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"A Book About The Investigation And Prosecution Of The Martin Tankleff Case Portrays The Suffolk County Criminal Justice System — Police, Prosecutors And Judges Alike — As A Corrupt Good Ol’ Boys Network Far More Interested In Protecting Each Other's Hides Than Pursuing Truth And Justice"

Chronology Of FBI/NSA Psychological Warfare & Directed Energy Microwave Weapons' Attacks Against Our Family For The Past 10 Months - These So Called Agents Are Demons Incarnate

Actor James Gandolfini's Quiet Support Of Martin Tankleff And The Role Gandolfini Played In Using His Celebrity To Help Get Tankleff Released From Prison -Could This Have Had Something To Do With Ganfolfini's Sudden Death At The Age Of 51? And Was The Soprano's Actor Killed With A Directed Energy Microwave Weapon?

Photo Of Martin Tankleff & James Gandolfini - Could James Gandolfini Have Been Murdered For Using His Celebrity To Help Martin Tankleff Get Released From Prison? - Photo Sourced From Google

The Wrongful Prosecution Of Martin Tankleff

Written By James F. Marino

The trumped up case against Marty Tankleff, which was used to steal 17 years of his young life, serves as one of the best examples of Long Island government corruption in New York State history.

The conspiracy to frame Marty Tankleff for the murders of his parents, in order to prevent a Tankleff business associate (Jerry Steuerman) who owed Seymour Tankleff at least $500,000 (which the elder Tankleff was planning to collect), from being indicted in the murders of both Seymour and Arlene Tankleff, involves dozens of officials, and may well also involve *Tankleff's half sister, Shari Mistretta.

*Given that Mistretta is reported to have intensely disliked Arlene Tankleff for breaking up her parents' marriage, is it possible that she could have conspired to aid and abet the murder of her father and his second wife, while leaving a half brother whom she obviously had no love for to take the blame?

If so, one must wonder how much of the Tankleffs' multimillion dollar estate went to the conspirators in this horrific crime. We know that one the beneficiaries was Jerry Steuerman, since he never had to pay off the half million in promissory notes that Seymour Tankleff was about to call in, before he was brutally murdered.

We also know that when Steuerman was being questioned in regard to the murders of the Tankleffs, he invoked his 5Th Amendment right to avoid self incrimination at least 140 times. Does this sound like the act of someone who is innocent?

Then there's the cop who claims to have taken the confession from Marty Tankleff - James Mcready. After Martin Tankleff was wrongfully convicted of murdering his parents, Mcready became business partners with Tankleff's half sister and her husband; purchasing a Long Island bar that they financed with proceeds from the estate of Seymour and Arlene Tankleff.

So is it any wonder why these people wanted Marty Tankleff to stay in prison?

See: After Nearly Two Decades Martin Tankleff Is Finally Freed For Two Murders That He Did Not Commit - However, The Perpetrators Of These Horrific Crimes Have Made Certain That Martin Was Never Exonerated In Them, In An Effort To Prevent A New Investigation Into This Case

They had far too much to lose if Marty was exonerated in the murders of his parents, and a new investigation into who really murdered them began. This is why once it became clear that Martin Tankleff was going to be set free, they had to make certain that he would never actually be exonerated in these murders.

Since doing so would have resulted in a new investigation into the murders of the Tankleffs. However, given the likelihood that certain members of law enforcement may have been involved in the conspiracy against Martin Tankleff, it would simply be logical for them to stonewall any further investigation into the murders of the Tankleffs.

And they certainly would not look kindly on any person who in some way played a role in getting Martin Tankleff free - including the late actor James Gandolofini, whose sudden death as the result of a massive heart attack earlier this year stunned millions of people.

Could James Gandolfini have been murdered for using his celebrity to help Martin Tankleff go free?

And if so, was Gandolfini murdered by way of a directed energy microwave weapon?

Especially since they have become the most effective way of murdering someone with complete anonymity.

