss/Impairment

•Hair Loss

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