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Writer/Activist Marlin Pals Describes The FBI's Harassment Of Himself When He Attempted To Investigate Them Back In 1997

Marlin Pals is yet another example of what happens when someone threatens to expose the FBI's rampant criminal activity. I am just surprised that he was not setup on some of the FBI's standard trumped up charges such as money laundering, mail fraud or pedophilia. He also mentions the FBI's use of cars as weapons -- I know this one well since I have been crashed into by FEDS or their provocateurs at least 4 times in the past twenty two years.

The FEDS are slick at this. They don't just crash into you. They get next to or behind your vehicle and then either sideswipe it starting from the blindside section of your vehicle, or while sitting behind your vehicle at a light (or when stopped in heavy traffic), they will take their foot off the brake and let their vehicle crash into the back of yours. I have experienced this while waiting for a traffic light to change, as well as while sitting in traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway -- going from New York to New Jersey several years ago. The FEDS use their vehicles this way because you don't hear them accelerating towards your vehicle, which allows them to crash into you without warning.

What I now wonder is exactly how many FBI surveillance vehicles were following me around at the time, using their floating box system to avoid detection? All while I was being remotely tracked as my mind was remote neurally monitored and influenced.

FBI "wheel men" are very skilled in handling their vehicles and can crash into you without actually running you off the road. Meanwhile the damage to your vehicle gets done, and then the FEDS sit back and wait to see if you will commit insurance fraud, as they did to me back in 1988. The insurer sent me two checks for the exact same amount only weeks apart.

And when I argued with them about it they insisted that their computers never made mistakes and that I should keep both checks. However, I drove over to the insurer and gave one of the checks back. When was the last time that your insurance company sent you payments for two claims and then insisted that you keep both when you were only entitled to one? I cite this particular instance in one of myriad to document how the FBI will set up people who are not committing crimes in efforts to entrap them into committing them, while using legitimate businesses to aid and abet their COINTELPRO tactics.

In 1994 the FEDS did the same thing again, this time around using a health care insurer to issue checks which should have gone directly to a health care provider, but instead were sent directly to me. And even though all of the earlier checks were endorsed over to the provider, the later two came at a time when the provider had gone out of business. Do you see how easy it is to be setup by the FBI? You have no idea that they are covertly influencing every aspect of your life. And this is made even worse when they can easily co opt businesses with whom you are dealing to aid and abet the FBI in setting you up for entrapment.

No one even bothers to question the rule of Constitutional law any longer. They are so fearful that the FBI will attack them that they readily go along in whatever machinations the FBI has setup, regardless of how illegal they are. And what makes matters worse is that many judges endorse the FBI's use of entrapment, which only encourages the bureau to use its COINTELPRO operations.

Moreover, if the FBI fails to entrap you at first, they just keep on trying in the hope that they will eventually succeed. What the FBI does with its COINTELPRO operations is a textbook illustration of a criminal conspiracy, one which I have documented in detail on this Website.

However, the FBI's use of the NSA goes well beyond such tactics as the aforementioned and uses satellites to move into your home and mind in what should be considered the most egregious violations of the US Constitution ever documented. If you think that these agencies are law abiding think again -- they are just much better at perpetrating their crimes covertly, like using satellites to spy on you within the privacy of your own home, while remotely accessing and manipulating your thoughts -- something which violates both your 4TH and 5TH Amendment rights.

And it can also be argued that since the FEDS are going on open ended fishing expeditions by illegal satellite tracking you as well as electronically accessing your mind 24 hours a day, that they are also violating the Miranda Law, since they are looking for any information that they can electronically access from your mind to use against you, while you have no attorney present. "You have the right to remain silent since anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law" makes little sense, since the FEDS simply help themselves to whatever your thoughts are, and oftentimes manipulate them for their own use.

What agencies like the NSA and FBI in their supreme arrogance have told me is that if I want my rights back I am going to have to be willing to fight and if necessary die for them. And after what they have done to me for nearly three decades, I am more than ready to do just that.

From the November 5, 1997 Issue of the Independent Advocate:

After an exhaustive, years-long investigation into the abuses of "law enforcement agents everywhere," Marlin Pals has released the following findings (announced in the November 5, 1997 issue of the Independent Advocate:

FBI Abuses
The FBI (with the assistance of the Lincoln Police Department) caused Pals to fall off his bicycle: During the recent snow-storm, Pals slipped on the "most slippery" ice he has ever encountered. He has ridden on ice a lot because the FBI has vandalized his cars and deprived him of automotive transportation. He has learned from experience "the skill which the FBI has in using cars as weapons." In this instance, the FBI employed a mass of unmarked vehicles to steer him across treacherous patches of ice into a pot hole.

The FBI vandalized the gear-shifter on Pals' bicycle: In a related incident, FBI agents recently caused the shifter on Pals' bicycle to stop functioning. This did not prevent him from riding his bicycle, but did limit his maneuverability, leading to the pot-hole incident/assassination attempt.

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