Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why The Privately Held Federal Reserve Bank Has Virtually Destroyed The Value Of Your Dollar -- It's Because The FED Prints Money Based On Thin Air

"Fiat money is government mandated money with no intrinsic value or backing other than the promises of the issuing politicians not to inflate (embezzling) away its buying power. Promises that history shows have never been kept. No fiat currency has ever ended well." -- George F. Woll LLC

Americans must be crazy!

Would you take the word of a politician in this day and age? Hell no. Yet Americans are basing the faith in their currency on the promises of politicians. Historically, what's the first thing that a **politician does when they get elected? Go back on the *campaign promises they made while they were running for office.

*George H.W. Bush -- read my lips, no new taxes! -- What Bush was really thinking was get ready for the New World Order that's coming your way -- no more American freedom.

Yet we have allowed these politicians to get away with creating currency which they promised they'd protect the value of? If they have kept this promise, why is it that the buying power of the Federal Reserve Note is presently worth about four cents of its original 100 cents value when it was created in 1913? Because the politicians went back on their promise to protect the value of this currency, and through the creation of more fiat money (which is based on nothing but thin air) destroyed the value of your currency.

**Except for Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is truly the only politician in recent memory who has a track record of keeping his campaign promises. He would have made a great President, which is precisely why the Illuminati who control this country would never allow him to be elected.

See Mr. Woll's history of finance *Website here:

* I've noticed a pattern developing with Websites that are anti-US Federal Government. When you first click on the link to many of them you are given a page which tells you that the respective Website is not available for a few reasons. However, oftentimes, if you go back and click on the Website a second time it will come up on your screen. I believe that this is just one in a myriad of ways in which the FEDS interfere with access to Websites whose content they do not approve of. Such a tactic would leave the average Web surfer assuming that the site they attempted to access might have been taken down, or unavailable in the near future. So the surfer moves on without seeing the content of the site. This is a very effective yet plausible way in which the FEDS can significantly reduce the traffic through a Website which they are trying to have removed from the Internet.
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