Monday, December 31, 2007

FEDS Continue To Use Their Covert Murder Threats In Efforts To Drive Me To Suicide -- However There Will Be No Suicide Attempt

The FEDS have used coercion to blackmail my Family into taking part in the psychological warfare campaign against me for the past four and a half years. They have assaulted me with directed energy weaponry, illegally spied on me for nearly three decades while subjecting me to non consensual human experimentation. And they have blatantly lied to the public in a smear campaign designed to cover up these extensive crimes which they have perpetrated against me.

The greatest irony here is that all of these crimes are occurring in ways in which I have never been directly confronted by any person who has identified themselves as a FED (typical of COINTELPRO), while the systematic destruction of my life continues, completely outside the rule of law.

In typical FBI fashion, allegations are made in efforts to defend what are outrageous violations of the US Constitution.

And the FBI will be loathe to admit that their illegal spying costs them millions of dollars each year, while if they simply operated within the rule of law this expenditure would not be necessary. Instead we have cells of agents concentrating on one person at a time, while performing street theatrics, and oftentimes crimes of violence -- such as running their targets off the road, or deliberately crashing their vehicles into them in efforts to cause a confrontation.

As 2008 begins, I document 28 years of COINTELPRO harassment as well as being illegally tracked by the NSA for satellite based remote neural monitoring, and mind control research. This harassment campaign went from being covert to overt in 2003.

In doing so, I have also documented that this technology destroys both your physical privacy as well as that of the privacy of your own thoughts, which are simply electronically lifted out of your mind and sent directly to a waiting computer terminal at the NSA. So much for your 4TH Amendment right to privacy, which has been abused for decades by an Intelligence Community that has as much right to be on US soil as Adolph Hitler would have.

The real issue is that if the FEDS had anything legitimate to charge us with, they would not have been forced to resort to such Draconian tactics, in which those whom they target end up being setup on trumped up charges, denied their Constitutional rights, while being demonized. How dare we be thin skinned about being spied upon within the so called privacy of our own homes, while our minds are routinely raped by these psychopaths, who have no more use for the US Constitution than they have for any person who speaks out against those government agencies that abuse it.

As for these agents, in the future why you don't just face those of us head on and make your accusations, instead of stabbing us in the back with your smear campaigns and wasting millions of taxpayer dollars while crapping all over the American people and our Bill Of Rights - and using others to attack us through the use of psychological warfare and innuendo?

As for the recent indication that you will attempt to arrest me in the near future, we both know that any such arrest will be based on entrapment as well as fabricated evidence. And that any Kangaroo court will simply allow for you to get away with your rampant criminality just to end what has been the most abject nightmare for my Family and self ever documented.

That is what your inflaming of public sentiment has been about all along. Demonizing me in efforts to toss out the US Bill Of Rights. And we both know that you can coerce anyone into perjuring themselves by quitely threatening to take their home away, forcing them to lose their jobs, blackmailing them, or doing any number of other things which can cause them hardship. There is a long history of your having done so to many people in the past, much of which has been well documented.

At this point given your extensive crimes against me, you are also well aware that I will not go willingly and have every intention of dying, before ever allowing you people to get away with any further desecration of the US Bill Of Rights as they apply to my Family, self and everyother American citizen.

So don't wait a week, or a month, or however long you plan to in regard to what should end up being the most creative case of bullshit ever documented. Fabricated evidence and perjury don't make for good cases, even though your history depicts that such is commonplace for you. Such fabricated evidence is only a further illustration of the conspiratorial nature of your organizations. And why should those of us who have been illegally targeted in such ways have to pay for the fact that you are the ones who have broken the law and violated our rights?

And then there is the aspect of your electronically "hacking" into our brains so that you can help yourselves to our thoughts, as you see what we see through our own eyes (an electronic form of remote viewing), is just further proof of how outrageous your crimes are. You so called agents are the terrorists. People so obsessed with your own power and the technology that you have been given access to, that you are like mainline junkies completely out of control in the ways in which you are deploying this technology against many citizens. Demonizing us in order to justify your own demonic behavior.

And when did you start videotaping people within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms? They put scum like that in prison so what's your excuse? And to think that you have illegally spied on a great number of Americans as you have myself, for decades, is only further evidence of how serious your violations of the US Constitution have been, even long before the fascist Patriot Act was created.

Truth be told, I am tired of watching you use my Family like pawns in your wicked and depraved COINTELPRO freak show, in which you have proven that you have not one ounce of decency in you. To have used psychological torture against my elderly parents (two wonderful people) while ruthlessly pitting us against each other for the past four and a half years bespeaks the most abject cruelty I have ever seen.

You agents are wicked.

So as I said, don't wait another week, or month. Show up tomorrow or as soon as possible and let's get what has turned out be the greatest public stroke job since the Federal Reserve Bank Fraud, over and done with before you psychopaths harass my Family for one more second. They have been put through enough of a nightmare because you and your Nazi protocols -- WE ALL HAVE!

There is no rule of law in what you have done and there never will be, so stop attempting to convince the public that you are being judicious, since nothing you have done in your attacks against me has even a semblance of following the US Constitution. It fact what you have done here is so outrageous that it smacks of a criminal conspiracy; from the illegal spying of myself, to using me for non consensual human experimentation, to the smear campaign which you have used to further deny me my Constitutional rights -- something you have done to a great number of people who are now posting their accounts over the Internet.

You agents are criminals and PIGS! And you have now crossed so far over the line between law enforcement and criminal that you fiends no longer have the right to enforce the laws in this country on any citizen. Any attempt to do so should be considered nothing but abject hypocrisy, since you have no respect for the laws of this country or our Constitution.

And your use of psychological warfare and mind control to force non violent people into the commission of acts of violence is still further evidence of how you manipulate those whom you target. You will take people who are non violent and drive them to a state of such violence, only to accuse them of having been violent all along -- another crime and LIE which you regularly perpetrate. Anyone who is tortured for years on end is going to experience intense rage at being subjected to such cruelty -- cruelty which is a regular part of the attacks which you deploy on those whom you target.

Perpetrating criminal conspiracies to deny Americans their rights, backed up by covert torture and murder --that's always been your calling card. It's just too bad that most of the public doesn't realize it. However, they are beginning to.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'd Rather Die Than Be Your Slave -- Pokerface's Tribute Song To Tax Protesters Ed & Elaine Brown

Any person who refuses to be a slave to the New World Order one world government must be willing to die for what they believe in. The following video is of happier times at Ed and Elaines' before they were tricked by an agent named Dan and his chameleon charm and overrun by him and a few of his accomplices at the time of their kidnapping. Dan was probably in the crowd during this performance by the band Pokerface, looking for any angle in which to set Ed and Elaine up. The only thing he succeeded in doing was to put two innocent hard working people in prison for committing a non crime, while the IRS stole everything they had worked for their entire lives.

Any trial in which federal agents fabricate evidence while perjuring themselves in court is a counterfeit trial -- as counterfeit as the federal reserve notes that the federal reserve bank launders by way of the US economy.

The trial in which Ed and Elaine Brown were convicted was a counterfeit trial with a corrupt judge who deliberately prevented the Browns from entering exculpatory evidence, which would have proven that there is no law requiring them to pay a federal income tax on their wages. Evidence which the Supreme Court ruled on in the early part of the 20TH Century and which has since been largely replaced by lower court rulings -- something which is unconstitutional, since the lower court rulings must be in line with the Supreme Court.

Congressman George Hanson Set Up On Trumped Up Charges For Taking On The IRS

Hanson spent over a decade wrongfully imprisoned based on trumped up charges, the result of his criticism of the Internal Revenue Service. Voltaire's statement "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong" has never been more meaningful than in the present day, when the US Federal Government uses the FBI and other alphabet agencies to destroy the lives of innocent people.

Historically these agencies have also been used by Presidents to attack their competition. The FBI was used by George W. Bush to destroy the life of a woman named Margie Schoedinger who claimed that Bush raped her. She was found dead 9 months after she filed charges against Bush, and repeatedly claimed that instead of helping her, the FBI was sent in to harass her and other family members while systematically destroying their lives.

Michael Boren Williams reported the same type of situation when attempting to expose the elder Bush's criminal history. And a former IRS agent has reported that Bill and Hillary Clinton used the IRS to audit their detractors.

