Thursday, February 28, 2008

Justice Department Sics The FBI On Roger Clemens/A Scandalous Attack On The Sport Of Baseball Makes For A Good Smokescreen & Even Better Headlines

Given what the US Congress believes is a lack of candor on the part of baseball pitcher Roger Clemens, the Department Of Justice has now instructed the FBI to open an investigation into Clemens' claims that he has never taken steroids to enhance his performance as an athlete.

While Clemens may well have perjured himself when testifying, it's still interesting to note how this entire baseball scandal has really only gained momentum over the last year and a half. Why now? Juicing (strength enhancement through the use of steroids) has been taking place in many professional sports for years, yet until now the US Congress haven't really bothered to pay much attention to it.

So one may ask exactly what prompted the investigation into players like Jason Giambi, Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens in the first place? Was it really some "deep throat" who's acted out of concern for the health of these players and the American youth who idolize and emulate their every move? Or was the catalyst involved here less altruistic, and more interested in redirecting the attention of the American people away from the war in Iraq, and Congresses inability to control the US Intelligence community's activities, or those of George W. Bush?

And of course, we now have a situation in which the FBI's taking center stage as it goes through Roger Clemens' life with a fine toothed comb. The FBI has never been known to have a case of stage fright, especially when they get to play the "HERO" -- however unlikely this role is for them.

Roger if I were you, I'd quickly purchase a home which has lead encased walls and ceilings so that the FBI *may not be able to use the NSA's satellites to invade your 4TH & 5TH Amendment rights -- something the FBI and NSA are both notorious for doing.

*I say may not here, because I am beginning to wonder if even lead can block the satellite based microwaves which are broadcast by these spy satellites to invade the human brain.

Given the FBI's introduction into Clemens' life, there is no doubt that they'll have to take greater care in the appearance of respecting his rights as an American citizen, simply because the public is watching. If the FBI did to Clemens what it has done to myself and many other people, there is little doubt that this baseball scandal would take an entirely different turn in which the FBI and its rampant criminality would end up under a magnifying glass.

However, given Clemen's connections with George W. Bush, the FBI may also conduct a bogus investigation. And by this I mean a *facade created for the public's consumption in which the FBI will eventually determine that there is not enough evidence to prosecute Clemens and leave the situation at that.

*If George W. Bush could have the late FBI agent John O'Neill pulled off an investigation which he was working on involving a money trail which was eventually used in the attacks on 9-11, then Bush should certainly be able to keep the FBI from conducting a legitimate investigation into Roger Clemens.

However, if the FBI has legitimately been turned loose on Clemens, one thing's for certain: he can depend on them using the Patriot Act in which to decimate his Constitutional rights -- even if they do so quietly.

The real question is will Bush pardon him if the FBI determines that Clemens lied under oath?

If Roger's innocent in all this, then he's being done a grave injustice. Especially when one considers his tremendous contributions to the sport of baseball and how his name has now been permanently tarnished by the allegations being waged against him. However, if he is guilty, it will be difficult to understand why someone with Clemens' incredible talent would risk everything that he's worked so hard for by doing something so stupid.

Perhaps the greatest insult of all to Roger Clemens is in having an agency as abjectly corrupted as the FBI, investigating him, while passing judgement on his character. Buzzards have no business passing judgement on anyone else. Especially buzzards that would secretly videotape American citizens within the so called privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

Buzzards like these should be hunted down like the predators they are.

And while Congress will claim that it's coming down hard on baseball athletes who use steroids because they have a great influence on America's youth, the truth is that if these politicians were really concerned about keeping America's future adults safe from drugs, they would have gone after the CIA for its illicit drug operations five decades ago, since it's the CIA that's responsible for the current drug culture in this country (and dependent on its propagation to continue to finance the CIA's black budget). This latest attack on the sport of baseball is nothing but an illustration of hypocrisy at its worst, combined with grandstanding for the personal aggrandisement of several career politicians.

Roger Clemens and the rest of the players who are being dragged out on the carpet in this case are just pawns being used to cover up a much larger issue. Government criminality on a precedent setting scale.

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