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The FBI's Attack On The National Lawyers Guild -- The NLG Takes Its Place Amongst The Long List Of Those Illegally Targeted By The FBI

In the FBI's 100 year history has it ever once made a legal arrest without actually violating an American citizen's rights?

F.B.I. Admits Bid to Disrupt Lawyers Guild

Published: October 13, 1989

LEAD: The Federal Bureau of Investigation yesterday acknowledged a broad effort to disrupt and investigate the National Lawyers Guild for decades, although *Government officials decided as far back as 1958 that they could not prove charges that the organization was subversive.

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*I find it very interesting that the US Congress never acknowledged that the FBI was violating the rights of The National Lawyers Guild through this COINTELPRO operation. Then again, it has been a very long time since Congress as a whole has sought to protect and defend the US Constitution. (Not since the 1970's when then Senator Frank Church led a committee in which to investigate the criminal behavior reported within the US Intelligence community -- His findings were disturbing, and in particular one in which *Senator Church claimed that in the wrong hands the NSA could allow the United States to become a dictatorship -- The Senator sure did get that prediction right).

* Ironically enough, it was during the mid 1970's when the Church Committee hearings into the US Intelligence community were in full swing, that the NSA's development of satellite based technologies such as Electronic Brain Link to remotely access and manipulate the minds of those Americans being targeted, was being readied for full scale implementation on the American population -- something which according to a former NSA employee named John St. Clair Akwei took place as early as 1980.

Where was the US Congress in all this? If the NSA is supposedly under Congresses legal purview, how is it that it could not have known that the NSA was getting ready to utilize this invasive mind control technology on a much grander scale than ever before? Even if we give Congress the benefit of the doubt and opine that the NSA developed this technology with funding from its own black budget, what does that say about Congresses ability to ensure that the US Intelligence community operates within the framework of the US Constitution?

Especially when one takes into consideration the egregious violations of the US Bill Of Rights which those utilizing this technology at the NSA routinely commit against American citizens; violations of the 4TH and 5TH Amendments so extreme that for the past 17 years, the US Judiciary has refused to hear the first such case ever filed against the NSA -- John St. Clair Akwei's 1991 lawsuit against the NSA, in which he documents the spy agency's use of satellites to home in on the electromagnetic fields around the bodies of American citizens, while using these fields as a tracking device.

Why has the US Congress not informed the American people about this technology, given that it has completely destroyed not only our 4TH Amendment right to physical privacy within our own homes, but also
the privacy of our own minds? This is an act of treason against all Americans. Congress must have known that the NSA was covertly developing this "mind raping" technology and deliberately kept it from the American people, just as they have the fact that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified, and that the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank are both operating illegally.

The IRS and Federal Reserve Bank are not even part of the US Federal Government.

Given this, it would seem that Congress spends far more of its time covering up for crimes committed by the FBI and other agencies of US Intel, than it does taking them to task for these crimes. Of course certain members of Congress do their own public grandstanding as was the case when the FBI was berated by a few of them back in 2007, for its recent egregious abuses of its spying powers under the Patriot Act. However, this act (and I do mean act) was nothing but some chest puffing for the personal aggrandisement of these Senators, as nothing has changed; and the FBI continues to be just as abusive at it has always been when violating the rights of the American people.

The *CEO (Chief Executive Officer & Grand Poobah) of the FBI, Robert Swan Mueller, made a gesture of being terrified that the US Congress might reduce the FBI's precedent spying powers. However, Mueller knew that nothing would ever come of this; since nothing ever has. In spite of its abjectly treasonous behavior the FBI has continued to grow more powerful since its unfortunate inception -- and equally more abusive.

* I refuse to see the FBI as a legitimate government agency, much less one which enforces the US Constitution -- since it does not. The FBI is more like a terribly run criminal corporation owned and operated by the powerful interests in this country who use it to attack their enemies whenever they deem it necessary to do so. Two of the best examples of this are the current overseer of the FBI (George W. Bush) and a prior overseer, his father George H.W. Bush. Over the years there have been a myriad of people whom the Bushes looked to victimize, however their use of the FBI in attacks which were waged against the following two persons are as disturbing as they are remarkable -- Margie Schoedinger and Michael Boren Williams. See their respective accounts of how the FBI was used by these two Illuminists to systematically destroy each of their lives.

The FBI's attack on Michael Boren Williams -- set off by George H.W. Bush after Williams attempted to expose his rampant criminality and ties to CIA drug trafficking during the elder Bush's run against Senator Gary Hart in the 1988 Presidential election campaign.


The FBI's attack on Margie Schoedinger -- set off by George W. Bush after Schoedinger filed rape charges against him:



And given the NSA's illegal satellite tracking of Americans while subjecting a myriad of us to the remote neural monitoring of our thoughts by way of supercomputer operated Electronic Brain Link technology, we can expect that the US Congress will do as much to cover up this latest atrocity as it has with the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank. The Congress has become an aider and abettor of terrorist activity in the United States; not a protector of the American people as it would have us believe.
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