It is clear that the IRS did not like Congressman Hanson criticising it or his efforts to change how this non government organization operates, and fabricated evidence in which to wrongfully incarcerate him. His account of this situation can be read at the following Website. Even Hanson himself probably did not realize at the time that the IRS has not been operating legally since 1913. And while the IRS may argue this point, it is quite obvious that those who have publicly criticized it have found themselves under attack, as the IRS found ways in which to destroy their lives.

If there is an organization within this country that has done more damage to the American people than the FBI and CIA, it would have to be the IRS.

Law Enforcement Which Operates Criminally Is Not Legitimate Law Enforcement -- That Is Especially True Of The NSA And Its Mind Raping Technology

"No organization that routinely violates the US Constitution and the laws of the United States has any right to enforce such laws. This is particularly applicable to the FBI, and its notorious history for violating the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. And the NSA is no better, given its illegal satellite spying and remote neural monitoring of the minds of the citizens in the United States. When agencies such as these believe that they have the right to track any citizen while accessing and manipulating their thoughts, it becomes clear that there is no longer any legitimate rule of law within this country and that each citizen must support and defend the US Constitution for themselves, since their government has now failed to do so."

Are the FEDS circulating videos of TI's which they have illegally taken by way of satellite, in order to inflame public sentiment while denying us due process of law? If so, this would be a further precedent setting abuse of our Constitutional rights, and more evidence that we have been illegally spied upon, and in certain instances remote neurally monitored/manipulated. A true indication of how desperate the US Intelligence community is to demonize us while justifying the most outrageous violations of the US Constitution in the history of this country.

Of course this should come as no surprise to any person who is being targeted by way of the NSA and subjected to mind control research, for if the entire population were to learn the extent of this abuse there would no doubt be a revolution within the United States within a matter of days; the same people who might find such abuse of others amusing, would certainly change their attitude if they were to suddenly learn that they were also abused in such ways, without their knowledge or consent.

As to the FBI, NSA and DHS, who have attacked my Family and self viciously, there is little question that if the aforementioned is the case, these agencies will have hit not just a new low for themselves, but absolute rock bottom in the violations of the American people and the destruction of our Constitution.

Of notable mention here is FBI special agent Raymond Migliore, whom through his abject abuse of the authority granted to him under the color of law, has now opened a can of worms which will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Moreover, the FEDS continue to attempt to omit exculpatory information in regard to those whom they are illegally targeting, in order to prevent the American people from learning about satellite based directed energy weapons,and the remote neural monitoring by way of electronic brain link, of the human brain; monitoring in which to both remotely read a targeted person's thoughts, as well as manipulate them.

Yes, it is true that the NSA can read any Americans thoughts, using its satellites to target the EMF field around a person, which is then used as a tracking device. One must now wonder if the NSA is using such a system to simultaneously track and remote neural monitor the entire American population?

If so, this will be the most treasonous betrayal of the American people since the Federal Reserve Act was improperly ratified in 1913, which also allowed for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, Internal Revenue Service, and the illegal taxation of the wages of the American worker; every cent of which goes to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank.

As to the FEDS and the STRONG possibility of their defamatory videos, those of us whom you have done this to must have really worried you, since it is clear that such an illegal act is being done to save your own criminal hides. However, the NSA's remote neural monitoring by way of electronic brain link information is now being promulgated internationally. Through the mind control experimentation which you have subjected us to and your use of both directed energy weapons and psychological warfare to torture us, we have taken all the cruelty which you have dealt us and still managed to expose you for the covert Nazi's that you are; something which cannot be undone.

Good luck defending yourselves to the rest of the American people as they continue to learn of this treasonous betrayal of themselves, and wonder if they have been personally spied upon and violated within their own homes as you have done to so many of us.

Curse everyone of you federal reprobates for this treasonous betrayal of a once great nation; one which through your own evil machinations you have now destroyed!

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/Mind Control Target

Did The FBI Allow False Testimony In The Trial Of Timothy McVeigh?

Key McVeigh Witness Testimony Questioned

WASHINGTON (AP) - Ten days before Timothy McVeigh was executed, lawyers for FBI lab employees sent an urgent letter to the attention of Attorney General John Ashcroft alleging that a key prosecution witness in the Oklahoma City bombing trial might have given false testimony about forensic evidence.

The allegations involving Stephen Burmeister, now the FBI lab's chief of scientific analysis, were never turned over to McVeigh, though they surfaced as a judge was weighing whether to delay his execution because the government withheld evidence.

The letter, however, was recently turned over to bombing conspirator Terry Nichols who faces another trial on Oklahoma state murder charges.

``Material evidence presented by the government in the OKBOMB prosecution through the testimony of Mr. Burmeister appears to be false, misleading and potentially fabricated,'' said the June 1, 2001, letter to Ashcroft obtained by The Associated Press.

The letter cited Burmeister's testimony in a civil case as evidence contradicting his earlier McVeigh testimony. It was sent to Ashcroft's general fax number and by courier with the notation ``URGENT MATTER FOR THE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL.''

Justice officials said Wednesday the letter was routed to Ashcroft's clerical office in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, where it sat for nearly two months and then was forwarded to the FBI - well after McVeigh was executed.

Neither Ashcroft nor other top officials in the Justice Department who handled the McVeigh case saw the letter, spokeswoman Barbara Comstock said. It was never reviewed to determine if it should be handed over to McVeigh's lawyers, officials said.

Prosecutors are obligated by law to disclose any potentially exculpatory evidence to the defense.

McVeigh's lawyers expressed dismay at the revelation. At the time the letter was sent, a judge had dramatically delayed McVeigh's execution by one month because of other evidence the FBI failed to turn over during his trial.

``It is truly shocking and just the latest revelation of government conduct that bankrupts the prosecution, investigation and verdict,'' said Stephen Jones, McVeigh's lead trial attorney.

Rob Nigh, an Oklahoma attorney who represented McVeigh from trial through his final appeal, added: ``Had we had this letter, we would have had additional arguments to make to Judge (Richard) Matsch why the execution should be stayed.''

Justice officials could not explain how a letter marked for urgent attention by Ashcroft on an issue that was dominating the headlines could be misrouted, except to say that the outside lawyers should have done more than send it by fax and courier.

Comstock said the Justice Department does not believe the allegations would have affected the outcome. ``Court after court has found that the evidence of guilt against McVeigh was overwhelming,'' she said.

The allegations surfaced in mid-May 2001 when Burmeister, who made a key forensic discovery in the McVeigh case, was being questioned by lawyers for FBI lab employees who had sued the agency. One of the lab employees had been dismissed recently.

A transcript of the deposition obtained by AP shows Justice and FBI lawyers became concerned that statements Burmeister might make would be helpful to McVeigh and Nichols, and they ordered lawyers to cut off that line of questioning.

``We can't have him now second guess his testimony in the McVeigh case,'' a Justice lawyer interjected. ``I mean the effect of that is to embarrass the FBI.''

FBI officials stood by Burmeister.

``It didn't happen,'' FBI lab director Dwight Adams said when asked about the allegations of false testimony. ``Steve Burmeister is one of the FBI's finest experts. He is meticulous and honest.''

The law firm that sent the letter represents several FBI lab employees, including Frederic Whitehurst, the FBI chemist who trained Burmeister and later made whisteblower allegations that led to widespread reforms inside the FBI lab.

``We believe that these concerns are most serious and that we are under an obligation to turn this information over to you so that you may fulfill your obligation to notify the defendants in the OKBOMB cases about these serious matters and take corrective action,'' the letter to Ashcroft stated.

Burmeister rose to prominence in the case after he made a surprise discovery of ammonium nitrate crystals embedded in a single piece of the Ryder truck McVeigh used to detonate his deadly explosive that killed more than 160 people at the Alfred P. Murrah building on April 19, 1995.

Burmeister's discovery was key to the government's proof that McVeigh and Nichols had used a giant fertilizer bomb to carry out their attack. Ammonium nitrate is a key ingredient in such a bomb.

McVeigh's defense lawyers attacked the evidence, suggesting the ammonium nitrate, which dissolves in moisture, could not have survived the rain that fell on the Murrah site shortly after the bombing and that it might have come from contamination inside the lab.

