Tuesday, December 11, 2007

FEDS/Perps Bringing In Some Vehicles From Early On In My Harassment In Attempts To Increase The Psychological Operations Against My Person

Over the past few weeks, the FEDS have taken yet another turn in the criminal conspiracy that they are waging against my Family and self. The perp's are now trying to get me to believe that my arrest is imminent, to the point of actually leaving percentages in regard to how much of the investigation they have left. One week it was 80 percent, then it was 85 percent. Notice that my Father has suddenly begun to eat chocolate with 85% cocoa in it. The photo listed below. Keep in mind, these are the FEDS' evil machinations, not my Father's, who has always been a wonderful Dad.

Candy bar with 85% listed as another psyop

More recently a car accident on the front page of yesterday's local paper had the number 90 (I would imagine for meaning 90%) for how fast the vehicle was said to be travelling at the time it rolled over. Meanwhile, others have stated numbers ranging from 25 - 100%. It certainly looks like another psyop to me. The last time that they became so aggressive was back in September of 2006 when they attempted to convince me that my arrest was imminent then. However, the fact is that for the most part the FEDS have attempted to have me believe that my arrest was imminent virtually every week since my harassment went from being covert to overt back in the Spring of 2003 -- That was nearly 4 and half years ago.

So how come four and a half years later I am still being subjected to directed energy weapons' harassment as well as a myriad of different psychological operations? As far as I am concerned they can be 100% done with their so called smear and demonization campaign, as well as their perpetration of the most outrageous violations of both civil and human rights in United States History. Nothing will change the fact these FEDS have broken laws that anyone else would have been sent to prison for. And the fact that they continue to lie to the public about this while demonizing me isn't going to change this for one second.

No federal agent who uses their position of authority to deny a citizen of this country their Constitutional rights has any business being a federal agent.

And why are my accusations in regard to hearing voices in my head, seeing virtual reality type scenarios being played out in my mind, and being physically, psychologically and sexually assaulted by way of satellites and directed energy weapons, being completely ignored by members of my own Family? -- who state that I have Lyme Disease and am paranoid. My Family has also said that I cut myself off from them, which is another complete LIE.

I ceased spending time with Family members - especially during Holidays, because they were coerced into subjecting me to psychological warfare the entire time that I was present. And I figured that the only way for them to enjoy the holidays was for me not to attend -- this way they could enjoy these functions without having to concern themselves with taking part in the psyops that the FEDS had coerced them into deploying against me beginning in 2003. The FEDS have made this an absolutely miserable situation for us as Family -- and from what I have read on the Internet, we are far from the only Family who has been attacked in such ways.

Moreover, are you telling me that the FEDS have so much to charge me with that a grand jury would take more than 50 months to build a case against me, when they only took seven months to build one against the late mobster and head of one of the largest organized crime families in the United States -- John Gotti? This given that I have no criminal record?

And if I was such a danger to begin with, why would they go to such extremes as the use of directed energy weapons and psychological warfare, in which to anger me and make me more dangerous? The answer is that I was not a danger, and that the FEDS have used these weapons in efforts to drive me to such a state of anger that I would become dangerous.

When was the last time that you heard of a federal agency conducting an investigation in which they went back to a person's birth, and went through their educational transcripts ranging from kindergarten to college? We are not just talking about going through your phone, financial, health and Internet records here. We are talking about the FEDS' attempt to decimate someone by violating every aspect of their Constitutional rights.

I am beginning to understand how Michael Boren William's felt when George H.W. Bush used the FBI to destroy his life, when Bush waged his own personal vendetta against Williams, for exposing his rampant criminal activity during the 1988 Presidential election campaign. There was no rule of law in regard to what Bush had the FBI do to Williams, and there is no rule of law in regard to what the FBI, NSA and other Intel agencies have subjected me to.

The only positive aspect in what can otherwise be defined as a disastrous situation, is that I am now certain of how the FEDS get their information -- illegal satellite spying, and the use of remote neural monitoring technology to electronically home in on the EMF field around a targeted person's body, to track them and monitor their thoughts by way of NSA super computers. And there's also the fact that this agency can manipulate the thoughts of the targeted person with such technology.

Not only have I been subjected to the FBI's COINTELPRO operations for decades, but also used as a target for mind control experimentation during this time. The fact that I have not actually gone out and harmed someone is a miracle, given the FEDS' constant attempts to drive me to such a state of anger in which I would do so; one in which they gradually played my own Family off against me.

And even though they will never admit to it, my Family have been terribly victimized by these FEDS, and something that I will expose no matter what it takes.

When they say that the FBI works from the inside, they are not kidding, given the FBI's use of the NSA and its specialized satellites to watch a TI from within the privacy of their home, while invading the privacy of their own mind.

