Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Your Automobile Is Essentially A Giant Computer That Can Be Hacked By Remote Means -- Were Journalist Michael Hastings & Mining Magnet Aubrey McClendon Murdered When The Computers In Their Vehicles Were Remotely Hacked Into And Their Vehicles Intentionally Crashed?

Your Automobile Is Controlled By Its Computer, Which Means That If That Computer Is Hacked, The Controls Of Your Vehicle Can Be Taken Over By Remote Means

Why Bill And Hillary Clinton Will Never Be Prosecuted For Their Criminal Enterprise - Their Long Time Ties To The CIA's Drug Trafficking Operations Make The Clintons Indispensable To The CIA - With The Clintons Back In The White House, The CIA Will Run Washington And Control The U.S. Presidency

"The Hegelian Statist Virus In The Republican Party" -- How The GOP Long Ago Became Part Of The Democratic Party And Its Communist Ideology Under Rothschild Zionism - And How This One Party System Is Being Used To Destroy The American Middle Class In The Interest Of Incorporating What Was Once The United States, Into One Region Of The Bavarian Illuminati's New World Order Central Communist Government

Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard Being Used For Non Consensual Human Experimentation - Is Genie Being Programmed Via Computer To Brain Interface Into Unwittingly, Intentionally Losing Tennis Matches That She Is Obviously Capable Of Winning? If So, This Would Certainly Explain Her Erratic Performances On The Tennis Court And Raise The Following Question: How Long Has Genie Been The Target Of Psychotronic Weapons? Since Childhood, Or More Recently? And How Many Other Professional Athletes Are The Unwitting Subjects Of This Non Consensual Human Experimentation?

Editor's Note: As a target of MK-Ultra dating back more than four decades, I have seen many different types of signals intelligence sabotage. A few years ago I wrote the following article in regard to my concerns that the computers in automobiles could be remotely taken over by another computer via signals intelligence satellite, which would make the computer in an automobile the slave to the second computer. Since that time other people have made similar claims.

Are The Unintended Acceleration Issues In Several Different Automobiles Being Caused Through The Use Of Signals Intelligence Technology? And Is At Least Some Of This Being Done As A Form Of Corporate Espionage?

Are Airliners Being Stolen Through The Use Of Signals Intelligence Based Computer To Computer Interface?

This author believes that many of the so called accidents that the media routinely reports on involving planes, automobiles and trains were in fact caused by the computers in these various forms of transportation being remotely tampered with.

I also believe that Rolling Stone Journalist, Michael Hastings, was murdered when the computer in his automobile was remotely hacked into, and that Aubrey McClendon may have also suffered the same fate when his SUV crashed into a concrete wall.

What I have documented here is a through the air means of remotely hacking into the computers of all modern automobiles, which can easily be used to turn these vehicles into weapons.

Who has the ability to hack into the computer of any modern automobile being sold in the United States? The U.S. National Security Agency; which maintains the most advanced signals intelligence technology and Artificial Intelligence computers in the world.

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