At the time of the 1997 trial, the FBI lab had been stung by Whitehurst's allegations of shoddy science and some forensic evidence was kept out of the McVeigh trial because of contamination issues.

But Burmeister's discovery was permitted as evidence in the trial. Burmeister testified the evidence he found could not have been contaminated because he kept his lab examination area locked and that only FBI personnel wearing sterile lab coats and other protective gear had access to the area.

Outsiders ``were restricted basically from coming into my work area, into my room,'' Burmeister testified. ``My room was specially locked, and that's where I conducted the examinations.''

If lab employees are ``coming into my area where I'm going to be handling evidence, they're required to wear protective clothing,'' he added.

However, the law firm letter to Ashcroft provided citations of sworn testimony from Burmeister in an unrelated civil case showing cleaning crews and a fellow chemist had unrestricted access to Burmeister's work area - without protective clothing.

``Mr. Burmeister testified that while this chemist shared an office with him, no extra precautions were taken to prevent contamination,'' the letter said.

The letter further offered Burmeister's own description of the access cleaning crews had to his lab area. ``There was a service staff that would come in and buff and wax the floors,'' he testified, adding he was present working in his suite sometimes when the crews came in.

``I've known them to clean windows in offices and I've seen them stand on the heating elements by the windows,'' Burmeister added.

Ammonia is one of the ingredients in common window cleaning solution.

Adams, the FBI lab director, said the lawyers took Burmeister's deposition testimony out of context and that the fact that cleaning crews or lab employees in nonsterile clothing accessed his workspace after hours could not account for how the ammonium nitrate crystal became embedded in the truck part.

``You can make what you want to about who has access to the room but the key fact is that crystal was embedded with great force and that could only come from an explosion ... not contamination from some cleaning crew,'' he said.

The lawyers' letter also stated that during his deposition, Burmeister contradicted testimony on a second matter in the McVeigh case when he testified that the chemical residue PETN found on McVeigh's clothing is ``not used for drug purposes anymore.''

``At his deposition, Mr. Burmeister contradicted his OKBOMB testimony and admitted that PETN was 'still used for some heart medications,''' the letter to Ashcroft said.

The letter questioned why prosecutors had never corrected the trial record.

Adams said Burmeister qualified his answer at the McVeigh trial by saying it was to the best of his knowledge, that he did not intend to mislead the court and that other witnesses explained to the jury about the multiple uses of PETN.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Report Rebukes FBI For Cover Up In Murrah Building Bombing

The FBI has been complicit in either covering up terrorist attacks in the United States to make them appear as accidental (TWA Flight 800), or in concealing evidence which could have led to the perpetrators of such attacks. Americans are still waiting for the FBI to release the tapes it confiscated of the Pentagon during the attacks on 9-11. Of course the FBI is far too busy entrapping citizens who are not legitimate terrorists because this is much safer then going after real terrorists who have weapons which would pose some real danger to these agents.

Heaven forbid they don't all end up living long enough to terrorize Americans and then move on to sweetheart jobs like the one Richard Held obtained with Citibank after taking an early retirement from the bureau.

A retirement which took place immediately after it was determined that ecoactivist Judi Bari did not plant the bomb in her car which nearly killed her -- Up to her death, Judi claimed that Richard W. Held was heading the COINTELPRO sting against her, and alleged that the FBI had planted the bomb in her car in efforts to destroy the EarthFirst! movement, while claiming that Judi had died in the bomb blast while trying to transport the bomb. As it turns out, the forensic reports proved that Judi could not have planted the bomb as the FBI had claimed. The bomb was also an extremely complex one, far more so than your average bomber would have used. It was determined that this bomb was manufactured by an expert with great technical skill.

The COWARD SQUAD, which is what the FBI should really be called, has continued to obstruct justice while aiding and abetting those who have committed terrorist assaults against the American people for more than a decade. And even many of its own former agents have admitted that the bureau is complicit in blocking legitimate investigations into terrorist attacks, not the least of which were those which occurred on 9-11.

With the advanced technology that the NSA has access to, and the way in which it utilizes its Signals Intelligence technology to monitor the entire planet, the only way that an event such as 9-11 could have taken place was with the NSA's foreknowledge of such an event; one in which this agency as well as the FBI did nothing to prevent these attacks.

FBI agents will most likely continue to spy on Americans where they can do so without risk to themselves -- i.e. by way of satellites in the privacy of our own homes. And maybe Robert Mueller will write a bestseller when he retires from the bureau -- something like -- "FBI Suggestions For Decorating The American Bedroom -- Since We've Seen Them All."

Did the FBI cover up evidence in the 1995 Murrah Building Bombing?

Friday, December 28, 2007

No American Is Safe From The Prying Eyes Of The NSA's Satellite Based Signals Intelligence Scanning Network -- A Real Version Of Orwell's Big Brother

"NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S."

-- Former NSA Employee John St. Clair Akwei

This means that the NSA can watch you no matter where you travel to by targeting the electromagnetic field which surrounds your body and using it as a tracking device, while recording every second of what you say, do and think. The NSA's use of this technology has destroyed due process of law in the United States.

And there is the possibility that all citizens are being tracked by this system without their knowledge or consent -- many of whom are being used for non consensual human experimentation -- as the NSA uses this technology to catalogue complete dossiers on every citizen in this country. There is little doubt that this was the reason for the creation and deployment of this technology decades ago, by the Illuminists who sought to found the New World Order global government.

Remote neural monitoring technology is the ideal compliment to a fascist cabal, in which no citizen is safe from the prying eyes of such a government. No thought is any longer private; no venue is private. The people truly become the property of this government with every moment of their lives being recorded, judged and archived.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Resources Which Further Document John St. Clair Akwei's Information On The NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring/Mind Manipulation Program

The NSA's Signals Intelligence program uses satellites to remotely and electronically read and manipulate people's minds. The FEDS continue to attack me yet offer their own evidence that not only have they illegally spied on me by way of satellite, but subjected me to remote neural monitoring for decades. Their desperation in attempting to "cover" up what they have done is manifest in the aggressive ways in which they continue to demonize myself, as they continue to display the abject arrogance that characterizes the entire US Intelligence Community.

Here I document the approximately 250,000 consecutive hours of illegal spying by way of NSA satellite, as well as decades of being used as a target for non consensual human experimentation -- at the hands of the FBI and NSA; who are now attempting to convince the TI community that this is untrue. The NSA has violated the Nuremberg Code, The Geneva Convention and the US Bill Of Rights by perpetrating this crime against myself and myriad others, and now looks to obfuscate the situation by demonizing those of us who have documented their outrageous criminality.

However, it is true. And the FEDS' most recent act of viciousness is a desperate ploy to destroy my credibility, given the long-term COINTELPRO that they have targeted me for, as well as the mind control experimentation that they have subjugated me to. Not ONE SECOND of my life has been private for nearly three decades, while my Constitutional rights have been decimated by these criminals who operate within this government. Agents who have a history of committing crimes under the color of law, and then murdering those who've been targeted for these crimes.

The electromagnetic waves which emanate from your body belong to you. And anyone who uses their own technology to invade your privacy in such ways is guilty of the most precedent setting crimes ever documented. Moreover, their attempts to drive those of us who document these crimes insane, only further illustrates their need to keep the public from learning about this technology; technology which allows these officials to spy on us within our own homes (crimes against the 4TH and 5Th Amendment),and electronically access our thoughts without our knowledge or consent. These agents are the real criminals in this country, and given their use of remote neural monitoring technology, far more dangerous to the future development of the human race than anything that has been created in the past century.

As it is, for the last four and a half years the FEDS have used psychological warfare tactics against me in efforts to force me to commit suicide. Yet they have failed to do so, and are now documenting just how outrageous their illegal satellite spying of me has been for the past 27 years. Spying in which my brain has been constantly electronically accessed in what is the most Orwellian crime ever documented by an American citizen.

I also believe that the FEDS either have, or will fabricate some type of evidence which gives them the ability to arrest me, in efforts to prevent me from filing a lawsuit against them. However, this so called piece of evidence will be as bogus as the Igenex Lab report which I documented sometime back, and which was taken off my desk when I went to photograph it as physical evidence that the FEDS had colluded with Igenex and a former physician as part of their long-term COINTELPRO Sting.

