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In The Case Of TI's It Is Our Families & Communities Who Are The Unwitting Victims Of Government Based Psychological Operations

"Don't waste your time focusing on the messengers, since it is our messages in regard to the Orwellian invasion of your privacy that you should really be concentrating on. The issue regarding the NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring of the human brain is a career threatening move should any US Judge attempt to hear such a case, as John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA has proven.

For more than a decade and a half, Akwei's case has been shuffled around in the US Court System, yet no Judge will hear this case, for doing so would for the first time allow for the recognition by the US Judiciary, that the NSA is involved in Orwellian types of crimes against the American people; crimes that go well beyond eavesdropping on our conversations or opening our E-mails. In essence what we have in the NSA in the modern day, is George Orwell's nightmarish notion of the 'Thought Police' made into a horrible reality, by way of NSA super computer driven satellites, which are now allowing for the complete bypassing of Judicial Process.

The FEDS are watching us within the privacy of our own homes while electronically accessing and manipulating our thoughts -- the most outrageous abuse of both the 4TH and 5TH Amendment as well as every human rights law in existence, ever documented.

And those being targeted for it are being publicly demonized in efforts to destroy our credibilty, while agencies like the FBI and DHS systematically destroy our lives. This must be seen as the most precedent setting assault on the US Constitution and American freedoms in the history of this country. And to make matters worse, it is quite likely that the NSA is also perpetrating such attacks on the citizens of many others nations in a similar fashion."

-- James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner
Mind Control Target

While there's no question that all individuals targeted for the government sanctioned and implemented crimes of mind control (by way of non consensual human experimentation) and organized stalking, are adversely affected by psychological warfare, those within our communities who are participating in the use of psychological operations against us, are in fact victims of the same types of psychological warfare.

They might not want to admit this -- they have probably never even thought about it -- however it is abundantly obvious to anyone whom they have attacked.

For example, these communities are being fed information about those they target (whether true or not), while being mobilized to attack specific citizens in what can and should be seen as nothing less than vigilantism and psychological warfare. And even many families are being coerced into submitting to being unwittingly brainwashed against targeted members of their own families.

I have never been able to tolerate this despicable tactic and never will. It is one of the most abjectly cruel acts that I have ever witnessed or will ever witness. And indicative of the sick minded Nazi protocols that the US Intelligence community is notorious for perpetrating.

Those taking part in organized stalking crimes are being deployed with extensive dossiers on those persons being targeted, while being "conditioned" to use specific "triggers" used in efforts to evoke desired responses from the targeted persons; all while these people are being remotely monitored, to determine which psyops are most effective and which are not.

This in itself is a complete perversion of humanity. And these people have been brainwashed into believing that they have a right to take part in the clandestine murders of those whom they are attacking, by driving us to suicide. This is not their failing. It is instead the complete failing of the US Federal Government -- or should I say the Fascist shadow government which controls the superficial paper tiger of a government that Americans falsely believe they control.

Moreover, those who are perpetrating these atrocities against the TI community have been so busy taking part in their attacks on us, that they have failed to recognize that they themselves have now been entrained to follow certain protocols in these attacks; protocols which have made them more susceptible to being controlled by their government handlers than they can possibly imagine.

To put is succinctly, the communities that are taking part in organized stalking crimes have been conditioned by their handlers to do their dirty work for them. And from what I have seen first hand, they are not disappointing them.

One can only hazard a guess as to the long-term psychological effects that these people will experience as a result of being conditioned to "hate" specific people whom they target, since psywarfare conditioning affects the human subconscious on many levels.

Are our communities being covertly conditioned to perform other functions for the New World Order government in the future?

From what I have witnessed -- with even the local housewife appearing to derive a great sense of satisfaction from her part in the programmed organized stalking crimes that she has been conditioned to take part in -- it certainly seems so. These people have become nothing but unwitting puppets on a string -- something that is certain to do nothing to improve their hostility should they ever learn of how the FEDS have used them for their own covert agendas.

And of course when her mate joins in, what we have is a new phenomenon taking place in America, as the American nuclear family becomes indoctrinated into taking part in the crime of organized stalking.

These are people who believe that the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are government run organizations (they are not); they believe most of the rhetoric that they hear and see in the US Media about the war on terror since 9-11(they are being lied to -- the entire war on terror is an abject fraud implemented to destroy the US Constitution while giving the Cretans within the hierarchy of the US Military Industrial Intelligence complex a plausible reason to steal Iraqi oil and commit countless murders, all while destabilising the Middle East); they believe that those of us who document serious conspiracies (not theories but instead conspiracies) are simply overreaching (we are telling the truth but few are listening).

So what's left for the people around the world?

Worshiping on Sundays while the atheists cover for them?

Just so that they can resume their organized stalking activities for the rest of the week? Can our society survive this latest Orwellian attack on our freedoms for much longer, without experiencing a forced change to enable it to emerge from such depravity?

I tend to doubt it. At least, not in any normal or rational way. Many of those now taking part in the crimes of organized stalking will at some point fall out of favor and find themselves being stalked by those whom they once considered compatriots in their deranged crimes.

These are the ones who are enjoying our torment now. However when we are dead, they will be the next ones on the chopping block. Will they finally have the courage at that point to tell the unpleasant truth about what they did to us when we were still alive? Or will they be too busy writing their own epitaphs as many of us our in the present day?

As for whomever ends up replacing them in these stalking crimes, they will always be furnished with reasons in which to do so, even when such rationale may be completely contrived.

After all, that is the way that psychological warfare works. And when you have someone messing with your mind, the real question is how long can you maintain your sanity -- even when it is you who are taking part in these crimes?

