Friday, December 07, 2007

More E-mail Manipulations By The FEDS

While I have documented everything from the FEDS' fabrication of evidence, to hacking my Ebay, Paypal, and E-mail accounts, for quite sometime the FEDS have focused on manipulating my E-mails -- and not just the content, but also the number of E-mails to be sent. I know this because I recently found several E-mails on my account which had arrived in my E-mail days after they were sent.

For example, several were listed as having shown up at least a week before they actually were listed in my E-mail account. This can only mean that the FEDS were holding them up so that they could control the "number" of E-mails that they wanted me to receive, so that the numbers themselves act as triggers.

I document this as further evidence of a major criminal conspiracy being waged against me by several of the alphabet agencies, beginning with the FBI. These federal boys and girls are well aware of the extent to which they have violated the rights of my Family and self, and the lengthy duration in which they have done so.

I encourage all those who access this Website to carefully read through it, as I document how COINTELPRO operations are deployed against specific targets; the complete violation of the US Constitution in doing so; and the use of outer space which allows the FEDS to utilize satellites to conduct open ended fishing expeditions -- sometimes 20 - 30 years in length -- in order to bypass many of the Amendments of the US Constitution -- in this case, specifically the 4TH and 5TH Amendments.

I must also mention here the FEDS use of fabricating evidence in which to entrap any persons whom they cannot legally arrest. And I will cite specific examples here:

Four of the FBI's favorite types of entrapment include:

Money laundering
Mail Fraud
Child Pornography/Pedophilia

And many innocent Americans have been setup on such charges based on fabricated evidence. In the case of money laundering, the FEDS have made the definition for this crime so broad that you can be accused of money laundering even if you loan money to another person who then gives it back to you.

The FEDS will also attempt to create a situation in which a TI is accused of embezzlement, when they have a health insurance provider send funds directly to a policy holder (in this case the TI) in efforts to entrap that person. However, it should be understood that when the FBI, for example, uses a health insurance provider to knowingly send -- through the United States Post Office -- a claim to a policy holder, when that claim should have been sent directly to the health care provider, that the health insurance agency and the federal agency taking part in this situation, are guilty of both mail fraud and collusion; in that they have sought to defraud the person being targeted. And that they used the US Postal System in which to do so.

An example of this would be when a specific health insurer sends a payment directly to a targeted person, claiming that the health care provider did not have a valid tax identification number. If this were actually the case, the health care provider would not have been in business illegally, and the health insurance agency would have been required to report that the provider was operating illegally. However, if the health care provider failed to do so, and simply sent reimbursement checks which should have gone to the provider, directly to the targeted person instead (at the direction of the FBI), then both the provider and FBI would have been guilty of fraud, as well as colluding to entrap the targeted person.

While there are myriad ways in which the FEDS can work to entrap a target, the fact is that entrapment is still a deliberate attempt to get someone to commit crimes that they had no intention of committing. Not enough of an issue has been made in regard to the FBI's history of perpetrating such crimes against Americans, especially when one considers that it is oftentimes standard operating procedure for the FBI -- especially when they have spent years unsuccessfully attempting to entrap a targeted person, and then claim to have to miraculously found some piece of crucial evidence in which to prosecute that person.

The case of ecological activist Judi Bari may well be the best example of such FBI chicanery ever documented. One in which in their desperation to stop Judi (a powerful organizer for the EarthFirst! movement) from taking part in the Redwood Summer Justice Project (to save the California Redwood Trees), the FBI orchestrated a plan in which to paint Judi as an eco-terrorist and then go so far as planting a bomb under the driver's seat of her car -- which the FBI assumed would kill Judy, while allowing the bureau to claim that it was a bomb that Judi herself had put in her car which caused her death. All in all it was a slick plan that almost worked for the FBI.

However, the situation instead backfired on the bureau -- not only did Judy live through the blast -- a grand jury refused to indict her, based on flimsy evidence. And when Judi later sued the FBI and won a 4.4 million dollar posthumous lawsuit in court (finding the FBI guilty of trying to destroy her and the EarthFirst! movement), the FBI lost much of its credibility.

The truth is that the agents who were on trial for attempting to destroy Judi and the EarthFirst! movement, should have been on trial for the attempted murder of Bari and her partner Daryl Cherney.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would realize that when the FBI makes such outlandish claims, that they have clearly fabricated evidence in which to justify their long-term and oftentimes prohibitively expensive (and illegal) COINTELPROS. And we are not even covering the extensive violations of the law which the FBI often perpetrates in order to see such operations to fruition; all while the American public buys what the FEDS have reported through the US Media, hook, line and sinker.

Few people even know of Judi Bari. However, those who do understand that she was a target for an FBI illegal STING Operation, and have out of respect for this made her into a martyr -- while making the RedWood Summer Justice Project more popular than ever.

If only the FBI would have defended the US Constitution in the past Century instead of violating it in such outrageous ways, its Centennial would truly mean something special to all Americans. Instead, we must look back at a hundred years of COINTELPRO type operations and wonder what might have been if the FBI had followed the rule of law in this country, instead of abjectly disregarding it in the criminal ways that it has.

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