And regardless of what they do, and in spite of the obvious innuendo which they are using to discourage many legitimate TI's (another common tactic of COINTELPRO), these FEDS will not be able to deny for much longer that this technology does exist, that it is being used illegally on a great number of American citizens, or that what is being done to us constitutes the most precedent setting violations of both constitutional and human rights in US History; by the hi-tech electronic predators who operate within the US Intelligence community -- a threat to the very existence of all Americans and the future of the human race.

These agents should have their rights trampled upon in the ways in which they have trampled ours. Their operating without the checks and balances called for by the US Constitution has enabled them to commit any crime including murder, without ever being made accountable for what they have done. And if the American people continue to allow these agencies to get away with these crimes, they risk a future of abuse on par with what the Jews were forced to endure during the Holocaust.

Moreover, somehow the FEDS believe that I will allow them to get away with what they have subjected my Family and self to over the past few decades. They also believe that I will tolerate some Kangaroo court in which they will present fabricated evidence, while perjuring themselves in regard to the technology that they have deployed against myself. However, that will never happen. I have seen too many instances where agencies like the FBI have quite literally gotten away with murder, while some crooked judge looked the other way and steered the trial in whatever direction the FEDS wanted it to go in (deliberately ommitting exculpatory evidence).

This was done while they used the media to inflame public opinion in efforts to further demonize the targeted person. These targeted persons were never given any chance to receive a fair trial. And in many instances they should never have been on trial in the first place.

I would much prefer to die defending my Constitutional rights, than for one second take part in such an abject, treasonous and hypocritical charade of judicial process. And if necessary, that is exactly what I will do.

If the FEDS choose to violate our rights in such outrageous ways, then they must be held accountable for such crimes. And the first step here is to expose the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology (including remote neural monitoring) to the entire American population. Until this is done, the NSA and other agencies which rely on its spy technology (including the FBI, DHS and CIA) will continue to violate the US Constitution in ways that only those who have been subjected to this technology can understand.

The NSA's Use Of Electronic Brain Link Technology

In understanding that the NSA has the capability of using a satellite to electronically link a computer to a person's brain (EBL or Electronic Brain Link), it is crucial that the people within the United States as well as the rest of this planet research this technology to learn for themselves how vulnerable they are to it.

Since I found out that the FEDS have targeted me for non consensual human experimentation by way of satellite based remote neural monitoring for the better part of three decades, they are now searching for ways in which to murder me -- and will eventually succeed whether they set me up on trumped up charges in which to incarcerate me or use this directed energy weaponry to cause a fatal heart attack, aneurysm or stroke.

I have experienced the two way communication aspect of this technology, including being sent virtual reality scenarios, microwave hearing, as well as numerous types of physical assaults. The FEDS will attempt to deny that they have perpetrated these crimes against me, which will be yet one of the myriad lies they have told in efforts to slander me. When the FEDS commit such outrageous crimes against Americans, they are quick to destroy the reputations of those people while further denying them their rights to due process of law.

The United States of America has become a fascist police state which will use satellites to remotely track its own citizens, while subjecting them to various forms of non consensual human experimentation -- and the US Judiciary will deny that such crimes against humanity are taking place, and attempt to label those reporting them as being mentally unstable.

This has become a national conspiracy for the TI's in America and an international conspiracy for the TI's of the numerous other countries which are also involved in these crimes.

Many TI's have also been murdered by way of this technology.

And I continue to note how a number of TI's have remarked that people whom they know have been murdered or died under very strange circumstances. Recently a former federal agent remarked that a member of the medical community whom he accused of being a provocateur in the FEDS' attacks against him, was killed in a serious car accident.

These types of situations are routinely reported by people being targeted by directed energy weapons and for non consensual human experimentation. However, few people would conclude that there is anything more to them then just bad luck. Yet many individuals targeted for non consensual human experimentation have described situations in which family members, friends and associates have been either injured or died under mysterious circumstances.

RESOURCES regarding John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA

"These publications have only been discovered since December 1991, after Plaintiff had already notified authorities (Dept of Justice, etc.) of Public Corruption by named NSA employees. When no action was taken against the NSA employees, I researched the Intelligence Community electronic surveillance technology involved and discovered the following publications."

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, by Robert Becker, M.D. Monitoring neuroelectric information in the brain ESB. (p. 265,313,318)

Cross currents, by Robert Becker. Simulating auditory hallucinations. Remote computer tampering using RF emissions from the logic board. (p. 70,78,105,174,210,216,220,242,299,303)

Currents of Death, by Paul Brodeur. Driving brain electrical activity with external EM; magnetophosphenes; Delgado. (p. 27,93)

The Zapping of America, by Paul Brodeur. DoD EM ESB research; simulating auditory hallucinations.

Of Mice, Men and Molecules, by John H. Heller 1963 Bioelectricity; probing the brain with EM waves. (p, 110)

The Three-Pound Universe, by Judith Hooper. CIA EEG research; EEGs for surveillance. (p.29,132,137)

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The Body Shop, 1986 implantation of an electrode array on the visual cortex for video direct to the brain; other 1960's research into electronically triggering Phosphenes in the brain, thus bypassing the eyes.

Evoked Potentials, by David Regan. Decoding neuroelectric information in the brain.""

FEDS Again Interfere With This Website

As has been the case numerous times, the FEDS or their provocateurs have accessed this Website to allow comment to be sent - a feature I had disabled since the aforementioned have made certain that they are the only ones allowed to comment. This is just further proof that when dealing with agencies like the FBI there is no longer any rule of law -- they do whatever they want without any of the checks and balances called for by the US Constitution.

In fact the FBI and its brethren in crime have never acknowledged the Constitution as anything more than a piece of paper which they have a history of violating. And their abuse of the American people (Google FBI's violations of civil rights and you will find myriad Websites on those whose Constitutional rights have been violated in precedent setting ways by the FEDS) will eventually bring about a revolution within this country. When the FEDS need to resort to illegal spying, fabrication of evidence, entrapment and outright perjury, it is clear that they are not protecting the American people, but instead threatening their very being.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Piece Of Organized Stalking Vehicular Street Theatre

On a brief trip out to mail some bills, I met with some street theatre, in which one of the vehicular stalkers was waiting on a side road,only to pull out in front of me in which to perform his routine. As he approached the intersection, he slowed his Toyota Sienna SUV -- NYS Plate DUP 7967 -- and ran his right rear tire up against the curb. This was followed by him placing his left turn signal on, then his four way flashers, in which he stopped his vehicle in front of mine. As I continued on I rolled down my window to ask what the problem was (as if I did not know that this was yet another piece of street theatrics), and he flashed me an evil grin and then drove away.

As I proceeded into the intersection, a maroon Hyundai with NYS Plate ACP 9306 was waiting to follow me with the typical headlight out -- a regular sight with a number of the vehicles which have been used to stalk me in the past four and a half years.

The harassment continues unabated, while the FEDS attempt to find further ways in which to drive me to suicide. And why not, given that I have continued to document tremendous abuses at the hands of these reprobates, as well as their networks of stalkers -- I will not refer to any of these people as community watch groups, because they are anything but. These criminals are networked out to commit the crime of stalking on a substantial scale, and motivated to use psychological warfare in which to drive those persons being targeted to suicide, while our families are held hostage and our rights completely disregarded.

In order to accomplish this, agencies like the FBI and DHS are used to demonize us, while violating our rights under the color of law, and then attempting to justify their egregious criminal behavior. Those being harassed in such ways also face being targeted for many different forms of satellite based assaults, while we are made virtual prisoners of such technology within our own homes.

No one should be subjected to such vicious and constant abuse which is why anyone who learns of these mind control technologies should take part in the global campaign to expose them before anyone else is tortured or murdered. Using satellites and super computers to electronically access a person's mind in order to covertly attack them is a crime of Nazi proportions.

The following site includes the names of TI's attempting to support the worldwide campaign against abuse of directed energy weapons and manipulation technology on humans. If you are being targeted, please join this campaign. And even if you're not, you can become targeted for such abuse at anytime, so please help to expose this weaponry and the criminals deploying it against so many people around the globe, by doing your part to educate the public in regard to these torturous and conspiratorial crimes -- crimes which they can become targeted for at anytime in the future.

