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Elaine Brown's Affidavit Regarding The Night She & Ed Were Wrongfully Arrested By The FEDS

I list Elaine Brown's affidavit here simply to describe how the FEDS are able to blend into an environment like chameleons, in efforts to infiltrate a situation. What one FED in particular did here -- a person known only to the Brown's as Dutch, but whose real name is Dan -- was to befriend the Brown's and to make them comfortable before actually moving in on them. Since their inception, this is how federal agencies like the FBI have infiltrated civil rights groups and any persons who've challenged the status quo in this country.

And it is why I also believe that they have now infiltrated both the 9-11 Truth Movement as well as the movement to expose the US Intelligence community's use of directed energy weapons on American citizens, and those of other countries as well.

What I am referring to here is the complete absence of Constitutional due process of law, replaced with a government that does not follow its own Constitution, but instead makes up whatever rules it finds convenient in order to achieve its own agenda.

American citizens must begin to understand that the US Intelligence Community has access to satellite based technologies which are capable of both spying on them within the privacy of their own homes and homing on the electromagnetic resonances which their bodies give off, while invading the privacy of their own minds; all without the knowledge or consent of the persons being targeted. If this abuse is not ended, and quickly, the majority of the human race will find themselves being subjugated to an electronic and remote form of mind control which will permanently and adversely affect their ability to freely think for themselves.

Making matters worse is that these technologies can be used to covertly influence the subconscious mind of any person being targeted, which can in some cases dramatically affect their behavior, while they never realize what is being done to them. I have experienced this on myriad occasions (and oftentimes continue to do so), as the FEDS continue to discredit my accounts -- as well as those of many other TI's.

However, there is no question that there are a great many people within the United States and abroad who are being covertly spied upon by way of NSA satellites, while their thoughts are being recorded without their knowledge or consent. Many are also being tortured by way of these microwave weapons, while law enforcement ignores their requests for help.

This nightmare constitutes an Orwellian abuse of power, and one which must be exposed within the highest levels of the US Federal Government, as well as any other governments which are taking part in such egregious violations of both civil and human rights.

When citizens are denied their right to privacy in both a physical sense as well as that of their own thoughts, in addition to having thoughts "implanted" within their own minds for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation -- what we have is the most detrimental abuse to the human race ever documented.

And it is clear from a myriad of accounts, that such abuses are occurring on a global scale, while those being attacked are subjected to other forms of psychological warfare, including being harassed by groups of government sanctioned organized stalking networks, which are being deployed in efforts to drive targets of non consensual human experimentation to suicide. This is being done in efforts to silence us to cover up the Hitlerian crimes which are being perpetrated against us.

And our Families are being coerced into remaining silent in regard to these crimes, while the FEDS continue to perpetrate them. The United States is no longer a country of laws, but instead, one in which a cabal decides who has rights and who does not. As such one can only infer that the US Constitution is dead, especially when the Bush Administration can take part in the attacks on 9-11 for the express purpose of attacking Iraq, while passing legislation (The Patriot Act) which was most likely in existence long before 9-11, and now being used to destroy the freedom and Constitutional rights of the American people.

Elaine's "Affidavit": Night of The Capture
Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Ed and I were captured in the evening of Thursday October 4th 2007, after making our stand in our home since January.

The previous weekend, Dutch/Dan was introduced to us by one of our trusted friends and supporters. He and Dutch/Dan arrived unexpectedly at our home very late one night, around midnight as I recall. Dutch/Dan had been working his way into the confidence of our friend for some time, professing to be a supporter and sympathizer of us and our cause.

Dutch/Dan stayed with us for a day or so, offering to aid us in any way. He claimed to be a bounty hunter, living in New York someplace. I do not recall if he said exactly where. He asked to have some broken fillings replaced, which I did, and for which he paid me (which of course was then confiscated). When I told him I wanted to get the rest of my dental supplies from my dental office, he offered to get them for me. He went back and forth to New York a couple of times during the week, so he said, getting in touch with some associates to assist him in getting the supplies. He scouted out the office to see what kind of security was there. Again so he said.

I had asked him why he would take such a risk for someone he didn’t even know his answer was "because I love you guys"
I remember those exact words

On October 4th he arrived with 4 of his associates some of them, I don’t recall if 1 or 2 of them, remained at the house and were in telephone contact. They said there was an alarm on the office door, but they could get around it. Dutch/Dan had told us that he would love to get the supplies out of the office, that it would be a lot of fun to grab stuff from the feds.

