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When Did The U.S. Military Start Launching Reverse Engineered Spy Satellites Which Can Change Direction Once In Orbit? Was The Phoenix Lights Sighting Of A Giant UFO In 1997 Part Of NASA's Operation Blue Beam Psychological Warfare Program?

Editor's Note: The U.S. Military has spent much of the past century attempting to cover up this government's alliance with extraterrestrial beings. It has also done everything possible to conceal from the American people, a program which has in the past been corroborated by many ex-government whistleblowers, who have described how in exchange for allowing these beings to experiment on humans, this government gains access to alien technology.

One must wonder at what point did the man-made spy satellites used by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex begin to incorporate reverse engineered alien technologies, which this complex continues to keep from the American population?

This author has seen one of these satellites, and witnessed its ability to actually change direction once in orbit.

It is amazing the extent to which the U.S. Federal Government will go to destroy you, when this government knows that you have credibility in regard to what you have seen, pertaining to crimes perpetrated against you as a target of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation.

U.S. Military Using UFO Reverse Engineered Spy Satellites Which Can Instantly Change Direction

The NASA Blue Beam Bible Rapture Scenario
And The Phoenix Lights 1997 UFO Sighting
Are They In Some Way Related?

Many YouTube viewers have been misled into believing that footage uploaded to YouTube regarding the 1997 mass sighting of a UFO craft, was in fact of this UFO craft.

The fact is that some of the *video footage shown on YouTube is not of the Phoenix Lights UFO craft that was reported to have been seen in the skies over Phoenix, Arizona in March of 1997.

*What Did Arizonans Really See In The Skies Above Phoenix In 1997? A UFO Craft Or Video Trickery Through Signals Intelligence Based Holography?

These videos were instead of the flares that were set off by the U.S. Military about an hour after the original sightings of a "boomerang shaped" UFO were reported to local police, and Arizona government officials, including then AZ Governor, *Fife Symington, and AZ Senator, John McCain.

*While Symington originally played the situation down, he later admitted to having also seen the strangely shaped UFO craft, in addition to publicly acknowledging that it would have been very difficult for him to remain as Arizona Governor, if he'd admitted to actually having seen this craft.

The flares which were seen in the skies above Phoenix about an hour after the original sightings of the boomerang shaped UFO craft were reported, were set off as a smokescreen, in order to cover up the fact that the UFO had been seen by thousands of Arizonans, who were frantically calling into Phoenix police stations to report that this UFO craft was hovering over towns in Phoenix.

Many of the people who saw the original craft have already stated that there were two different objects seen in the sky on the same evening, which caused all of the commotion; the first being the boomerang shaped UFO craft, and the second being flares which were set off by the *U.S. Military about an hour after the original sightings began, which was done as an obvious red herring, in order to cover up the original sighting.

More specifically, the second incident was created in order to damage the credibility of anyone who saw the boomerang shaped UFO craft.

*An F15 pilot who was sent to search for the UFO did report back that he had gotten within close range of the craft, and was astounded at its enormous size. Those who had spoken with him from ground control conveyed the sense of fear this pilot had in his voice, when he spoke in regard to the ominousness of the massive craft.

The U.S. Military's attempt at a cover up failed, and to this day the Phoenix Lights is considered to be the largest single UFO sighting viewed by thousands of people, since the UFO sighting at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, in which more than 70,000 people claimed to have witnessed what they referred to as the "Miracle Of The Sun."

Fraudulent Religious Miracles Being Used To Conceal The Existence Of UFO Craft & Extraterrestrial Beings

Was The 1997 Phoenix Lights Sighting
A Government Psychological Operation?

The question isn't was there a legitimate UFO sighting over Phoenix in 1997, but instead, was the UFO a physical object, or the hologram of a UFO projected by a specialized satellite using holographic imaging technology, to project this image into the sky?

It is also possible that there may have been additional sightings of other UFO craft in the sky that evening, which may or may not have been holographic images projected into the skies via specialized government satellites.

The boomerang shaped UFO made no sound, and was reported to have just floated across the evening sky. It was also reported to have been solid.

However, this allegation could have been due to the fact that the hologram itself was made to appear as a solid. One Phoenix resident who claimed that the craft flew so low to his neighborhood that he could have actually hit the craft by tossing a rock at it, reported that the surface of the giant craft appeared to be reflective; liked smoked Perspex acrylic.

Interestingly enough, a lesser known sighting which occurred in lower Hudson Valley, NY in 1983, was in reference to the same type of UFO craft (perhaps even of the same holographic image). A boomerang shaped craft said to be the size of several football fields.

This UFO appeared just prior to the introduction of a new *Television series called "V" which focused on the human civilization being invaded by an extraterrestrial race of beings.

*1983 Night Sighting Of A Boomerang Shaped UFO Seen In The Skies Above Hudson Valley NY, Coincides With New TV Series Based On Extraterrestrial Beings Invading Earth

Could the "boomerang shaped" UFO seen in the evening skies over Hudson Valley, NY in 1983, have been a holographic image, used to promote further interest in Ufology, so as to increase the viewership of the TV series "V"?

In other words some type of entertainment industry public relation's stunt? Or was the craft physical in nature and either reverse engineered or operated by some race of extraterrestrial beings?

What If Some Of These Boomerang Shaped Craft Are Real?

Of course, not all of the UFO sightings that have been reported are based on holograms. Many are without a doubt based on physical aircraft of some kind, whether they are reverse engineered by our own governments, or legitimate UFO craft operated by extraterrestrial beings.

Given that most UFO whistleblowers continue to be ridiculed as part of the massive campaign to conceal our own governments' involvement with alien beings, most of the UFO sightings in this day and age are no longer even reported to governments; seeing them instead as conspirators in the ET mystery.

So any video-graphic evidence regarding these craft is now quickly uploaded to Internet video sharing Websites like YouTube, while bypassing government agencies altogether. And this has prompted the very governments accused of conspiring to cover up legitimate accounts of *UFO sightings and abductions, of fomenting a continued disinformation campaign in which to discredit legitimate whistleblowers, by using fabricated video and photographic evidence, which only serves to further confuse this situation.

*Boomerrang Shaped UFO Craft Sightings Reported Around The World For Many Decades, Associated With Abductions Of People With B Type Blood

As is the case whenever a branch of the federal government is involved in anything regarding its classified technology, the result is always the same: a state of secrecy and deception which leads to mass confusion, and allegations regarding a government conspiratorial cover up.

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