Monday, December 03, 2007

Wikipedia Finally Lists The NSA & Remote Neural Monitoring

John St. Clair Akwei's information regarding the NSA and its remote neural monitoring technology is finally being circulated in a larger venue -- yet not nearly large enough. I first listed John St. Clair Akwei's Website on Wikipedia sometime back and I guess the people at Wikipedia decided that there was something to what Akwei was saying, since they have now expanded on this information. What is most important here is that this information documents that the NSA can electronically access and manipulate the brains of targeted persons without their knowledge or consent, making the NSA a precedent setting threat to the mind of every person on this planet. Those of us who know we have been targeted for such Orwellian abuses are already aware of this, however, eventually the Earth's entire population will also be.

Imagine the FBI using the NSA to go on open ended fishing expeditions of the minds of people whom it is looking to setup for entrapment. This is already being done to many Americans, most of whom have no idea that somewhere down the road the FEDS will have violated their rights in the most egregious of ways while systematically destroying their lives.

Moreover, agencies like the FBI and NSA have absolutely no right to get away with this and that is why I am here with this Website telling the truth about what they have done to my Family and self. And why I will most likely be setup on some type of totally fabricated charges at some point in time, in efforts to silence me (that or covertly murdered by the NSA and those within its hierarchy who will use directed energy weapons technology to cause me a heart attack, aneurysm or rapidly spreading form of cancer).

I document this here for historical purposes, given that the situation that my Family and I are now facing has stemmed from a long-term COINTELPRO operation waged against me by the FBI nearly three decades ago. I have already visited the Websites of other Americans targeted for COINTELPRO's and a few of them have not posted in long periods of time. It would appear that they have altogether disappeared from the Internet as well. As such I must now wonder if they have not been illegally imprisoned or murdered by the FEDS in efforts to silence them. Either of these possibilities is quite likely.

Moreover, the FEDS are well aware that I know exactly what they have done to my Family and self -- the coercion and entrapment schemes that they have and continue to deploy against us -- and the electronic means which they are using to physically and psychologically torture me, while demonizing me in efforts to justify such despicable and unAmerican tactics.

Every person who realizes that they have been targeted for government sanctioned non consensual research (in this case mind control research based on MKULTRA), is aggressively attacked by the FEDS in efforts to destroy our credibility, while attempting to covertly murder us. There are a myriad of such accounts on the Internet, with many victims now acknowledging that federal agencies are behind the criminal attacks on them.

Moreover, what I have witnessed is nothing less than brainwashing in regard to how the FEDS have attacked my Family and terrified them into keeping silent about what we are being subjected to. Long-term meetings in which the FEDS have demonized me while using coercion to prevent my Family from being able to defend themselves -- again, a textbook characteristic of COINTELPRO.

We are being attacked in just the ways that I have documented here, yet my Family will never acknowledge the nightmare that we have all been subjected to at the hands of the FEDS out of fear for their own lives.

Which is why I must speak up in regard to these outrageous crimes which continue to be perpetrated against us, while the FEDS attempt to bulldoze anyone who exposes their egregiously corrupt and Nazi rooted ideologies.

Once again, what is happening to us is a textbook case of COINTELPRO, in which the FEDS have circulated their information to the public -- which includes slanderous and vicious statements -- as well as omitting any exculpatory information that does not serve their corrupt interests. All this while deploying psychological warfare tactics against us and directed energy weapons against me.

FBI agent Raymond Migliore set out to destroy me nearly three decades ago, using his position as a federal agent to violate my rights under the color of law. Migliore should tell the truth by admitting that he waged his own personal vendetta against me in violation of US color of law statutes -- and in doing so committed a federal crime in which he should have been serving prison time. Federal agents never serve prison time unless they become a threat to their respective agencies. And then those agents find themselves being subjected to the same types of COINTELPRO operations that many of us continue to be subjected to.

This situation is no longer about the truth. It is about how quickly the FEDS can silence myself and many others in regard to how they have illegally used this technology against us, as we are spied upon within the privacy of our own homes, while our minds are routinely raped and manipulated by this anathema.

At this point in time I can safely say that the rule of Constitutional law in this country is dead, and that it's agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS which have killed it.

As a target for a nearly three decade long ILLEGAL COINTELPRO Sting, I am now completely empathetic with others who have been targeted for such despicable activities, including the Black Panthers, Judi Bari, Jean Seberg, and a host of others who had their lives systematically destroyed by these illegal operations. These agencies are as criminal as it gets. And there is also clear proof that many federal agents are using their positions as government employees to violate the Constitutional rights of those Americans whom they choose to target with their own personal vendettas -- a federal crime which the FBI is supposed to be preventing, but instead perpetrating.

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