A Primary Goal Of The NWO Fascist Government Is Global Realtime Spying On The People Of This Planet

The following article was written by a man who has extensively researched the NSA. The comment that he makes in regard to real time surveillance of the entire planet, is to a large extent already a reality for the US Intelligence Community.

What author James Bamford has not discussed is the ability through the NSA's use of Signals Intelligence, to track the electromagnetic fields of humans -- which allows this agency to monitor those being tracked in real time, while seeing what they are doing, knowing what they are thinking, and even manipulating their thoughts without the targeted persons knowing or consenting to such Orwellian abuses of their privacy.

Bamford probably does not realize that the NSA has such capabilities. And for that matter neither does most of this planet's population; something which the NSA would prefer they not know about, given the criminal implications of such invasions of privacy and violations of Constitutional law.

It's the governments who are deploying this technology that are the real criminals in this case -- those who have now created an Orwellian "Thought Police" state, in which the minds of the citizens can be electronically accessed, manipulated, and even covertly destroyed, by those miscreants who operate this technology.

Excerpt From James Bamford's article "Big Brother Is Tracking You"

"But as cameras take ever-closer aim at domestic targets, the legal, political and ethical issues remain unresolved. 'Our whole posture as to how we respond to this is still a work in progress,' said James Clapper, director of the mapping agency, in an interview last year with Signal Magazine.

In the meantime, satellite imagery abilities are growing exponentially. In addition to the expanded use of commercial satellites, which can be used for both foreign and domestic surveillance, plans are under way to increase the number of spy satellites. Under a program known as Future Imagery Architecture, the intelligence agencies plan to launch nearly a dozen imagery satellites to replace the four or five currently in orbit. Although smaller than their predecessors, these models, because of their increased numbers, will allow more continuous coverage of targets.

Given enough commercial and spy satellites, supplemented by aircraft and a ground system to marry it all together, the intelligence community might one day achieve the ultimate in coverage: constant, real-time surveillance of the planet."

See the rest of this article here:

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Department Of Justice Refuses To Enforce Color Of Law Statutes -- Government Agents Operating Without Constitutional Checks & Balances

A violation of the color of law occurs when a duly authorized government official abuses their position to deny an American citizen their Constitutional rights. However, a recent study has shown that in nearly 98% of the complaints filed against federal agencies -- including the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS -- regarding color of law violations, the Justice Department refused to follow through on these complaints. This is yet one more instance in which the DOJ has failed to defend and uphold the US Constitution and the rights of the American people.

It appears based on all of the failings of the Justice Department and the US Congress, that the only justice that Americans are going to receive is what they take for themselves. And if they get kicked around and abused long enough by these agencies, they will affect means of change in which to end their abuse.

This is why the hierarchy within this government wants to void the 2ND Amendment to the US Constitution, so that Americans will not even have a fighting chance in which to defend themselves should a state of martial law take place in this country; while the military takes to the streets to remove us from our own homes.

Back in the 1950's when the people in this country prospered, still carrying the pride of victory after World War II, they would have never imagined that half a century later they would be facing a situation in which their freedoms were all but gone. However, that is exactly where we stand approaching the end of the first decade of the new millennium -- with our Constitution crumbling and a government so subverted that our only way out will ultimately be by way of a new revolution -- a revolution which is much closer to taking place than most Americans think.

Another Test To Prove How Remote Neural Monitoring Works / Is The Entire US Population Being Remote Neurally Monitored By The NSA?

Since the FEDS have chosen to use a number of other TI's in their covert psywarfare campaign against me, sometime ago I decided to try something to prove that my thoughts were being remotely read. I had particular thoughts about specific TI's that I wanted the NSA to pickup on. Then I simply waited to see what would happen.

Sure enough, in several instances the FEDS contacted these TI's and gave them the information that I had thought of, which they then used as a form of gaslighting either on their Websites or in E-mails to me. And while they would deny this, the fact is that the information that they used as triggers directly corresponded to the thoughts that I'd had. So it is now clear that the FEDS are in contact with certain members of the TI community who are being used in the FEDS' COINTELPRO campaign being waged against me.

Are All Americans Being Subjected To RNM Technology?

My mind is remotely accessed 24 hours a day and has been for decades. And oftentimes, not only is my mind illegally violated by the NSA, their thoughts (brainwave entrainment protocols etc.) are implanted into my subconscious, while they also attempt to induce a number of different emotions ranging from fear to anger. I can also regularly hear a high pitched sound in one of my ears -- something which I believe occurs when the controllers of this technology are adjusting (rebiasing?) it.

It is also quite obvious that the visual cortex portion of my brain is being remotely accessed so that the FEDS can see what I see as though they were looking through my own eyes. There is no longer any doubt that this technology exists and that John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA contains some of the most crucial information regarding the NSA's treasonous operations ever documented.

The only variable here is how many Americans are being tracked by way of NSA satellites which home in on the EMF fields surrounding their bodies? According to Akwei's lawsuit, the NSA can spy on any American citizen in such ways at any given time, without the knowledge or consent of these people, while remotely accessing their sub vocalized thoughts. Given that the NSA can access the EMF field of any American citizen, this must mean that this agency has stored the EMF bio electromagnetic signature of every citizen in this country within its database, which prompts some important questions.

First of all, how does the NSA obtain the EMF signatures of each of us? And how long has this been going on?

According to John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA's ability to remotely neural monitor any person by using satellites to home in on that person's unique EMF field has been occurring on a global scale since the early 1980's.

For those Americans who were born since 1980, it is possible that the NSA was able to obtain their EMF from the moment that they were born, simply by targeting them in the hospital and locking onto the bio electromagnetic frequencies which were emanating from their bodies; frequencies which were then catalogued by the NSA -- probably under their social security numbers (a system which was never supposed to be used for tracking Americans but has been used in such ways since its inception). This would mean that everyday, the NSA is busy picking up new EMF fields from babies being born in hospitals throughout the United States and cataloguing them for future reference.

However, how did the NSA obtain the EMF fields from the rest of the American people who were born prior to this time? Going address by address the way the census bureau does and then targeting every person within a particular household? And if so, how have they been able to differentiate between the people in a household so that they could correlate the specific EMF with the right person?

There's no doubt that the NSA's equipment is extremely sophisticated -- so much so that much of it may operate well beyond the realm of our understanding -- especially if this technology has been derived from reverse engineered alien technology.

And given this, one must wonder if the NSA is covertly tracking and recording the lives and thoughts of every American citizen simultaneously, which are then archived in the event that the NSA or other federal agencies ever have an interest in them. This would leave the NSA with the most complete dossiers on every person in this country, enabling it to look back on every second of their life since they were first placed into this satellite tracking system.

So much for your Constitutional rights when every second of your life can be videotaped without your knowledge or consent. And consider how outrageous this spying is to those whom you are in contact with, whose conversations can also be picked up on by the NSA.

One must also take into consideration that the NSA has several different locations around the world including Menwith Hill, England (where Echelon is based), as well as Germany, in addition to other countries which agreed to the UKUSA Treaty.

Another pertinent question here is are the societies of other countries being tracked in such ways as well? And for that matter, is there anyone on this planet who is not being tracked and illegally spied upon by way of the NSA in the modern day? And does this spying include something as invasive as remotely tracking citizens by way of the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies, while simultaneously remote neurally monitoring their brainwave activity?

If so, this clandestine system of using satellites to intensely spy upon the global population without their knowledge or consent is without a doubt the most outrageous violation of the Geneva Convention ever documented. And within the United States alone, it would constitute the most treasonous violations of the American people and our Constitution in the history of the United States.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Writer/Activist Marlin Pals Describes The FBI's Harassment Of Himself When He Attempted To Investigate Them Back In 1997

Marlin Pals is yet another example of what happens when someone threatens to expose the FBI's rampant criminal activity. I am just surprised that he was not setup on some of the FBI's standard trumped up charges such as money laundering, mail fraud or pedophilia. He also mentions the FBI's use of cars as weapons -- I know this one well since I have been crashed into by FEDS or their provocateurs at least 4 times in the past twenty two years.

