Sunday, December 30, 2007

Law Enforcement Which Operates Criminally Is Not Legitimate Law Enforcement -- That Is Especially True Of The NSA And Its Mind Raping Technology

"No organization that routinely violates the US Constitution and the laws of the United States has any right to enforce such laws. This is particularly applicable to the FBI, and its notorious history for violating the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. And the NSA is no better, given its illegal satellite spying and remote neural monitoring of the minds of the citizens in the United States. When agencies such as these believe that they have the right to track any citizen while accessing and manipulating their thoughts, it becomes clear that there is no longer any legitimate rule of law within this country and that each citizen must support and defend the US Constitution for themselves, since their government has now failed to do so."

Are the FEDS circulating videos of TI's which they have illegally taken by way of satellite, in order to inflame public sentiment while denying us due process of law? If so, this would be a further precedent setting abuse of our Constitutional rights, and more evidence that we have been illegally spied upon, and in certain instances remote neurally monitored/manipulated. A true indication of how desperate the US Intelligence community is to demonize us while justifying the most outrageous violations of the US Constitution in the history of this country.

Of course this should come as no surprise to any person who is being targeted by way of the NSA and subjected to mind control research, for if the entire population were to learn the extent of this abuse there would no doubt be a revolution within the United States within a matter of days; the same people who might find such abuse of others amusing, would certainly change their attitude if they were to suddenly learn that they were also abused in such ways, without their knowledge or consent.

As to the FBI, NSA and DHS, who have attacked my Family and self viciously, there is little question that if the aforementioned is the case, these agencies will have hit not just a new low for themselves, but absolute rock bottom in the violations of the American people and the destruction of our Constitution.

Of notable mention here is FBI special agent Raymond Migliore, whom through his abject abuse of the authority granted to him under the color of law, has now opened a can of worms which will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Moreover, the FEDS continue to attempt to omit exculpatory information in regard to those whom they are illegally targeting, in order to prevent the American people from learning about satellite based directed energy weapons,and the remote neural monitoring by way of electronic brain link, of the human brain; monitoring in which to both remotely read a targeted person's thoughts, as well as manipulate them.

Yes, it is true that the NSA can read any Americans thoughts, using its satellites to target the EMF field around a person, which is then used as a tracking device. One must now wonder if the NSA is using such a system to simultaneously track and remote neural monitor the entire American population?

If so, this will be the most treasonous betrayal of the American people since the Federal Reserve Act was improperly ratified in 1913, which also allowed for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, Internal Revenue Service, and the illegal taxation of the wages of the American worker; every cent of which goes to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank.

As to the FEDS and the STRONG possibility of their defamatory videos, those of us whom you have done this to must have really worried you, since it is clear that such an illegal act is being done to save your own criminal hides. However, the NSA's remote neural monitoring by way of electronic brain link information is now being promulgated internationally. Through the mind control experimentation which you have subjected us to and your use of both directed energy weapons and psychological warfare to torture us, we have taken all the cruelty which you have dealt us and still managed to expose you for the covert Nazi's that you are; something which cannot be undone.

Good luck defending yourselves to the rest of the American people as they continue to learn of this treasonous betrayal of themselves, and wonder if they have been personally spied upon and violated within their own homes as you have done to so many of us.

Curse everyone of you federal reprobates for this treasonous betrayal of a once great nation; one which through your own evil machinations you have now destroyed!

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/Mind Control Target
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