Friday, February 29, 2008

FEDS CONtinue To Place Pressure On Family Members As Part Of The Long Term FBI COINTELPRO Waged Against My Person

The FEDS CONtinue to pressure my Family while manipulating the local community into becoming more aggressive in the organized stalking crimes being perpetrated against my *person -- most legitimate TI's are now reporting similar treatment, in which entire communities have been co opted by the FEDS into taking part in this Orwellian harassment.

I find it extremely interesting that the FEDS somehow believe that if they attack my person more aggressively, this is in some way going to weaken my resolve. Only a complete fool would ever arrive at such a conclusion, as every subsequent attack over the past four and a half years has only strengthened my resolve and motivated me to dig much deeper into the crimes that these government reprobates have committed against myriad other Americans. The crimes of the US Federal Government are now being exposed globally as the pandemic which they are. And there will come a time where these satellite predators are taken to task for having perpetrated such crimes against inhumanity.

As far as these communal groups of networked organized stalkers are concerned, I say they are barbarians; and that these barbarians are quite evidently at the gate.

The complete lawlessness which these reprobates now represent is indicative of the death of our Constitutional rule of law, and its replacement with the law of the jungle.

Moreover, as punishment for the posts which I had written yesterday which discussed the CIA's drug trafficking, the joke war on porn that the Bush Administration is perpetrating against the American people, the smokescreen that the US Congress has created in its attack on the sport of baseball, in order to cover up its own criminality and gross incompetence, I was again sexually assaulted early this morning by way of NSA satellite based directed energy weaponry. The NSA agents who perpetrate these crimes are rapists and degenerate scum who hide behind this technology to commit their crimes.

These attacks always occur at approximately the same time in the early morning hours, and are indicative of what many other mind control targets have been subjected to by way of this technology.

Documenting the truth about the NSA and other government agencies which quietly espouse a Nazi ideology can be very dangerous to one's health. Especially when the FBI has colluded with other Intel agencies to find a way in which to covertly murder you, as this Nazi agency is presently attempting to do with myself and myriad other Americans.

TI's are no longer dealing with the rule of Constitutional law here in America. We are instead now dealing with unruly animals and the law of the jungle. Complete communities which have been brainwashed into taking part in the type of Nazi protocols which were a daily part of life in 1930's Germany. Now in the new millennium another Holocaust is gradually emerging, not just within the United States, but on a global scale, as the New World Order takes control of the citizenry of this planet and utilizes it for its own nefarious purposes.

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of Hell is not necessarily waiting for us in the next life -- an ingrained human myth which religions have throughout the ages used to control their followers here on Earth. However, there is absolutely no doubt that *human-made hellish conditions have been experienced by great numbers of people from around the globe throughout the history of the human race, without ever having left this planet -- a situation made only worse in the present day given the Illuminati's use of the citizenry of this planet to serve its own diabolical means.

*Humans, not any God(s) are responsible for the terrible ways in which the human race has descended for millennia, allowing their own fears to overcome their rational being and to perpetrate the most heinous of crimes as a result of these fears.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation and the National Security Agency are now engaging in outright militaristic forms of warfare against an extremely large number of American citizens, through the use of satellite deployed directed energy weapons.

In doing so, these agencies are now instigating violence towards others and will eventually be exposed globally for their crimes against the American people and the US Constitution; not the least of which is their attempted usurpation of the human mind through electronic means via satellite/supercomputer systems. In perpetrating such crimes US Intelligence has now unwittingly revealed to the American people its covert plan to use the aforesaid systems to control the human mind. And along with it, the human race itself.
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