Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Piece Of Organized Stalking Vehicular Street Theatre

On a brief trip out to mail some bills, I met with some street theatre, in which one of the vehicular stalkers was waiting on a side road,only to pull out in front of me in which to perform his routine. As he approached the intersection, he slowed his Toyota Sienna SUV -- NYS Plate DUP 7967 -- and ran his right rear tire up against the curb. This was followed by him placing his left turn signal on, then his four way flashers, in which he stopped his vehicle in front of mine. As I continued on I rolled down my window to ask what the problem was (as if I did not know that this was yet another piece of street theatrics), and he flashed me an evil grin and then drove away.

As I proceeded into the intersection, a maroon Hyundai with NYS Plate ACP 9306 was waiting to follow me with the typical headlight out -- a regular sight with a number of the vehicles which have been used to stalk me in the past four and a half years.

The harassment continues unabated, while the FEDS attempt to find further ways in which to drive me to suicide. And why not, given that I have continued to document tremendous abuses at the hands of these reprobates, as well as their networks of stalkers -- I will not refer to any of these people as community watch groups, because they are anything but. These criminals are networked out to commit the crime of stalking on a substantial scale, and motivated to use psychological warfare in which to drive those persons being targeted to suicide, while our families are held hostage and our rights completely disregarded.

In order to accomplish this, agencies like the FBI and DHS are used to demonize us, while violating our rights under the color of law, and then attempting to justify their egregious criminal behavior. Those being harassed in such ways also face being targeted for many different forms of satellite based assaults, while we are made virtual prisoners of such technology within our own homes.

No one should be subjected to such vicious and constant abuse which is why anyone who learns of these mind control technologies should take part in the global campaign to expose them before anyone else is tortured or murdered. Using satellites and super computers to electronically access a person's mind in order to covertly attack them is a crime of Nazi proportions.

The following site includes the names of TI's attempting to support the worldwide campaign against abuse of directed energy weapons and manipulation technology on humans. If you are being targeted, please join this campaign. And even if you're not, you can become targeted for such abuse at anytime, so please help to expose this weaponry and the criminals deploying it against so many people around the globe, by doing your part to educate the public in regard to these torturous and conspiratorial crimes -- crimes which they can become targeted for at anytime in the future.
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