The FEDS are slick at this. They don't just crash into you. They get next to or behind your vehicle and then either sideswipe it starting from the blindside section of your vehicle, or while sitting behind your vehicle at a light (or when stopped in heavy traffic), they will take their foot off the brake and let their vehicle crash into the back of yours. I have experienced this while waiting for a traffic light to change, as well as while sitting in traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway -- going from New York to New Jersey several years ago. The FEDS use their vehicles this way because you don't hear them accelerating towards your vehicle, which allows them to crash into you without warning.

What I now wonder is exactly how many FBI surveillance vehicles were following me around at the time, using their floating box system to avoid detection? All while I was being remotely tracked as my mind was remote neurally monitored and influenced.

FBI "wheel men" are very skilled in handling their vehicles and can crash into you without actually running you off the road. Meanwhile the damage to your vehicle gets done, and then the FEDS sit back and wait to see if you will commit insurance fraud, as they did to me back in 1988. The insurer sent me two checks for the exact same amount only weeks apart.

And when I argued with them about it they insisted that their computers never made mistakes and that I should keep both checks. However, I drove over to the insurer and gave one of the checks back. When was the last time that your insurance company sent you payments for two claims and then insisted that you keep both when you were only entitled to one? I cite this particular instance in one of myriad to document how the FBI will set up people who are not committing crimes in efforts to entrap them into committing them, while using legitimate businesses to aid and abet their COINTELPRO tactics.

In 1994 the FEDS did the same thing again, this time around using a health care insurer to issue checks which should have gone directly to a health care provider, but instead were sent directly to me. And even though all of the earlier checks were endorsed over to the provider, the later two came at a time when the provider had gone out of business. Do you see how easy it is to be setup by the FBI? You have no idea that they are covertly influencing every aspect of your life. And this is made even worse when they can easily co opt businesses with whom you are dealing to aid and abet the FBI in setting you up for entrapment.

No one even bothers to question the rule of Constitutional law any longer. They are so fearful that the FBI will attack them that they readily go along in whatever machinations the FBI has setup, regardless of how illegal they are. And what makes matters worse is that many judges endorse the FBI's use of entrapment, which only encourages the bureau to use its COINTELPRO operations.

Moreover, if the FBI fails to entrap you at first, they just keep on trying in the hope that they will eventually succeed. What the FBI does with its COINTELPRO operations is a textbook illustration of a criminal conspiracy, one which I have documented in detail on this Website.

However, the FBI's use of the NSA goes well beyond such tactics as the aforementioned and uses satellites to move into your home and mind in what should be considered the most egregious violations of the US Constitution ever documented. If you think that these agencies are law abiding think again -- they are just much better at perpetrating their crimes covertly, like using satellites to spy on you within the privacy of your own home, while remotely accessing and manipulating your thoughts -- something which violates both your 4TH and 5TH Amendment rights.

And it can also be argued that since the FEDS are going on open ended fishing expeditions by illegal satellite tracking you as well as electronically accessing your mind 24 hours a day, that they are also violating the Miranda Law, since they are looking for any information that they can electronically access from your mind to use against you, while you have no attorney present. "You have the right to remain silent since anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law" makes little sense, since the FEDS simply help themselves to whatever your thoughts are, and oftentimes manipulate them for their own use.

What agencies like the NSA and FBI in their supreme arrogance have told me is that if I want my rights back I am going to have to be willing to fight and if necessary die for them. And after what they have done to me for nearly three decades, I am more than ready to do just that.

From the November 5, 1997 Issue of the Independent Advocate:

After an exhaustive, years-long investigation into the abuses of "law enforcement agents everywhere," Marlin Pals has released the following findings (announced in the November 5, 1997 issue of the Independent Advocate:

FBI Abuses
The FBI (with the assistance of the Lincoln Police Department) caused Pals to fall off his bicycle: During the recent snow-storm, Pals slipped on the "most slippery" ice he has ever encountered. He has ridden on ice a lot because the FBI has vandalized his cars and deprived him of automotive transportation. He has learned from experience "the skill which the FBI has in using cars as weapons." In this instance, the FBI employed a mass of unmarked vehicles to steer him across treacherous patches of ice into a pot hole.

The FBI vandalized the gear-shifter on Pals' bicycle: In a related incident, FBI agents recently caused the shifter on Pals' bicycle to stop functioning. This did not prevent him from riding his bicycle, but did limit his maneuverability, leading to the pot-hole incident/assassination attempt.

Read the rest of the article here:

More on Marlin Pals:

Cryptome Out -- A Website Covering Links To Many Covert Topics

See the following Website which has archives to some excellent articles regarding the global intelligence community, as well as many other interesting issues.

Was Enron CEO Ken Lay Murdered By Way Of Directed Energy Weapons?

It was extremely convenient that the CEO of Enron died of a heart attack just shortly before he was due to testify in regard to his complicity in one the greatest corporate frauds in US History. Not surprising was that Lay was also connected with the Bush crime family in some business dealings. Was he covertly murdered for this?

Was he poisoned as the author in the following article opines? Or perhaps even murdered by way of a directed energy assault?

Or was Lay involved in a more complex situation in which he may still be alive?

In this day and age with the rampant corruption within the hierarchy of the US Federal Government, nothing is necessarily as it appears. Deaths can be faked, coroners can be intimidated or paid off (or perhaps both) to falsify the record in regard to such situations, or the actual causes of death in which hi-profile people have died mysteriously ( i.e. Anna Nicole Smith and her son), and the media will simply report whatever they are told, helping to give credibility to these fabrications. And these false accounts eventually pass into time while few people ever give them a further thought.

The following post opines that Ken Lay may have found alternative means in which to avoid his testimony.

The NSA Before It Was The NSA -- Herbert Osborne Yardley's American Black Chamber

An interesting article on the NSA's origins, and why it should be feared globally. The NSA is perhaps the most anti-American organization there is. However the entire US Intelligence Community operates with the understanding that no American citizen is entitled to privacy, and that the only reason Americans have any rights is that US Intel allows us to. Moreover, according to several former employees, NSA agents see themselves as being above the laws in this land and many routinely violate them.

This is why a myriad of Americans and those from other countries are being illegally tracked by way of satellites, remote neurally monitored, tortured by way of directed energy weapons, and confronted by networks of organized stalkers.

One must wonder given the time and expense involved in attacking one targeted person, if those within US Intel who perpetrate these dark operations will not eventually go back to the drawing board and decide that it is far more cost effective to just kill their targets with the use of these weapons, than to risk perpetrating these crimes on such a large scale that they suffer blow back as a result of these operations -- something which is happening on a global scale in the present day.

Those who are using this technology to torture us certainly can't claim any moral or humane preoccupations, since they have clearly demonstrated that they have none. And the Judicial Systems around this planet appear to have endorsed these Orwellian forms of torture which completely bypass the laws in our respective countries, so they can no longer claim that they haven't any knowledge of these torturous crimes.

As a result of this extensive and globally networked conspiracy, I suspect that in the future more TI's will be murdered quickly and covertly, in efforts to draw attention away from the activist groups which are now cropping up worldwide in efforts to expose these crimes. There are now thousands of people who've taken to the Internet to report their own accounts of being targeted in such ways, many of whom have no idea who is targeting them, while others have stated that US Intelligence was the catalyst behind the attacks on themselves.

The FEDS may eventually be forced to acknowledge that they have illegally tracked many people with satellite based weapons and perhaps even admit to electronically reading their thoughts -- all under the pretext of national security. However, they will never admit to using this technology to remotely affect the brainwaves of those being targeted for non consensual human experimentation -- because this has nothing to do with protecting the American people and everything to do with using us as non consensual guinea pigs -- something US Intelligence has a long history of doing through its MK ULTRA programs.

The National Security Agency: The Secret Unveiled
by meta4

Have you ever wondered why the National Security Agency (NSA) is considered the most secretive of the United States intelligence agencies? When and was it created? How did it obtain its power? What were the various operations under its control in the past as well as those currently under its jurisdiction? Armed with mountains of information from a wide range of sources, I hope to inform you of the practices of the NSA, both past and present.