This is absolutely Orwellian behavior -- something right out of George Orwell's novel 1984 and the "Thought Police" which controlled this anti-Utopian nightmare of a society. Only the technology that the FBI and NSA are deploying on some of the American people is even worse -- we are talking real "Thought Police" who have the technology to illegally enter your mind and monitor your sub vocalized thoughts, while also influencing them.

Given this, it is quite obvious that the FEDS have no interest in abiding by the US Constitution, since the technologies that they are deploying against myself and many others is clearly in violation of both the 4TH and 5TH Amendments to the Constitution.

We're not just talking about illegal spying here. We are talking about the use of both physical and psychological torture to force a targeted person into the commission of suicide. We are talking about a criminal conspiracy waged by the US Intelligence community to deprive an American citizen of their Constitutional rights under the color of law.

When you are being spied upon within the privacy of your own bedroom and bathroom for decades there is no question that the FEDS have broken the law in the most precedent setting ways ever documented. And when one factors in the satellite based mind control harassment, it becomes clear that the FEDS are nothing but covert Nazi's looking to destroy whomever they target, as well as the US Constitution.

That's really what this is all about -- the FEDS continue to see how far they can go and how much they can get away with in regard to destroying what is left of the US Constitution -- and while they used to do much of this covertly, they are now doing so publicly, and using the Patriot Act and the so called war on terror in which to get away with what are quite obviously, precedent setting crimes against the American people and our Constitution.

It would seem that in my situation the FEDS are more interested in finding a plausible way in getting rid of someone who can testify to being attacked by them in such ways, as they have targeted me for illegal satellite surveillance and long-term non consensual human experimentation for decades -- where there is absolutely no rule of law in what my Family and I are being subjected to; one in which I have been demonized, while they have - by association to me -- also had their reputations damaged.

What kind of an agency is the FBI (or for that matter other US Intel agencies) when they would videotape American citizens within the privacy of their own bathrooms and then show these tapes publicly? That would make the FEDS pornographers - not law enforcement. And such an egregious abuse of privacy would also lead one to question whether or not the federal agency in question was perpetrating a personal vendetta in regard to the targeted person, given such outrageous abuses of the person's fundamental rights.

If you are out in society committing crimes that is one thing. When the FEDS are watching you from within the privacy of your own home for decades while using you for an unwitting experimental guinea pig, it is quite another.

Videotaping people within their own bathrooms?

Such depraved actions would indicate to me that the FEDS will also fabricate evidence against me, in efforts to prevent me from pursuing any lawsuits against them, for the crimes that they have perpetrated against me. I expect to see quite a bit of fabricated evidence as well as some real creativity on their part if this is the case.

As it is, I am still attempting to locate a piece of fabricated evidence that would serve my purposes well, in documenting the abject fraud that the FEDS have perpetrated against me -- a bill from Igenex Labs in Palo Alto, California, in which the lab work had been falsified. This lab work was suspect from the moment I received it and when I went to post it on the Internet, the bill from Igenex mysteriously disappeared off my desk.

Obviously, the FEDS were concerned that this could be used as evidence regarding their criminal conspiracy against me.

What's wrong with this picture? I'll tell you what is wrong with it. I am being attacked by a group of federal scoundrels who continue to violate my civil rights under the color of law. And there are a significant number of other TI's who are complaining of similar situations.

And speaking of pictures, the following photo is of yet ANOTHER trigger which has been left for me today -- a bench (which we usually have outside) which has been brought into our home and partially decorated with strands of wire -- only one strand has been left hanging. This is part of the latest theme which I mentioned above in regard to imminent arrest. The bench is supposed to represent the court; notice the scotch tape on the left side of the bench which is supposed to represent the roughly 240 thousand hours that these FEDS have illegally spied upon me within the privacy of my own home; also notice that only a small area of the bench has yet to be trimmed with lighting, which is supposed to represent that the court is nearly through examining whatever evidence the FEDS have furnished it with.

Notice tape dispenser & small portion of bench without lights

Now if I were to state this to my Family, I would be told that I am paranoid and that nothing is going to happen. Similar psyops have occurred constantly, and once the time passes where the particular psyops loses its effectiveness, a new one begins. This has been a commonality since the FEDS' harassment campaign against me went from being covert to overt four and half years ago. As if I did not know that the FBI was behind this entire situation and guilty of precedent setting crimes against me.

And many TI's have reported being subjected to similar psychological operations as the aforementioned. They have also stated that when they become enraged by the organized stalking crimes that they are being subjected to that either the local police or fire department show up as yet another form of intimidation.

