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The Videos Of Media Personalities Al Roker & Robin Meade Shown In An EEG Heterodyned Trance Are Removed From YouTube After This Author Embeds Them In This Article - U.S. Television Reporters And Politicians Are Being Subjected To Computer To Brain Interface Mind Control Without Even Realizing It

The Mind Has No Firewall - NSA Signals Intelligence Domestic Warfare Programs Include A Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Which Is Being Used To Electromagnetically Enslave Each American Citizen Without Their Knowledge - Our EMF Signatures Are An Electromagnetic Version Of Our Own DNA, Which The NSA Has Catalogued Into Its Computer Database As Part Of A Signals Intelligence Driven Domestic Spy Program

NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice Believes That The NSA May Be Secretly Running The United States As Part Of A Shadow Government, And Using Blackmail To Control The Leadership In This Country, Including The White House And The Congress - This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg In Regard To The NSA's Treasonous Crimes, Which Also Include Electronically Fingerprinting The EMF Signatures Of The American People, As Part Of An Orwellian Signals-Intelligence-Driven Domestic Surveillance Program - Even Though Tice Was Invited To Be Interviewed By The Mainstream U.S. Media, The Interviews Were Cancelled At The Last Minute, Without Even Bothering To Notify Him

The NSA's Illegal Tracking Of American Citizen's By Way Of Their Own Unique Sets Of EMF Brain Fingerprints Is An Orwellian Invasion Of Their Privacy & An Outright Violation Of Their Constitutional Rights - The NSA Must Be Abolished

Earthplus Presses' Dr. Nick Begich Is Interviewed Regarding The FBI & Nixon White House's Involvement In The Cover Up Regarding The 1972 Disappearance Of The Cessna 310 Aircraft Which Was Carrying Begich's Father, Congressman Nick Begich And Congressman Hale Boggs, When Their Plane Was Alleged To Have Crashed - An FBI Telex Obtained Through The U.S. Freedom Of Information Act In 1992 Proves That The FBI Had Located The Cessna 310 And That There Were Survivors - However, The FBI Allowed These Men To Die From Exposure And Starvation As Part Of A Covert White House Plan To Murder Congressman Hale Boggs, For His Intent To Publicly Expose The Warren Commission As A Fraud

How The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Audio Visual Satellites Have Been Combined With 3D Thermal Imaging Technology & And A Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, In Order To Destroy The American Citizen's Constitutional Rights To Both Physical Privacy As Well As The Privacy Of Their Own Thoughts - The American People Are The Unwitting Targets Of A Signals Intelligence Driven Domestic Program Which Uses Brain Mapping Technology To Catalogue Each Citizen Like A Head Of Cattle - This Orwellian Spy Program Was In Existence Decades Before The Attacks On 9-11-2001 Occurred, And The 9-11 False Flag Operation Was In Large Part Used To Legally Implement This Satellite Based Spy Program Against The American Middle Class

The NSA's Inhuman Torture & Murder Of American Men, Women And Children With Psychic Abilities, Whom The NSA Trains To Be Psychic Warriors - The Crimes The NSA Commits Against These People Are As Horrific As Anything That Hitler & His Third Reich Did To The Jews During The Nazi Holocaust - Before He Was Murdered By The NSA, Psychic Warrior Steven Smith Wrote The Following Expose - The Expose Was Written In 2009 And Smith Would Be Murdered In 2010

Dr. Rauni Kilde, A Target Of Computer To Brain Interface - Mind Control Experimentation - Talks About The Swedish Government's Use Of Many Of Its Own Citizens, As Unwitting Mind Control Experimentees

American TV Reporters And Politicians
Being Used For Mind Control Experimentation
During Live Broadcasts

Author - James F. Marino

The following are several videos which show American reporters in the midst of a TV broadcast, when they suddenly start speaking erratically. There have been other instances as well, including TV reporters from other countries experiencing similar difficulties, which appear to be caused by a technique known as transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain.

This author has also included a video of TV weatherman, Al Roker, who appears to be fine one moment and then in an EEG heterodyned trance the next, while on live TV.

I have also included a video made of former President Bill Clinton just moments before he speaks on national television. Clinton is in an obvious trance, as is a reporter in the video following Clinton's. Robin Meade is shown in a trance while on a live television broadcast, only to awaken from the trance to realize that she is on live TV.

