Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Legal Ramifications Of The NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring Of American Citizens Are Just Beginning To Surface

"If ignorance is bliss, than the average American citizen is in a state of propaganized nirvana, regarding his ignorance of the extensive criminality within the US Federal Government."

-- James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner
Target For Non Consensual Human Experimentation

According to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, each human being has a distinct bio electromagnetic signature which their own bodies emanate - a signature which is as unique to themselves as their own fingerprints. This raises many important questions, not the least of which is who can lay claim to ownership of this signature?

It is only common sense that if these unique EMF signatures emanate from our own bodies, that they are our property. And as such, no one has the right to invade them by covert electronic means -- including the NSA. Furthermore, while the NSA may claim that they have the right to track vehicles by way of their onboard computers, or even the license plates of these vehicles, simply because of the ways in which "products" are licensed, the brainwaves which emanate from our bodies are unique in that they belong to us and us alone.

And while the NSA may claim that they already track humans by way of the heat given off by our bodies, there is a distinct difference between tracking a human by way of satellite in such a way and "invading" the electromagnetic field which surrounds our bodies -- which at the very least constitutes a criminal form of "electronic trespass."

The fact that remote neural monitoring any person's thoughts can be anything less than criminal trespass is at best an erroneous assumption, since these thoughts are the property of the owner. And as such, not subject to being illegally extracted from that person's brain by way of electronic means.

What the NSA is presently perpetrating through its use of electronic brain link technology -- to remote neural monitor the brain states of American citizens, must be considered illegally for a myriad of reasons; not the least of which is its complete bypass of the United States Judicial System.

This situation is only made worse when the same technology is used to "insert" the thoughts of those controlling it into the minds of the persons being targeted. The complexity of issues such as these is just beginning to surface, and still further reason to resurrect the Church Committee Hearings, in regard to the recent and extreme criminal operations which the US Intelligence community is perpetrating against the American people without our knowledge or consent.

In all likelihood, the NSA's use of remote neurally monitoring for the express purpose of illegally accessing the minds of American citizens by way of satellite, was at least one of the issues that former NSA agent Russell Tice was attempting to promulgate, when he was conveniently targeted by the FBI back in the summer of 2006 for neutralization. If this is indeed the case, then Tice is the second NSA employee (after John Akwei) to do so in less than two decades.

And while we have no idea what the FBI said to Tice, Tice himself has stated that the FBI's aggression towards himself was specifically done to intimidate other NSA employees from conducting their own whistleblowing activities against the NSA.

If the New World Order fails to take hold as its Illuminists intend it to, the aforementioned issues are going to become a hotbed of controversy, as the citizens of this planet are forced to take on their own governments in the most intense fight for their privacy ever documented -- that of the right to keep the government out of their homes, and even more importantly -- their very own minds.

This is far too significant an issue to be concealed for much longer. And it will no doubt take on a great sense of urgency as more Americans (and those of other countries who are also within the NSA's satellite tracking system) become aware of it. One need only look at the intensity of the issue regarding the remote neural monitoring of the citizenry of this planet -- by means of a sophisticated computer driven satellite network -- to understand the turmoil which is most certain to take place in the future.

No government can attempt to deceive its own people in such an Orwellian fashion and expect that there will not be serious consequences to face as the result of such an egregious deception.

In the early 1990's the lawsuit which initiated the exposition of this attack on our freedoms was John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA. In the future, a class action lawsuit will undoubtedly take place in the way of the American people et al VS the United States Federal Government. And unlike Akwei's lawsuit, which has been carefully avoided for obvious reasons, the US Judiciary and Congress are going to find it far more difficult to keep the American people at bay, once they realize the extent to which the FEDS have violated their Constitutional rights.

I don't want this government spying on me within the privacy of my home or invading the privacy of my mind. And neither should you.
These agents have become brainwashed into believing that it is their right to use this advanced mind control weaponry to invade the privacy of our minds. And this is something that will not be tolerated, even if another war must be fought in which to dethrone those within this government who believe that they have the right to violate our privacy in such outrageous ways -- they clearly do not!

And since the NSA has now done so in my case, I want this technology exposed so that every person in this country is aware of their own vulnerability to it, and moreover, how it can be used to deny every American citizen their Constitutional rights.

Furthermore, I don't think that the NSA has the right to spy on any person in such outrageous a way, whether they hail from the United States or Internationally.

The spying aspect is bad enough. However, when this technology is used to create virtual reality scenarios which are then broadcast directly into one's own brain, while we are held captive during the entire event, this is something that cannot and will not be tolerated by any citizen regardless of which country they reside in.

Nor should it be.
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