Moreover, given the collusion to frame Martin Tankleff in the murders of his parents, and the complicity within the criminal justice system on Long Island to aid and abet this conspiracy, while allowing an innocent teenager to serve 17 years for crimes that he did not commit, one must wonder how successful Marty Tankleff will be with his wrongful conviction lawsuit against Suffolk County law enforcement?


Seymour Tankleff Associate, Jerry Steuerman, Takes The 5TH Amendment 140 Times When Being Questioned In Regard To The Murders Of Seymour And Arlene Tankleff

Martin Tankleff Sues Suffolk County Law Enforcement For Wrongful Conviction

Given the extent of the conspiracy to not only frame Martin Tankleff for the murders of his parents, but to also prevent him from gaining release from prison, one must wonder how far up in Suffolk County's law enforcement the corruption in the Tankleff wrongful prosecution goes?

All the way to the top?

It's also extremely difficult to believe that Suffolk County District Attorney, Thomas Spota, could not have knowledge of impropriety in the Tankleff case. Especially given Spota's attempts to make certain that Martin Tankleff was never released from prison.

Based on a book written by investigator, Jay Salpeter, the corruption regarding the Tankleff case is just the tip of the iceberg, pertaining to the rampant corruption within the Suffolk County criminal justice system.

So were the murders of Seymour and Arlene Tankleff premeditated? And if so, were they the result of a conspiracy between certain members of Suffolk County law enforcement and organized crime?

- James F. Marino

The following has been excerpted from the Civiletti Blog:

"The notorious criminal case of Martin Tankleff, the Belle Terre teenager convicted in 1990 of murdering his parents early in the morning on Sept. 7, 1988, ended without real resolution last December, when the state attorney general announced he would not seek a new trial of Mr. Tankleff. His conviction had been tossed out in 2007 by a state appellate court after nearly 20 years of maneuvering by a team of believers who never gave up hope that justice would be served. But the attorney general’s investigation and report did not exonerate Tankleff. It simply found that while there was “some evidence” that the youth committed the crimes, it was too old to form the basis of a new prosecution.

Marty Tankleff won his freedom. But justice was not served. The killer or killers of Seymour and Arlene Tankleff walked away.

A recently released book about the investigation and prosecution of the Tankleff case portrays the Suffolk County criminal justice system — police, prosecutors and judges alike — as a corrupt good ol’ boys network far more interested in protecting each other’s hides than pursuing truth and justice.

'A Criminal Injustice: A True Crime, a False Confession and the Fight to Free Marty Tankleff,' was co-authored by the private investigator who devoted seven years of his life to digging for the truth of the Tankleff murders (remunerated with a $5,000 retainer paid by Tankleff’s pro bono law firm). The book provides eye-popping details about what the investigator, Jay Salpeter, a retired NYC police detective, found — and how the Suffolk DA and the court went out of their way to disregard or bury it all, or worse.

'They are still hunkering down,' his co-author Rick Firstman told me Tuesday, about the posture of law enforcement officials regarding the Tankleff case and new disclosures made in the book."

Read the rest of this article here: - See: "Tankleff Case May Be The Tip Of The Iceberg"

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The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Use Of 3D Thermal Imaging Technology & Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Networks To Both Watch Us Within The Privacy Of Our Own Homes As Well As Remotely Monitor Our Subvocalized Thoughts Using EEG Heterodyning Technology, Defines This Complex As A Modern Day Version Of Hitler's Third Reich - A Third Reich Financed By Rothschild Zionism's Counterfeited Currency

Editor's Note: Almost immediately after this author posts the above information on Martin Tankleff, *the local fire department and police show up in our neighborhood and arrive at a home down the road from our own, likely feigning a legitimate emergency call.

* On the following day 11/17/13, a police car shows up in our neighborhood as part of this psychological intimidation. This serves as further evidence that the local police and fire departments are also being used by DOJ/DHS run fusion centers as part of the vigilante hate crime known as organized stalking. Interestingly, at about the same time that the police car shows up, this author experiences a slight jabbing sensation in the upper left quadrant of my chest, as the result of a microwave energy weapon being directed at my person.

