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Disinformation Regarding The NSA's Part In Remote Neural Monitoring The American People?

I recently viewed a podcast regarding directed energy weapons, which for the most part I found both interesting and helpful. However, there were two particular aspects of this presentation which I found very disturbing. There were a few "expert" guests commenting in regard to the technical aspects of satellite based directed energy technology. One person demonstrated his knowledge of these weapons through an impressive lexicon of terms. And there was much credibility to what he was stating.

However, he appeared to misdirect the listeners away from the US Intelligence community, and never once bothered to even mention John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, or the extensive research that Akwei has done describing the NSA's signals intelligence program and remote neural monitoring technology.

Why not?

And when one of the listeners responded by stating his belief that the NSA was involved, he was quickly dismissed. The speaker even portrayed the FBI as being indifferent to the requests of the TI community, rather than stating that the FBI has had access to directed energy weapons since the mid 1990's, and is in no doubt using them on a number of American citizens in efforts to force them to commit suicide.

This is a main concern that I have had with the TI community all along, in that the FEDS would infiltrate it with very knowledgeable people, who use their technical expertise to redirect TI's away from the US Intelligence Community, instead of focusing on it as the main source of these weapons. It seems that the FEDS have little problem with Americans complaining about being attacked by these weapons as long as they don't accuse any specific government agency of doing so.

Of course this is not something that the FBI is going to admit to, anymore than the NSA will admit to using its satellite based weapons to subject many Americans to covert forms of non consensual human research, under its radiation intelligence program (if it is even still known as that).

And while there is little doubt that there are individuals who are singling out people for their own personal vendettas, it is highly improbable that those TI's who are reporting having had their minds remotely scanned and manipulated, are being attacked by some lone stalkers with access to weapons with such capabilities.

In all liklihood, it is some government agency which is involved in these crimes.

If one reviews John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, they will find many similarities to what they are experiencing. I know that I have, including the perpetrator's ability to see what I see through my own eyes, while allowing me to know that my thoughts are being electronically stolen from out of my mind.

This is extremely sophisticated and expensive technology that we are talking about here; far beyond the reach of some ex husband, employer etc. who is looking to gain revenge against a former acquaintance.

Yet I find that within the TI community there appears to be a concerted effort to concentrate on the latter, instead of government agencies with deep pockets and carte blanche to do whatever they like to us, as long as they don't get caught. And I am convinced that this deliberate attempt to mislead TI's is being done by federal agents who've infiltrated the TI community, and are posing as TI's in efforts to gain the trust of this community, in order to mislead it.

This has always been the way in which agencies like the FBI have neutralized Americans who organized in defense of their Constitutional rights.

And in my opinion, they are again succeeding in doing so within the TI community, in spite of the good work that many legitimate TI's are attempting to accomplish in efforts to expose these modern day Hitlerian crimes.

For this reason, I implore all TI's as well as the general population, to read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, so that they can have a better understanding of how the NSA can remotely track and remote neurally monitor the brains of any citizens on this planet -- without the citizen's knowledge or consent. These are Orwellian crimes that the NSA is perpetrating, yet few are paying any real attention to its capabilities.

And we all should be.

No one has the right to invite themselves into your home or your mind; yet the NSA is doing so on a very large scale, while those being targeted for these precedent setting civil rights abuses, are being covertly neutralized in efforts to prevent them from learning that in many cases the US Intelligence community and Military are the genesis of these technologies -- and the crimes which they are used to commit.

In one case a TI who was in contact with a former government agent telling the truth about the crimes being perpetrated by some Intelligence agencies, later contacted the former agent to request that all further correspondence end immediately.

It was clear from the tone of the TI's E-mail, that this former agent had been demonized by agents within US Intelligence, in efforts to destroy this whistle blower's credibility. And any TI who is telling you that the CIA or FBI are basically good organizations is either a perpetrator who's looking to deliberately mislead you, or completely ignorant of the COINTELPRO operations that these agencies regularly take part in.

The CIA, FBI and NSA are not good organizations -- nor have they ever been.

See John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA at the following Website. Don't let the FEDS do anymore damage to you than they already have. At least learn about the NSA's technology and how it applies to you. I have experienced enough of this technology first hand to know that the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit is not only legitimate, but also a threat to the privacy of every person on this planet. And as a result of this, the FEDS have demonized me with the TI community, even though they are well aware of the extensive and outrageous crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against me and my Family.

However, I take satisfaction in knowing that I have documented an accurate account of what it is like to be an American citizen targeted for government sanctioned mind control research, while being subjected to the most abject denial that these crimes have taken place against me.

An adjunct to this harssment is the abject denial that these crimes are taking place, while I am being told that the TI community are a group of mentally disturbed people -- obviously something that the FEDS are quitely promulgating. I have been told that I'm simply getting crazy ideas from people within the TI community.

It seems that all TI's are painted as being insane just to cover up the crimes being perpetrated against us. I know for certain that my mind has been remotely accessed and manipulated -- a myriad of examples here not the least of which are the virtual reality scenes that the controllers of this technology have played out in my mind; as well as many physical as well as sexual assaults which I have been subjected to over the past several years.

And I am far from the only person who is documenting this, yet one of the few who realizes that the NSA is behind many of these crimes. And the FEDS are now desperately looking for ways in which to silence me (having already demonized me), in attempts to discredit me. Well, the FEDS can do all they want to discredit me.

That is not for one second going to change the fact that they have perpetrated these crimes against me, or that many other people have documented nearly identical situations in which they have been attacked within their own homes (as well as their own minds).

If the majority of the people on this planet had experienced what I have in regard to these satellite based weapons, there would be an historical precedent set in that the people of this planet would be forced to demand an immediate end to the use of such weaponry, or contemplate a global civil war scenario -- something which may eventually occur if the governments within our respective countries continue to ignore those of us who are being covertly tortured.

You can only torture people just so much before they have nothing left to lose. And many TI's reached that point a long time ago.

See Akwei VS NSA below to learn more:
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