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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- Is Today's Mass Shooting At The Washington Navy Shipyard, Which Has Left At Least 13 People Dead, Yet Another False Flag Operation Like 9-11 & The Boston Marathon Bombings? And Was The Gunman, Aaron Alexis, Mind Controlled Into Committing This Horrific Act?

Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" Pamphlet, Published On January 10Th, 1776, Just Months Before The Declaration Of Independence Was Signed - Paine Was One Of The Most Influential Men Of His Time, Understanding The Importance Of Our Constitutional Republic & The Dangers Which It Faced From The British Monarchy & House Of Rothschild

"Blueprint for a Prison Planet (The Plan to Microchip Humanity... and why you won't believe it)" by Nick Sandberg - While We've Already Been EMF Fingerprinted By The NSA, The Rockefeller's Next Step In The House Of Rothschilds' Plan To Electronically Enslave The Global Middle Class, Is To Implant Each Of Us With A Microchip Which Will Be Used To Replace The Traditional Monetary System - The Chip You'll Be Implanted With Will Be Your Lifeline For Survival - If The Chip Is Turned Off You Will Not Be Able To Purchase The Bare Necessities Of Life, Including Food - Billions Of People Will End Up Starving To Death

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Lee Harvey Oswald's Mistress, Judith Vary Baker, Exposes Many Of The Lies Of The Warren Commission, Regarding The JFK Assassination, As She Describes Her Relationship With Lee Harvey Oswald In The Early 1960s, And Their Role In Developing A Biological Weapon Which Was To Be Used To Murder Cuban President Fidel Castro - As You Listen To Judith You Will Begin To Understand The Complexity Of The Black Op To Murder JFK, How Lee Harvey Oswald Actually Prevented Kennedy From Being Murdered Three Weeks Earlier When Kennedy Was In Chicago, And The Myriad Lies The U.S. Federal Government Told The American People In Regard To President John F. Kennedy's Murder, In Order To Conceal FBI, CIA & Louisiana Mafia Involvement In The JFK Assassination - The 9-11 False Flag Operation Was Just Another Government Black Operation, Like That Of The JFK Assassination -So Why Wait Another 50 Years Before We Hold The U.S. Federal Government Accountable?

The Origins Of Satanic Zionism & Its Infiltration Of Christianity & Judaism

Is Today's Mass Killing At The Washington Navy Shipyard
Yet Another U.S. Government False Flag Operation?

Written By James F. Marino

As a creation of the House of Rothschild, and used to ensure this organization's control over the American middle class, do you remember what the CIA's Dr. Jose Delgado, once stated in regard to the free thought of human kind?

"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."

- Dr. Jose Delgado
The Congressional Record
No. 262E, Vol. 118 - February 24, 1974

As the number of casualties in today's shooting spree at the Washington Navy shipyard continue to mount, the alternative media is already asking if this attack is yet another false flag operation of the U.S. federal government's.

The man accused of perpetrating this massacre, Aaron Alexis, had been treated in the past for mental problems, and had also claimed to have been hearing voices and experiencing physical anomalies to his person that are indicative of a directed energy microwave weapons attack - a common complaint with victims of a modern day version of MKULTRA, which is conducted via the electromagnetic spectrum, and by way of signals intelligence satellites, cell phone towers and phased array radar systems such as HAARP.

Was Aaron Alexis the target of such mind control weapons, where his brainwave print was interfaced with an artificial intelligence computer, which was then used to implant dangerous thoughts into his mind, by way of a technology known as *EEG heterodyning?

Was Aaron Alexis A Victim Of U.S. Government Mind Control Weapons Which Resulted In His Unwitting Use As A Manchurian Candidate?

*For more on EEG heterodyning Google: Dr. Robert Duncan and his book "The Matrix Deciphered"

** Also See: Navy Yard Gunman Heard Voices In His Head Prior To Shooting 27 People, 12 Of Whom He Murdered

*** Google: Government Mind Control Weapons Being Used On Our General Populations Without Their Knowledge

**** How Satellite Based Mind Control Weapons Are Being Used To Enslave The Human Race - Why's The FBI Not Investigating The Thousands Of Complaints Made By American Citizens In Regard To This Satellite Predation? Because The FBI Is Using Its Own Weaponized Satellites To Attack American Citizens With Directed Energy Weapons - The FBI Is The Modern Equivalent Of The Nazi's Gestapo, Operating In A Technocratic Police State

Was Aaron Alexis being used as part of a U.S. federal government false flag operation, in order to intimidate the American people into changing their minds about attacking Syria?

It's not like the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has not used false flag sponsored domestic terrorism in the past, in order to both intimidate as well as deceive the American people into supporting a war.

Especially when this Anglo-Zionist controlled complex was seeking to foment a war against a country whom the Rothschilds' Zionist banksters could not coerce into doing business.

