Friday, December 14, 2007

Other Targets Of FBI COINTELPRO Persecution Also Document Neighborhood Power Outages

I have experienced this as a myriad of different forms of Orwellian types of harassment for more than four years now. On many occasions the power in my neighborhood has been shut off precisely at a time when I was in the process of moving about my home. Most of these outages occured with military precision, while corresponding to my movements. This form of psychological warfare is done to keep those being targeted in a state of constant distress. Imagine reaching to turn on a light switch, or step out of bed when the electricity to your home is immediately turned off.

Or hearing a car horn honk, or a burglar or fire alarm being set off as you open your eyes or turn over in bed. It is this type of military style precision timing that the Intel agencies and those whom they sanction to perpetrate organized stalking crimes depend on to attack the minds of those whom they are targetting.

And most of the neighbors of TI's probably just assume that these power outages are occurring in regard to too much demand for electricity, rather than any deliberate tampering. In my experience, the FBI and NSA are behind much of this tampering, which is used as part of the psychological warfare that they are deploying against me.

I have also read of a number of other people who are being targeted by the FBI, and they have reported many similarities to what I have experienced. It is clear that the FBI and other agencies with whom it is colluding have no interest in abiding by the US Constitution, and are willfully violating the laws in this country while attempting to use these same laws to prosecute others.

Which raises the question of why the FBI (as well as a number of other Intel agencies) is allowed to continue to exist, when it is clear that this agency is a major threat to the American people and the Bill Of Rights. The Internet contains so many documented cases of the FBI violating the civil rights of American citizens, that one must wonder if the bureau is even capable of operating within the law? Especially since it appears to rely heavily on the use of satellite tracking systems (oftentimes used by the NSA) to illegally watch Americans within the privacy of our homes, while using hi-tech computers to invade the privacy of our minds.

Given the secrecy of the NSA's signals intelligence technology and the extreme ways in which it allows it to obtain information without due process of law (and in complete violation of the US Bill Of Rights), there can be little doubt that a large part of the American population is being illegally spied upon in such ways, as the NSA, FBI, Homeland Security and other agencies go on open ended fishing expeditions in which the violations of the US Constitution have become so outrageous, that these agencies will no doubt either deny what they have done, or use the bogus war on terror to defend such egregious violations of our privacy, if they are no longer able to conceal this mind reading/raping technology from the American people.
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