I have also included a video in which Columbia University professor, David Buckner, is speaking with Glenn Beck in regard to how U.S. Treasuries have become toxic assets as the result of the 2008 sub prime mortgage collapse, when Buckner suddenly collapses while on live TV. In this author's opinion, Buckner was targeted by a directed energy weapon, which caused him to faint.

Ironically enough, the media in the United States doesn't have to report on such mind control experimentation, since from the following videos, they are being unwittingly used as non consensual human experimentees, in order to demonstrate this technology for our general population, through live television broadcasts.

* The videos of Al Roker and  Robin Meade,  as well as a video on transcranial stimulation of the brain  were all  removed from YouTube after I embedded them in this article.   The U.S. Military Intelligence complex is attempting to cover up the most  abjectly EVIL crime imaginable  - the EMF brain mapping and electromagnetic fingerprinting of the American people through a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, that is being used as a covert means in which to enslave the U.S. population.

TV Weatherman Al Roker Seems To Just Zone Out On Live TV - Is He EEG Heterodyned? - One Moment Roker Appears To Be Fine, When He Suddenly Appears To Go Into A Mind Controlled Trance - This Video Is Removed From YouTube After I Embed It In This Article, Because Al Roker Is An Unwitting Target Of EEG Heterodyning, Just Like All Of The Media Personalities And Politicians In The United States Are - Our Government & Media Are Electromagnetically Brain Tapped & Furtively Mind Controlled To Fulfill Rothschild Zionisms' Agenda For A  Global Communist Dictatorship

Bill Clinton In An EEG Heterodyned Trance
Prior To National TV Address

This video is routinely removed from YouTube. However, someone always manages to upload it again.

Reporter Robin Meade In A Trance
This video was removed from YouTube
After I embedded it here
Robin Meade Is Another Example Of How
Media Personalities Are EEG Heterodyned

David Buckner Hit By A Directed Energy Weapon While Talking To Glenn Beck About Wall Street's Toxic Assets - This Is Another Instance Of A Person Who Is Being Remotely Tracked Via Their Body's Own Unique EMF Signatures Also Being Hit With A Satellite Deployed Microwave Energy Weapon

And since the only organizations in the United States which have access to the types of classified technology which can be used to adversely affect the human brain in such ways reside within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, there's no need to speculate as to who has the capability to remotely access a person's brain for such non consensual human experimentation.

We know that the U.S. federal government is responsible for these horrendous crimes, and that the politicians in the United States as well as the mainstream media will be used to conceal them from the American people.

It would also appear that Judge Judy Sheindlin has also been a target of this remote experimentation on the human brain, after Sheindlin began to speak incoherently during the taping of an episode of her TV show, and was rushed to the hospital.

Is this evidence that the media is remotely brain-tapped? And if the media, the first line of disinformation for the New World Order is brain-tapped, what about the politicians in our respective nations?

Are they EEG heterodyned too?

The seventh of the following videos describes the use of * transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain, which can be used to turn off certain areas of the brain. Each of the next six videos shows a different TV reporter suddenly experiencing what can only be described as artificially induced brain dysfunction.

* This video was also removed from YouTube after this author embedded the video in this article.    As a target of MKULTRA  I am well aware that the NSA can remotely access the neural pathways of any American citizen's brain as they have illegally done with this author since the 1970s.    The monstrosity that exists with the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is absolutely EVIL. 

The world knows this, which is why NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has become a national hero.   Unfortunately, Russia is now exploiting Snowden just the way the NSA did.   In this author's opinion  Edward Snowden probably knows a lot more about the NSA's signals intelligence operations than he has publicly discussed - in particular, I am referring to the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and its use as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy/mind enslavement program in the United States.

In the first video, newscaster Sarah Carlson is seen speaking fine during a TV broadcast, only to begin speaking incoherently a short time later. The media was quick to state that Carlson is an epileptic and had a seizure during the program.

However, Carlson never fell out of her chair, nor did she convulse. Instead, she finished her incoherent rambling and appeared to be fine.  However, Carlson's  medical condition would have offered the NSA plausible deniability in using her for such EEG heterodyned non consensual human experimentation.