It is a vicious cycle to say the least -- one in which everyone will ultimately lose.

Remember in George Orwell's novel 1984, when the societal members took part in the "two minutes hate" as part of their daily fascist indoctrination -- all in efforts to keep them focused on hating a common enemy? Well in the present day, TI's are the ones who are the subject of such hate campaigns. And the fascist governments including the one here in the United States are using us to fuel this hatred, as they focus communities into targeting us in their hate campaigns.

And we can only hope that there are enough Winston Smiths out there who realize that what is being done to TI's is not only cruel but completely insane.

Then again, Winston Smith for all his good intentions, was tricked and then corralled by those within his government and completely and painfully reeducated in the ways of fascism, when his common sense told him that it was a terrible form of government -- and one which he wanted no part in.

Perhaps the only way for those who espouse the importance of human rights in the present day world to get our message across is to die fighting for what we believe in.

Nothing else has worked.

And it seems that at present it's the only alternative that we have been left with (if you can actually call death an alternative), since you can't reason with a group of people who are chasing you in their cars, or mobbing you in whichever environment you happen to be in at any given time - all while trying to drive you insane. All being sanctioned and orchestrated by federal, state, and local governments as well as the police, in what is perhaps the greatest conspiracy against the people of this planet and their freedoms, ever documented.

So who's sanity should really be in question here? The people being targeted for these atrocities or the ones putting on crazy pieces of street theatrics which must take quite a bit of time and psychological conditioning to do?

I think the word obsession applies here as well it should, since those of us being targeted are being stalked by people who are clearly obsessed with murdering us. Murder is the most serious crime there is, yet we have a society that is now being conditioned into believing that this is perfectly acceptable in some cases as long as those in charge give them permission to do so. I think this may actually say more about an extremely dark side of humanity itself, than simply the governments who are behind these crimes.

Remember the days of Nazi Germany?

The Germans treated themselves well; it was the Jews who got slaughtered. This was considered acceptable behavior in Germany at the time. And even though many Germans flatly refused to acknowledge that they had any knowledge of what happened to the Jews, can they honestly expect us to believe that they did not notice that the Jews had suddenly disappeared from German society? Did they ever even bother to ask what had happened to them?

So we know that such atrocities can take place and be nationally accepted as long as they happen covertly. If ever there was a precedent set for this, it was the Holocaust.

Moreover, the German people didn't panic until the American and Russian Armies showed up -- and then Germany suddenly came down with a case of national amnesia.

This type of behavior is especially true given megalomaniac criminals like the lunatic in the White House, who condone the orchestration of such assaults on the American way of life - all being done covertly -- with a wink and a nod -- and tacit approval from a government which is not what it appears to be.

There is no doubt that George W. Bush has sanctioned the organized stalking criminal phenomenon that is occuring across the United States at present and that most of Congress must also be aware of what is happening.

So given this, what can the future possibly hold for any American? Especially when these communities of organized stalkers are even including their own children in many of these crimes?

It portends a future scenario in which a subset of the American population will always be stalked, while the rest will be doing the stalking. That is exactly what is happening at present.

Moreover, when those being stalked are murdered or driven to suicide (in this case the same thing), new victims will be chosen to take their place. And the same will continue to happen in other countries unless we speak out against these governments to end such wicked abuses now.

What Is The Real Purpose Of Organized Stalking?

But why is this outrageous crime against humanity really happening around the world in the present day? There must be some logical reason for it. And there is.

It's occurring because the New World Order needs for society to perceive a common enemy in which to entrain them uniformly to follow the orders of the one world government.

Without a common enemy, the people of this planet will not be frightened into giving up their freedoms to a government which they believe will protect them from a global enemy. So the NWO must instill within the people of this planet a common falsehood -- that there is an enemy which is lurking within the shadows that is an outright threat to their survival, and which only the New World Order one world government can protect them from.

Unlike the propagandized cold war that Americans were fed a steady media diet of for much of the 20TH Century -- such an invisible enemy as communism and the cold war -- the Targeted Individual offers a palpable substitute, which is why we have found ourselves being served up to these communities in what amounts to a modern day witch hunt, as we are completely denied many of our Constitutional rights, including that of due process of law. TI's offer the perfect way for the one world government to indoctrinate its people into attacking those whom it considers to be incorrigible -- in this case incorrigible meaning that the NWO will not be able to sell its propaganda to these enlightened people, and as such they must be done away with.

And there will be many such people who will find themselves under a perpetual attack by the NWO.

Say something that the NWO does not like and they will suddenly find themselves being stalked wherever they go as their lives are systematically destroyed -- their homes, bodies, and minds becoming a testing ground for the latest satellite based weapons that the government must covertly test on people -- as they are slowly microwaved to death. This is happening to many of us in the present day, while our governments callously ignore our complaints.

Will the average citizen within the United States or other country under NWO rule be immune from such an atrocity? I doubt it since what we are experiencing is very similar to Satanic Ritual Abuse -- organized stalking has many such earmarks of SRA, including how every aspect of a TI's life is shredded scrap by scrap.

And SRA is as addictive as crack cocaine to the initiated -- a powerful addiction and perhaps the most sophisticated form of psychological operations ever invented, and perpetrated against everyone from the infant to the geriatric. So no one is immune from such inhumane abuse.

Unless of course you are members of the Illuminati. And you will have to be if you want to avoid the subjugation of enslavement which is rapidly heading our way, while a mostly unwitting citizenry takes part in such Orwellian crimes, only to eventually find themselves falling victim to the same crimes.

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