11/16/13 report continues:

Is it possible that they received a call from the local fusion center to take part in this psychological warfare operation?

With the exception of an ambulance and one police cruiser, the fire trucks and one of the police cars left our neighborhood within minutes of arriving. Note that the following article has to do with corrupt law enforcement in Suffolk County, and the role they played in not only framing Martin Tankleff for the murders of his parents, but in also attempting to cover this conspiracy up for more than twenty years.

Several years ago, after this author posted an article in regard to a TI who was suing police in California for their harassment of his person, fireworks were set off in our neighborhood in the middle of the night.

Does this sound like normal behavior? More like that of a Gestapo.

The American men and women who are targets of these psychological warfare operations commonly report that the DOJ/DHS fusion centers which orchestrate the Orwellian vigilante hate crime organized stalking, routinely utilize state and local police - as well as fire departments - in the organized stalking harassment of targeted individuals (TIs for short).

This serves as further evidence of how these organizations are being corrupted as part of the post 9-11 false flag operation, and used to cover up the destruction of our Constitutional rule of law.

The fact that no U.S. politician or media personality will admit that 9-11 was an inside job, even though the evidence that it was has become overwhelming, illustrates just how how substantial this conspiracy is.

Moreover, the fact that they would be spending taxpayer money to send police and fire department vehicles into the neighborhood of a targeted individual, for the express purpose of a psychological warfare operation, is extremely disturbing.

Especially since most of these calls are completely fraudulent.

However, there are also times where satellite deployed directed energy microwave energy weapons are used to target someone else within the TI's own neighborhood, to create a medical emergency, in order to offer police and fire departments a plausible reason for entering the neighborhood of a targeted individual.

The fact that at times they are actually making legitimate calls because of someone who's been injured by a directed energy microwave weapon is even more horrifying.

Especially since the real purpose for them being there is for psychological intimidation of the targeted individual.

Based on the evidence this author has compiled from the testimony of myriad targets of this Orwellian conspiracy, police and fire departments have been serving as part of this psychological warfare operation since just after the 9-11 false flag operation was carried out, and the Orwellian Patriot Act was treasonously enacted by Congress, as part of the 9-11 false flag operation.

This psychotic vigilantism is not just limited to the Northeastern part of the United States either. It's been reported across this country, as well as in many other nations; each of which has three things in common: A Rothschild Communist central bank like the Federal Reserve System, membership in NATO, a national network of fusion centers which act as the hub for carrying out these Orwellian crimes.

As for the directed energy microwave weapons' attacks on this author or any other members of my Family, if any of us is suddenly targeted in a more aggressive manner than usual, I will be certain to report on it here as soon as I am able to.

The reader should also note that NSA signals intelligence weaponry was used to momentarily turn off the electricity in our home just before I published the aforesaid post regarding Martin Tankleff. For nearly two decades I have witnessed myriad types of signals intelligence attacks on our home, as well as many instances of signals intelligence vandalism carried out during this time.

I am also certain that a number of people have been murdered as part of this psychotic psyop against my person. And I believe that it is quite possible that a Madison Avenue executive named Suzanne Hart was murdered as part of this psychological warfare operation.

In 2011, Hart was crushed to death after entering an elevator which suddenly malfunctioned - trapping her between the bottom of the elevator and the ceiling of the floor she entered the elevator on. This "electric malfunction" may very well have been caused through the use of signals intelligence technology. And as part of a very aggressive and completely demented psyop that NSA and FBI psychopaths have been conducting against my person since 2003.

For more on this situation, type Suzanne Hart into the search feature on this Blog.

The brief power outage which we experienced earlier today - also a component in the daily psyops we are subjected to - preceded the arrival of local police and fire department personnel within this author's neighborhood, as part of a decades' long psychological operation conducted by FBI/NSA agents against my person, who continue to conceal from the public, their use of this author as a target of MKULTRA mind control experimentation, as well as a target of COINTELPRO.