As for the most recent psyops that I am experiencing, these perp's have also started in with some vehicles that I had seen back in 2003 when the harassment campaign against me went from being covert to overt. A primrose yellow van with the writing Richard Deegan Plumbing showed up today, after being in my neighborhood constantly, back in the summer of 2003. I have no doubt that this van is sitting at the bottom of Wenwood Drive and watching me within the privacy of my own home by way of some *close circuit TV system.

*Within a few minutes of my writing the last sentence the Deegan Plumbing van passed my home as it appeared to leave the neighborhood.

At one point when I nearly had a complete nervous breakdown from the psyops being waged against me (back in the summer of 2003), I had taken a walk down to the other end of my neighborhood with my Father, when I noticed this Deegan plumbing van parked at the entrance to a driveway near the culdersac on Wenwood Drive.

The driver was standing next to the open drivers door appearing as if he was going to run at me at any given moment. This was done in an effort to drive me over the edge. I have had countless experiences like this once since the organized stalking harassment against me began in 2003, at the direction of the FEDS.

The postal delivery driver has also been taking part is his own special psyop -- in which he drives his van past my home, then backs up, only to drive the van past my home again. Other times he will stop at the mail box to drop off the mail, and then as he leaves, back up again to drop off another piece of mail which he "forgot" to put in the box the first time around. This used to happen every now and then prior to my harassment going from covert to overt.

However, it now happens virtually every time this guy drops the mail off. And he still manages to to give us many other people's mail a few times a week.

This latest aggressive psyop (the FEDS and their perps are always very aggressive around the Christmas Holidays) appears to be yet another attempt in which to drive me over the edge again, since my accounts of being a government mind control target are being circulated globally along with the accounts of many other TI's. I am also being hit hard with directed energy weaponry which is manifesting itself in the way of tremendous fatigue and dizziness. These have been two of myriad symptoms that I have experienced as a result of the FEDS' criminal conspiracy waged against me, and they are very effective in reducing the amount of time that I am able to do my research. However, they have not prevented me from doing so, much to the FEDS' chagrin.

I am also certain that the FEDS began their use of certain types of *directed energy weapons to target me for further experimentation purposes in the mid 1990's (roughly the time that the Department Of Justice was given access to them) while I was afflicted with chronic Lyme Disease, given a myriad of very strange "electronic" shocks (especially to my heart muscle) that I experienced since that time -- as I lay bedridden -- assuming that I would conclude that all of the symptoms that I was experiencing -- many of which were horrible -- were due to the Lyme Disease itself.

*While these weapons have been used against me since the 1990's, I have been subjected to other aspects of the NSA's illegal spying and mind control research by way of satellite for much longer (approximately 1980).

It is very clear that they are concerned about my testimony in regard to the precedent setting crimes that they have perpetrated against my Family and self, since they have perpetrated some of the most outrageous crimes against us ever documented by an American citizen -- and I am determined not to let them get away with it.

Moreover, the mind control aspect of what I have experienced is something that they do not want the American public to learn about. Every time I bring this up my Family is quick to dismiss what I am saying (even though they clearly know that it is true and have been told to deny it). What they have been put through has in many instances been equally cruel to what I and many other TI's have been subjected to.

So much so, that I consider my Family to be TI's.

They are living in constant fear of what might happen, yet are forced to live their lives while following a protocol which these FEDS have coerced them into adhering to.

What this all adds up to is a mainstream conspiracy that through the FEDS' own deceptions, continues to involve more and more people who've been caught up in their Web of lies and criminality.

The FEDS use of my Family in their psyops also continues unabated, as my Family are now fully brainwashed by the FEDS and from what I have personally seen by some extremely odd behavior, are also being affected by remote neural monitoring/influencing.

As angry as I am at what has been done to myself, I am much angrier at what the FEDS have done to my Family. And as a Family, what we have been subjected to by these federal scoundrels (who have decimated our civil rights) is the most abject cruelty imaginable.

Moreover, somehow these FEDS think that they can frighten me through all that they have done. However, I have taken a vow to die before I ever let them or anyone else prevent me from circulating what is turning out to be the most important and disturbing information in regard to the New World Order's covert attempts to enslave the minds of the people on this planet -- by way of satellite based remote neural monitoring -- that has ever been documented.

In my testimony as a government mind control target, I have corroborated much of the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA. And it is the FEDS who are now terrified of what the public will do once they learn how badly they have been deceived by the Nazi stronghold harbored within the US Federal Government.

As for fearing the FEDS, I have none. They have destroyed my health, my reputation and most importantly my relationship with my own family. However they have not destroyed my sanity, nor have they been able to stop me from circulating my information in regard the extreme ways in which my Constitutional rights as well as those of many others have been decimated under the Patriot Act.

