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The FEDS' Use Of The Telephone As Part Of Their Psychological Warfare Operations

During the mid 1990's I began to notice some anomalies in regard to phone calls that I would receive. Oftentimes, my phone would ring in the middle of the night with a person speaking either a foreign language which I could not understand, or broken English. This became a more common problem as the 90's ended.

I would also receive messages left on my answering machine for a "financial analyst" who lived in Florida -- sometimes these messages included important personal information in regard to the customer's account.

I now wonder if the FEDS had used this particular situation thinking that I would take this information to use for some illegal purpose. I just deleted the messages when I got them. After a time I actually called the number which was one digit off from my own, to alert the person -- someone who went by the name of John Ransom -- that his clients were calling my number and at times leaving personal information that they should not have been. The person who answered thanked me for alerting him to this and after a time the messages were no longer left on my answering machine. However, now looking back, it is possible that this was yet another attempt by the FEDS at entrapment.

Since 2003 when the organized stalking campaign against me began, the situation with phone sabotage became so problematic that I got rid of my phone. However, in that time, I have noticed that when I have a discussion with a Family member -- most times I am gaslighted during these conversations -- that the phone will suddenly ring and the caller will oftentimes be either a friend of the family or someone interested in soliciting for something they are selling.

Of course, with the FEDS remote neural monitoring me 24 hours a day, there is little doubt that they can pull off one these phone calls with precision timing. Oftentimes, I will start into a conversation only to find that if the topic is one the FEDS don't want me discussing with a family member, they will quickly intrude. And if we are having a conversation which is starting to move towards something meaningful, the phone will immediately ring, and the conversation will be derailed. This has happened so often since 2003, that I have lost count of the number of times in which it has occurred.

I cite this particular aspect of the harassment that I am routinely subjected to, in efforts to document one of just myriad ways in which agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS covertly operate, when they are targeting you for a COINTELPRO Sting. Nothing they are doing is legal, yet they are hoping to *trip you up in some way.

*They will no doubt find many ways in which to insert the word trip into my daily life now, as part of the psychological trigger words that they use against me regarding their psyops. There are already more trigger words and phrases being used than I can remember, in efforts to make every word and phrase some sort of a trigger. So it is easier to dismiss them all and simply regard these words as what they were originally intended to mean. This defeats this aspect of psywarfare and leaves the perp's searching for others.

As a person targeted for illegal satellite surveillance and mind control research, you learn to think of yourself as walking around with an invisible beam (in this case not really invisible, but outside the radiation spectrum of what the human eye can sense) attached to your skull, in which your brain is in two way communication with a computer via satellite. A situation in which your thoughts are being both electronically read and quite often manipulated, as you are targeted for illegal spying and non consensual human experimentation -- courtesy of agencies like the NSA and its signals intelligence program.

This has been my life for past 27 years. And according to John St. Clair Akwei (a former NSA employee who filed a lawsuit against the NSA in the early 1990's which documents this technology in great detail), all Americans are in the NSA's two way dial up system, and can be remotely electronically accessed by the NSA just as I have been, at anytime, without their knowledge or consent.

This is absolutely Orwellian, and a clear indication that our Constitutional Republic was subverted many decades ago into a covertly run fascist cabal. I suspect that in the present day there are at the very least millions of Americans who are being remote neurally monitored by way of NSA satellites 24 hours a day; something being done as an open ended fishing expedition to see what the FEDS can dig up on these citizens.
And it is highly probable that many of them are being subjected to non consensual human experimentation of some kind as well.

It is also possible given the advanced satellites which exist today -- and the super computers that the NSA has access to -- that the entire US population can be remote neurally monitored 24 hours a day. Something that would certainly be of interest to the New World Order one world fascist government, of which the NSA will most likely be the primary spying/information hub.

I also want to note that the TI is always blamed for all of the problems that they and their family members are experiencing as a result of these intrusions, and that family members will oftentimes attempt to convince the target that they are mentally ill and must seek psychiatric help. This is yet another clever aspect of the FEDS' psychological warfare campaign, in which if the TI can't be driven to suicide, they will attempt to force them into committing a crime in which they can be arrested, or some act in which they can be admitted to a psychiatric facility.

In my case, the NSA is not about to admit that they have used me as an unwitting guinea pig for mind control research for more than two decades, so I must be setup in one of the aforementioned ways so that I no longer have an opportunity in which to prosecute them. Once incarcerated, it will also be far easier to murder me in a plausible way -- something that the FEDS must now do given that I have already stated that it is possible for them to murder me by way of satellite based directed energy weaponry. So if I were to suddenly die of a heart attack, stroke, or aneurysm, it would be clear that the FEDS were responsible for my murder.