Perhaps the best example of such false flag operations in the United States occurred just prior to the U.S. Military's entrance into World War II.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Zionist controllers at the Federal Reserve, could not convince the American people to support the U.S. Military becoming involved in WWII. So with advanced knowledge that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor, FDR simply allowed this attack to occur, in order to gain the American people's support for the U.S. Military's entering WWII.

The 9-11 false flag operation may have had different players, however, its agenda was the same - to force the American people into supporting a war which they were adamantly against.

So was the attack on the Washington Navy yard another government false flag operation with the same intent in mind?

It may very well have been, since the majority of Americans have stated that they don't want the U.S. Military conducting a bombing raid on Syria.

Without a foreign power to attack under false pretenses, the U.S. federal government will have no plausible reason to keep the Patriot Act in effect much longer, unless they can continue to foment their furtive terrorist attacks against the American middle class.

The White House and Congress enjoy this tremendous authority which they continue to abuse in the worst ways imaginable, and don't want to have to surrender it.

In this author's opinion, this is why last week's false flag terrorist attack on the American embassy in Afghanistan took place. If the current Administration in Washington D.C. is unable to start another war, the American people will instead become the targets of many of its false flag terrorist attacks in the future (like the one which occurred at the Boston Marathon earlier this year), until the American people submit to these intimidation tactics.

This will occur because the body politic in the United States is absolutely hell bent on holding onto the war time powers which they obtained illegally, as the result of the 9-11 false flag operation.

And they will continue to allow American citizens to be murdered so that they can hold onto these war time powers, by continuing to promulgate their 9-11 false flag war on terror propaganda.

Little more than two weeks ago, the United States federal government was about to wage another of its illegal wars on Syria, based on the claim that the United States is obligated to respond to the Assad regime's chemical weapon's attack, which is reported to have killed more than 1000 Syrians over the past few days.

It's estimated that since the recent civil unrest in Syria began, more than 100,000 Syrian citizens have been murdered, and that at least 1400 have been killed with sarin gas.

At the time, the problem with the U.S. federal government's claims in regard to the Assad government, was that Americans had no way of knowing who was really behind these attacks. Or if the dead Syrians were in fact murdered with a chemical weapon.

Within days, *Syrian insurgents contacted Associated Press correspondent, Dale Gavlak, to state that they were the perpetrators of the sarin gas attack in Syria, and that they received this chemical weapon from Saudi Arabia.

Yet the government controlled U.S. media completely ignored this information.

Given the U.S. federal government's past ties with Saudi Arabia, this could mean that if Sarin gas was used to commit this war crime, that the Sarin gas may have actually been supplied by a chemical weapon's lab in Saudi Arabia, which is secretly financed by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

* "Syrian rebels in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta have admitted to Associated Press correspondent Dale Gavlak that they were responsible for last week’s chemical weapons incident which western powers have blamed on Bashar Al-Assad’s forces, revealing that the casualties were the result of an accident caused by rebels mishandling chemical weapons provided to them by Saudi Arabia"

This situation between the United States and Syria became even more nebulous over the past week, when Russian President Vladmir Putin became involved in these negotiations, and the Assad regime suddenly admitted to having chemical weapons.

Why did Syria suddenly admit to having chemical weapons, when it had become clear that the Obama Administration could not gain permission from the United Nations to attack Syria, and that even the United Kingdom would not support the United States in an attack on Syria?

Furthermore, for many years now the U.S. federal government has been involved in a conspiracy to overrun the Syrian and Iranian governments, as part of Rothschild Zionism's intent to implement a global communistic dictatorship.

We've already seen the absolute carnage caused by the U.S. Military in Afghanistan and Iraq, as part of the *9-11 false flag operation, which was in large part fomented to destroy the Constitutional rule of law in the United States. Something which the Patriot Act and subsequent treasonous legislation including the NDAA have thus far managed to accomplish.

* As for carnage, who can ever forget the horrific sight of men and women jumping to their deaths from the tops of the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center, or the Towers collapsing into their own footprints, in what was certainly a controlled demolition?

Moreover, this Zionist world government dictatorship is not possible unless the triumvirate which is comprised of the House of Rothschild, the British Monarchy, and the Vatican, has first destroyed every legitimate government on this planet.

The past U.S. corporate business alliance with Saudi Arabia, compounded by the conspiratorial nature of the U.S. Congress and White House since the 9-11 false flag operation was perpetrated against the American citizenry, and the claims being made by Syrian insurgents, that Saudi Arabia supplied them with the Sarin gas they are alleged to have used on over a thousand of Syrian citizens, supports allegations that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex may have actually financed the manufacture of this sarin gas.

* That is assuming that sarin gas was really used in these attacks, and not other means. This author hearkens back to the now infamous Bush 43 Administration's claims of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which turned out to be a blatant lie.