The torture that they have subjected my Family and self to over the past 4 and half years alone has only left me with an intense hatred for them, the Nazi ideologies that they stand for, and a remarkable desire to expose these criminals for the global threat that they represent.

I also think it is possible (however I have no way of knowing this for certain) that they may try to fabricate evidence in efforts to set me up on trumped up charges, given the complete failure of the psychological operations which they used to drive me to a state in which I would either attack someone or commit suicide -- neither of which I have done, nor have any intention of doing.

It is the FEDS and their criminal minions who have used their satellites to electronically move into my home and my mind, continuing to attack my Family and me, while plumbing new lows of criminality, cruelty, and inhumanity for themselves.

These agents and their organized stalking henchman are nothing but murderers who attempt to find various ways in which to kill their targets, when it is quite obvious that they have no legal recourse in which to arrest us.

And the truth of the matter is that any trial that the FEDS would attempt to have take place would be one in which fabricated evidence was admitted, while the feds perjured themselves, all under the umbrella of a kangaroo court and a corrupt judge -- all of whom will have gone to great lengths to cover up the extensive crimes that they have perpetrated against us.

When the FEDS have used satellites to spy on you in such outrageous ways, that they can tell you what time you used your own bathroom on a particular afternoon 25 years ago, you are not the subject of a legitimate investigation, but instead of a criminal conspiracy. There is a very drastic difference between the two, in which one is legal, while the latter is most certainly not. And if the FEDS must resort to criminal behavior and then coercion and perjury, you be rest assured that they are not operating within the law.

And any so called investigation which concerns the most outrageous assaults on the US Constitution and several of its Amendments, not the least of which includes both the 4TH and 5TH Amendments, should be
seen as nothing but a criminal conspiracy to deny the targeted person their Constitutional rights under the color law. This is exactly what has happened to my Family and self. And I will not be denied my rights as an American citizen.

The mere fact that these feds are using satellites to spy on many of us for decades within the privacy of our own homes, while subjecting us to mind control experimentation is a clear indication that they cannot afford to have our information getting out to the mainstream public. It is also indicative of how the Nazi shadow government within the United States has attempted to destroy our Constitution under the pretense of protecting the American people from terrorists.

However, it is this same Nazi shadow government whom we all need protection from, one which includes the Bush Administration -- the most criminal in US History and one intent on destroying the freedoms that we as Americans could once count on, for good.

Moreover, from what I have seen, the TI community in general is experiencing more aggressive harassment than ever before, given our attempts to circulate our information on a global scale. The criminals who are perpetrating these crimes against us have a lot to lose, if the people of this planet learn that they are all vulnerable to the same satellite based mind control technology that we are being illegally subjected to.

And if they were to learn that the human body can be tapped into by way of a satellite and super computer so that the mind of any person can be invaded and manipulated without their knowledge or consent, the governments in the countries deploying this illegal technology would be overthrown. And they should be.

Based on my own experiences, there is absolutely no question that such technology does exist, is being illegally deployed by the United States National Security Agency (and perhaps other federal Intel agencies as well), and is in violation of the US Constitution, Bill Of Rights, Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention.

These government agencies are attempting to deny all TI's our Constitutional rights, while violating them in the most egregious of ways, and then demonizing those of us whom they have perpetrated such despicable crimes against.

And there will come a time where the TI population will outnumber the rest of the populations within each of our respective countries, as people recognize that their freedoms have been stolen from them and attempt to voice their complaints -- only to become targeted for the same types of attacks that I list here on my Website.

These outrageous violations of our rights are taking place globally and getting worse by the day.

For this reason I encourage all Americans and TI's from other countries to stand up for their rights and force the leadership within our respective governments to either enforce our Constitutions or face the risk of civil disobedience on a global scale.

No one should be tortured and subjected to the cruelty that TI's are being forced to endure. And I blame the governments in each of these countries for what is happening to us, because they are the ones who are the genesis for such cruelty and inhumanity. As a target for non consensual mind control research, as well as having been infected with the biological weapon Lyme Disease nearly 15 years ago, I have experienced both physical and psychological suffering which is beyond the realm of understanding for most people. And I know of countless others who can also make similar claims.

Having been subjugated to such torture for many years, I truly wonder how many of the people on this planet who've never been tortured, would recommend doing so to others, if they had experienced what I and many others have had to endure for years on end. Situations in which you have absolutely no quality of life and are tormented hour after hour and year after year.

I tend to think that if those who torture others (or those endorse such torturous methods) had experienced what we have in the way of such depraved abuse, that they would choose to ban torture altogether for the sake of humanity. And given that those who torture others become the most evil of people, those who do so will find themselves in such a quagmire, since they cannot torture others without becoming the very evil which they so despise -- in spite of deluding themselves into believing that they can ever justify such vicious behavior.
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