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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- High Crimes Of Treason Within The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Involve The Clandestine Use Of Audio Visual Satellites Using 3D Thermal Imaging Technology, Combined With Signals Intelligence Satellites & SIGNIT EMF Scanning Networks Which Track Our Bodies By Their Own Unique EMF Signatures - This Satellite Predation Is Being Used To Destroy The Privacy Of The Human Race

Editor's Note; A few minutes ago (11:45AM 10/22/13) this author heard the sounds of hundreds of birds which had been in the trees on our property, who suddenly began to chirp simultaneously, while flying around our property. This occurred instantaneously, with many of them eventually landing on our front lawn, before taking flight.
The reader will also note that there was a bee flying near the front door of our home which was also behaving very strangely, as the result of whatever frequency was being broadcast through the air around our home at the time.The entire episode only lasted a few minutes. This occurs on our property several times each year. And it is likely just another example of the electronic warfare technology which we are subjected to by these militarist, Nazi minded psychopaths, on a daily basis. Signals Intelligence technology which is deployed via signals intelligence satellites, phased array radar systems (HAARP), cell phone towers, and the GWEN radar system (which the federal government has claimed (lied about) is no longer operational. The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is the likely culprit in this instance, given how this author has been illegally targeted by this satellite based domestic spy network for decades, as a target of MKULTRA. As a result of this covert mind control weapons' technology, this author has seen animals put into a sound sleep in under a minute, while others began behaving very strangely - completely atypical of their normal behavior.This is all related to the EEG heterodyning of their own unique brainwave prints. A form of mind control experimentation being propagated via the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' space based Active Denial Weapons System, and by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.
*Note:   After I Embed This Video It Is Immediately Removed From YouTube!   --    Woman Standing Directly Behind Barack Obama Faints Earlier Today During Obama's Speech - Obama Then Moves In To Comfort Her, Giving Him The Appearance Of Strength - The Situation Was Likely Staged - The Question Is Was The Woman Part Of This Charade, Or Was She Targeted By A Signals Intelligence Deployed Directed Energy Weapon In Order To Cause Her To Faint? - Even If This Is The Case, The Media Will Be Used To Furnish The Public With A Plausible Explanation For This Incident & Those Claiming That The Incident May Have Been Manipulated Through The Use Of This Satellite Based Weapons' Technology Will Be Portrayed As "Paranoid-Conspiracy-Theorist-Nut-Jobs" - A Common Smear Tactic Used To Whitewash The Facts Behind These Acts Of Satellite Predation
Former NASA Astronaut Speaking At A UFO Conference Begins To Describe Having Seen A UFO, When She Suddenly Passes Out - Was She Targeted By A Signals Intelligence Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Weapon? Years Ago, UFOlogist, Dean Warwick, Had Just Taken The Stage At A UFO Conference, Having Told Some Members Of The Audience That He Had Some Shocking New Information He Was About To Share With Them, When He Collapsed On Stage & Died Of A Heart Attack - Warwick Was Likely Murdered By A Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Microwave Weapon - These Are The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Weapons Of Choice For Committing Plausibly Deniable Murders, With Total Anonymity - However, As These Weapons Become Better Known To The Public, This Anonymity Will Be Lost & This Complex Seen As The Demonic Monstrosity The Really AreDid The FBI Have Civil Rights Attorney William Kunstler Murdered? Kunstler Was One Of The Most Brilliant Civil Rights Attorneys In American History, Yet, He Was Despised By The U.S. Federal Government For Independently Investigating The 1993 Attacks On The World Trade Center, As Part Of His Representation Of The Patsies Who Were Set Up To Take The Fall For This False Flag Operation - Kunstler Would Die During The Time He Represented These Defendants - The Question Is, Was His Death By Natural Means, Or Was He Murdered? If So, What Was The Means Used To Silence William Kunstler? Could It Have Been A Directed Energy Microwave Weapon, Targeted At Kunstler's Body To Cause His Illness? If This Is The Case, Then Who Murdered William Kunstler? Was It The FBI, In Seeking To Cover Up The Bureau's Role In The 1993 Bombing, Based On The Testimony Of An FBI Informant Named Emad Salem? The Reader Should Also Keep In Mind That The FBI Had Access To *Directed Energy Weaponry At The Time That William Kunstler Became Ill And Later Died - One Must Also Wonder Whatever Became of Emad Salem After He Publicly Accused The FBI Of Complicity In The 1993 Bombing Of The World Trade Center - The FBI Also Had Been Given Access To Directed Energy Weaponry By The Time That EarthFirst! Activist, Judi Bari Developed Breast Cancer, While Judi Was Engaged In A Lawsuit Against The FBI
The Movie Deja-Vu Is An Example Of How The U.S. Military-Intelligence Complex Uses The Media To Show The Public Technology That Really Exists, Yet Is Presented In A Fictional Venue For The Purpose Of Plausible Deniability - If You Advance This Movie To About 31 Minutes Into Deja-Vu, You Will Be Able To See The Type Of Advanced 3D Thermal Imaging Technology That The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Is Using To Spy On Targeted Individuals Within Our Own Homes - This Technology Is Being Used To Completely Circumvent The American People's 4Th Amendment RightsHow The U.S. Military-Intelligence Complexes' Illegal Use Of Advanced 3D Thermal Imaging Satellites Has Resulted In The Destruction Of The 4Th, 5Th & 6Th Amendments To The U.S. Bill Of Rights
Written By James F. Marino