Is the Obama Administration telling another outrageous lie in regard to what really caused the deaths of more that 1400 Syrians over the past few weeks?

And as is the case with Bush 43's duplicity regarding its bogus weapons of mass destruction claims in the early 2000's, will the Obama Administration's current claims regarding sarin gas turn out to be just as fraudulent somewhere down the road?

Even if the claims of sarin gas being used on Syrians is based on fact, how can we be certain that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has had nothing to do with the manufacture of this particular batch of sarin gas, as part of their plot to overthrow the Syrian government?

Have these organizations been so forthright with the American people in the past?

Not in the least. The only constant, is that the U.S. federal government has pathologically lied to the American people in regard to the facts about the 9-11 false flag operation, and every pertinent situation that has occurred since the attacks on 9-11 took place.

So as American citizens, why should we believe anything that this abjectly corrupted government has told us for the past twelve years?

Especially given its recent efforts to destabilize the governments of several Latin American countries.

Over the past few years, the leaders of a number of Latin American countries, including Venezuela, have died of cancers, which were likely induced through a chemical weapon, or by way of a satellite deployed directed energy microwave weapon.

And the key positions within these governments have now been filled with the U.S. federal government's puppet leadership. Just as this cabal has already done in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Moreover, what we will witness in Syria should the United States eventually decide to attack this country, is for all intents and purposes, what we have already seen in Iraq and Afghanistan after the 9-11 false flag operation began.

The systematic destruction of yet another country whose inhabitants will become slaves of Rothschild Zionism's New World Order Communist government, while Americans are force fed yet another series of lies being told to us by our elected leaders, as they attempt to justify their destruction of our Constitutional rule of law, and the police state presence in our country - which is neither needed nor welcomed.

The reader will also note the U.S. federal government's continued attempts to impose U.N. legislation regarding Syria's alleged violation of the international ban on using chemical warfare on a citizenry, while U.S. politicians continue to completely ignore the United Nation's ruling for the United States to hold off on attacking Syria for the time being.

This sense of abject arrogance in regard to the politicians in America, has characterized the federal government in this country for more than a century.

The U.S. federal government's attitude here is particularly ironic given the police state atmosphere within the United States since 9-11, and the horrific treatment of thousands of American citizens, who've been forced to create their own activist groups in order to assert their Constitutional rights, in efforts to end this government's Orwellian abuses of our persons.

U.S. politicians have repeatedly ignored the requests by thousands of American citizens, who are being tortured and murdered through the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of satellite deployed directed energy weapons.

As such, the hypocrisy of the U.S. corporation (which continues to pass itself off as a legitimate democratic government) in regard to its claims about the Syrian government's use of terrorism on its own citizens, is truly without precedent.

Especially given the U.S. federal government's use of terrorism against American citizens, who continue to be denied our Constitutional rights to privacy and due process of law.

Regardless of what lies this corrupted and pathetic excuse for a government promulgates in regard to Syria, the fact is that the U.S. federal government's attack on Syria will be yet another war for natural resources, just as its illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were.

And the American middle class will once again wrongfully suffer for this.

Moreover, since the war in Iraq is now officially over, and the war in Afghanistan is slated to end in 2014, the U.S. federal government must have a new excuse in order to continue to suspend the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, which an attack on Syria will provide them with once a war on Syria has been commenced.

That is, unless the American people are able to shake off their media induced brainwashing, and demand that the Obama Administration refrain from attacking Syria.

However, even if the Obama Administration is forced to indefinitely refrain from attacking Syria, the Zionist controlled Congress and White House will eventually find another country to attack.

And if they fail to achieve their agenda of attacking another country, the U.S. Military Intelligence complex will be used to foment another false flag terrorist operation on the scale of 9-11, in order to terrify the American people into acquiescing to whatever the Zionist controlled corporate government in Washington D.C. wants.

These politicians have been granted war time powers under the 9-11 false flag operation.

So these politicians are not going to surrender them willingly, which means that they will continue to do whatever is necessary to maintain the Patriot Act and the other pieces of treasonous legislation, which have since been passed by a federal government, that has now become the most corrupt in the history of the human governmental infrastructure.

Moreover, if the American people fail to act, and this Administration does eventually attack Syria, the fact is that by the time the U.S. federal government is through, the Syrian people will be no better off than the Afghani or Iraqi people are now, since the U.S. federal government's illegal wars for oil and natural gas had nothing to do with creating a better form of government for the Iraqis or Afghanis.

Instead, Syria will be left as destitute as Iraq and Afghanistan. A wasteland, which like Afghanistan and Iraq, will have had its natural resources stolen from it by the Anglo-Zionist war profiteers in Washington D.C.

These illegal wars are being fomented by the House of Rothschild through the Federal Reserve central bank, and the U.S. federal government and its false flag operations.