As part of the attempt to drive me insane, I am always being gaslighted and subjected to the use of psychological triggers by Family members, as well as the organized stalking groups who harass me. Yet, if I am to complain about this, I am immediately told that I'm paranoid and must seek psychiatric help.

Of course what the FEDS will not bother to mention is that they do access my thoughts and implant their own within my mind as part of this Orwellian non consensual human experimentation, which is why the rule of law in regard to myself is completely absent. The same situation can be said for other TI's. And when I mention hearing voices in my head, or being subjected to various types of remotely induced aspects of mind control, this only helps to make the paranoid or schizophrenic diagnosis more credible (even though there is now plenty 0f anecdotal research which documents the use of technologies which are capable of remotely affecting the human brain).

Again, this works out well for the FEDS since they are pulling the strings from behind the scene. However, it is an absolute nightmare for my Family and self, who are being subjected to this horror 24 hours a day. There is always incredible tension between us, and the moment that it calms down, the FEDS quickly re-ignite it.

And the worst part in all this is that my Family will deny what has happened to us, out of fear for what the FEDS may do to them. What I am listing here on this Website is one of the best documented cases of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations that you will find anywhere. They keep the pressure on me 24 hours a day through the use of psychological warfare, and then document that I am violent when I become enraged at the extent of this abuse.

This in addition to the fact that I have been illegally tracked and spied upon by way of satellite for nearly three decades, while being used for non consensual human experimentation (remote forms of mind control research). The FBI does not operate within the framework of the US Constitution -- it clearly operates in violation of it. And the attacks on myself are yet one more instance in which the FEDS have created a demonization campaign in which to inflame public sentiment, while leaving out exculpatory information, in efforts to deprive me of my Constitutional right to due process of law. Every person targeted for such COINTELPRO operations is treated in a similar way, in which they are allowed to defend themselves, while the FEDS use the media to deny them their right to due process of law.

If you have never been arrested, tried or convicted of crimes, yet the FBI or Homeland Security use the media to wage a black propaganda campaign against you, they have committed slander.

As a result of this, any attempt at prosecution, given the abject ways in which the FEDS have violated our rights, would only make a bigger joke of the laws in this country, than the FEDS have already done. Violations of both civil and human rights this egregious are why our forefathers broke away from England and founded this country. And if these abuses continue in the extreme ways that they presently have, the people in this country are going to find it necessary to secede from the US Federal Government.

As of today, I have been targeted for more than 1500 consecutive days of overt psychological warfare, in which satellite based technology has been used in conjunction with organized stalking, to drive me to a state in which I will either attack someone, or commit suicide. Yet I have done neither. I have no intention of committing suicide and no interest in attacking anyone. However, if any person attempts to physically attack any member of my family or myself, I will use whatever force I deem necessary to end such an attack -- even if this results in my death.

Moreover, anyone who can withstand this type of psychological abuse for a few weeks is extremely mentally stable. Anyone who has done so for more than four consecutive years has a will of steel. And there are many TI's who have such constitutions, and the courage needed to survive these Nazi attacks on us, long enough to expose them globally.

However, I again ask -- Whatever happened to Constitutional due process of law in the United States? And what has happened to the US Bill Of Rights? Both appear to be completely absent in my case as well as those of many other TI's, who have never been arrested, tried or convicted of any crimes, yet are being harassed in the most outrageous ways ever documented. People who report having been spied upon for every moment of their lives for years on end -- spying which is so intrusive that we can not even use our own bathrooms without being videotaped, or have a thought which is not electronically intercepted by agencies like the NSA who are clearly abusing the use of their satellites in the most egregious ways, while going on protracted and illegal fishing expeditions that violate our rights and the US Constitution in precedent setting ways.

What I am describing here is a mainstream criminal conspiracy being waged against a great number of American citizens (as well as those of other countries) by a government that is out of control, and no longer adhering to its own Constitution.

When the NSA decides to use its remote neural monitoring technology to illegally access your thoughts, we are talking about the most outrageous violation of both civil and human rights ever documented. These agencies have decided that they are going to play God with the lives of the people on this planet. And given that the NSA has no business spying domestically on any person with no connections to international terrorism, one must ask what this agency is doing spying in such ways -- especially since this national spying has been occurring since roughly 1980 (this according to former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei).

Americans need to demand that the Church Committee Hearings are reopened, and the US Intelligence Community and its COINTELPRO operations are fully investigated this time around. As someone whose mind has been illegally and electronically accessed and manipulated for decades, the result of non consensual human experimentation, I demand that such an investigation take place on behalf of the American people and those of every other nation who have been attacked in such deplorable and inhumane ways -- and on the largest scale ever documented in US History.

For if such an investigation does not happen, it will only be a matter of time, before the people on this planet find themselves becoming satellite prisoners and covertly mind controlled slaves of the New World Order.
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