As a target of government mind control experimentation since my teenage years, under a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA program of the 1950s, this author is always searching for anything pertaining to mind control technology and non consensual human experimentation.This is especially true, since your average American would be absolutely appalled at the U.S. federal government's preoccupation with finding different ways in which to control our minds. And while Hollywood remains an important venue for influencing our thoughts, the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' signals intelligence satellite based mind control weapons, remain the "Holy Grail" for both accessing our subvocalized thoughts, and also remotely influencing them, by way of a technology known as *EEG heterodyning.* For more on this technology Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency and Dr. Robert Duncan and "The Matrix Deciphered."Over the years, this author has come to realize that Rothschild Zionism & the CIA's influence over Hollywood and the motion picture industry, involves Hollywood's use in creating feature films which are oftentimes presented as fiction, yet are used in which to demonstrate classified technologies, which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex covertly uses against the American people. This is done under the guise that these motion pictures (and the technology displayed in them) are only fictional.Throughout the years, I have seen many Hollywood films which were sold to the movie going public as science fiction, yet were in reality based on classified technologies that the U.S. federal government not only has access to, but routinely tests on American citizens.Since creating this Website back in 2006, I have embedded several "science fiction" movies on this Website, because they are a prime illustration of Hollywood's use in demonstrating government classified technologies in motion pictures, under the pretense that the technologies are just fictional.Interestingly enough, many of the movies which I have embedded on this Website to illustrate such cases of art imitating life, are quickly removed from the YouTube Website that I embed these movies from, after the movies are embedded on my Website.A 1981 Hollywood movie entitled "Looker" has become the latest casualty in the federal government's attempt to prevent this author from documenting what I believe is Hollywood's use in promoting classified government technologies, under the guise that the movies they are showcased in, are only fictional.The storyline behind "Looker" involves the use of CGI video morphing technology, to clone and then digitally animate the images of actors and politicians to serve a world government agenda.Also See:Is The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Using CGI Video Morphing Technology To Animate The Images Of Americans Whom This Government Is Attempting To Portray As Terrorists? Is The 1981 Movie "Looker" An Example Of This Technology, And Is This Why The Movie Was Removed From The YouTube Website, After This Author Embedded It In An Article That I Wrote In Regard To The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Use Of An Advanced Form Of CGI Video Morphing Technology, To Digitally Clone & Animate The Image Of Any American Citizen?In the movie, once the person's CGI cloned image was animated, they could be completely recreated on screen without the actual use of the person. And the people who served as the hosts for this CGI cloning were then killed off.There is little doubt given the advanced technologies that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has access to, that they also have an advanced form of CGI video morphing technology, which can be used to digitally clone and animate the image of any person on the face of this planet.Think about the dangers of such technology, when the U.S. federal government decides to make use of this technology in order to create a CGI cloned terrorist from the image of an unwitting American citizen; a citizen who is then left speechless when this person sees a video of someone who looks exactly like themselves, involved in some act of terrorism, knowing that they are not the person in the propagandized video.So is it any wonder why the FBI had "Looker" removed from YouTube after this author embedded the movie in an article that I wrote regarding the dangers of the U.S. federal government's use of CGI morphing technology on an unwitting American public?Why would the FBI care about a movie that I am referencing, enough to furtively have it removed from YouTube; unless the movie really is illustrative of technology that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has access to, and is using illegally against certain American citizens.As for instances where Hollywood movies act as a case of art imitating life, consider the 2006 movie, "Deja Vu." Here we have a prime illustration of classified domestic spy technology - 3D thermal imaging technology - which utilizes audio visual spy satellites to illegally watch us within our own homes. After this author points this out in the article you are currently reading, and embeds "Deja-Vu" in this article as yet another instance of Hollywood's movies functioning as an illustration of art imitating life, the FBI has "Deja-Vu" removed from YouTube under the pretense that the person who uploaded it voluntarily withdrew it.I had seen the movie on YouTube earlier and it remained there, until I decided to embed it on this Website as an illustration of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of Hollywood, to showcase its classified technologies in science fiction movies, so that the technology can be portrayed as being fake.After this, the movie was "suddenly" removed from YouTube.The FBI has done this on many occasions when this author references a fictional movie which is used to portray some of the classified spy/mind control technology the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is really using on the American people, in which to furtively gauge the public's perceptions of these technologies, and their opinion of the government for using them (while the government remains safe from criticism, since the movies are supposed to based on fictional content). Fortunately, someone else decided to upload "Deja Vu" to YouTube, and I am able to again embed it today. However, the reader should view this movie as soon as possible since the FBI will undoubtedly have it removed again.

