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Patriots Arrested: Video Of Ed And Elaine Brown & The Four Supporters Who Were Arrested For Helping Them

The following is one of many videos calling for the release of Ed and Elaine Brown and the 4 supporters (Danny Reilly, Jason Gerhard, Bob Wolff and Cirino Gonzalez) who were also arrested for supporting the Browns' cause.

The video for Ed and Elaine can be see at the following Website:

This country has fallen into the hands of fascists who have now become a threat to every American citizen. And when American citizens can be illegally tracked by way of the NSA via its spy satellites, while being remotely used for non consensual human experimentation (having our minds electronically accessed and manipulated), there is something seriously wrong with the United States Federal Government. Making matters even worse is that according to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, this spy agency can immediately identify and track by satellite, any American citizen, by homing in on the bio electromagnetic field which surrounds their body.

This can only mean one thing.

That the NSA has the bio electromagnetic signature to every American citizen contained within its vast database (probably listed under our social security numbers). This also means that no American is safe from the NSA's prying eyes, given that any of us can be watched in the exact ways that I have described on this Website -- being spied upon within the privacy of our own homes, as our minds are electronically accessed without our knowledge or consent! It would seem that the NSA does not believe that we are entitled to our 4TH and 5TH Amendment rights, given this technology's clear abuse of these rights.

However, from what I am able to determine from my own experiences with this technology, there is far more to what the NSA is doing than just watching us by way of satellite. When you have experienced a myriad of virtual reality type scenarios being played out within your mind -- which can range from everything from sexual perversion to outright murder (In 2005 I actually experienced a mock execution in which I was shot in the head at close range by the image of a man so real, that I can still remember most of his facial characteristics) -- this is a strong indication that your mind is being experimented on without your knowledge or consent.

It is also evidence that the NSA is able to not only electronically access our thoughts, but also implant their own into our minds. This is the most Orwellian type of crime ever documented. And once again, a clear indication that the Church Committee Hearings need to be reopened as soon as possible -- if in fact Congress will ever allow for this to occur, given the New World Order one world government which the USA's soon to become the central hub of.

Also consider the following: If a federal agent wanted to wage his own personal vendetta against someone, imagine how effective the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology would be, where any person targeted for such revenge could be subjected to both physical and psychological torture within their own home, while being monitored 24 hours a day without their knowledge or consent.

And labeled as psychotic if they ever chose to report such crimes to the police.

A very creative parallel justice system if you will, in which the TI is completely denied their right to due process of law, and setup by law enforcement or the psychiatry community, for some type of incarceration. There's already an abundance of such documentation within the TI community that these outrageous crimes have been perpetrated against many citizens in such ways -- and not just Americans either.

Making the matter still worse is that the particular agent could use their position to demonize the Targeted Individual, while the TI has no way of defending themselves.

Again, a complete violation of the US Constitution.

There is little doubt that many of us are being targeted by way of satellite for a modern day version of MKULTRA. And the crimes being perpetrated against us are so terrible, that the FEDS are never going to willingly admit that they are taking part in them. There's a much better chance that they will simply find a means in which to covertly murder the TI by way of this technology, or to entrap them based on fabricated evidence, in efforts to murder them once they are incarcerated. This is much easier because they can then blame someone else for the TI's murder -- another inmate or in the case of the psychiatry profession, another mental patient. As for entrapping the TI, the FEDS may have a very difficult time in doing so, especially if they are fabricating evidence in which to do so.

Remember that it only took the FEDS 7 months to build a RICO case against the late John Gotti, and he was the head of largest Mafia Family in the United States.

So what does it say for the FEDS when they spend years attempting to build such a case against TI's who come forward with such information? Especially when it is clear that these TI's are not part of organized crime? Someone is committing fraud here, and it's not those of us being targeted for these outrageous crimes.

And when the US Judiciary knowingly allows the FBI and other Intel agencies to get away with such outrageous crimes in order to incarcerate those whom it considers to be a threat to the propagandized US Status quo, we only have additional crimes against the US Constitution and American people taking place.

In any event, this technology and those who are utilizing it against many of us must be exposed for what they are doing, before the entire American population finds themselves in a similar situation. The readers can begin by accessing John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, the most important lawsuit of our time -- which is why the US Judicial system has refused to hear it for the past 16 years.

John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA can be accessed here:
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