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What Will It Take To Get John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The NSA Heard In Court?

As a target of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, I have often wondered what it will take to finally get the cases of mind control targets into a court of law. There is absolutely no question that this technology exists and that it's being illegally deployed on many people around the globe. However, the complete denial that this is occurring while a myriad of people are being microwaved and slowly tortured to death, is a situation which cannot wait any longer.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So is it any wonder why there is no headway being made, and why the torture and deaths continue?

Moreover, do you have any idea how long it takes to have a court case heard in this country? That is why plea bargains are constantly being made. And this concerns those cases which the federal government is not frightened of having the American people learning of. Such cases which they are terrified of having the public learn of such as Akwei VS NSA, have yet to be heard even after 16 years.

And for good reason.

Would those perpetrating these crimes against us be willing to admit in a court of law that they have been illegally spying on many of us for decades, while electronically accessing and manipulating our minds? That we have not even been able to use our own bathrooms without being videotaped?

I happen to know that this is the case with many of us. I'd just like the FEDS to admit in front of a US Federal Jury that they have been tracking myself and many other people by way of the electromagnetic fields which surround our bodies, while spying on us within the privacy of our own homes, electronically accessing our minds, and experimenting on us as if we were guinea pigs.

I want the American people to know that any sense of privacy that they think they have is completely gone, because many of the satellites circulating thousands of miles above their heads are capable of spying on them within the privacy of their own homes, and electronically reading their minds -- all while they never realize what is happening to them.

The most frustrating part in all this for myself is knowing that these technologies do exist and are being used against millions of people who have no idea that their rights are being violated in such outrageous ways.

And moreover, that any judge who would try to expose these treasonous crimes would either be set up on trumped up charges used to frame them, or covertly murdered so that this information would never be heard in a court of law.

It is not like US Judges have not been murdered in the past by institutions within this country, for passing judgements which threatened the status quo. Judge Martin V. Mahoney was murdered six months after rendering a decision which declared the Federal Reserve Bank unconstitutional, and that its member banks creation of money out of thin air was outright fraud. Judge Mahoney was absolutely right. Not that it did him much good.

Judge Mahoney was the type of Judge that the American people need in the present day. However, given the extreme corruption within the US Federal Government, there is virtually no chance of ever having such a courageous Judge presiding over a case such as Akwei VS the NSA.

The Illuminati controlled US Military/Industrial complex would never allow this to happen. As it is the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are still reeling from the more than 20 cases of tax evasion that Americans have won, while attempting to find ways in which to prosecute those who know about these precedent setting cases, in which the Supreme Court rulings can be completely ignored.

However, Supreme Court rulings are by law always supposed to dictate lower court rulings. Yet when it comes to cases of tax evasion for the past Century, they have not. And a very large number of Americans have been illegally convicted on lower court rulings regarding tax evasion, when the Supreme Court clearly ruled that wages are not taxable. The Supreme Court is the highest court in this country -- and no one has the right to challenge a Supreme Court ruling which defends the US Constitution.

The money you earn at your jobs is not taxable!

Yet, assets have been illegally seized by the IRS, and trillions of dollars collected by imposing an illegal and unconstitutional tax on the American worker. And these crimes apply to your wages. What about the crimes that apply to your own mind and body; crimes that the NSA is readily committing against many American citizens? And quite possibly many citizens from other countries as well?

The NSA's remote neural monitoring of Americans will make the Federal Reserve Bank look like a small issue by comparison.

And if the public knew for certain that the NSA had the capability of monitoring them by way of satellite 24 hours a day (which is how the FEDS really get their much of their information), in which they could be illegally spied upon as well as experimented on without their knowledge or consent, the foundation of the US Federal Government would be threatened like never before.

A total collapse might even be possible, given that the mind control aspects of what the FEDS are doing to many of us would stun your average American citizen, if they had any idea that such Orwellian types of crimes were being committed by agencies like the NSA -- and have been for many decades.

The most difficult part here is in getting people to believe that this technology exists and is being deployed globally.

The real question is, how many people are willing to die for what they believe in?

Are you? Are you willing to put everything you have on the line to expose what is the most outrageous series of human rights crimes ever documented? Are you willing to risk losing the love of your Family, while your health, reputation and relationships are slowly destroyed? If you are, you are among a very small minority of people who are so angry with how badly they have been lied to, that they are willing to die to show the public the complete fraud that this government has become.

Talk is cheap. And there is a lot of it going around. But when push comes to shove, how many people, when taken to the very brink will be willing to die for what they believe in, rather than capitulating to those who seek to enslave them? I'm not talking about those who have the support of this government. I am referring to those who do not. I am referring to those who have been beaten up so badly and for such extended periods of time, that all they have left is the knowledge that they are no longer going to take part in the abject fraud that this country has become.

And not sit back and watch while millions of people are tortured, murdered or maimed, just so that some very wealthy industrialists can become even more so. These Illuminists are the reason that this country has become the fraud that it has.

And it's time that that American people stopped letting the "other guy" worry about what has happened to this country, and take an active role in trying to set things right.

Are you willing to die to fight for your freedom?

This is something that the people in this country are going to be asked within the next few years -- if not sooner. And if they cannot find it within themselves to put their lives on the line for their freedoms (something they will have to do unless they choose slavery), all that our forefathers sacrificed to break away from England, will have been for nothing. Absolutely nothing, because we will have willingly allowed the Illuminati run Federal Reserve Bank to steal this country away from us and to once again enslave us.

"The Coward Dies 1000 Deaths, The Brave Man But One"

-- Anonymous
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