Moreover, are we to believe that the other newscasters in the videos listed below were all having seizures on air? Especially when each of these instances occurred within the span of a single month.

These unwitting reporters were clearly being used for some form of non consensual human experimentation.

The research discussed in the *seventh video involves the use of wired technology to conduct transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain.

* This has now been removed from YouTube as well, since I embedded it in this article.

However, there's no doubt that a wireless form of this technology deployed via satellite can be used to furtively target any person by their brain's own unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies, just as the following reporters were.

This author is aware of this from my own experiences as a target of government mind control experimentation. The FBI, NSA and DHS are presently engaged in an illegal smear campaign against this author in regard to my writings as a target of MKULTRA non consensual human experimentation. The FBI and DHS have been attempting to murder this author for the past decade, through a vicious psychological warfare campaign which was perpetrated in an effort to suicide my person, and which has ultimately failed. As such, the smear campaign which these psycho-agents have since promulgated against my person and that is based on much outright slander, is the only method left (short of outright murder) in which to conceal these crimes from the U.S. population.

A population who  is unwittingly being targeted by the very EMF weapons that this author writes about on this Website.

A Website which has been  electronically tampered with by the FBI, NSA and DHS since I first published it back in 2006.  It is not in the least an exaggeration to say that these agents spend as much time remotely tampering with this Website and I spend writing and publishing my investigative research on this Website.

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Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?

This furtive use of through the air mind control technology on private citizens no longer involves just isolated incidents. There are literally thousands of people in the United States, as well as thousands of citizens from other countries describing their own experiences as targets of mind control experimentation. And there are likely millions more who don't yet realize what's happened to them.

In the following instances in which TV reporters suddenly begin to speak incoherently while during a live broadcast, it's obvious that a remote form of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain was used to adversely affect certain areas of their brains. One moment they are speaking fine, yet the next they are rambling incoherently. One reporter sounds as if she is speaking in tongues, and from a version of the video which has been used to study the audio portion of what Carlson is saying, it appears that she may in fact have been speaking in tongues at the time.

From the accounts of many men and women targeted for remote thought reading - mind manipulation - they have reported similar types of manifestations, as subjects of non consensual human experimentation. As a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, this author has experienced such thought blanking, in addition to myriad other manifestations of computer to brain interface. All of which the government will attempt to deny, while using furtive psychological warfare operations against our persons in an attempt to drive us insane.

Perhaps the best illustration that the U.S. Federal Government is driven by a Nazi ideology that is gradually being used to destroy the United States of America and her predominant middle class.

TV Reporter Sarah Carlson Suddenly Starts Speaking In Tongues?

Is Carlson Being EEG Heterodyned? Yes!

Judy Rambling Incoherently On TV
She's Another Victim Of  EEG Heterodyning

Another Reporter Starts Speaking Gibberish
During A TV Broadcast

He Is Being EEG Heterodyned?

TV Talkshow Host Jillian Barbieri Starts Speaking Erratically - The Media Said It Was A Stroke But It Was Just Another Case Of EEG Heterodyning Of The Brain Via Signals Intelligence Satellites - The Media Said That Media Personality Serene Branson Had A Migraine Which Was Responsible Her Erratic Speaking, However, It Was Just Another Instance Of A Media Personality Being Subjected To The EEG Heterodyning Of Their Own Brain

Foreign Reporter Jana Cermakova
Has Trouble Speaking During A TV Broadcast
Due To The EEG Heterodyning Of Her Brain

Another Newscaster Subjected To Memory Blanking?
Another Example Of EEG Heterodyning Of The Brain!

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Of The Brain
Can Be Used To Turn Off Certain Parts Of The Brain

Neuro Linquistic Programming Used In Organized Stalking

The premise behind Neuro-Linguistic programming is to create a series of psychological triggers which can be used to negatively sensitize the targets of such crimes to these objects. The first object which is used as a basis in which to create such Neuro-Linguistic programming is called the anchor, since it is used to "anchor" any further psychological triggers which will be used in the brainwashing of the targeted person.

The term used for conditioning the targeted person to become sensitized from the anchor target to a new target is referred to as "chaining." A TI who has been subjugated to organized stalking for years can be subjected to thousands of different psychological triggers.

