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The CIA's MKULTRA Program Was Created By The Same Nazis Discussed In The Following E-book -- Nazis Smuggled Into The USA Through Operation Paperclip

Was Colonel Frank Schwable Used To Disinform The Public?

The following article documents many aspects of mind control including what the Red Chinese used on Colonel Frank H. Schwable, who was taken prisoner by the Chinese Communists during the Korean War. I am, however, skeptical about the nature of the content here, which claims that Schwable was forced to admit that the US forces were dropping biological agents on the Chinese during the Korean War. Colonel Schwable later recanted once back in the United States, claiming that the United States did not use biological warfare on the Red Chinese.

While I have no way of knowing whether they did or not, I do know that a former Department Of Justice prosecutor by the name of John Loftus mentioned in his book "The Belarus Secret," that the US Military dropped deer ticks infected with the biological agent Lyme Disease from planes, while flying over the *Eastern end of Long Island many decades ago.

*It was on the Eastern end of Long Island (The Hamptons) in which Lyme Disease first began manifesting itself as an arthritic condition known as "Montauk Knee." This occurred at least a decade or more before this biological agents formal discovery in Lyme, Connecticut -- hence the name Lyme Disease (the proper name for the Lyme bacterium is Borreila Burgdorferi, named after the scientist who formally identified this pathogen -- a man by the name of ** Dr. Willy Burgdorfer). More information on Dr. Burgdorfer is listed below.


There was a page at the beginning of Loftus' book that documented this, yet which was strangely enough removed from its second and all subsequent printings. I cite this because it is quite possible that Colonel Schwable did tell the truth when in the hands of the Red Chinese, and later recanted in order to disinform the American people in regard to what viciousness the US Military was capable of. Remember, the US Military did drop the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan to end World War II, showing that they had lost all humanity in the process. My comment here is in no way meant to defend what the Japanese had done at the time, which was yet another atrocity. But instead to show how World War II resulted in the complete loss of ***humanity for all nations involved;an atrocity which revealed the hidden animal which lurks within all humans.

*** This loss of humanity is now seen in the organized stalking campaigns which are being waged on the many citizens of this planet, as their governments attempt to overrun their own Constitutions, while allowing vigilantism to become an accepted part of society. However, this "experiment" will never work, and thus only serve to bring about complete anarchy within the countries allowing for such atrocious and inhumane behavior. Furthermore, no one being targeted for such vile attacks, will allow for them to take place without taking some form of retaliatory action.

While Colonel Schwable may have lied in regard to the US Military's use of bio warfare during the Korean War, the following article still remains useful in that it discusses various acts of psychological warfare which the CIA began to develop in the late 1940's, as part of its MKULTRA program. A program which is carried out in the modern day through the use of satellite based weaponry, to affect the human mind from a remote location (such as the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland headquarters).


The Techniques of Individual Submission
The first part of this book is devoted to various techniques used to make man a meek conformist. In addition to actual political occurrences, attention is called to some ideas born in the laboratory and to the drug techniques that facilitate brainwashing. The last chapter deals with the subtle psychological mechanisms of mental submission.

A fantastic thing is happening in our world. Today a man is no longer punished only for the crimes he has in fact committed. Now he may be compelled to confess to crimes that have been conjured up by his judges, who use his confession for political purposes. It is not enough for us to damn as evil those who sit in judgment. We must understand what impels the false admission of guilt; we must take another look at the human mind in all its frailty and vulnerability.

The Enforced Confession
During the Korean War, an officer of the United States Marine Corps, Colonel Frank H. Schwable, was taken prisoner by the Chinese Communists. After months of intense psychological pressure and physical degradation, he signed a well documented "confession" that the United States was carrying on bacteriological warfare against the enemy. The confession named names, cited missions, described meetings and strategy conferences. This was a tremendously valuable propaganda tool for the totalitarians. They cabled the news all over the world: "The United States of America is fighting the peace loving people of China by dropping bombs loaded with disease spreading bacteria, in violation of international law."

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