Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Bottom Line Regarding Remote Neural Monitoring/Directed Energy Technology

While I have documented a myriad of information regarding the directed energy and psywarfare attacks that I have experienced by the FBI, NSA and DHS, the bottom line is that they will continue to use psychological warfare (including the use of my own Family in these attacks) until I either commit a crime in which I can be imprisoned, have a mental break down in which I can be incarcerated in a psychiatric facility(a prison in and of itself), or commit suicide. This is the goal that the FEDS have for those of us whom they have perpetrated precedent setting crimes against, since they cannot arrest us legally, and can't have our accounts being made public on a large scale.

The FEDS have also made it clear to us that they have no interest in operating within the framework of the US Constitution, and will continue to attack us covertly until we are dead. Given this, we really have nothing to lose any longer, and everything to gain by exposing these crimes on a global scale -- even if the media systems in our countries have become so subverted that they are no longer capable of reporting anything but government propaganda. Remote neural monitoring the minds of the people of this planet is the worst crime ever documented, one in which those being targeted for such an atrocity can have their minds remotely manipulated without their knowledge or consent. And the US Federal Government's spying on any citizen within the privacy of their own homes for decades on end, is the most egregious violation of the 4TH Amendment ever documented. They have no right to be doing this, and the fact that they would ever attempt to justify it is indicative of the fascism which is now dominating the American people.

When you are aware of satellite based technologies that are a threat to every person on this planet, because of their covert ability to remotely torture and murder citizens within the privacy of their own homes, it is little wonder that you would be neutralized in efforts to destroy your credibility.

And from what I have seen, every person who is able to document evidence that they are being used for non consensual human experimentation is being set upon in the most vicious ways imaginable, while those attacking us attempt to drive us insane.

Moreover, I doubt that anything short of a global revolution is going to change this situation, regardless of how aggressive we are in promulgating our accounts of such torture. And it does not take a genius to know that if the rest of the population on this planet learns of the mind control technologies which are being deployed against them by way of satellite, that for their own survival, they will be forced to initiate such a revolt or risk spending what lives they have left enslaved to the controllers of such technology.
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