Or if they are familiar with these protocols, can learn how to avoid being subjected to such brainwashing techniques. There are TI's who have been able to learn how to avoid this brainwashing by learning how NLP techniques are secretly used to condition them.

Ironically enough, the communities who are being used to take part in organized stalking crimes have all been conditioned to respond to these psychological triggers in a similar way, since like their targets, these people have also been conditioned to see psychological triggers as the tools of brainwashing that they have become, instead of the inanimate objects that they really are.

Keep in mind that virtually anything can be used as a psychological trigger, including the name of a store or restaurant, a color, object, word or phrase, or the combination of a number of different triggers in the instance where the psyop has gone on for an extended period of time, and the perpetrators of these black operations need to find more elaborate triggers to use against targets who have learned their NLP methodology, and have become all but impervious to such furtive mind control techniques.

The DOJ, FBI and DHS are using NLP techniques in their orchestration of the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, which is secretly conducted through their covert use of Fusion Centers.

Fusion Centers are not legitimate community watch groups, but instead a network of domestic spies who utilize psychological warfare on our communities. Fusion Centers are being used to destroy the freedoms that once characterized the United States, under the pretext of a fraudulent war on terror, propagated by the same faction within the U.S. Federal Government that perpetrated 9-11, and murdered thousands of American citizens.

The people operating under the auspices of Fusion Centers are the modern day equivalent of Hitler's Brown Shirts.

The FBI will also use such NLP techniques over the Internet by subliminally linking the persons they target for these crimes with such objects.

The FBI and DHS also use the mainstream media to disseminate NLP techniques in order to furtively link the targets of organized stalking to any objects which the FBI has chosen to portray them. Myriad TI's have stated that the media has been used in such furtive attacks on their persons, as part of demonizing them within their own communities.

Learn More About The Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) Being Used Against All Targets Of Organized Stalking - If You Understand How NLP Works You Can Neutralize Much Of The Street Theatre You Are Subjected To By Organized Stalkers

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming Used In The Vigilante Hate Crime Organized Stalking, Is Done In Order To Condition The Target To Certain Forms Of Stimuli Which Serve As Negative Reinforcement - This video was also removed from YouTube after this author embedded it in this article. The U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using satellite deployed mind control weapons on the American people and doing everything possible to cover this up - Many Of The People Who Post These Videos On Mind Control Are Actually Targets Of Mind Control Experimentation - They Post Until YouTube Is Told To Revoke Their Accounts - These People Are Courageous In Their Attempt To Expose The Greatest Human Rights Atrocity In History - The Covert EMF Brain Mapping And EMF Fingerprinting Of The American Middle Class

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Another Instance Of FBI Agents Perpetrating The Crime Of Coercing Fabricated Witnesses Into Lying Under Oath - The FBI Has A History Of Doing So - If You Get Caught Committing Suborning Witness Perjury You Go To Jail, If An FBI Agent Gets Caught Committing Suborning Witness Perjury, They Don't Go To Jail, They Get A Promotion

European Parliament Asked To Investigate Allegations That The U.S. National Security Agency Is Using Its Echelon Spy Satellite Array To Steal European Industrial Secrets - The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Can Be Used To Electronically Access The Minds Of European Leaders To Read Their Thoughts By Intercepting Their Brainwaves And Remotely Decoding Them - The NSA Can Do The Same Thing To U.S. Politicians And Judges

Corruption In Dade County Florida By NSA and FBI Agents

Was Novelist J.D. Salinger A CIA Asset? And Is His Book The Catcher In The Rye A Psychological Trigger For The U.S. Intelligence Community's Mind Controlled Sleeper Agents?

The National Security Agency's Crimes Against The American People Involve Everything From Nazi-Style Non Consensual Human Experimentation On American Citizens To The Secretive EMF Brain Fingerprinting Of The U.S. Population - And Our Politicians And The U.S. Media Continue To Conceal This From The American People

CIA/FBI Collusion To Coerce A U.S. Attorney To Betray His Arab Clients - Yet Another Example Of The CIA & FBI's Gross Perversion Of The U.S. Judicial System & Why Both Of These Organized Crime Syndicates Should Be Abolished

 NSA National  EMF Brain Mapping & EMF Fingerprinting Program Being Used Against The American People Is An Orwellian Crime Against Humanity

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