If the movie is removed by the time you read this post, this author suggests either purchasing or renting a copy of "Deja-Vu," because this movie is an excellent example of how art imitates life; specifically, how today's spy satellites are capable of both watching the outside of your home, as well as entering it, while using 3D computer generated thermal imaging technology to completely reproduce your digital persona, which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex can then use to follow you around within the privacy of your own home.

All without your knowledge or consent!The entire community of people who are targets of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking, should watch the segment in this movie which involves 3D satellite surveillance by government spy satellites, of any building or home within the United States.

This technology will stun you!The segment occurs at about 31 minutes into the movie, and will give members of the TI community an even better understanding of exactly how they are being spied upon, while their privacy is violated in the most egregious ways imaginable.

Four spy satellites can be used to triangulate on any person within a city and follow that person around, while spying on everyone whom they come in contact with. Our entire lives are recorded by these satellites and then digitally stored in computer databases like those at the *National Security Agency.

As such, our concept of privacy is nothing but an illusion, since this technology is being used to spy on every citizen in the United States, while similar systems are being used to spy on the citizens of their own respective nations, under a global surveillance system known as Echelon.

* Is it any wonder why the NSA is constructing a massive new facility in the state of Utah, in order to house the raw data which the NSA is collecting from spying on every American citizen? This is what NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden was referring to when going public with his information on the NSA's domestic spy operations. And Snowden is just scratching the surface of the NSA's Orwellian crimes here, which go well beyond the scope of just spying, and enter into the realm of non consensual human experimentation, via the NSA's Echelon signals intelligence satellite array.Echelon is operated by the National Security Agency under the auspices of the U.S. Department Of Defense. And Echelon is being used to destroy your rights to privacy and due process of law under the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments to the United States Bill of Rights.

Since when is the U.S. Military permitted to spy on American citizens? Much less within their own homes?Moreover, and equally as frightening, Echelon has the ability to spy on any person on the face of this planet.

As a result this, as an American citizen, neither you nor your family have any privacy at all, regardless of what you may think.

Moreover, if you go to Google maps and type in the address of your home, you will likely be able to see both an aerial and ground view of your residence, as well as a 360 degree view of the area around your home.

You should also be able to use Google's mapping software to travel around your neighborhood, based on what the Google satellite saw at the time the aerial photo it took was uploaded to the Internet.

Now take this a giant step further, and imagine an advanced version of these audio visual satellites which operate in real time, and are equipped with 3D thermal imaging technology that can be used to watch you within the privacy of your own home, recording everything that you say and do (as well as what your Family members are doing), and then archive the information on a massive computer database.

Also consider that entire cities and suburban communities are spied upon in this way by more than 20,000 orbiting satellites, and you can begin to understand the gravity of this situation, and why these satellites and the people within the global military industrial intelligence complex who deploy them against us, have become the most abject and evil menace to society imaginable.

They have in fact, become irrevocably corrupted by this outrageous domestic spy machine.

Moreover, and as previously stated in regard to art imitating life, this "Orwellian complex" has also had a very disturbing history of using Hollywood to display its spy technology to the public, under the guise that the technology shown in such movies is only fictional.

However, more times than not, the technology is real and being used to spy on the general population in the United States, without the federal government ever admitting to the existence of this technology.

And if we attempted to sue the federal government in court in order to expose this technology, these agencies would attempt to block any lawsuit, while claiming that a civil action could jeopardize national security.This is yet another example of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of fear mongering, to prevent legitimate investigations into their criminal activities, while using the cover of national security in which to hide these crimes from the public.The 3D thermal imaging technology used in the movie "Deja-Vu" may seem like fiction. However, the U.S. Military Intelligence complex maintains a real version of this technology, which can be used to watch you in real time within the privacy of your own homes. And it is deployed via spy satellite networks like the NSA's Echelon.

However, the technology remains classified under the National Security Act and the U.S. Inventions Secrecy Act of 1951; even though this technology is being used to completely abrogate your rights to privacy under the 4Th Amendment. And your rights to due process of law under the 5Th and 6Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights.

And if forced to admit to the existence of this technology, the so called leadership of this country will claim that they have the right to spy on you because of their bogus war on terror.

