Thursday, February 28, 2008

In The Early 1970's Roughly $100 Million Was Appropriated By Congress To Combat The War On Drugs/Three Decades Later The Number's Grown To 17 Billion

Why is the US Federal Government now spending $17 billion a year on its war on drugs? Has the war been that ineffective?

If one would assume that the same amount of money had been appropriated each year - since 1972 -- to combat the illegal drug trade in the United States, while taking into account the inflation factor over the past thirty six years, the federal government would be spending a bit more than half a billion dollars a year on the war on drugs. Instead we have a figure of more than 17 times that amount.

So why is so much money being allocated each year to battle the war on drugs? What are Congress and US Intelligence keeping from us?

"Wall Street launders the proceeds which the CIA generates through its creation and sale of illegal drugs."

-- Former LA Cop Mike Ruppert

Has the war on drugs been such an abysmal failure or is it being used as a facade to cover up CIA involvement in the illegal drug trade within the United States? A covert US Intel operation which according to former LAPD cop Mike Ruppert, drives Wall Street and the American economy. Wall Street has been laundering drug money for the CIA since the oil embargo of the early 1970's drove the price of oil up and ended its reign as the driving force behind the US economy.

One must wonder if the NSA is also involved in the sale of illicit drugs to finance its own black budget? Can the same be said of all US Intel agencies?

See Ruppert's comments on the CIA's participation in the international drug trade here:
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