What these agents are also concealing is the technological means with which they illegally obtain much of their information on American citizens.

Specifically, a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program that makes use of *signals intelligence EMF scanning networks, which are used to interface artificial intelligence computers with the neural pathways of our own brains.

*Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency

This is something that you will not see being broadcast on "60 Minutes" since they're far too busy disseminating the *CIA's disinformation, to ever focus on the reality of what is really occurring in the United States, in regard to the conspiracy to destroy the American middle class.

Have you ever wondered why the CIA has its moles in every news outlet in the United States? It's to ensure that the CIA is able to continue to propagate its "Mockingbird" subversion of the U.S. media, just as it has since Operation Mockingbird was created in 1948, to use the mainstream media in the United States to serve as a propaganda machine for the U.S. federal government.

An absolutely superb example of Operation Mockingbird's influence on today's so called journalists can be seen in an article which appears in today's Wall Street Journal "Opinion" section, entitled: "JFK: Casualty of the Cold War."

This article could not be more illustrative of the CIA's Mockingbird propaganda, than if the late Cord Meyer Jr., Allen Dulles, or even CIA propagandist Bill "The No Spin Zone" *O'Reilly had written it.

* Bill O'Reilly is anathema to investigative journalism. And his program is one of the most successful propaganda vehicles the CIA has ever used, as part of its dumbing down of the American viewing public.

This article expounds on the completely absurd notion that a lone assassin murdered JFK, while completely ignoring the myriad pieces of evidence which prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, that President John F. Kennedy was murdered as part of a criminal conspiracy by a corrupt and extraordinary evil faction operating within his own federal government.

A faction which not only continues to exist in the present day, but has exponentially grown in both size and evil intent since November of 1963.

While there are some well researched books in regard to the Kennedy Assassination (most are pure disinformation), one written by Lee Harvey Oswald's own mistress a few years ago, has been so devastating in exposing the U.S. federal government's complicity in murdering John F. Kennedy, that she now lives in seclusion overseas, due to the death threats she received while still living in the United States.

She has also become estranged from her own children, who are likely being harassed by federal agents as punishment for her having written this book. The U.S. Intel community has a history of oftentimes harassing the family members of its COINTELPRO targets, in what serves as a further illustration of the demented mindset of these agents, and the inherent evil of COINTELPRO.

Having read Judyth Vary Baker's book: "Me & Lee - How I Came To Know, Love And Lose Lee Harvey Oswald," this author finds Judyth's candid expose on the conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy, the best evidence indicting the U.S. federal government in his murder, ever offered to the American citizenry.

And given that we are just days away from the 50Th Anniversary of the murder of our last real U.S. President, this author emphatically recommends this book to the American citizenry.

As for the federal government's directed energy weapon's attacks on our persons, this author has already proven through much documentation, a direct correlation between the use of either police or fire department vehicles entering our neighborhood in advance of such aggressive attacks, and the attacks themselves taking place a short time afterwards.

What we are talking about here is a total subversion of our Constitutional government, by a group of rogue agencies that are systematically working to destroy the American middle class, as part of a much larger and demonic agenda to create a two class system: the wealthy and their subservient serf class.

This scandal is one which this corrupted government could never survive, should the American people collectively become aware of it. And this is the real reason for the demonization campaigns being waged against those of us who are promulgating this information.

As Americans, we've been taken from within by an enemy that has become common throughout this planet. Rothschild Zionism. And it is this cancer on humanity which continues to pervert our own governments and military intelligence complexes, in the interest of covertly enslaving us, while fomenting acts of false flag terrorism like that on 9-11-2001, in order to destroy our sovereignty.

Thus far their plan has worked very well. However, let us hope that with our continued attempts to expose this treasonous scandal, that this demonic plan will completely unravel in the future, as the world becomes witness to the House of Rothschilds' furtive attempts to enslave us.

- James F. Marino

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