The outgrowth of their 9-11 false flag operation - the greatest coup d'etat and lie ever perpetrated against a citizenry; especially one which has been brainwashed into believing that they are free.

If you have researched the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence complexes' history of abusing its technology to spy domestically, as well as its use of the American population as unwitting human guinea pigs to test this technology on (non consensual human experimentation), you can now begin to understand the hidden evil which exists within our own subverted government. And why we must expose it and destroy it, if we are to resurrect our Constitutional rule of law.

And this exposition must begin with the NSA's domestic spy operations, and the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. This is especially true since the United States Congress has done everything possible to prevent a new Church Committee investigation into the U.S. Military-Intelligence complexes' domestic spy operations; knowing that the corruption is so outrageous, that the American people would deem this complex to be irreparably compromised.

If the readers will advance "Deja-Vu" to about 31 minutes into the movie, you'll see the type of 3D thermal imaging satellite surveillance technology, that the U.S. Federal Government is using to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own homes, under the draconian Patriot Act, and the fraudulent 9-11 war on terror/false flag operation.

When this technology is combined with the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network's brain scanning domestic spy apparatus (*EEG heterodyning, or as the NSA secretly refers to it, remote neural monitoring of the brain), which has been used to catalogue the unique bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies of each of our brains (an electromagnetic version of each American citizen's own DNA), you can begin to understand how the American people have been catalogued into the U.S. Federal Government's domestic spy system, and electromagnetically branded and remotely enslaved like heads of cattle.*Google: The Matrix Deciphered, EEG Heterodyning and Akwei VS NSA, to learn more about the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' EMF fingerprinting (theft of our biological property) of American citizens, and this complexes' use of this technology to electronically enslave us, by branding us like heads of cattleEverything that we say, do, and think, captured by way of these Orwellian spy satellite networks, which have become - along with the governments that deploy them against us - the greatest threat to humanity ever created.

- James F. Marino

The Movie Deja-Vu Is An Example Of How The U.S. Military-Intelligence Complex Uses The Media To Show The Public Technology That Really Exists, Yet Is Presented In A Fictional Venue For The Purpose Of Plausible Deniability - If You Advance This Movie To About 31 Minutes Into Deja-Vu, You Will Be Able To See The Type Of Advanced 3D Thermal Imaging Technology That The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Is Using To Spy On Targeted Individuals Within Our Own Homes - This Technology Is Being Used To Completely Circumvent The American People's 4Th Amendment Rights

Editor's Notation:
The reader will note that the FBI and NSA agents who continue to cover up their outrageous crimes against this author and other members of my Family, also continue to electronically sabotage this Website by interfering with this blog's bandwidth. This results in this blog taking what is often a ridiculously slow time to download (sometimes as much as 40 minutes), instead of the few seconds that this site should take to download.However, if the FBI fabricated as many lies in regard to your person as the FBI has done in regard to this author, in order to discredit your testimony regarding their crimes against your person, the FBI would be subjecting you to the same Orwellian and despicable treatment - as well as a slanderous smear campaign which the FBI continues to use to conceal its own criminal activities from the public.The FBI's furtive attack on this author constitutes a smear campaign - not an investigation.And this is being done to white wash the crimes that these agents have been perpetrating against this author for decades.Their electronically limiting the bandwidth on this Website constitutes another of their crimes, since this is a plausibly deniable way for the FBI to violate my First Amendment right to freedom of speech, as a target of both MKULTRA and COINTELPRO.In this case a covert form of censorship, since the FBI does not want the public to read what I have written in regard to these crimes, or the crimes that these federal psychopaths have perpetrated against other members of my own Family; in addition to myriad other targets of COINTELPRO, and non consensual human experimentation. The FBI has no legal authority to do so, which is why they're using their illegal counterintelligence measures, in an effort to prevent this author from exposing the crimes which these Gestapo minded psychopaths continue to perpetrate against us under the cover of law. What we have here is an organized crime syndicate operating under the cover of different federal agencies, whose crimes against humanity have become so abhorrent, that their primary goal is to conceal these crimes from the American people, while using any means necessary in which to murder us with plausible deniability.Crimes which involve the fabrication of evidence and witness testimony, suborning of witness perjury, and brutal psychological warfare attacks; as well as torture and murder by way of satellite deployed microwave energy weapons - the most egregious violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history.However, one crime which these Nazi-minded reprobates will eventually be forced to admit to (and be held accountable for), is their covert implementation of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, which they use against the American people; a program so inherently evil in its intent to enslave humanity, that these agents are presently doing everything possible to conceal it from the American people. The U.S. National Security Agency's *Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency & The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning NetworkAlso See:The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network & The Agency's Through The Air Computer To Brain Interface Of The Human Brain - Remote Neural Monitoring & Synthetic Telepathy Enables The NSA To Enter The Mind Of Any American Citizen

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