Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Senator Feingold, NSA Illegal Spying Has Been Occuring Since The NSA Began Operating In 1952 -- And Congress Has Since Lost Total Control Of It

"The Senate's chief critic of the spying program, Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold, says that the latest revelations have raised a range of new concerns about the White House's apparent disregard for the Constitution and specific statutes requiring that a warrant be obtained before tapping into the telephone conversations of Americans on American soil."

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When Senator Feingold made the aforesaid comment, he was certainly on the right track when it came to the NSA's illegal spying of Americans. However, it is highly unlikely that at least at the time, the good Senator had any idea of just how in depth and lengthy the NSA's spying has been; nor that its illicit activities have encompassed far more than just illegally spying on Americans.

The NSA is clearly using its satellites to target many American citizens for the express purpose of using them for mind control research (non consensual human experimentation). I don't think that Senator Feingold would ever admit to this even if he became aware of it, simply because it would endanger his political *career.

*Former NSA agent Russell Tice experienced the loss of his career for attempting to expose what he claimed were crimes against privacy that went well beyond the NSA's eavesdropping on phone conversations and accessing E-mail accounts. NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei received similar treatment when he attempted to prosecute the NSA for precedent setting criminal malfeasance.

Was Tice, like Akwei, trying to tell Congress about the NSA's use of Americans for non consensual human experimentation? He did say that his information would shock the public. And learning that any American citizen can have the EMF field around their body used as a tracking device while the NSA electronically taps into their brainwaves ( in order to read their thoughts from a remote distance) would certainly shock the public. When an American citizen promulgates such information their accounts are at first met with tremendous skepticism.

However, as times goes by and further research documents that this technology exists, it becomes clear that the freedom of the American home and mind are in greater jeopardy than ever before. If Tice had been allowed to go public within his information, every mind control target in existence would have received an instant boost to their own credibility -- which is why Tice was most likely never allowed to discuss the specifics of a"bombshell" which he claimed would shock the American public.

It's highly probable that he is being remote neurally monitored as so many of us are. And being staked out within his own home by an FBI cell as an adjunct to the NSA' s satellite surveillance. We already know that John Akwei has been subjected to such satellite surveillance for years. All because he tried to tell the truth about something the NSA was doing which he knew was a threat to the entire US population. The deceptive behavior by Congress in particular condones this secrecy and discourages whistle blowers like Tice and Akwei from coming forward with their information.

When you must take to the Internet to learn about this, simply because the US Congress refuses to hold the Intelligence community or the current caricature of a president (is there really anyone in there?) accountable for these treasonous acts, it's clear that Congress is no longer serving its oath of protecting and defending the US Constitution. Perhaps instead of significantly paring down the US Intel community, and restructuring what remains of it, Americans should first concentrate on restructuring Congress, since it's become completely ineffective in doing the job which it was created to do -- including keeping US Intel and its activities honest.

This is assuming that the US Congress is still salvageable. However, if it's incapable of controlling the actions of the US Intelligence community through the checks and balances called for by the US Constitution, then we are all in a for a rough road ahead as we find ourselves in the grips of an ever tightening Orwellian noose.
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