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Have All U.S. Presidents Since Ronald Reagan Been EEG Heterodyned By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex? If So, Have They Been Subjected To The "Voice Of God" Weapons That Dr. Robert Duncan Makes Reference To In His Book: "The Matrix Deciphered?" Technology Which Can Be Used To Remotely Interface Artificial Intelligence Computers With The Neural Pathways Of A Person's Brain - This Would Explain Why When Asked Why He Invaded Iraq George W. Bush Stated That "God Told Him To Invade Iraq"

Directed Energy Microwave Weaponry & EEG Heterodyning Of The Human Mind - Is Dr. Katherine Albrecht Being Targeted For Murder By Her Detractors In The RFID Industry? Is Albrecht An Unwitting Target Of EEG Heterodyning & Directed Energy Microwave Weaponry?

World Renowned Culinary Expert, Charlie Trotter, Dies Suddenly At Age 54 - Trotter Had A Seizure Earlier This Year, The Cause Of Which Was Never Determined - Directed Energy Weapons Can Be Used To Cause Seizures, Strokes, Heart Attacks, And Cancers In The Body - Was Trotter The Target Of Satellite Deployed EEG Heterodyning & Directed Energy Microwave Weaponry? He Recently Closed His Most Famous Restaurant, Named After Himself, Stating That He Wanted To Pursue Other Interests - What Were These Interests? And Could They Have Been Reason Enough For Someone To Want To Use Such Furtive Means In Which To Murder Trotter?

"The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Use Of A "60 Minutes" Episode, As A Propaganda Piece To Discredit American Citizens Who Are Legitimate Targets Of Covert Government Mind Control Experimentation Programs - Was The Woman Shot To Death In Washington D.C. Several Weeks Ago (After Attempting To Crash Her Car Through The Main Gate At The White House), Also A Target Of EEG Heterodyning Computer To Brain Interface Technology?"

EEG Heterodyning Or EEG Cloning Technology & Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices - What Role Do They Play In The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Signals Intelligence Driven Mind Control Weapons, And This Complexes' Active Denial Weapons System?

Editor's Note: The following excerpt from author Tom Horn's latest book entitled "Zenith 2016" describes how in 2003, George W. Bush claimed that the voice of God told him to invade Iraq. Is it possible that this "voice" was remotely broadcast into the aural cortex region of Bush's brain, via EEG heterodyning technology, in order to make him think that "God" was instructing Bush to carry out an invasion on Iraq?

If so, then those within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex who have access to these classified space based mind control weapons, can be using U.S. presidents (including Barack Obama) as pawns in these wars for profit.

In his book: "The Matrix Deciphered" Dr. Robert Duncan, who at one time worked on this technology for both the CIA and Pentagon, has described the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of what Dr. Duncan refers to as "Voice Of God Weapons." Dr. Duncan states that through the use of a technology known as EEG heterodyning, an artificial intelligence computer can be remotely synchronized with the specific EMF signature (an EMF brainwave print) of a targeted person's brain from a great distance, and then interfaced with the neural pathways of that person's brain.

*As a target of MKULTRA for nearly four decades, this author has been subjected to such EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways of my brain, and used for such non consensual human experimentation. So I have a particular interest in this technology; specifically, how it is being used to access the neural pathways of the brains of unwitting U.S. politicians, in which to manipulate their thoughts, in order to serve the New World Order agenda.

A manifestation of such satellite based remote neural monitoring or EEG heterodyning of the brain, would be for the targeted person to hear voices that no one else around them can hear. The person would be labeled as being delusional or even schizophrenic, even though they really were hearing voices which were being remotely broadcast into the aural cortex region of their brain by way of the aforesaid technology.

The following excerpt is from "Zenith 2016"

"Despite a series of ever-changing explanations as to why George W. Bush was stubbornly resolved to take the U.S. into Iraq/Babylon even though Iraq was not connected to the events of September 11, 2001, years later, if you asked twenty analysts to define the true nature behind the U.S. entering that war, they would probably give you twenty different answers.

"Some say it was strategic placement of U.S. military resources against what the administration saw as a growing threat from Islamic radicals. Some say it was an effort to seize and maintain control of Iraqi oil reserves. Others content that 9/11 was itself either a convenient or orchestrated event (false flag) allowing the Bush administration to extend a global domination project.

"Still others believe something unusual connected to biblical sites in Babylon had been uncovered during Saddam Hussein's reconstruction of the ancient city, and that the administration went there to capture it.

"But according to the British press, Bush let his real reasons slip during a meeting with Palestine leaders in June 2003, when he admitted he had committed the United States to enter Babylon because 'God told me to invade Iraq.'

"The same year, while lobbying nations to join his 'Coalition of the Willing,' Bush startled France's president, Jacques Chirac, by telling him that supernatural forces known as 'Gog and Magog' were rising in the Middle East and that his administration had been 'willed by God... to use this conflict to erase his people's enemies before a New Age [novus ordo seclorum] begins.'

"In 2009, it emerged that not only was this Bush's state of mind, but that Donald Rumsfeld, as defense secretary, had followed up by routinely adorning top-secret memos concerning the Iraq war for cabinet members and the president, using prophetic quotations from the Bible.

"Did a *voice from God instruct the leader of the world's most powerful nation to begin what quickly resulted in, at least on the surface a debacle?"

-Author Tom Horn

Zenith 2016

*Editor's Note: This author wonders if George W. Bush's "message from God" was nothing more that the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of microwave heterodyning technology used to broadcast a voice - claiming to be God - into the aural cortex region of Bush's brain. The reader must remember that the "Mind Has No Firewall," which means that once the unique EMF signature of a person's brain has been remotely decoded, that person's mind can be remotely accessed via EEG heterodyning technology, any time the users of this technology decide to.

Imagine the entire U.S. population being brain mapped in this way without their knowledge or consent, as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, and the reader can begin to understand the hidden evil behind such organizations as the U.S. National Security Agency. Google: Akwei VS NSA, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network and Dr. Robert Duncan's "The Matrix Deciphered," to learn more about these covert domestic spy programs, and how they are hidden from the American people under the cover of the U.S. Inventions Secrecy Act of 1951, and the U.S. National Security Act.

This is why NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei's 1992 lawsuit against the NSA, was derailed by a CIA asset and federal circuit court judge named Stanley Sporkin. The U.S. Military Intelligence complex cannot afford to have the American people learning about this scandal, which is why whistleblowers like Akwei, this author and myriad others who are exposing these crimes, are being aggressively neutralized, while our lives are placed in jeopardy.

- James F. Marino

Zenith 2016 can be purchased here:

Tom Horn's "Zenith 2016"

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