They actually brought bags full of "supplies" (?) to the house they put everything in the garage. I never did get the opportunity to look in the bags, but I assume it was supplies in case I did open the bags when they brought them in.

Dutch/Dan also brought 3 pizzas, and we broke out the beer, we all sat on the front porch eating pizza and drinking beer, just relaxing. Suddenly they all jumped us. Dutch/Dan was sitting on my right, and he grabbed me securing my hands. Once he had me secured, one of the others tazered me on my left knee. The other four men had Ed on the floor, they had actually forced him out of his chair, through the front door, and onto the foyer floor we were immediately handcuffed. I behind my back. My memory of Ed is he was handcuffed in front and shackled feet and waist.

Shortly thereafter, Ed was driven to the Lebanon police dep. I was kept at the house for about another hour. Our dog Zoë was so frightened and confused. Fortunately she has a very sweet and passive personality, so she was not killed but was safely taken to the local humane center, as was our cat Amelia.

I was then taken to the Lebanon police dept. as we were driving there, on the road leading to our road; we passed 6 or 8 vehicles traveling together toward our house. Also after we were captured, several men in full bdu's heavily armed arrived at the house. thus there was a very large contingency of Marshalls, if that’s who they all were, gathered to come in. had we not been subdued as we were, I have no doubt they were prepared to kill us. All this for violating a law that does not exist.

Upon arriving at the Lebanon police dept. I saw Ed in a holding cell. I was taken to a cell out of sight of Ed. I saw on the wall of my cell "nhfree" so I know this was the cell Lauren Canario had been placed in. hi Lauren! One of the Marshalls kept telling me how glad he was that we were not shot. That they really didn’t want to hurt us. Of course they didn’t think, of the bad p.r. it would bring them.

He was shouting at Ed at the police station, about how he (Ed) broke the law, etc... This man alternated between concern and verbal abuse. He is the one who kept his hands on me the whole time, from the handcuffing to the police station. I don’t know if that is part of their training, or if he has a mental problem of some kind. for example, while at the house he held me by the arm even though I was handcuffed and surrounded by a number of armed men, he started shouting in my ear about my crime, how I should have paid taxes, how wrong we were, etc etc. i told him I would not respond to him, so he should stop talking to me. He said he was going to talk as much as he wanted, and I had no choice but to listen to him. I just tuned him out by praying silently.

After an hour or so, I was taken from the police station. I passed by the cell Ed was in. we kissed through the metal screen. That is the last time I saw my husband. I was not told where I was being taken. I was taken to the Wyatt detention center in central falls R.I. (a cosmic joke that is the city I was born in) unknown to me Ed was brought to the same place. I was driven here on Saturday morning, but Ed was kept there for almost a week.

While there I was kept in an observation room on suicide watch. I was not allowed to get my glasses or my meds from the house before I left. Friday night I had an asthma attack, and had to have a nebulizer treatment. I was not given any asthma meds until Monday night here, and then it was only due to my constant asking and kindness of a physician’s assistant, and after having to have another nebulizer treatment. I am ok but Ed has been and continues to be mistreated. He is still in isolation at Elkton, and our mail to each other is being held. My only word of him is from others who have been able to communicate with him.

Dutch/Dan was very good. Ed and I had our suspicions, but we let our guard down. Perhaps the situation was starting to get to us. I know I was starting to get itchy about being unable to leave, and having to rely on others. It had to end one way or another, and so it has.

We know god has a plan and we all have a part to play in it. He leaves it up to us to decide if we will play that part. Ed and I made the decision to do so. Looking back years ago when we started this. We did not realize that is what we were doing. But now we know why it always felt so right to us; we did what our hearts led us to do. What god has planned for us, all of us, from now on is up to him. To let us know in his own time.

That does not mean that I sit here and do nothing. I have met some amazing women here who have opened my eyes to a new path in our quest for freedom. We are working along that road now, in our continuing effort to expose the fraud in our government. Is this why I am here? Only the future will tell.

Be brave, stand up to oppression; injustice to one is injustice to all. Anyone who does not fight is part of the problem. That seems harsh, but these are harsh times!

Romans 12:2 says, “be ye not conformed to the world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove that which is the right and acceptable and perfect will of god."

may he bless us all, and give us the strength and wisdom to do thy will."

Elaine Alice: Brown
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