The NSA headquarters (DIRNSA) are located in Maryland at Fort George G. Meade about thirty miles northeast of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters. There are three fences that surround DIRNSA. The inner and outer are topped with barbed wire while the middle fence is composed of a five stranded electrified wire. As if that was not enough of a deterrent for the curious, there are four gatehouses which span the property at regular intervals and house specially-trained marines.

Without a doubt, I am sure there are signs along the roadway bordering the complex similar to those around Area 51 which state "Do Not Exit Your Vehicle For Any Reason. We Reserve The Right To Use Lethal Force If You Do Not Comply". Why all the physical security? Well, DIRNSA is the command center for the largest and most sensitive intelligence gathering apparatus in the world's history.

Over 15,000 employees work to break the military, diplomatic and commercial codes of every nation in the world, to analyze the de-crypted messages and to send the selected results to the rest of the intelligence community. Perhaps the reason for the obscurity of the NSA comes from the limits of its mission and the way it goes about obtaining its results. But first, let me clue you into the events leading up to the birth of the NSA. (1)

Surveillance practices first began with our entry into World War I. It all started in 1917 when the United States government intelligence agents began censoring telecommunications which was spearheaded by the military intelligence unit of the War Department (also known as Military Intelligence Section 8 [MI-8]).

This program was limited to the interception of coded messages that crossed international lines. The director of MI-8 was Herbert Osborne Yardley who is considered by some to be the most famous cryptologist in history. At war's end, Yardly was faced with the prospect of the termination of his program.

In May 1919, Yardley convinced the State and War Departments to approve a plan for a permanent organization for code and cipher investigation and attack. Thus, the idea of maintaining a program of surveillance during a time of peace was born.

Yardley renamed his organization "The American Black Chamber" which went by the cover name "The Code Compilation Company". It was based in New York City and operated from 1919 to 1929. There is little substantial information about its specific practices but suffice it to say that in 1929 upon learning of the Black Chamber and the methods by which it obtained its information, the new Secretary of State, Henry L. Stimson ended its existence abruptly.

Suddenly finding himself unemployed and as an act of revenge, Yardley wrote a book of his memoirs entitled, The American Black Chamber. In this book, Yardley boasts about the capabilities of the organization he founded but refrains from disclosing any reference to how the organization obtained the messages which it analyzed. After the book was initially published in 1931, and sold twice as many copies in Japan as the US, the US passed a law in 1933 banning the publishing of any material that had been published in diplomatic codes, and of course they withheld permission for future printings.

However, the seed had already been planted, and people began questioning the method by which messages were obtained. In response, Yardley explained to his publisher, They came by cable. With respect to every cablegram...the copies... were obtained by the consent and authority of the respective presidents of the Western Union Telegraph Company and of the Postal Telegraph Company over the wires of one or the other of such companies such messages were transmitted.

The Black Chamber worked outside the law of the Radio Communications Act of 1912 which stated, No person...engaged in or having knowledge of the operation of any station or stations shall divulge or publish the contents of any messages transmitted or received by such station, except to the whom the same may be directed, or other authorized agent, or to another station employed to forward such message to its destination...

Thus, the Black Chamber was engaged in unlawful activities. However, with the introduction of the Radio Act of 1927, the Black Chamber's operations were justified by the law, technically making it "legal" for the last two years of its existence. The Black Chamber was the first step across the line of the law, and we all know that after you cross a predetermined line the first time, it becomes easier and easier each subsequent time. (2)

During World War II, the US government engaged in the censoring of written telecommunications as per the wartime powers of the president. Unlike MI-8 and the Black Chamber, all messages entering, leaving or transiting the US were subject to interception.

There was no longer a restriction on the types of messages under scrutiny in that all messages-not only those encrypted-were subject to interception and analysis. Once the war ended, this operation continued under the code name SHAMROCK and during the 30 years of its existence from 1945 to 1975, Operation SHAMROCK violated Americans' Fourth Amendment rights as well as a slew of other privacy related laws. To give you a flavor of Operation SHAMROCK, The "take from Operation SHAMROCK...was used by the NSA in the 1960's and early 1970's to compile files on American citizens.

NSA maintained a 'watch-list' of names of individuals and organizations against which the take was sorted." MINARET was the code name applied to the NSA's efforts to protect this "watch-list" from disclosure. The MINARET charter described the watch-list program as involving communications concerning individuals or organizations involved in civil disturbance, anti-war movements/demonstrations and military deserters involved in anti-war movements.

Between 1952 and 1974, the NSA's Office of Security maintained approximately 75,000 files on American citizens which included, but was not limited to, civil rights leaders, antiwar activists and members of the United States Congress. In 1975, the Church Committee's investigation of the NSA led to the uncovering of Operation SHAMROCK. The investigators found that the NSA had, through a network of over 2,000 specialized intercept positions around the world, the technological capability to intercept a significant portion of worldwide communications.

Senator Frank Church was quoted as saying, "If used against the American people, no American would have any privacy left...there would be no place to hide". And consider that this was the state of the technological affairs of the NSA before the digital revolution. In summary, SHAMROCK was a continuation of MI-8 and the American Black Chamber which represented the next stage in the evolution of global surveillance. For a full analysis of the development and specific practices of Operation SHAMROCK, please read the Cipher war feature, (3)

The NSA was created during the time Operation SHAMROCK was in effect. On October 24, 1952, the NSA was founded by a seven-page Top Secret memorandum from President Harry S. Truman to Secretary of State Dean G. Acheson and Secretary of Defense Robert A. Lovett. At that time, the NSA assumed the responsibilities of the Armed Forces Security Agency. The two basic functions of the NSA were outlined as follows:

(1) "to protect the 'Communications Security' (COMSEC) of US telecommunications that are national security related and (2) to obtain foreign intelligence related telecommunications through the interception of 'Signals Intelligence' (SIGNIT)." The latter represents the NSA's main activity.

Two elements comprise SIGNIT. The first is "Communications Intelligence" (COMINT) which is intelligence obtained through the interception of electronic message communications (ie. telegrams and telephone communication) and the second is "Electronic Intelligence"(ELINT) which is intelligence obtained though the interception of electronic signals (ie. radar and missile emissions).

With the knowledge of the NSA's basic functions, it becomes apparent that the NSA is involved in the gathering of information. Unlike the CIA or other government intelligence agencies, the NSA does not formulate policy or carry out procedure. It merely gathers information which is then passed on to the rest of the intelligence community. So, why all the secrecy? Perhaps the cloud of mystery surrounding the NSA has less to do with what they do then how they do it.

We are led to question the specific means by which the NSA gathers its intelligence and the targets of their focus. Since the NSA itself does not act on this information, who does? A former senior analyst at the NSA, Perry Fellwock (at the time known by the pseudonym Winslow Peck), provides some of the answers. Through a recollection of his three and a half year experience working at the heart of the NSA, we catch a glimpse at the way in which the NSA operates.

In 1972, the first NSA informant reached the public eye and granted an interview to a reporter at Ramparts. His story provided, for the public, the first insider view into the NSA. Before 1972, the NSA was shrouded in obscurity. During the twenty years after its official inception in 1952, "the Agency remain[ed] virtually unknown to those employees outside the intelligence community.

The few times its men had been involved in international incidents, NSA's name had been kept out of the papers". The NSA coined the nickname "No Such Agency" due to its hidden existence. In fact, to this day, the NSA has been able to limit the majority of its communication with Congress to the House and Senate intelligence committees. Fellwock worked for the NSA during the cold war of Europe and the hot Vietnam War. He was a participant in the deadly international fencing match with the former Soviet Union, plotting their air and ground forces and penetrating their defenses.

(Keep in mind that his experiences occurred from the late sixties into the early seventies when the Soviet threat was a fear instilled in all of us.) We learn from his testimony that ...the NSA knows the call signs for every Soviet airplane, the numbers on the side of each plane, the name of the pilot in command; the precise longitude and latitude location of every nuclear submarine; the whereabouts of every Soviet VIP; the location of every Soviet missile base; every army division, battalion and company--it's weaponry, commander and deployment...NSA cryptologic experts seek to break every Soviet code and do so with remarkable success, Soviet scrambler and computer generated signals being nearly as vulnerable as ordinary voice and manual Morse radio transmissions.