And they are not being used to liberate oppressed countries, but instead to rape and pillage them, while enslaving their citizenry, under the guise of propagating the democratic ideology in the Middle East.

The same thing has happened in the United States over the past decade, since any semblance of freedom that Americans had before 9-11, has been eradicated in post 9-11/Patriot Act America.

As an American citizen, can you disagree with the above comment? Can you truly say that you and your family are safer now than you were before the 9-11 false flag operation took place?

Furthermore, when one takes into account that the only thing at present which is preventing the U.S. federal government from treating each American citizen as an enemy combatant, is Barack Obama's signing statement addendum to the National Defense Authorization Act, Americans should be horrified!

I say this because if Obama's signing statement is repealed, no American will have any protections left under the U.S. Constitution, and can be considered an enemy combatant, and denied their right to due process of law.

As for the impracticality of entering another illegal war, given the deplorable economy that we presently have in the United States, why should the American middle class have to foot yet another bill for an illegal war, while at present several U.S. states have already filed for bankruptcy?

The Obama Administration's intent to wage an illegal war on Syria, when Syrian rebels have already publicly stated that the Assad government was not behind the chemical weapon's attack on Syrian citizens, is completely self serving - if not insane.

Moreover, this serves as a further illustration that this rogue government is intent on waging wars for profit no matter who they have to attack, as long as they can continue to enforce their war time powers under the Patriot Act, under the guise of waging wars to propagate democracy, while eradicating tyranny.

However, it is the so called leadership within the U.S. federal government that has clearly become the tyrant whom they claim to be eradicating, under their fraudulent war on terror/false flag operation.

And the Syrian government's recent and sudden admission to having chemical weapons, in light of the claims made earlier by Syrian rebels to Associated Press correspondent Dale Gavlak, claiming responsibility for the sarin gas attacks, only serves to further confuse this situation.

In other words, if sarin gas was used, who were the real perpetrators of this crime against humanity? The Syrian government or Syrian insurgents?

And who did they obtain the sarin gas from, and what grade of quality was this gas? A lesser grade would indicate that it was produced by insurgents, while a more potent quality of sarin gas would indicate that it was produced by the military.

However, what if the military simply financed the creation of the sarin gas, and then had a lower grade of this gas produced in order to deflect attention away from themselves?

This would be particularly applicable if as the Syrian insurgents have claimed, they received the sarin gas from Saudi Arabia; which could have acted as a go between for the United States Military and the Syrian insurgents - whom the U.S. Military would have used in efforts to overthrow the Syrian government.

Evidently, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron has had his doubts about the official story, since he has thus far refused to agree to a U.S./U.K. led strike on Syria.

The Obama Administration should have seen the writing on the wall, after Cameron refused to be bullied by the White House into attacking Syria. Cameron has since stated that he will wait for UN inspectors to determine if what should be classified as a police action against Syria is warranted.

See: "The Prime Minister has now said he will wait for a report by United Nations weapons inspectors before seeking the approval of MPs for 'direct British involvement' in the Syrian intervention. Downing Street said the decision to wait for the UN was based on the 'deep concerns' the country still harbours over the Iraq War."

After the atrocities perpetrated by the U.S. federal government against Afghanistan and Iraq, it's likely covert murders of the leaders of several Latin American countries who had opposed the United States imperialist ideology, and this rogue government's recent attempts at furtively overthrowing the governments of Iran and Syria, it will be a monumental mistake for the Obama Administration to wage war on Syria, when at the moment, the U.S. federal government has no allies left to call on, including the United Kingdom.

I say this because a Russian citizenry deeply concerned regarding the U.S. federal government's imperialist doctrine, and its attempts to cause a further destabilization in the Middle East on behalf of Zionist controlled Israel, will have no choice but to aggressively retaliate against the U.S. federal government, if a U.S. attack on Syria takes place.

And this could very well result in World War III.

- James F. Marino

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Editor's Note: FBI/NSA psychopaths continue to electronically interfere with this Website, recently tampering with the embedded videos on this Website for the second time in as many weeks.

This time, they have just altered the appearance of the video screen so that it's black with a white arrow. Instead of the video screen showing a photo which has been taken from a segment of the video itself.

It is this type of psychopathology which has come to characterize many of the federal agents who perpetrate these psychotic mind games, which are in and of themselves vicious crimes. If the videos on this Website are suddenly blocked as they were two weeks ago, the reader will note that this is just another in the myriad types of electronic harassment that these murderous thugs perpetrate against this author, as well as many other targets of MKULTRA non consensual human experimentation.

These so called agents are insane. And they are being used to cover up the most insidious of crimes - the signals intelligence electronic enslavement of the American middle class. This is about class warfare - the Anglo-Zionist investment class attempting to use a bogus war on terror as a covert way of enslaving us.

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