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Actress Sean Young Describes How The Illuminati Controls The Mainstream Media/ Man Who Has Not Slept For Over Three Decades After Experiencing A Serious Fever Describes How He Has Survived On Micronaps

Tavistock Financed Institutions In America Involving Brainwashing Research - The Wharton School Of Business At The University Of Pennsylvania Is One Of These Institutions As Is The Stanford Research Institute And Massachusetts Institute Of Technology - Who Graduated From The Wharton School Of Business? Non Other Than Presidential Candidate Donald Trump - Maybe Trump's Jekyll & Hyde Personality Is The Result Of MK-Ultra Programming?

FBI Using Your Computer's Webcam To Spy On You - At Kenyon College In Upstate NY Recently, FBI Director James Comey Was Speaking To A Group Of Students, When Some Inquired As To Why Comey Had Placed A Piece Of Tape Over The Webcam On His PC - Comey Stated That He Saw Someone Smarter Than Himself Doing The Same Thing So He Decided To Do It - Of Course, In Spite Of His Apocryphal Tale, The FBI Director Knows Very Well That The Webcam On Anyone's PC Can Be Remotely Hacked, Because The FBI Has Been Illegally Doing This To The Computer Webcams Of Myriad Unwitting American Citizens For Years - It Is Also Entirely Possible That Later Computer Screens Contain Internal Minicams Which Are Hidden, That Agencies Like The FBI, NSA And DHS Can Secretly Access In Order To Watch You In Your Home; Like The Mini Cameras Which Are Installed In The Screens Of Modern TV Sets

"FBI Entrapment Schemes & False Flag Terrorism Attacks Have Come To Define The FBI As An Americanized Version Of The Nazi Gestapo"

Actress, Sean Young, describes how the mainstream media has become nothing but disinformation which uses Neural Linguistic Programming to brainwash the public.

Actress Sean Young talks about the Illuminati

Editor's Note: For over two decades since first contracting *Lyme Disease, which became chronic due to early improper diagnosis, this author has been unable to fall asleep. The early stages of this sleep disorder were characterized by sleep apnea.

*Lyme Disease Is Just One Of Many Different Biological Weapons Created Through The Weaponization Of Mycoplasmas, Which Are Then Secretly Turned Loose On The Public To Determine Their Effectiveness

However, this condition would eventually be caused by electronic warfare technology being used to prevent me from falling asleep, and as the direct result of the computer to brain interface that I have been subjected to for several decades.

Specifically, every time I would start to doze off, I would receive an electronic jolt. This signals intelligence based attack has since been used to prevent me from falling asleep.

As a consequence of this rare and artificially induced sleep disorder, I have searched for years to find others who do not fall asleep. The following site describes several sleep anomalies which are always fatal, yet includes one instance regarding a man who has not fallen asleep for more than three decades.

Instead of dying, he has instead managed to not just survive, but thrive by taking what he refers to as micro-naps.

Many Targeted Individuals have described a myriad of different sleep anomalies due to their use as subjects of non consensual human experimentation.

The modern day MK-Ultra technologies that we're subjected to are deployed through the air via the electromagnetic spectrum, and by way of the type of Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Networks first described by NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, in his 1992 civil lawsuit against the NSA.

*Website On Fatal Sleep Disorders

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