Thursday, February 28, 2008

Declassified Documentation Revealing How The FBI And CIA Use Brainwashing On Their Targets

Given how the US Intelligence community is looking to reclassify much of the declassified documentation once available through the Freedom Of Information Act ( regarding its covert activities in the past), it would be prudent to read these documents while you can. The following is an excellent Website which has posted many of these documents over the Internet. Print them out before the FBI and DHS get a chance to take the following Website down.



More declassified (soon to be reclassified?) information on the CIA/FBI brainwashing programs:

The following is a 1956 memorandum from then CIA head Allen Dulles to the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover, describing other countries' uses of brainwashing. It is clear from this memo that both the CIA and FBI were looking into the concept of brainwashing for its use on American citizens. One can only imagine the types of memos which are presently be sent between the FBI's current director Robert Swan Mueller, and CIA head General Michael Hayden -- both of whom are representative of the Nazi ideology.

"There are progressive steps in exercising control over an individual and changing his behaviour and personality integration. The following five steps are typical of behaviour changes in any controlled individual:

1. Making the individual aware of control is the first stage in changing his behaviour. A small child is made aware of the physical and psychological control of his parents and quickly recognizes that an overwhelming force must be reckoned with. So, a controlled adult comes to recognize the overwhelming powers of the state and the im- personal, "incarcerative" machinery in which he is enmeshed. The individual recognizes that definite limits have been put upon the ways he can respond.

2. Realization of his complete dependence upon the controlling system is a major factor in the controlling of his behavior.The controlled adult is forced to accept the fact that food, tobacco,praise, and the only social contact that he will get come from the very interrogator who exercises control over him.

3. The awareness of control and recognition of dependence result in causing internal conflict and breakdown of previous patterns of behaviour. Although this transition can be relatively mild in the case of a child, it is almost invariably severe for the adult undergoing brainwashing. Only an individual who holds his values lightly can change them easily. Since the brainwasher-interrogators aim to have the individuals undergo profound emotional change, they force their victims to seek out painfully what is desired by the controlling individual. During this period the victim is likely to have a mental breakdown characterized by delusions and hallucinations."

See the rest of CIA chief Allen Dulles' report to the FBI's J.Edgar Hoover here:
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