The Agency's ELINT teams are capable of intercepting any electronic signal transmitted anywhere in the world, and, from an analysis of the signal, identify the transmitter and physically reconstruct it. It goes without saying that the NSA monitors and records every trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific telephone call. These activities clearly violated the UKUSA Agreement. Signed in 1947, this agreement brought together the SIGNIT organizations of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Under this treaty, a white-Anglo-Saxon-protestant nation communications intelligence dictatorship over the "Free World" was created. The earth was carved up into five spheres of cryptographic influence, with each country assigned specific targets. The UKUSA nations also agreed to standardize their terminology, code words, intercept-handling procedures, and indoctrination oaths. The existance of the UKUSA agreement has never been officially acknowledged by any country even today.

This agreement distinguishes between three categories of intelligence consumers, First, Second and Third Party consumers. The First Party is the US intelligence community. The Second Party consists of the other nations in the UKUSA agreement. These agencies exchange information routinely. The Third Party nations include all NATO allies and the non-WASP allies in SEATO. However, the US violates a treaty of their own making in that the US intercepts the radio communications of its Second Party allies. Fellwock says that "the treaty is a one-way street.

We violate it even with our Second Party allies by monitoring their communications constantly...these allies can't maintain security even if they want to. They're all working with machines we gave them. There's no chance for them to be on par with us technologically". The NSA's operations reflect the drive of a nation to control as much of the world as possible, whose leaders trust no one and are forced to spy on their closest allies in violation of the treaties they initiated themselves. (4)

During the cold war, if the US knew the positions of every potential Soviet threat, why was the public still in fear of a potential Soviet attack? It seems that having all of this knowledge about the internal Soviet military situation, the possibility of a surprise attack by the Soviets Union would be eradicated.

Fellwock states, These myths about the aggressive intentions of the Soviet Union...can only be sustained by keeping the American people as ignorant as possible about the actual nature of these regimes and the great power relationships that exist in the world. The peace of the world, we are told, revolves shakily on a 'balance of terror' between the armed might of the Soviet Union and the United States.

So tenuous is this balance that if the US were to let down its guard ever so slightly...we would immediately face the threat of destruction from the aggressive Soviets, who are relentless in their pursuit of military superiority...At home however, the favored weapon employed is ignorance rather than fear....the United States is surrounded by barriers--barriers of ignorance that keep its citizens prisoners of the cold war.

The first obstacle is formed by the myths propagated about communism and its aggressive designs on America. Second, and dependent for its rationale on the first, is the incredible barrier of governmental secrecy that keeps most of the questionable US aggressive activities hidden not from our 'enemies', who are the knowledgeable victims, but from the American people themselves...

So, why all the myths?? Did somebody whisper, "1984"? Perhaps by creating an aura of unrest within the world, the control over the people of a nation becomes easier. If we are united against a common enemy, then we maintain internal national peace and put our trust in the government which we believe can remedy the international threats to our safety.

Fellwock goes on to explain that there is no real "balance of terror" in the world. If we know where every Soviet missile installation, military aircraft and missile submarine is at every moment, we are much closer to a first-strike capacity that would cripple their ability to respond.

In fact, the Soviet Union was totally geared up for a defense and to meet some kind of attack making it apparent that the whole idea of containing the communist menace for expansion is complete nonsense. The US routinely overflew the Soviet territory, over the Black Sea down to the Baltic. The Strategic Air Force flew the planes and the NSA supported them. The NSA would watch the US penetrate the Soviet airspace and then analyze the Soviet reaction - it sounds to me as though we were teasing them and in so doing, learning about their patterns of defense...Perhaps the Soviets were not the enemies at all, maybe we were.

When asked about the classification of information, Fellwock explains that "we classified stuff only partly because of the enemy. It seemed like they were almost as interested in keeping things from the American public as the of the instructors gave us a big lecture about classifying material and he said that it was necessary because it would only confuse the American people to be let in on this data." Are you screaming yet?

"Every morning the President gets a daily intelligence summary compiled by the CIA. This information will probably contain a good deal from the NSA in it, but it won't say where it came from and the means used to collect it. That's how a man like the vice-president could be totally ignorant of the way intelligence is generated." Do you find yourself asking how our own vice-president could not even know about the practices of the NSA? According to Fellwock, every trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific telephone call to and from the US are taped.

Every conversation is automatically intercepted and recorded on tapes. "They'll run a random sort through all the tapes, listening to a certain number to determine if there is anything in them of interest to our government worth holding on to and transcribing. Also, certain telephone conversations are routinely listened to as soon as possible."

Fellwock also comments on the general sentiment within the NSA community. The fact that they had the highest security clearance, setting them apart form the rest of humanity, made them think a certain way.

Fellwock goes on to say that "everybody is into some kind of smuggling...everything from small-time black marketeering of cigarettes or currency all the way up to transportation of vehicles, that sort of thing....I knew of a couple of people inside the NSA involved in the white slave trade.

They were transporting women who'd been kidnapped from Europe to Mideast sheikdoms aboard security airplanes." He recalls a time when one of their analysts was in a car accident which landed him in the hospital. There was one doctor and one nurse, both with security clearances, and another NSA analyst was always in the room with him to make sure that while he was delirious, he didn't talk too loud. Apparently, they could not have drugs like sodium pentithol in medical emergencies since they are "truth-type" drugs and would threaten the security of the NSA.

For the full interview, please read the document on Cryptome at While this knowledge is horrifying, those who want to stay in denial can say, well that was the past..we are safe from that now. Guess again. Today, it is ECHELON.

I will merely provide a brief synopsis of ECHELON since there are many web sites devoted to this topic. (See below for ECHELON-related links) Designed and coordinated by the NSA, the ECHELON system is used to intercept ordinary e-mail, fax, telefax and telephone communications.

The system allows spy agencies to monitor most of the world's communications. ECHELON is designed primarily for non-military targets, ie. governments, organizations, businesses and individuals in virtually every country. The system works by indiscriminately intercepting very large numbers of communications and using computers to identify and extract messages of interest.

The computers at each station in the ECHELON network automatically search through millions of messages for the ones containing pre-programmed keywords. Since at least the 1970's, computers with the capacity for automatically sifting through massive quantities of information for specific keywords have existed and been in commission. However, NSA played a critical role in the founding of ECHELON.

Sometime in the 1980's, NSA designed the ECHELON system by interconnecting all these computers, allowing stations to function within an integrated whole. The nations that are part of the ECHELON network are those same nations which signed the UKUSA agreement of 1947, namely the United States, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

The archaic white-anglo-saxon-protestant nation communications intelligence dictatorship over the "Free World" apparently is still in effect and very much at large. The computers at each of these five major stations are identified within the ECHELON network as the ECHELON dictionaries. Under ECHELON, a particular station's dictionary computer not only contains the chosen keywords for that specific station, but also has lists entered in for the other agencies.

Whenever the dictionary encounters a message containing one of the other agency's keywords, it automatically picks it and sends it directly to the headquarters of the agency concerned. In summary, ECHELON represents an unacceptable infringement on the privacy rights of Americans as well as the rights of those persons residing in almost every other developed country in the world.

I wanted to give you, the people, this information. I feel it is essential that we are informed whenever possible. I hope this article has shown you that there is so much hidden from us every day and only a few chances to catch a fleeting glimpse into the governmental sector.

I want to remind you to keep in mind that the majority of this information relates to past events that represent the essential cornerstones for the development of what is in effect today. It is difficult to imagine what could actually be going on now since there seems to be a consistent twenty year lag between the time something occurs and when it finally reaches the public.

Thus, while ECHELON is currently the main issue in the news, do not be misled into believing that ECHELON is the only breach of our privacy currently in effect. Consider that ECHELON was first created in the early 1980's...and now it is the year 2000. Imagine what could be and multiply that by infinity. Someone once told me, "If you have an idea, there are thousands who have had that same idea, and probably a few who have acted upon it".

ECHELON-related links:

Cryptome: This site has several good sources of information and can be a starting point from which to delve into the issues pertaining to ECHELON.

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(1) Ramparts, v.11, 1-12.

(2) NSA ARCHIVES: Report by The Committee on Government Operations

(3) Operation SHAMROCK: Thirty Years of Highly Classified Surveillance of The American People

(4) U.S. Electronic Espionage: A Memoir
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