Sunday, December 09, 2007

Are The American People Willing To Take On The Federal Reserve Bank And IRS?

Given the late Aaron Russo's documentary America From Freedom To Fascism, and the fact that it is circulating internationally (with millions of people around the world having already viewed it), will the American people themselves have the courage to take on the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel and IRS by refusing to pay a communist graduated tax on their earnings?

This is a very pertinent question since the US Congress is attempting to circumvent this situation by stating that there is third kind of tax which the US Constitution allows for. However, there is no third type of tax. Congresses statement is a blatant lie.

According to the US Constitution, the only types of taxes which can be imposed on the American people are either direct or apportioned. The graduated income tax is an unapportioned tax which is illegal, since it is not distributed equally amongst American citizens. In reality, this tax is part of the communist manifesto, and has been illegally and unconstitutionally adopted by the US Congress, which is aware of this, yet refuses to acknowledge it.

So as Americans learn of this colossal fraud, will they continue to pay an unlawful tax on their wages? Or will they send the message to the US Congress that they will no longer tolerate being robbed of money which belongs to them each year, by two organizations that have absolutely nothing legitimate to do with the American people or the United States Government, by refusing to pay any further taxes on their wages in the future?

It will be interesting to see how this situation evolves. And one issue is for certain -- the IRS and US Congress are going to be inundated with requests asking to see the law which the IRS follows to impose an income tax on their earnings. And if they are unable to do so there is little doubt that another class action lawsuit will take place, with tens of millions of Americans awaiting the outcome this time around.

For the readers who have yet to see Aaron Russo's revolutionary documentary on the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS fraud, it can be seen in its entirety at the following site:

See America From Freedom To Fascism Here:
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