Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keeping Ed And Elaine Brown In Our Daily Thoughts And Prayers/The Browns Are Political Prisoners Of The New World Order

The media makes a point of sensationalizing situations in which to achieve high rating points, and then completely forgets about the people who made their headlines. Two people who I will never forget and who are in my daily thoughts are tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown (as well as the Plainfield 4 who are within weeks of being tried as accomplices in aiding and abetting the Browns).

These people are truly courageous. They stepped up to the plate when they had to, and did what they thought was right in efforts to protect their inherent rights as both Americans and human beings. They are now being severely and wrongfully punished for having done so.

I remember the video that Ed and Elaine had Danny Reilly take to record the last formal gathering that they had shortly before the Browns were tricked by someone whom they trusted (federal agent Dan Farrioli, who went under the alias of Dutch to deceive the Browns), and kidnapped because of him. (I will not refer to what happened to Ed and Elaine as an arrest, since they were found guilty of a non crime, by a criminal judge and court).

I review this video regularly to remember what the Browns and their tax protest mean to all American citizens. The ominous looking helicopter of Homeland Security looming in the background of this video only serves to increase the disdain that I have for the US Intelligence community, given its use by the Illuminati to rape the American people and our Bill Of Rights. We are now entering into one of the darkest times in human history. And every moment of what we are experiencing must be recorded for the sake humankind.

Poker Face plays at the Browns' residence in 2007:
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